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She Loves Jesus and Cusses a Little

She Loves Jesus and Cusses a Little

There is a post going around Facebook that was written by a popular “Christian” woman named Rachel Hollis. I am going to share it with you and my comments are in parenthesis. Her type of thinking is lukewarm at best and doesn’t present the Gospel of Jesus Christ at all. This is why it’s so popular among the masses. She wrote from her emotions and feelings (as many women are doing today) instead of from the truth of God’s Word. Please, dear women, be very careful whom you learn from.

I love Jesus, and I cuss a little. ( I love Jesus and I don’t cuss because God doesn’t want any unwholesome words to come out of our mouths.) I love Jesus, and I drink alcohol. (I love Jesus and I don’t drink alcohol. No, it’s not a sin to drink alcohol as long as it “just a little” or “not much” as clearly outlined in Scripture; for we are commanded to be sober.) I love Jesus, and some of my best friends are gay. (I love Jesus but my gay friends are struggling against their sins.) I love Jesus, and I adore hip hop music. (I love Jesus, and I adore worship and praise music! Most hip hop music promotes worldliness which we are to have no part with.) I love Jesus, and I totally read romance novels where vampires fall in love with librarians or school teachers or female detectives with a tortured backstory. (I love Jesus and I try to only read those things that are true, honest, just, pure, and of good report as stated in Philippians 4:8.)
If you’re looking for someone who’s perfect, you’ve come to the wrong gal. (If you’re looking for someone who’s perfect, I can point you to the person of Jesus who is perfect and He lives within me mightily! He gives us the will and the way to live righteous lives in this sinful world.) If you’re looking for a community of people who are just like you, you’ve come to the wrong tribe. (We are commanded to walk with the wise and warned that bad company corrupts good morals, so I love to find a community who are like-minded that love the Lord and His perfect ways.)
Diversity is our jam. (Christlikeness is our jam.)
Judgment is our enemy. (We are to make righteous judgments and clearly judge between right and wrong. “Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good” – Romans 12:9)
Encouragement is our aim. (Encouragement to become more like Christ?)
I love everyone AS THEY ARE and if you’re in this community that means you commit to loving everyone as well. You know, just like Jesus would do. (The same Jesus that said that if your right eye causes you to sin, then pluck it out and if your arm causes you to sin, then cut it off? And the same Jesus that told the adulterous woman to go and sin no more? Are you talking about this Jesus? Yes, He loved people but he hated the sin that so easily entangled them and kept them in bondage. He came that He might bring the truth and the life and He died to set us from from sin! Please, read and study Romans 6 and 8. I love you enough to tell you that Christ has set you free, if you will believe in Him.)

I am a Christian but I fully love and accept you and want to hang out with  you if you’re a Christian or Muslim or Jewish or Buddhist or Jedi or love the opposite sex or love the same sex or love Rick Springfield circa 1983. (I am a Christian and we can hang out if you are a Muslin, Jewish, Buddhist, Jedi, or love the same sex but expect me to do all I can to lead you to the Savior of your soul since only Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life and no man comes to the Father except through Him.) Not only that, but I think the ability to seek out community with people who are different from me makes me a stronger, better version of myself. (This is only true if you are hanging out and following the examples of those who are strong in their faith and in their walk with the Lord. I don’t want a “better version of myself.” I want to become more like Christ.)
There are so many different versions of each and every style on this planet. There is beauty in that dichotomy. (Yes, there is beauty in dichotomy but not in sin or in those who will receive the wrath of God if they don’t repent and believe.) The kingdom of God is in that dichotomy. (No, you fail to present the Gospel which clearly states that one must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. The kingdom of God lives in the hearts and minds of those who have received King Jesus as Lord and Savior by believing on Him. Period. There is no dichotomy with this and there is but one narrow path to God by way of His Son who came and died to set men and women free from sin, not free to sin.)

He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.
Proverbs 13:20

Mothers Who Work Outside of the Home are Better Mothers?

Mothers Who Work Outside of the Home are Better Mothers?

