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Bragging About Messy Homes

Bragging About Messy Homes

Women brag about messy homes today because they have “more important” things to do. They need “me time” and time to pursue their hobbies. They need to play with their children often and take them many places for different experiences while neglecting their home duties. These are all considered badges of honor and praised. I see it consistently in younger women while having a clean and tidy home is mocked, as if it’s not important. God thinks it’s important. This is why He commands that women be “keepers at home” and work hard in their home by NOT eating the bread of idleness.

God is a God of beauty and order and our homes should reflect this, women. “Order and usefulness and purpose bring satisfaction, but God desired that there should be beauty in His work” (A.W.  Tozer). Way too many women have no idea how to keep clean and tidy homes anymore. My best friend’s home was always clean and tidy despite being a widow with three active young sons to care for. She cleaned as she went and worked hard at home. I never heard her talk about “me time” or her hobbies. She knew her ministry was in her home and with her sons. She wanted them to grow up in a calm and beautiful environment. Clean homes are beautiful, even if they are not expensive homes.

Katie Schuermann wrote an article called 10 Reasons I Still Keep a Clean Home Despite Everyone Insisting It’s Stupid. And of course they do because we, as a culture, have drifted so far away from God’s principles. “In an age when messes are touted as holy and clutter is extolled as the sign of productive genius, I find myself embarrassed by my organized closets and clean countertops. Who but a self-conceited nelly would bother folding dish towels before putting them in the drawer? Only a petty dolt would routinely organize her pantry, right? And what kind of cold-hearted woman asks her children to make their beds before breakfast? 

Keeping a clean, orderly home was once the hallmark of happy domesticity, but now, messiness is next to godliness. A littered living room floor is certain proof of family fealty on Facebook, and every good blogging mother knows that laughing and playing with her children is more important than wiping down the bathroom sink.”

Her mother taught her to be clean and tidy. My mother did the same thing. Every Saturday morning, she had a list of chores she expected us to finish and I remember many Saturdays out in the yard weeding. Once she broke her leg badly and had to be in a large cast for several months, so we had to all pitch in and help a lot. Now, when my grandchildren come over, I insist they clean up all of their messes before I take them home. They made the mess, they clean it up.

Clean homes are more peaceful. Cluttered homes mean cluttered minds. Declutter your homes! It’s almost impossible to keep a home clean and tidy with a lot of clutter. My oldest daughter has moved a lot in her six years of marriage but they both like it because it keeps them from gathering too much junk. They are ruthless when it comes to decluttering. They love to have a home that is clean, tidy, and uncluttered. I love these kinds of homes, along with some beautiful daffodils to brighten them up!

If you are looking for an easy and very effective way to clean your home without toxic chemicals and simply with water, please check out this YouTube by Linda and how easy cleaning glass, mirrors, and windows are with Norwex without leaving any streaks left behind! Norwex has amazing products and makes cleaning super easy! I made a YouTube about my Norwex but Linda is much better and more professional, plus she shows you how to use all of their products. If you want to order Norwex in the USA, check out Amber’s site. Amber is great to work with and gets your products to you right away. (The kitchen, body, window, and enviro cloth are my favorites! I make NO profit from any of this. It’s just a great product and I love sharing things I love!)

With all of the time saving appliances and great things to clean with, there is no reason why any fairly healthy woman should have a messy, dirty home. “Your home should express your personality, your values, and your heart. Surround yourself with people and things you love, and you will always feel at home.” -Dorothy Patteron

She looks well to the ways of her household,
And does not eat the bread of idleness.

Proverbs 31:27

***Here is a good chore list that is age appropriate to begin teaching your children from the time they are young. They will appreciate it when they are grown up with self-discipline, clean homes, and are hard workers!

Prisoners In Our Homes and Marriages?

Prisoners In Our Homes and Marriages?

Yes, some feminists actually believe women are prisoners in their homes and marriages and they must fight to free us from our bondage. You don’t believe me? Here is what a one woman wrote as she shared one of my handwritten posts:

Yes, women are capable of determining what to do with their lives but for women who love the Lord, they want to make their decisions based upon His Word and not their “wants” as many are doing today. The reason many Christian women who work outside of the home are against you advocating for “gender equality” is because they are wise enough to know that God values women and men equally and they both have worth, but they aren’t the same which is what feminists are fighting for. There are many women who don’t want to be men. They like being women and don’t want sameness. We don’t want you advocating for us, because our homes and marriages aren’t prisons. They are God’s perfect will for us because He created them for us.

