Feminists Have Done Violence to Mothering

Feminists Have Done Violence to Mothering

“Feminists have largely controlled the public image of women. Mothers at home, who are impediments to the feminist agenda, have been largely ignored. In their thrust for subsidized child care, equal rights, abortion rights, feminists have done violence to mothering with their constant proclamation that mothering is a ‘low status job'” (Dr. Brenda Hunter).

Unfortunately, feminists have not only controlled the public image of secular women but Christian women as well. Many Christian women seem to be as unsubmissive to their husbands as women who are not believers and Christian women are working in full-time careers in almost the same numbers as those women who don’t claim the name of Christ. Instead of searching scriptures for God’s will for their lives, they go along with our culture instead, sadly.

Anyone who fights for subsidized child care is fighting for something that is not from the Lord. Children need their mothers full time. The last thing mothers need is more incentives to leave their children in the care of others all day long. They need incentives to stay home with their children and care for them.

Ken and I were watching a television show recently and two young daughters just found out that their beloved nanny had quit and their mom was going to have to find another one for them since their mother had a high-powered and stressful career that kept her away from her children most of the time. The daughters cried, “Whose going to take care of us?” That question should never have to be asked by children. Their mothers are the ones responsible to care for them!

All of the equal rights that feminists are fighting for are those in the workplace which make it more desirable for mothers to pursue. When they get equal pay with men (which they mostly do), paid maternity leave, and other perks, why should they stay home with their children? In their minds, working outside the home is much more profitable than raising children since money has more worth in our culture than children. (You don’t believe me? Ask people who they would rather be; Oprah Winfrey with her millions or Michelle Duggar with her nineteen children. Most would much rather have wealth than many children.)

There are many women, even Christian women, who place their careers above being mothers. I know some Christian women who have no desire to ever have children because their careers are more important. How did this ever infiltrate the Church? Why is the Church so weak that it listens to the lies of our culture instead of the Words of God? How could women in the Church ever believe that a career is more important than having and raising children when children are clearly blessings from the Lord?

There are some acquaintances of ours that don’t believe in the God who created the universe. They just can’t believe a good God can send anyone to hell. The Bible states that the only ones that God is going to send to hell are those who “hold the truth in unrighteousness;’ those know the truth but refuse it and reject their Creator. I have noticed something about these families who reject God and His truth, each generation is producing less and less children. Some of the children have become homosexuals, some transgenders, some never marry, and some never have children. Each generation gets smaller in number.

Then there are acquaintances and friends of ours who love the Lord. I hate to say this but their numbers aren’t growing much either. They marry late and then put off having children due to the women having careers. Then if they have children, they only have a few since they want their “freedom” to travel and enjoy life before children come onto the scene. They waste valuable fertile years to pursue pleasure instead of bearing and raising godly offspring.

Where are the Christians who want to marry, then begin having children soon after marriage, if the Lord blesses them in this way? In the chat room, there are many women who are like this but they feel lonely in their beliefs. People at church make comments about their many children, as if having children were a sin. Jesus had a lot of things to say about children and they were all good.

Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kindgom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me. But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea” (Matthew 18: 3-6).

He created children. He knits them together in their mother’s womb. He calls them gifts and blessings and so should we.

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  1. I just read this poem yesterday. I am not in the chatroom anymore so I thought I would share it here to encourage the chatroom ladies.

    Tied Down
    By Edgar Guest

    ‘They tie you down,’ a woman said,
    Whose cheeks should have been flaming red
    With shame to speak of children so.
    ‘When babies come you cannot go
    In search of pleasure with your friends,
    And all your happy wandering ends.
    The things you like you cannot do,
    For babies make a slave of you.’

    I looked at her and said: ”Tis true
    That children make a slave of you,
    And tie you down with many a knot,
    But have you never thought to what
    It is of happiness and pride
    That little babies have you tied?
    Do you not miss the greater joys
    That come with little girls and boys?

    ‘They tie you down to laughter rare,
    To hours of smiles and hours of care,
    To nights of watching and to fears;
    Sometimes they tie you down to tears
    And then repay you with a smile,
    And make your trouble all worth while.
    They tie you fast to chubby feet,
    And cheeks of pink and kisses sweet.

    ‘They fasten you with cords of love
    To God divine, who reigns above.
    They tie you, whereso’er you roam,
    Unto the little place called home;
    And over sea or railroad track
    They tug at you to bring you back.
    The happiest people in the town
    Are those the babies have tied down.

    ‘Oh, go your selfish way and free,
    But hampered I would rather be,
    Yes rather than a kingly crown
    I would be, what you term, tied down;
    Tied down to dancing eyes and charms,
    Held fast by chubby, dimpled arms,
    The fettered slave of girl and boy,
    And win from them earth’s finest joy.’

      1. As said before, I don’t often comment.However , this poem sparked me to do so. Has anyone read Jane Watson Hopping ? She wrote cookbooks with historical value, family values, and poetry by Edgar Guest and James Whitcomb Riley. They are beautifully written, uphold motherhood and all we believe in. I own them all, and often refer to them because its like visiting with my grandmothers and aunts that are long gone to glory.For uplifting reading as well as great recipes, I highly recommend them . Just thought I’d share.

  2. Yes, I agree, Lori, that it’s sad when women pursue careers instead of nurturing and caring for children. My husband and I were blessed with four children; however, I sadly suffered four miscarriages as well. The most heartbreaking one occurred when I was 49. Oh, how we grieved. Well- meaning family members and friends thought it was for the best because of my age. They couldn’t figure out why someone my age would be excited to have another child. This is the mindset of our depraved culture and, even though it was a painful experience, I was happy and privileged to carry my baby in my womb until I placed it safe in the arms of Jesus. 😇

    1. I agree with you, Holly. I believe that as long as a woman can have children, it’s good since God created her this way. My grandmother had her last baby when she was 47 years old and he grew up to be a big, strong man. Our culture is so opposed to any type of suffering (like a baby being born with Downs Syndrome) that they avoid it at all costs even if it means preventing the conception of babies or killing ones in the womb as Iceland is doing. It’s tragic but God will be the final Judge of all.

    2. I am so sorry and having suffered miscarriage myself I understand your heartbreak..

      Birth control (especially artificial contraception) and abortion are part of an anti life continuum rooted in sin, directly contrary to God’s plan and our duty as women to submit to him. Contraception also turns women into sex objects and actively promotes promiscuity.

  3. I was very ill during the pregnancy of our 6th baby, and I am still not fully recovered two and a half years later. But I cannot wait to be strong and well again, Lord willing, to be able to have more babies! I love being a mother, It’s my greatest joy!

    1. How wonderful I hope you are blessed again

      The crucial point is that for any married women in her fertile years pregnancy, nursing and motherhood are a natural part of life, a blessing from God which is his gift as and when he chooses.

  4. Wow, I never looked at feminism like this, bless you woman of god! Thanks for this valuable information! Amen to everything you said!! It’s so true this society pushes woman to not fulfill the role and purpose of a woman but to fulfill a mans role, it’s all part of the plan, to get disorder in families, God has obviously revealed to you the importance of family and the role of a mother, thank god for that, we need to cultivate more woman to this understanding!! That there is a divine purpose for the true meaning of what it means to be called woman!! Thank you again ! God bless you and ur family!!

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