Women try to convince me that they are better mothers because they work outside of the home. How can they be better mothers if they aren’t with their children full time? How can they train them in the ways of the Lord as they walk along the way if they aren’t home full time? How can the mothers discipline and teach their children to be obedient, hard working, and good if they aren’t with them for a large portion of almost every day?

Raising godly children is a full time job. It’s a job that is given to mothers. God created them for this very special job. Can you imagine Jesus’ mother, Mary, leaving Him, the Savior of the world, in the hands of strangers all day long for five days a week while she went off to work outside of her home for a paycheck? Can you imagine Elizabeth leaving John the Baptist with strangers while she trotted off to work each day for a boss? NO! Even Jesus and John needed their mothers home full time.

All children need their mothers home full time with them. This is why God commands older women to teach younger women to be keepers at home. Women tell me that I’m the only one teaching this. No, there are others like Debi Pearl and Nancy Campbell. Nancy Leigh DeMoss used to teach this strongly but you don’t hear many older women teaching this important truth.

It’s not an easy truth to teach in today’s environment where mothers don’t want to be home full time with their children. They would rather go out into the world and make a name and money for themselves. Yet, the most important thing they can do is to raise their children to know and love God. This world needs this way more than it needs women in the workforce. Children have suffered terribly since mothers left their homes.

The only mothers who may be better mothers when they work outside of the home are those mothers who don’t truly love their children. When they are with their children, they are irritable and unkind. They treat their children like nuisances. They have not been taught to love their children by godly, older women, thus the children grow up to not feel loved and are insecure. So they are not really better mothers after all. They are not true mothers at all.

No, there are no mothers who are better mothers who work outside of their home and away from their children. They are only part-time mothers, probably even less than this since they give most of their time and effort to strangers instead of their children. When they get home, they are exhausted and have little to give to their precious children.

Don’t believe the lies that our culture is trying to tell you, dear mothers. Your children need and want you. No one can take your place in your children’s lives. If you want to raise emotionally secure and stable children, go home.

As Paige put it perfectly: “Working outside the home doesn’t make for a ‘better mother.’ That’s an oxymoron! You don’t become a better gardener by NOT gardening, or a better cook by NOT cooking! You become better at things by practicing them.

“To say you are a ‘better mother’ when you’re working is like saying you’re a better pianist because you don’t spend time playing piano. It’s a senseless argument, and ultimately an excuse to do what you want instead of what you’re called to do.”

He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the LORD.
Psalm 113:9

Women are No Longer Marriage Material

Women are No Longer Marriage Material

Feminism (sin: wandering from God’s ways) has caused women to no longer be marriage material. Unfortunately, most men have been influenced by feminism and don’t even know they need a wife (“it is better to marry than to burn,” the Bible states, and most men burn), what to look for in a wife, or what they want with their lives. Men, if they were unaffected by feminism, would want to marry in order to have a wife who would help them throughout their lives and would willingly bear and raise children for them. They would want a help meet, a sexual partner, a homemaker who will cook, clean, and care for their home, and a family. Many women no longer want to be nor do these things.

Feminism has caused women to want to be equal with men. They want to have careers and be away from their homes. Many no longer want to bear nor raise their children so why should men want to marry since they can have their sexual needs fulfilled so easily by the many available women who are choosing not to save themselves for marriage?

Women are also the ones seeking divorce so this makes marriage even more undesirable for most men. I look around me and see few young people marrying and bearing children. Men don’t want to get married and then give half of what they own to a woman who will then divorce them, raise their children away from them, and may even remarry so another man raises their children. Way too many young Christian couples are divorcing after only being married a few years and it’s tragic.

“There is no denying that marriage is a very, very bad deal. When you get married you immediately give your wife all the power over your money and your children. ‘No-fault’ divorce really means ‘his-fault’ divorce. If your wife is to decide she wants a divorce she can have all the benefits of being married and none of the drawbacks. Divorce is theft from the man. It’s a redistribution of wealth from men to women. She can live off of your paycheck via alimony and child support and she can keep your children and raise them in a single-mother or step-daddy household.