Has my marriage and being home full time for 32 years been prison for me? No, it has been a wonderful place to be! I have a husband who works hard so I can stay home. I live in a beautiful home. We raised four great children together. He was a wonderful father to them. When I was sick all of those years, I didn’t have to worry about going out to a job since he was my provider. He fixes many things in the home. He helps me often. Just yesterday, I had the freedom to go and pick up my one year old granddaughter to have for a few hours. I then took her over to my parent’s home for a while. They LOVE being with her. Here is my dad carrying her to the car for me. He never wanted my mom to work outside of the home, so he worked hard for many years so my mom could be home full time with us. He told me yesterday that there’s nothing more valuable than a mother home raising her children.

On Tuesday, a friend of mine called and asked if I wanted to go out to lunch with her so we did. Ken has never minded me going out with friends. He trusts me with money and has never said no to anything I’ve ever wanted to buy since he knows I’m not frivolous. I also have time now that my children are all grown up to teach younger women.

Whereas when I had a career, I had to make sure I was at work on time or I’d get in trouble. The stress level was high in order to perform, please my boss, parents, and do a good job. Many nights, I couldn’t sleep because I had some concerns about the next day and then trying to get through it on little sleep. By the end of the day, I was exhausted and had to spend my weekends cleaning, cooking, and shopping for food. Those years felt much more like a prison to me and all for a paycheck? No, thanks.

So, whoever you are, please don’t advocate for me because the more feminists advocate for “their rights” the worse it gets for women. Cultures haven’t gotten better since the women’s rights movement. They’ve gotten worse because children are no longer being raised by their mothers. In Australia, they are advocating for mothers to not even have the choice to stay home because it hurts their economy – not enough people to tax.

“But once a child goes to school, she argued, opting out of the workforce should no longer be an option.

‘Rather than wail about the supposed liberation in a woman’s right to choose to shun paid employment, we should make it a legal requirement that all parents of children of school-age or older are gainfully employed,’ Le Marquand wrote.”

This is what happens when people “hold the truth in unrighteousness” as the Apostle Paul wrote about in Romans 1. They hate God and refuse to live for Him so they rebel against His ways and everything that is good and right. Women, living in submission and yes, even obedience to your husbands isn’t prison. It’s good and godly. Feminists will gladly live in submission and obey their bosses but falsely belief it’s bondage with their husbands. Do you see the hypocrisy? They leave their homes all day for almighty mammon and their children in the care of others. This, too, is foolishness and chasing after the wind.

Should we be surprised that the single biggest factor that is causing Millennials to abandon their faith is the “breakdown of the family” which feminists are responsible for? No. God created us. He gave us roles to fulfill and He knows what’s best for us, which includes mothers raising their children full time and caring for their husbands and homes.

Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do,
do all to the glory of God.

1 Corinthians 10:31

Trying to Stay Visible as Keepers at Home

Trying to Stay Visible as Keepers at Home

The feminists movement of the 1960s began because women felt worthless and invisible. Feminists came along and urged mothers to leave their homes, find careers, make money and a name for themselves. An article written by Leslie Loftus attempts to explain the perplexities of trying to be a stay-at-home mom since feminism. “‘Stay-at-home mom’ became the preferred term for opt-out mothers everywhere precisely because it focused on the children. ‘Housewife’ was too focused on homes and husbands. We were defensive enough rationalizing wasting our education for our children—we weren’t even going to attempt rationalizing that for our marriages. We are women. We’ve got this not only without men, but in spite of them.”

Did you follow that? Feminism hasn’t made women’s life easier; it’s made it more complicated. Women have become ashamed to say they are focused on their homes and husbands but God commands they focus upon them. Focusing solely on the children, as many have done today, is destructive in so many ways, especially for the children and if it ruins marriages from neglect. Then there’s the issue of all the years gaining higher education and most likely careers, yet trying to justify all of this time and money spent when staying home full time with the children. Finally, there’s a dig against men as if men aren’t valuable asset to societies and women don’t need them.

Then when the children are all grown up and gone, the mothers feel invisible and have no idea what to do with themselves. (It happens that I just made a YouTube the other day called Spending My Days as an Older Woman without having a career.) I was one who went to higher education – five and a half years after graduating from high school. I also had a career as a school teacher for three and a half years after that until I was able to come home full time. I never thought to find my identity in my higher education or career. All I ever wanted to do in life was to be married and have children, even though I was steeped in the feminist movement. Schooling and careers never held any sway on me.

Our identities shouldn’t be found in what we decide to do any ways. They are found in Christ, who He says we are, and what He tells us to do. He made it easy for us, women, because He carefully spelled it out in His Word. We don’t need to get involved in “mommy wars” or try to find some false sense of “fulfillment” outside of the home that many women are chasing today.

