Mothers Who are Blaspheming the Word of God

Mothers Who are Blaspheming the Word of God

This post was written by Scott Brown who is director of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches and a pastor at Hope Baptist Church. Can anyone tell me why ALL pastors aren’t preaching this?

The Bible says that when a woman refuses to be a keeper at home she causes the Word of God to be blasphemed. This means that she creates conditions that discredit the Word of God. It gives people reason to rail against God. Instead of glorifying God, the Word of God ends up getting blasphemed.

God has established that women be keepers at home, “that the word of God may not be blasphemed,” (Titus 2:5). With something so important at stake it is no wonder that home making is so viciously attacked, so casually undervalued and so easily dismissed. And it is no wonder that a biblically illiterate and historically ignorant Christian populace does not even know what the Bible says about motherhood, women’s roles and the creation order.

The beauty and power of home life is hard to overestimate. Godly women are called to take responsibility for this realm. In doing so, they build homes with an investment in labor and love for beauty and stability that would make a home a center of the ministry of the church; a source of peace for all who enter there; a place of hospitality.

The home is the fountain of society, and the spring from which flows the members of the church, the ranks of business and the citizens of the realm.

So please understand how important home life really is even when so many do not value it. The women of this world who have abandoned home life to spend their days in cubicles, are the wrong role models. They defeat what is beautiful and good and lead a host of followers to do the same.

Instead, see what a piece of heaven you can provide to the weary and lost of this world by making your home a rich and overflowing fountain of the love of Christ.

See the importance of rich home life that sends out happy children to the ends of the earth. Being a keeper at home makes you a “keeper of the spring” for raising the next generation and filling the earth with worshipers who fill their churches and towns and nations with the knowledge of God. This is one reason women should be keepers at home. But there is also a terrifying reason – to reject it causes the Word of God to be blasphemed.

 That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.
Titus 2:4, 5

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  1. I’ve come to understand that if you want to gauge whether something is God honouring or not, one clue is to look at how the world reacts to it. The stronger the condemnation of the world, the closer it is to real godliness. It’s not the only “sign”, but it’s definately one of them.

      1. May the Lord bless you Lori Alexander. We need millions of more women like you.
        My wife is also a homemaker for 38 years. She loves her role as homemaker. Homemakers are the backbone of America!

        1. The world does need million more of Lori! I really hope/pray her message does transform an entire generation of young women! We live in dire times, and Christians’ hearts should mourn for how far we have drifted from God’s word! We can’t even find pastors preaching this—they just blaspheme with prosperity false gospel and other man-centered false teachings! Thank the Lord for Lori’s ministry!

  2. I love and embrace my God-ordained role as a keeper at home. I am saddened so many older women have abandoned their homes now that the children are gone. My children are grown as well, but I remain in the home serving Christ daily by being available to help my husband and others. My home really has become a center for hospitality! I especially enjoy having missionary families stay in our home with us when visiting our local church. I know if I had a job outside my home, none of this would be possible. I’m older and need to redeem my time and energy wisely. Thanks for sharing this today. I do hope more pastors will preach the importance of living and applying Titus 2:4,5.

    1. Feminism has placed a very heavy burden upon grandparents, too, although many of the women are career driven and are unavailable for their daughters and daughters-in-law. I love helping with my grandchildren but so thankful that their mothers are home with them full time and caring for them. Too many grandparents must watch their grandchildren full time as their daughters pursue their careers or are divorced.

      1. Yes Lori this is so true! It is amazing how many grandparents I see watching their grandkids because their moms are out working. Or what gets me are all the full time nannies that watch the same kids every day while the mom works. It really is sad that Mothers have shirked the responsibility to love and train their own children to someone else. Actions speak louder than words!

    1. Everything I have read so far from his has been spot on (biblical) so I agree, Diana! I am thankful to have found a man who is not afraid to teach the hard truths found in God’s Word.

  3. Hi Lori, I love reading Scott Brown’s words.
    I’m 63 and helping with my precious grandson.
    My son and his wife are divorced. My son has visitation on weekends. I am able to come help him as he works most weekends .
    It is something I am so happy to do.
    I couldn’t be on call for my family’s needs if I worked outside the home. I feel so blessed to do this.
    I am so thankful for the work you and Ken do to spread the Lord’s word and ways on your blog.
    I know you are constantly aggravated hateful comments.
    Thank you for keeping up the encouragement for Bible believing women.