“She has the complete and full support of Papa Government behind her. In the eyes of the law she can do no wrong and you can do no right. And there is nothing you can do about any of that. That’s why you have to choose the right wife in the first place to eliminate much of that risk.” (written by Victor Pride. I am not linking to the article because I don’t agree with all of it – like men waiting until 30 years old to marry – and some of the language isn’t appropriate. I also don’t know what else he believes or supports, but the article has some good points such as this quote concerning divorce.)

Even Christian women are choosing to divorce instead of being married “until death do they part.” They aren’t considering the long-term impact that divorce will have upon their children. God’s ways are good and He commands we be married to one person for a lifetime. Too many women go into marriage thinking that divorce will be an option if they want out.

God’s ways make women beautiful marriage material. God encourages younger women to marry, bear children, and guide the home with a meek and quiet spirit. I love watching the Duggar children marry and bear children on their TV show “Counting On.” Most of them are marrying young and having children as soon as the Lord blesses them. They count children as a gift.

The young women don’t go away to college and then have careers. They find productive work in and around their home. Once they are married, they are all full-time homemakers while their husbands provide for the families. The women have meek and quiet spirits and they are joyful because they know who they are in Christ and follow Him. They respect their husbands. They are obeying God’s plan for their lives and it’s a blessing to watch since it’s so rare these days.

No, I don’t teach men but I would like to ask them a question: Would you prefer to marry a career woman who had little time for you, your children, or your home because she was so busy with her career or would you prefer to marry a woman with a meek and quiet spirit (not argumentative, contentious, or quarreling) who loved to take care of you, your children (which includes the willingness to have children), and your home where you would come home at night to a clean and tidy home with a homemade meal? I believe most men would far prefer a woman who followed the Lord’s plans for her since most men want a peaceful home and share it with the wife of their youth but they have been made to believe lies due to feminism.

“Maximize wife’s happiness with her wifely and motherly duties (the complete opposite of everything you will see, read or hear). It’s not about empowerment (or any other buzzword designed to kill the traditional family), she should be completely devoted to her family. True happiness for a woman comes from her family, it does not come from her career, or her ‘independence’, or her sexually liberated point of view.” (Victor Pride)

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.
Proverbs 31:10

America Doesn’t Need So Called “Family-Friendly” Policies

America Doesn’t Need So Called “Family-Friendly” Policies

“The lack of family-friendly policies in the United States — such as paid family leave and subsidized child care — most likely plays a role, too. Although policies have improved somewhat since the early 1990s, women’s labor force participation in countries that have more generous policies has continued to increase, unlike in the United States,” according to Claire Cain Miller.

Are paid family leave and subsidized child care family-friendly policies? They sure aren’t, in my opinion, because they simply make it easier for women to work away from their homes and leave their children in the care of others with the support of taxpayers funding them. It supports anti-family policies rather than building up families. Keeping children from their parents is destructive to children. Yes, it’s good for new mothers to be with their children for a time after giving birth, but they need to stay with these children as long as their children are under their roofs!

“As women do more paid work, men have not increased their child care and housekeeping tasks to the same extent — another surprise for young women who, research has shown, expected more egalitarian partnerships.”

“Another surprise for young women”??? The feminist movement has made us falsely believe that women and men are equal. Homemaking isn’t in most men’s DNA. God created women to be the keepers at home. He created our nature for this work. He didn’t create men for the details of homemaking. They were created to work hard and provide a living for their families. No, egalitarian partnerships are a myth. Every institution needs a boss and each person within the institution needs clearly defined roles. It is no difference in a marriage.

“Generations of girls have been told they can achieve anything they aspire to, including having both a career and children — and many women have done so. But at the same time, both work and parenting have become more demanding. The result is that women’s expectations seem to be outpacing the realities of public policy, workplace culture and family life.”

Yes, generations of girls have been lied to and they are paying a heavy price. Their children are paying the heaviest price. God didn’t create women to have careers and leave their homes all day and their children in the care of others. He created them to be wives and mothers. This is clearly seen by looking at our bodies.