Leslie also wrote,  “An associate dean of Stanford writes a book on how herding our kids in a higher education rat race stunts their growth, and yet we still persist.” I may have to read this book because I agree. Whether people know or love God or not, they are made in His image and He gave us an instruction manual. He has this to say about worldly wisdom: “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God” (1 Corinthians 3:19).  Not every child, male or female, has to go for higher education! There are way more negatives to it these days than positives.

“I think much of the problem is that we bought into the Second Wave idea that the only valued work is paid work.” She’s right. God doesn’t say that making money is the be all and end all. In fact, He warns against the love of money. No, He commands we be Kingdom investors and what greater thing can there be than investing our lives into our husbands, children, and homes?

Her conclusion: “The narrative is this: if you don’t earn a paycheck—complete with Social Security and federal income tax withholding—then what you do is worthless. We secretly believe we are wasting our educations, and that we will be invisible in motherhood.” This right here summarizes the lies women have been fed for far too long. God created you and He created you to marry, bear children and guide the home. You are not invisible to Him and this is all that matters. You are doing Kingdom work.

Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.
Matthew 6:19, 20

Judging Working Women Harshly?

Judging Working Women Harshly?

Women get upset with what I write often, especially when it goes against everything they believe. They must remember, I am not teaching anything to be politically correct. I am teaching biblical principles to women who love the Lord and His ways. You must always keep this in mind when you read what I write. I look at the Word and what it says, then teach what I learn from it, not from my opinions.

Nancy Wolgemuth from Revive Our Hearts did a great series on Titus 2 called Adorned. On one radio program, she said this comment:

“But the priority that God places on the home—this passage assumes that young women will be wives and mothers. It’s not saying if they’re wives and mothers or if they decide they want to get married or if they decide they want to have children, then teach them these things.

There’s an assumption that young women will get married and will have children. At the risk of being truly politically incorrect, could I say this is God’s norm? The implication is, as I look at not only this passage but the whole of Scripture, that as a rule young people are to be purposeful about getting married and about having children.”

I love this statement because it’s exactly what I believe is God’s will. God commands the older women to teach the younger women. He doesn’t say, “Teach the married younger women…” or “Teach the younger women who have children…” He clearly states to teach “the younger women…” God wants women to marry, bear children, and guide the home. He created women to be their husband’s help meet. He created men to need a help meet. It’s His perfect plan but many in our culture despise His plan. I know. I hear about it frequently.

I wrote a post titled “A Day, No Years, Without Men” in the Workforce” with this statement that undoubtedly feminists loved; “Men can easily and often better replace every single job that a woman has in the workforce.” Cultures would come to a quick end without men working hard to protect and provide. Cultures would also come to a quick end if women quit bearing children. Both roles are extremely important for a healthy culture to survive. Neither role is more important than the other one because they are both important but of course I received flak from this post. Here’s just one example.

“Lori, I’m going to disagree with you on this one. Not sure if you’ll post my comment but here goes. Last year I had to go to the hospital for a mammogram. During my conversation with the nurse she informed that only females are hired to do her job. I was glad to hear that. I would not want man to perform that procedure on me. Also, I am thankful that I have the choice to go to a female gynecologist. Some women may not care one way or the other, and that’s fine. I just happen to be appreciative that I have the choice of going to a female gynecologist.”

Essentially you are saying that it is more important for you to have female nurses and doctors rather than their children having them home full time with them to raise, care, and train them? Yes, it’s GREAT that you have a female nurse to give mammograms and have as gynecologists but what about their children, if they have them? You see, I am sure God wants women at home because He cares a whole lot more about marriages being strong and children having a mother home full time with them to raise, nurture, and train them than for you to have female nurses and doctors.

I know some female doctors and they regret being one because they aren’t able to be home full time with their children because of the massive debt they are trying to pay back and all the time and energy they put into getting their degree. It’s a very stressful life for them. I had a male gynecologist who delivered my four children and he was fine. He’d delivered many babies and was very competent. Remember, I’m not trying to solve all of the world’s problems. I am simply teaching godly women what God wants me to teach them.

I had a young woman reach out to me who was in medical training and admitted that all she wanted to be was a wife and mother but was so pressured by her parents to be a doctor. I told her she didn’t need to obey her parents as an adult and if she wanted to be a wife and mother, she should end her pursuit of being a doctor and she did. After reading my blog, she knew that this wasn’t the route that the Lord had called her to pursue any longer. She wanted to be home full time with her children, if she was blessed with them one day. If not, she could adopt or do foster care but she wanted to be a mother.