  4. Hi Lori, one of my husband’s and my favorite books is “A theology of the family” compiled and edited by Scott Brown and Jeff Pollard. It is a collection of biblical teachings on the family by faithful preachers from centuries gone by. I cannot tell you enough how much we enjoy it. We’ve gifted it to some of our friends and we intend to save copies for our children for when they are older and able to understand it.

    Being the daughter and grand daughter of members of the armed forces of our country, I attended a number of passing out parades and over the years I have come to look on my role as wife and mother in the home as being similar to that of the drill sergeants (DS) who presented their fully trained cadets at such parades. Both moms and DS are charged with training, mentoring, counseling and inspiring a new generation. If their jobs are done well, both roles take previously ignorant and naive individuals and turn them into strong, knowledgeable and battle ready soldiers (make no mistake, the Church is at war). Both roles call for a strong sense of self discipline, a deep love for and commitment to the authority that they answer to (the Lord God Almighty in mom’s case), an in-depth and ever growing understanding of the policies and procedures that govern their role and the lives of their charges (the Word of God for mom). A truthful demonstration of willing submission to the earthly authority placed above them (in mom’s case, Dad first).

    Both moms and DS are up at the crack of dawn and with their charges all day up to the late hours of the night. The very first impressions of their young charges are dependent upon how both mom or DS present themselves. In both cases, mom or DS are the only experience that their charges have of the world to come and how best to prepare for it.

    Moms and DS are not the most prominent or exalted roles in their respective spheres, in fact as far as recognition and display go, they are fairly obscure, yet it is a well known fact that the most celebrated and auspicious roles in said spheres are a product and testimony to all the gold standard training and enculturation done behind the scenes by moms and DS when no one is looking. They don’t need to clamour for recognition, because their work speaks for itself. Their work is so foundational to the continuation and excellence of the entire structure that failure, abdication, outsourcing or delegation are simply out of the question as they have immediate and lasting consequences on everyone. Consequences that compromise safety, security and in some cases, life as we know it.

    Any stealth attacks on mom and DS, any corruption, compromise or distraction at that level will undermine the quality of soldiers for years to come and the cost to close that gap will be astronomical not to mention the opportunity for naysayers to point fingers (and bladpheme the Word of God). Any improvements necessary in order to subdue a foreseeable foe must begin with both mom and DS because already well trained soldiers may be able to adapt easily to withstand the winds of change but “newbies” need the full care and training to equip them before they are launched onto the battlefield.

    It is only at the end of a lifetime spent faithfully executing their roles that both moms and DS look back and see a little of the fruit of their labour. For moms it may even be longer before she hears those precious words (well done, good and faithful servant…come and share your Master’s happiness – Matt 25:21)

    Just as no soldier forgets his DS, no one forgets their mom. Many times in life I have steeled myself and kept going even when I would rather not because I can hear my mother’s voice in my head cheering me on, encouraging me to not grow weary of doing what’s right. Other times I have bitten my tongue rather than snapping back in sharp retort because I can picture my mom’s face in my mind, willing me to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger – James 1:19.

    It was the sound of her voice in my head that held me back from involvement in the drinking and licentious lifestyle whilst at university.

    I cannot overemphasize what a profound influence my stay at home mom was and still is on the wife and mother that I am today. I can only hope that I will be as such to her grandchildren. Even my handle “Mother Dearest” is a hat tip to her.

  5. Hi Lori! I’ve just recently discovered this blog and I love it! I’m a young woman and while I’ll be honest and say I’m not that religious, I’ve never been interested in going to university or having a career, I’ve always felt my calling was to be a devoted mother, wife and keeper of the home. My problem is that growing up I’ve never had that much support from my friends (who are also young women and men who are not that religious). I’ve often been made fun of simply for being a “girly girl” and at worst they’ve implied that I’m just a lazy gold-digger who doesn’t want to work. The worst it got was when one of them said that I’d be a bad influence on my future daughters because I’d be teaching them “old-fashioned values” that would fail them in a modern world. What do you suggest I do?

    1. Marie,

      Do not listen to those who ridicule you for your Godly desire to stay at home. Those women who are harping at you will later in life come to regret their decisions. What those do not understand is being a homemaker is work. It’s isn’t easy, it’s tough, sometimes thankless, but in the end you will look back and know you have fulfilled your purpose.