No, we aren’t men and we don’t need to seek what they have – careers. We need to go back to the beautiful ancient paths that God has set for us and walk on them. They are the only path that godly woman should walk on, not the paths that the feminists have called women to take. Those paths only lead to destruction.

Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.
Jeremiah 6:16

Are You a Christian, Christian?

Are You a Christian, Christian?

Written By Ken

Lori and I are big believers in grace. Ask anyone of our children and you will find that we tried to be like our heavenly Father towards them. When they failed to live up to God’s admonitions, grace abounded towards them but we never give up on the established standards because of sin. We gave them God’s ideals daily, demanding that while they lived in our home they followed the precepts of God’s Word. For this is what God requires of us as parents to not allow our love for our children to blind us training them in what is best for their lives.

If you are not familiar with the word “antinomianism” look it up. It means that some in the church follow a heresy that God’s grace is so pervasive in the life of a Believer that the Christian can go on practicing sin, or living in sin, and no matter what they do God’s love and grace forgives them. Some have made a mockery of God’s abundant grace, and although God’s grace will cover a multitude of sins for the Believer (past, present, and future), those who continue to walk in sin are missing the point that they may not be saved in the first place. Yes, it is not a loving God that one should fear when we continue in sin, but rather our God who has wrath stored up for sinners who do not walk by faith into righteousness. After all, the same great salvation that saves us for eternity also saves us from our sins in the here and now.

Many in the modern-day church seem bent on wiping away God’s demands on our lives. Our churches are failing to teach God’s standards and ideals with any conviction that they are to be pursued in spite of Christ’s words, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.” It seems every post Lori produces that explains God’s best and His ideals for life and godliness is met with another Christian blogger waxing and waning on how horrible it is to not focus almost exclusively on God’s love and grace. Hey Christian, did you ever consider that a large part of God’s love and grace comes by heeding His admonitions so you don’t live your life filled with regrets for your sins? Why not try to stop the person diving into the shallow side of the pool before they dive head first instead of administering love and grace after they hit head first on the bottom?

There is plenty written on love and grace in the church, but the time now for young men and women is to decide to do things God’s ways so they can reap His many blessings. The loss of one’s virginity before marriage, debt, and not putting great energy into one’s family because of a career, are all preventable if one is shown the better way of God’s will by His Word. There is an important place for God’s admonitions to follow His ways and a place for love, grace and acceptance when we fail Him. But let’s not be so quick to jump on the grace bandwagon that we neglect to speak the whole truth of God’s Word that warns us to avoid “the sins that so easily entangle us” and can ultimately ruin so much of the good life God has in store for His children who do things as He instructs.

Moreover, should not the love of Christ and His great work on Christ compel us to obedience if we see no reward in this life? Is that not what putting on Christ and His Lordship is all about for the true Believer? “For the love of God controls us, having concluded this… that those who live might no longer live for themselves, but for him who for their sake died and was raised again” (2 Cor. 5:14-15).

Are you a Christian?
Far too often after a post on simple admonitions of serving, submission, and keepers-at home, we hear, “You are not a Christian!” or “You are doing damage to Christianity!” It is amazing how challenging the status quo of a modern society that is bent on doing what it wants, and shoving women out of the home and into the workplace, can conjure up such consternation. Some cannot seem to separate respect for a person from a disdain for the ideas they espouse on their blog. The personal attacks are unwarranted and hurtful coming from Christians whose desire is not to dialogue but to shut Lori down. After all, Lori is just teaching what the church has taught for almost 2,000 years, but now they perceive that very same teaching as detrimental to the church, to society, and particularly to women. Take a look at any of the well-respected older biblical commentaries, which Lori regularly does, and they all agree whole heartily with what she teaches. But those old scholarly and godly men are no longer to be believed in a Christian world filled with prominent female leaders who preach grace and positivity instead of Biblical Womanhood.

So What Does it Mean to Be Christian?
The answer is that the word Christian simply means “to be a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.” A theologically Christian can be defined as “one who has made a real decision to follow Jesus by repenting of their sins and accepting the saving grace that only God can give based on the blood of Jesus shed on behalf of all sinners. It is a free gift from God to all who believe in Jesus as the Son of God and as their personal Savior of the World.”

