Compromise Kept Increasing and Evil Slowly Became Good

Compromise Kept Increasing and Evil Slowly Became Good

Written By Jonas Sikes

Why is this generation of kids, out of touch with Jesus, more disrespectful than ever, not caring about anything what so ever?

Well, lets take a look back in time… not so long ago, there was a generation who started to ignore God’s Word, allow the devil into their homes, via cable TV, and in many cases, had two to three jobs so they weren’t really home doing the “Family Thing”

Compromise kept increasing and much evil slowly became good….

Now their children grew up in a compromised world and were brainwashed into thinking God is okay with sin, because Jesus loves… it did not matter much that God’s Word was continuing to be ignored, the love for the world became the way… the desire for the best of the best, from shoes, to clothes, to computers, to game consoles, to televisions and cell phones…. the Greed and Love for worldly treasures ruled the hearts of many!!

Now because of two generations of compromise, removing God out of the schools, there is now an incredible movement known as political correctness… everything has become acceptable.. everything is being condoned….. much sin is often getting defended….. by (Christians) (???) while the Holy Word of God has been put on the back burner! Kicked to the curb… pushed aside!

Our preachers don’t have the fire of the Holy Ghost because most of them are in much compromise as well… or they have been paid off and bought… meaning they can’t preach Repentance, Righteousness, & Holiness… and obedience… because “Church” has become a big time money making machine…..they are motivational speakers at best…… Church memberships are so important… Discipleship is a thing of the past (sad)……

So you ask me why are our children into more drugs than ever before, having more abortions than ever before, disrespecting everything more than ever before, getting pregnant more than ever before, committing suicide more than ever before?

Maybe because two generations ago, those parents FAILED to train their children up the Right way…..

Which caused a trickle down effect and now there is a counterfeit Christianity where people ACTUALLY think they are Christians just because they think they are… just because they say they are…. truth is… they don’t know God… nor do most of the parents…

When the Bible is no longer respected, and man’s opinions have taken over….. That is why this generation of kids are so far from God…..

I feel badly for the world that is awaiting their kids.. it will no doubt be a full blown Sodom and Gomorrah type of world with no God in it what so ever…..

What can you do?

Teach & preach Jesus!
Teach and preach the importance and the significance of repentance & Righteous living!!!
Be honest, no matter the cost
Stop compromising!
Obey the Lord!
Be the example by obeying the Word!
Quit listening to man’s opinions

God Bless!

Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts. For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little.
Isaiah 28:9, 10

2 thoughts on “Compromise Kept Increasing and Evil Slowly Became Good

  1. If there’s one word I have come to dislike in the church today, it’s the word compromise. Being lukewarm is akin to compromise. A description of the 7th church of Laodicea or the lukewarm church is found in Revelation 3. I believe this post can be summed up in the description of this church, the church of compromise. The Lord said that they were neither cold nor hot, but lukewarm. Because they were lukewarm, God was going to spew them out of His mouth.

    Having a cold or a hot drink is what we all most desire, ie, cold or hot coffees. Having one of these beverages requires energy being added, either with ice or heat. This makes a refreshing beverage.

    As I thought about the word lukewarm, other pictures came to mind. Stagnant – a pot that was filled with water 2 days ago to soak off some badly burned on food. Scum has begun to form on top. A container filled with rain water that has set in the sun for a few days. Bugs have begun swimming around in there. Lukewarm water is a really great breeding ground for all manner of nastiness, thus the resulting stagnation.

    Some other words describing heart attitudes would be indifference or apathy or just not caring. I can not think of anything worse than to be so distasteful to the Lord that He would want to spit me out of His mouth or say, Depart from me….I never knew you.

    Like was shared in this post, the only way to combat compromise, (lukewarmness, stagnation, indifference, apathy) is to open the Word daily. Put on the armor of God as stated in Ephesians 6. Gather with other believers. Be not hearers of the Word only, but doers also. Have you ever noticed how many ACTION words there are in the Bible? Action is the energy against becoming lukewarm.( Look at the action words above : stop, teach, preach, obey)

    I believe that grey areas can also be dangerous. Are there any grey areas with God? I’m seeing that grey areas can lead to compromise which leads to lukewarm which leads to stagnation.

    Anyway, just a few thoughts that have been rattling around in my brain the last few weeks 🙂

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