    2. I worked all of my life and I deeply regret it. There is a growing trend for mothers to stay at home. Find homeschoolers in your area for people who can give you guidance and support. You don’t have to have children yet. In fact, it’s better to start preparing early and create a network of support. Look at the world today and you will see that your decision to raise your children is a good one. Please, don’t give your children to others to raise.

    3. Maria

      It is such a terrible comment on modern society and of the terrible legacy of feminism that that the majority of women who like you aspire to be wives and mothers feel isolated and are ridiculed for wanting to follow the path for which God designed them.

      Stick to your principles, keep yourself for your future husband and concentrate on those skills which will serve you as a mother and homemaker.

    4. Hi Marie,
      I found a nice channel on YouTube called Mrs. Midwest and she makes videos on homemaking and on how to be a feminine woman. Since your acquaintances don’t support you in your real life, it can be helpful to watch like minded people on youtube. ❤

  6. I was raised with a working mom and I have worked all of my life, but I see the error of this. Putting children in public education has robed this Country of its Liberties and Judeo-Christian beliefs. Public education has led us to enslave ourselves to depravity and a complete lack of faith. It sickens me to see how far away we’ve strayed. I don’t know how any believer can look at the world today and deny that forsaking the home, forsaking biblical teaching and abandoning our Nation’s founding principles is what has led us to this point. Though many criticize women for being keepers of the home there is a revival too. That gives me hope for some.

  7. I’ve always thought that motherhood and homemaking was compatible with most young girls’ dreams that may fall “outside” of homemaking. For example (and in many cases the marrying can come before the marriage or after depending on the girl):

    The girl that dreams of becoming a veterinarian may pursue a veterinarian degree, marry a farmer, and care for their animals on the farm.

    The girl that dreams of becoming a doctor or nurse may pursue a degree, marry, and then act as midwife, nurse, elderly care person, etc for her family.

    The girl that dreams of becoming a business woman may marry a man who has his own business or start her own business from her home.

    The girl that dreams of becoming a teacher can write her own lesson plans, organize and plan curriculum for her children, and join a homeschool co-op as a teacher instead of purchasing curriculum online.

    The girl that dreams of becoming a writer or author can write from home.

    The girl that dreams of becoming a fashion designer or model can sew, design, and model from home.

    The girl that dreams of becoming an esthetician can open her own home services.

    The girl that dreams of becoming a missionary can marry a fellow missionary.

    & etc.

    I wish more girls had role models and were taught that you can be a stay at home mom, build a home, and INCLUDE your other hobbies/talents/gifts in your homemaking!!! These are only a few examples but somehow this simple fact falls to the wayside and people feel they must put off having children, marrying, and making a home. The best thing about this is that you are not FORCED to work to survive, because that is your husband’s role. You simply have the freedom to pursue your dreams from the comfort of your own home, surrounded by your children, and if you happen to make money to help your husband while doing a hobby you love best, well what a bonus!

      1. I feel so passionately about this, that I would just like to add, even the “tomboys” among us can find a man who just love to have her getting down and dirty helping out on a ranch, or doing the outdoorsy chores like chopping wood, fixing up the car, home repairs, landscaping, etc.

  8. Hi Kate

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THIS POST. i WISH somebody would have sat down with me 10-12 years ago. Of course the plan was to be as we called it a housewife, but we were never told there were ways to make income from home. If I would have had different guides, to give their advice as well, I would have been making money from home a long time ago. I just started taking online classes this year, & have a year to go. Hubbys is VERY supportive. I have a 2 year bussiness admin degree already, I had a full ride scholarship for it. After these classes, Ill have the medical office side, & will be able to work from home. Its exciting.

    I tried sewing holiday & baby items to sell, but they turned out horrible, & of course I had to wait for sales & coupons to buy the supplies to practice. I did manage to make an evening dress for my wedding that was modest. I found the school add, and showed, & immediately he said do it, you should have done that when we got married, you are way smarter than you think, be a good example for our daughter.

    I like the tomboy part, even though mom said we were to be housewives, I was with my dad a lot when he was home, working on cars, etc. getting greasy, I dont do that anymore,, bc thats what killed him last year. I talk about that in a different post. My hubby & I work together on home repairs (a least attempt to work together)

    God Bless

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