I have also had nurses tell me that they finally decided that it was a whole lot more important for them to be home with their children full time than being a nurse. They knew that they were replaceable as nurses but not as mothers to their children. God created mothers to be home with their children. He’s the One who gave them a womb, breasts, and the emotional makeup to raise children. Generations are now suffering because they were not being raised by their mothers.

She went on to write, “I was a teacher in the public school system and observed on many occasions that women were more suited in certain areas than men. My daughter works with students with disabilities and has the demeanor and temperament to perform her job quite well. She is not married and yet has a fulfilling, enriched life. Thankfully she didn’t marry the man who claimed to be a Christian, but his life has proven to be otherwise. In the meantime, she has to work in order to live and eat. Women like my daughter fall through the cracks in the model you put forth.”

I was a teacher in the public school system for three and a half years. I was replaceable but not as a mother to my children. This is what should matter to most women in the end, their children, but it doesn’t anymore and this is why God wants the older women to teach the younger women to love their children and be keepers at home. Women have lost their way today and have been hoodwinked by the feminists, unfortunately.

Besides, I’m not sure your daughter would fall through the cracks. The Apostle Paul’s instructions to unmarried women is to be holy in body and spirit. Any single, young women who asks me what they should do with their lives, I encourage them to make sure that when a godly man comes into their life, they are prepared to quit whatever they are doing to marry and have children. As an older woman, I continue to teach younger women how to love their future children by being prepared beforehand to be home with them without having any debt.

“Further, Paul the Apostle elevates the single life above marriage, stating he wishes all were like him. So how are women staying at home the best choice for *all* women *all* the time? I know far too many women whose circumstances dictate something other than the prescription you put forth. I’m afraid you would judge these lovely women harshly.”

The Apostle Paul gave his opinion and he was clear about this, “For I would that all men were even as I myself…” (1 Corinthians 7:7) but God created men to need a help meet so most men do indeed “burn” and want and need a help meet. God made them this way. Yes, there are some who indeed want to spend their lives serving the Lord but it’s few. By the way, it’s not my “prescription.” It’s God prescription and if any women feel judged by it, they will have to take it up with the Lord since I didn’t write the Bible!

For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.
Isaiah 55:8

“A Day, No Years, Without Men” in the Workforce

“A Day, No Years, Without Men” in the Workforce

A day, no years, without women in the workforce wouldn’t change a thing. Women think they’re invincible in the workforce but they aren’t. Men can easily and often better replace every single job that a woman has in the workforce. Our military would be stronger without women. Our police force would be stronger. Women make these institutions weaker and now we have these “sexual” problems in the military. Duh! This happens when we mix males and females in close quarters for months on ends and far away from home.

Societies would suffer greatly if men decided to take off a day from the workforce and and they would cease to exist if they took off a couple of years. Camille Paglie wrote, “Only a tiny number of women want to enter the trades where most of the nitty-gritty physical work is actually going on—plumbing, electricity, construction. Women have played virtually no role in the erection of those magnificent towers in every major city in the world. It’s men who operate the cranes or set the foundations or wash windows on the 85th floor. It’s men who troop out at 2:00 AM during an ice storm to restore power to neighborhoods where falling trees have brought down live wires. It’s men who mix the stinking, toxic cauldrons to spread steaming hot tar on city roofs. Last year in a nearby town, I drove by a huge, chaotic scene where emergency workers in hazmat suits were struggling with a giant pipe break, as raw sewage was pouring into the street. Of course all those workers up to their knees in a torrent of thick brown water were men! I’ve seen figures indicating that 92 per cent of people killed on the job are men—and it’s precisely because men are heroically doing most of the dangerous jobs in modern society.”

Our society couldn’t operate without men! They are the ones that God has given the muscle mass, testosterone, and strength to accomplish many things women cannot do but need. They are the protectors, inventors, and builders of all cultures and God designed it this way. Women who wanted to be like men were deceived by the enemy of their souls!

On the flip side, cultures have suffered terribly when women decide to leave their God-ordained sphere of influence – the home – and tried to take on men’s jobs. There’s few women left at home bearing and raising the next generation. This is catastrophic on many levels and we are seeing the ugly fruit that it has produced in all the cultures where this is happening. The younger generations have no ability to take care for the aging, much larger generations. Children have lost their way since they are no longer being raised and cared for by their very own mothers. Their mothers have decided their careers and making money is more important than loving their own children.

God has given men clearly defined roles and He has given women clearly defined roles and when they stop doing what they are supposed to be doing cultures die a slow, agonizing death. Go home, women. Tend to your husband, children, and homes. Make them sanctuaries of peace, warmth, and affection for your families. This is the greatest work that you can do because it was given to you by the Creator of everything.

