Nudity on Our Beaches

Nudity on Our Beaches

Unfortunately, nudity has come to the beaches, lakes, and pools of America and we shouldn’t be surprised. Many women don’t seem to have any problem with men of all ages lusting after them and seeing them as objects. God commands that we be modest and shamefaced, not drawing attention to ourselves, but as we, as a culture, grow farther away from God’s principles, we can see that women have no shame with being naked.

On our walks on the beach, I have seen a troubling trend; more and more women are wearing thong bathing suits and when they are laying on a towel or are seen from the backside, they look naked. Is there NO concern for children these days??? Where has common human decency gone? Do all these women care about is themselves, their ego, and what they want to wear?

Yes, these women are absolutely 100% being stumbling blocks to all of the men around them. I read what others write against me for saying this as if women are completely innocent concerning men’s lust but they aren’t! We are called to love others and be unselfish but when women are wearing thongs they are only loving themselves and being selfish. They aren’t thinking at all of the effect they are having on the young to old men around them and the children who are seeing their nakedness.

Aren’t their laws against nudity in our land? Shouldn’t there be beaches that are “family friendly” and we don’t have to see naked women all around us? Yes, I know that bikinis have been around a long time but at least they covered up the most private parts of the female body even though they are still extremely immodest. When women are actually showing off their entire backside, they have become naked which is continually associated with shame all throughout the Bible.

The majority of women desire men and their attention. I remember when I was 16 or 17 years old and deeply wanting a young man in my life. I wanted the strength, love, affection, protection, and attention of a man. I believe it’s a normal desire that God has given to us after puberty. Our culture uses this desire in a twisted way called serial dating. We want the attention and love of a man so we try different men out since we’re “way too young” to be married even though our bodies tell us otherwise. We show off our bodies in hopes of attracting men to us to fulfill the longing we have for a man then do things that should only be saved for the marriage bed unless we’ve been taught otherwise. We pretend marriage.

Many young people get into a lot of sexual trouble during these years because of this trend of putting off marriage for so many years after puberty. Most parents aren’t teaching their children about modesty, waiting for a godly man in God’s timing, purity, abstinence, and all the things that God requires from us who want to live lives pleasing to Him. It’s imperative, mothers, to teach your children from a young age the goodness of God and His ways!

I have also noticed a good trend lately among godly women for modest bathing suits that are actually very cute. The great thing about these types of bathing suits are they are more comfortable (it’s much more comfortable when dressed modestly), and protection from the sun (since most sunscreens are unhealthy and cause skin cancer). As godly women who want to live our lives pleasing to the Lord, the only man that we should want “lusting” after us is our husbands. Outside of being in the privacy with them, we must make sure that our clothing isn’t causing other men to stumble and doesn’t draw attention to ourselves.

For young unmarried women, you should not be using your bodies to attract men since this has nothing whatsoever to do with having a good, strong married. Clothe yourself with modesty, humility, gentleness, purity, kindness, meekness, and love. These are the ingredients for a strong marriage, not immodesty and nakedness in public places. If you are married, adorn yourself with submission as the holy women of old did; for this will be beautiful to your husband.

In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety.
1 Timothy 2:9

12 thoughts on “Nudity on Our Beaches

  1. We no longer live near the beach but I always squirm at the thought of going back because it’s even more shocking after not being there for awhile. You wonder what indecency you may stumble into.

    It’s hard not to look when you feel like it’s so obvious that women are basically naked in public and think nothing of it. I always think how sad it is that they disgrace themselves and their parents, since many of them are high schoolers.

    I used to only wear bikinis and always felt so naked. I wasn’t raised with Christian modesty standards. I made the decision to wear one piece bathing suits sometime after being newly married.

    Even a modest and cute one piece doesn’t quite cover enough now and I’m glad I can listen to my conscience. I like to wear a swim skirt too since the fabric of the regular skirt clings much too tightly for my taste and I just think no one has any business gazing on any portion of my backside or exposed hips.

    I’m glad that I’ll be able to dress my daughter appropriately from the start. Bikinis start at a very young age in babies and toddlers.