She looks well to the ways of her household,
And does not eat the bread of idleness.

Proverbs 31:27

Who Do You Want to Live For and Please?

Who Do You Want to Live For and Please?

No one has to guess what God’s will is for them. It is all clearly spelled out in His Word. We can usually figure out God’s will for us by looking at our culture and doing the exact opposite since Satan is the prince of the power of the air and the Word of God is our instruction manual straight from the mouth of God. Therefore, we must all ponder who we want to live for and please. Do we want to go with the flow of our wicked culture (which is being exposed more every day for who they worship and what is important to them) or do we live sacrificial lives for the Lord in obedience to Him?

What is God’s prescription for children? “…bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4). An important part of God’s design for marriage is to bring up godly offspring (Malachi 2:15) because He wants a family, a remnant, who love and obey Him. Do the public schools do this in any way, shape, or form? No, yet we hand our precious children over to a godless institution for hours every day and most of their growing up years. They are taken away from their godly mothers and taught by strangers things that do not help them grow in godliness. God has given parents the responsibility to bring their children up in Him, not strangers who know nothing about the ways of the Lord.

What about single women? What is God’s will for them? I love what Nancy Wolgemuth said about this: “But the priority that God places on the home—this passage assumes that young women will be wives and mothers. It’s not saying if they’re wives and mothers or if they decide they want to get married or if they decide they want to have children, then teach them these things. There’s an assumption that young women will get married and will have children. At the risk of being truly politically incorrect, could I say this is God’s norm? The implication is, as I look at not only this passage but the whole of Scripture, that as a rule young people are to be purposeful about getting married and about having children.”

So what is God’s prescription for women? That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed” (Titus 2:4, 5) and “I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully” (1 Timothy 5:14). Do the universities and colleges teach any of this? Yet, parents are using their hard-earned cash or are causing their children to go deep into debt by sending their daughters off to godless institutions where most of the students are anything but sober on weekend nights.

Instead of being taught to love and obey their husbands, they are being taught to be like men in every way and that men are jerks, marriage is bondage, submission is slavery and children thwart their goals. They are taught to be indiscreet, impure, and not good by the things they are being taught and being exposed to in the curriculum and students around them. There is nothing decent or beneficial about universities for women that help lead them in the ways of godly womanhood. Nothing. Most campuses aren’t even physically safe for young women anymore.

What is God’s prescription for older women? “The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things” (Titus 2:3) and “Well reported of for good works; if she have brought up children, if she have lodged strangers, if she have washed the saints’ feet, if she have relieved the afflicted, if she have diligently followed every good work” (1 Timothy 5:10). Are the godly women you know known for these things? Are they busy teaching the younger women, helping those in need, and serving others? It seems most older women have continued on in their careers, found jobs, retired to vacation, or anything but what the Word has commanded them to do.

The Church is weak in our culture for a reason. If we don’t stand against the downwards flow of our culture and go in the opposite direction, we aren’t helping anyone. We are called to be salt and light and if we lose our saltiness, nothing will be good. Many women are in rebellion to God’s plan for them. People are looking for Christians who walk the talk; who live lives that are contrary to popular opinion, who are raising godly offspring, mothers who love their children more than their free time or careers and are sacrificially giving their time and energy to their families, and older women who are pouring their lives out for the  younger generation by helping and being an example to them of godly womanhood.

Feminists Flushed Femininity Down the Toilet

Feminists Flushed Femininity Down the Toilet

There’s a movie called Adam’s Rib that was made in 1946 with Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn in which their two characters were married and competing lawyers. At one point, Spencer shouts at his wife, “I don’t want a competitor, a competitor. I want a wife!” It reminds me of a book that was just written by Suzanne Venker called The Alpha’s Female’s Guide to Men and Marriage: How Love Works. I have not read it but what I have read from Suzanne, she has a lot of wisdom when it comes to male/female relationships. I follow her on Facebook and here is one comment she received about her book.

“I’ve been in a marriage for 30 years, and I have raised three children. I am also a nurse and have moved in and out of the workforce during my marriage. Because of my profession, I’ve observed thousands of these male-female interactions at work. They are as you speak of: in a WAR.”

Sadly, male-female interactions are at war because women have taken over males’ roles in society. This is far from God’s plan and has caused destruction in its path. Most dental and doctor programs in universities have more females than males. Most universities have more females attending than males. Women are stealing jobs that should be men’s jobs and of course this would cause war between the sexes. Plus, women want to be in control and God didn’t create them to be, so this will most often cause strife too.

“The women have become men, and the poor men have no choice other than to become the feminine side of the relationship to make it work. Except it doesn’t work. Because men, even though they can try hard, are not women—and vice versa.”

Men are now required to do a lot of housework which isn’t their natural tendency. God has given women this role. Women will never make better men than men, and men will never make better women than women no matter how hard they try. The DNA we are born with will be the same DNA in our bones a hundred years from now. Feminists are fighting God and nature with what they are doing and it’s ugly.

“In the past 20 years, I have seen this more and more and more of this role reversal. You are so right that when men are looking for a mate, they don’t care that the woman has three Ph.Ds. A working man making enough is looking for a woman to be a woman who takes care of him, the kids and the complex life of running a home and family. Feminists flushed the values of that part of being a woman down the toilet and made more stress and more work for women because now they must work and do the their job at home as well.”

I am sure the happiest men are those who have married good, hard-working women who take good care of them, their children, and their homes so they can do what they have been called to do, namely provide. They can be singularly focused on this instead of having to help get the children ready in the morning, drop them off at preschool, and do other things that are home-oriented and should fall to the woman of the home. Their lives become so much more stressful than they already are and women don’t seem to mind at all. At least they think they don’t, unless they ponder their lives for a bit and see how much more stressful their own lives have become as well as their children’s.

“I’ve seen a lot of these high-powered women have affairs because the man at home becomes too soft. He changes for her, and then she has an affair with a man who is stronger than she is! I know of at least five marriages that ended in horrible divorces because of this.”

Suzanne believes that women are attracted to masculine, strong men. I tend to agree but feminists have done everything to destroy this type of man. My housework handwritten post that went viral proved this point because of the outrage from women that believe that men should help with housework because they WANT a career. They think they find more fulfillment and satisfaction away from the home, thus making everyone’s lives miserable so they can get out of doing what they are supposed to be doing.

God’s plans for us are good. I don’t know if Suzanne is a Christian or not. I have never seen her allude to it but from what I have read of hers, she has seen that the roles God has given men and women are for their best, societies best, and children’s best.

As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried:
he is a buckler to all those that trust in him.

Psalm 18:30

For Women Who are Lonely and Bored at Home

For Women Who are Lonely and Bored at Home

Some women were asking me what they should do with their time because they are lonely and get bored being at home all day long. They also wanted to know if it were okay to go to Women’s Bible Studies. Trey, a man who comments on my blog once in a while, wrote the following comment that is worthy of its own post. Thank you, Trey.

First of all, have you asked your husbands if they are pleased with your efforts in the home? Have you asked them if there is anything additional that they would like to see done, done better, or done differently? Have you asked them if they have a preference on how you spend your free time? Have you expressed your concerns to them and asked them to help you come up with constructive ways to use that time? This should be your first step and then comply fully with their wishes.

If they do not have a preference and leave it up to you, then ask yourself this: What did the Proverbs 31 woman do with her free time? How did she handle her loneliness? Trick question? Yea, she didn’t really have any free time to be lonely did she? Her time, that started early in the morning before the rest of her household and ended late at night, was spent doing constructive, beneficial and profitable WORK that benefited her household and brought good and honor to her husband. It also brought honor, praise, value and blessing upon herself.

I think one of the tragedies of this modern era where women have so many modern machines, conveniences, and stores to shop in, is that they have way too much free time and way too many of them sit around idle and waste the time they are given (being lonely), or try and use it up in useless (socializing) and other (playing games on phones or computers) wasteful ways. Far too many women also use the time they have so inefficiently that it brings shame to their hard working husbands.

Instead of growing their own food for their family, they use the money that their husbands earn to purchase it. Many women purchase food that is as processed and already made up as possible to further reduce their time spent working in the kitchen.

Instead of growing the flax and cotton that is needed to make the fabric and then making the clothes that their family needs and possibly selling some to others, they use the money that their husbands earn to purchase their clothes and instead of mending something when it gets a hole, they just toss it and buy new replacements.

Whereas in decades and centuries past where the woman worked hard all day long at doing these types of beneficial household activities and ended up contributing so much more to the overall support of the household, nowadays, especially for the stay at home wife/mom, EVERYTHING is left to the husband to earn and provide for while the wives sit at home idle, suffering with loneliness and complaining that their husbands work too many hours. Is this really Gods plan for a Christian wife that she has so little to do in her home that her biggest problem in life is dealing with loneliness while her husband carries the load virtually all by himself and his reward is a nagging and complaining wife because he works too much?

Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not in any way suggesting that women go and work outside the home (unless that is what their husband instructs them to do). The Bible clearly teaches that a woman’s place is IN the home but ladies, those verses in Proverbs 31 weren’t put there for no reason!