    1. My husband has always been adamant about our babies being covered up at all times. No nakedness (crawling around in just a diaper or onesie) even at home. At first I thought, what’s the big deal? They’re babies. But now I see the wisdom of it. Why let our babies do what we ourselves would not? Plus, we always think about men lusting after women, but there are unfortunately pedophiles out there too. And beaches are easy places for getting naked baby/toddler pictures. 🙁

      We haven’t been to the beach at all since being married, and probably never will.

      1. Sadly with the proliferation of pornography and sexual immorality, yes, pedophiles is on the rise and parents must be even more diligent about protecting their children from them. You have a wise husband, Grace.

    2. It’s not just teenagers wearing them anymore, Hopeful Wife. It’s women in their 20s and 30s now, unfortunately. I wore them when I was a teenager, too, but always felt very uncomfortable in them. When I got married and was thinking of having children, I knew I didn’t want my children seeing me in a bikini. It’s good you are training your daughters from a young age. This is very important!

  2. My husband and I raise our children (and follow this ourselves) to have consistent modesty standards, regardless of where we are and what we’re doing. Somehow, even women who normally dress modestly, have no problem wearing clothing that completely shows their entire things as long as they are near water or on a gymnast platform. This never made sense to us, as the desires of men don’t suddenly disappear when they are in a different setting.

    The females in our family wear swim dresses that cover the entire thigh area, to just above the knee. It looks very feminine and beautiful and is respectful to those around. The men in our family also cover up with board shorts and a shirt, even though that’s not our cultural norm, because women nowadays have become much more lustful (think Fifty Shades of Grey) and stare down men with muscular physiques, making sexual comments to their friends about their body. We don’t want to leave any room for the devil to do his work, especially so as it depends on our allowing it.

    We don’t take our children to pools or oceans much because it is not a place that can be enjoyed like it used to. We do oftentimes find little areas near lakes and oceans where few people go and is usually pretty safe to enjoy. It is really a blessing to see how many people stop and compliment the kids on their swim outfits and how pretty they look. Frumpy is not really the message we want to send, but to inspire people that they really can do things in a God-honoring way and look beautiful.

    Thanks for writing on this topic. My husband and I were just discussing this with a relative the other day. You always discuss the hard topics that most people are too afraid to bring up.

    1. This is why we love Door County so much, TJFW. There is so much less immodesty there which I enjoy thoroughly!

      It is getting harder to raise children but as parents, we do the best we can training them in the ways of the Lord and leaving them in the Lord’s hands. I know you and your husband are doing a GREAT job!

  3. I agree, even with bikinis. My nieces are always wearing bikinis and they are teenagers and young adults with very full bodies. They come to family events like that in the summer and it makes me very uncomfortable and my husband too. He shouldn’t be seeing his niece’s bodies like that.

  4. I think the thongs are sooo hideous! And in all honesty, why in the world would a woman want to show off… deep breath….something …poo comes out of! ( Lori ,I’d completely understand if my comment is rejected because it’s rather gross when you think about it)

  5. My heart is saddened in all this too. We don’t live near nor go to beaches….but I know it is everywhere. I never wore bikinis growing up because I felt my body wasn’t perfect enough to wear one (modesty wasn’t my reasoning…it was how I would look if I wore one).

    Although we homeschool, our nephews do not. One is in cross country. We went to watch him at one of his meets and I was appalled at the girl runners who were walking around with their school running shorts and sports bras!!!! At a school function! Yes, it was hot out….but there was no reason they couldn’t wear a top!!! I couldn’t believe no school officials were addressing it and then what about the girls’ parents!? I would *never* ever let my daughter walk around in her underclothes!!! Doesn’t it bother parents to see their daughters running around in sports bras!? How do I protect the eyes of my teenage and pre-teen sons!? We can avoid these cross country meets…but what about my nephew and the boys that run at these things!? How can parents protect their eyes? I have thought about contacting the school about it but since we homeschool, I don’t want to make waves with the district.

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