Just because you can go (drive) to the local grocery store and purchase an already put together lasagna in a box ready to slide into your electric oven to cook for your family, does not mean that is what you should be doing. You should purchase (or grow) the raw ingredients of a quality that is the best value (quality vs cost) and make as much of the food your family eats as possible from scratch. Women, you need to learn to cook and do it well and teach your daughters these skills also as part of their home school curriculum. Done right, this will take some time but it is time well spent.

Do you have room for a vegetable garden in your back yard? Flower beds? Pots on your porch? Then as long as your husband is okay with it, grow as many of the vegetables that your family eats as you are able. Learn to can and put extras up if possible. Include these skills for your daughters in your home school curriculum. Time well spent.

Do you still have extra time? Can you make clothes for yourself, your kids, to sell to others? Forget the flax and cotton as that would not be an inefficient use of your time but purchase fabric from the store and make some clothes or bed sheets. If you don’t know how then use the internet for something useful and learn. Then you can teach your daughters this skill too (as part of your home school curriculum) and prepare them to be a Proverbs 31 wife to their future husbands. Time well spent.

Still have extra time or unable to garden or sew? Then, figure out what small part-time business that you can open out of your home (with your husbands approval) to bring in some extra money. That is what the Proverbs 31 woman did and it was… time well spent.

Here is the bottom line regarding your free time; prioritize your efforts (allowing your husband the final say) and continue to focus on these types of beneficial activities until your free time is all being constructively and beneficially used up. Spend time with the Lord in song and worship while you work. Your fellowship with the Lord and the sense of accomplishment that you will get from the constructive work will drive loneliness far from you and there will be other rewards for… time well spent.

Let’s face it ladies, 90% (or more) of the activities for women at the church INCLUDING women’s bible studies are just social events and are really just a WASTE of time. Do you want to spend one to two hours a week cleaning the bathrooms or vacuuming the floors at your local church? This would be time well spent but going up there to socialize and gossip with other women? Not so much. I am not saying that you should NEVER attend a function like this to socialize or never have lunch with another Christian woman, etc… but time spent this way should be considered a luxury and kept to a reasonable minimum. The Bible has given you a model in Proverbs 31 of what a Godly, virtuous wife should be and that is the scripture you should be meditating on when you are trying to figure out how to spend the free time given to you by your husband and the Lord.

A word of caution; be very careful going out on the internet and/or talking to other women to see how they have interpreted Proverbs 31 and what they are doing because there is a LOT more wrong out there than what is right. Read Proverbs 31 in the Bible for yourself. Read it over and over until you have it memorized and then meditate on it for as many hours, days or weeks as it takes while praying to God and asking Him to show you what He wants you to do with the time that you have been given. Then, when you think you have an answer, run it by your husband for his final approval and blessing.

She looks well to the ways of her household,
And does not eat the bread of idleness.

Proverbs 31:27

Why Does Not Being a Keeper at Home Blaspheme God’s Word?

Why Does Not Being a Keeper at Home Blaspheme God’s Word?

Younger women are commanded to be “keepers at home” in Titus 2:5 so they won’t “blaspheme the Word of God.” Many times when I am writing a post such as this one, I will go to and read all of the commentaries of old on the verse that I am studying. I love to learn from these godly, old men who weren’t swayed by feminism and the age in which we live. So I am going to pull out some of their words of wisdom for this important post since if you love Jesus Christ, you don’t want to do anything to blaspheme (speak evil against) His Word. We want to live lives that bring glory to the Lord and will draw others towards Him by the way we live our lives instead of away because of our hypocrisy (not obeying the Word.

“As ‘guardians of the house,’ as the Greek expresses. The oldest manuscripts read, ‘Workers at home’: active in household duties.” The opposite of this (blaspheme the Word) would be to not be home often due to having a job outside of the home or running here and there so a woman is not guarding what is coming into her home, what her children are reading, seeing, and hearing, and what influences are affecting them. This is our God-ordained role, women. We are to guard our homes from evil influences and work hard in the home, not allowing it to become a pigsty.

“House-wives, not spending their time in gadding abroad, but in looking to the affairs of their own families.” Women today can be described clearly as blaspheming the Word of God by the discontent they show when being home so they get involved in women’s Bible studies, retreats, shopping, etc. and don’t look over the affairs of their home and families. Few have time to fix nourishing and healthy foods for their families, spend time training their children towards godliness, and making sure the home is clean and tidy. Learn to enjoy being home and content where the Lord wants you to be.

“This is said in opposition to what women are prone unto. It is reckoned among the properties of women, by the Jews, that they are ‘gadders abroad’.” It breaks my heart when I hear of women not “feeling fulfilled” at home training, caring, and disciplining their children so they go out and get a job then others raise their children. Yes, getting a job outside of the home away from the children is gadding abroad. It is blaspheming the Word of God. How can a woman expect to raise godly offspring if she is not around to raise and teach her children the ways of the Lord? We are called to continually speak to and train our children which way they are supposed to go.

“For there is nothing more beautiful for a woman, than to abide in the corner of her house; for so it is written, Psalm 45:13 ‘the king’s daughter is all glorious within’.” Feminism has taken the feminine out of women. A woman at home cooking, cleaning, and caring for her children is feminine and beautiful. There’s nothing with more feminine beauty than a mother with her children in contrast to a woman in a business suit with a briefcase. Feminism blasphemes God’s Word and femininity brings glory to Him.

“And this they say is what is meant by the woman’s being an helpmeet for man, that while he is abroad about his business, she is , ‘sitting at home’, and keeping his house; and this they observe is the glory and honour of the woman.” When you are out and about and not caring for your home and family, you are not bringing glory to your husband because the state of your home and the behavior of your children are a reflection not only of the Lord but of your husband. Raising children is time consuming and requires a full-time mother at home. Be this woman.

“The mistress of the house is to add to her thrift, energy, and strict discipline, benign, gracious, heartily kind demeanor.” A woman blasphemes the Word by spending too much money, being lazy in her home and seeking her pleasures instead of the Lord’s, being selfish, and giving into her emotions and feelings. Be wise with the money your husband makes. Live contentedly within his income. Discipline yourself for the purposes of godliness remembering that His Spirit works mightily within you. Be generous with your time and money and be kind. Stop yelling at your children and train them instead; for this is good.

“Stayers at home.” Be a stayer at home. Home is where God has placed you. Home is where you are a help meet to your precious husband and children. Make your home a sanctuary for your family. Put a lot less miles on your car and more miles on your feet and hands. Work hard at home and bring the Lord glory as well as your husband. Make their lives as good as you can by disciplining your flesh and learning to be a living sacrifice; for this pleases the Lord.

What will it profit you if you gain name recognition, a career, make a lot of money, own a big home, but lose your children’s souls?

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
Mark 8:36

Is Your Church Like This One?

Is Your Church Like This One?

The Church (believers), Christ’s bride, should be the “light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden” (Matthew 5:14). Is your church this way? Just think how powerful the Church would be today if all Women’s Bible Studies were older, godly women teaching younger, godly women:

what loving their husbands is supposed to look like and how to go about loving, respecting, and obeying them,

how to go about disciplining, training, and loving their children in the ways of godliness,

to be sober-minded and able to clearly discern between their emotions, feelings, and truth,

about dressing modestly and how men view immodest women,

to be sexually pure before being married and after they get married in all areas of their lives,

to look and act like a feminine, godly woman,

encouraging them to have children and being the ones to raise them at home,

to work hard in the home and teach them to cook, clean, sew, can, etc.

and helping them learn the ways of goodness and kindness in all areas of their lives.

These older women were actually involved in these women’s lives and were there to help them when there was a need and the younger women were eager with teachable hearts to learn from the older, wiser women who had raised children and been married a long time. Yes, what if the Church actually obeyed Titus 2:3-5? Marriages would be stronger. Divorces would be few. Peace and unity would more than likely reign in the most of the homes. Many more children would grow up to be godly offspring, as the Lord wants.

Also, just think if all the elder, deacons, pastors, and teachers in the church were strong, godly men and all the women were happy about this. They silently listened and learned when these men powerfully taught the Word of God clearly and without watering it down at all. They were far from being politically correct and nothing in God’s Word was off-limits. They weren’t afraid to teach the women to respect and obey their husbands, to be keepers at home, and to dress modestly. They would tell the older women to work hard with the younger women teaching them all the ways of godly womanhood.

These men made sure their congregations knew who they were in Christ, all the promises that come from Him, to live in obedience to the Word with the Holy Spirit working mightily within them, and encouraged their congregations to be in the Word and in prayer daily. They wanted to make sure their people went way past the milk and learned the meat of the Word so they would be mature Christians and could easily distinguish between good and evil (Hebrews 5:14). What a powerful Church this would be! Do you go to a church like this? If so, please publish it in the comments so others who live near you can attend. Thank you!

And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers,  for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ; until we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. As a result, we are no longer to be children, tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming; but speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in all aspects into Him who is the head, even Christ, from whom the whole body, being fitted and held together by what every joint supplies, according to the proper working of each individual part, causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love.
Ephesians 4:11-16