Lori and I are willing to accept all who claim the name of Jesus as Savior as our brothers and sisters in Christ. We do not expect everyone to believe just as we believe about God’s Word and how God wants Christians to live their lives. The church is made up of many members and many gifts and each of us are at different stages of our Christian walk and influenced by the experiences God and life have brought to us. Whether a wife works and leaves her children at home hours a day, and expects her husband to help more around the home, even fully tattooed, has nothing to do with saving grace that makes one a Christian. For we are not saved by any works we may do, but only by the grace of God.

Becoming a Christian is open to all sorts of sinners, but once saved, God turns us into saints. Yes, within the instant that we accept Jesus as Savior, we are told that God’s power of regeneration makes us into the “righteousness of God”; for we are “in Christ Jesus.” Read Romans 6 where we are told that we “died with Christ,” “are buried with Christ,” “have risen with Christ,” “alive in Christ” and now “dead to sin” and we are to now to “walk in newness of life.”

Unfortunately, most Christians seem to get stuck in Romans 6, or worse yet in the sink hole of sin of Romans 7 where Paul exposes the cycle of sin that traps the person into a vicious struggle of try and fail, try and fail, trying in our own power (the flesh) to conquer sin. Thank God He has a solution for sin and that is to stop focusing on the flesh and instead learn to “walk in the Spirit.” For if you live after the flesh you will die” (Romans 8:13).

Remember those “antinomians” who believe God’s grace covers them if they keep on sinning? Well, this verse makes it clear that if they keep on practicing sin they need to question if they truly are Believers. Are they really saved? “But you are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be the Spirit of God dwells in you. Now if any man has not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of His” (Romans 8:9).

But what if I keep sinning?
No one, including God’s Word, has said that the Christian will never sin again. The privilege of sinlessness that we long for will not arrive until the moment we are transformed out of this body into a life of God’s grand eternity where we will meet Him face to face and put on the white robe of righteousness reserved for us in our eternity with Him. But as for now, we are to walk in newness of life putting off the old man and putting on the new man as our new identity. We are to walk in the Spirit and not the flesh seeking those things which are above, no longer with a mind set on things of this earth.

Too many Christians want to rest in God’s salvation without a godly desire to obey God’s admonitions. The motto “Begin with the end in mind” is where our minds should stay, thinking of those last hours before we go home to be with Jesus, and asking ourselves what regrets and joys will we have when that day comes when eternity is drawing near. You Christian, you Saint and Holy One, your salvation should feel secure, but you also should have a strong desire to please your Lord Jesus by obeying Him at His Word. “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God has preordained that we should walk in them” (Ephesians 2:10). After you accept Jesus as Lord of your life, it is no longer about your will, your flesh, and your ways, but God’s will, God’s Spirit living mightily in you, and God’s ways. Our modern day society says, “Just do your own thing for you are in control of your life,” and God’s Word says, “You are a child of the living God and his love controls you to be His faithful servant.”

Lori’s ministry was born out of regret with both of us wishing we had been willing to faithfully follow God at His Word earlier in our marriage, not having wasted so many precious moments of our early married years. Lori beckons wives who are filled with disappointment, dissatisfied, and self-focused to take another look at God’s perfect ways that do not fit well with a modern feministic society. A multitude of women have sent Lori notes telling her how much they appreciate not only her encouraging words but the results in their own lives, marriage, and family by deciding to do things according to the plain admonitions God gives us in His Word.

How Do You Know You Are a Christian?
Some believe that you can never know for sure if you are a Christian until you get to heaven. We see this as an awful way to live the Christian life as God’s Word and His Spirit gives us all we need for the full assurance that we are indeed saved. Here are five simple tests of your salvation:

First, we are told that the one who believes in Jesus as Savior will also accept Him as Lord of their lives. This means that we have a hunger for knowing how God wants us to live and we model our lives after the God-Man Christ Jesus. Lordship is not required for salvation, but it is a sure sign of who is indeed saved as Jesus Christ is indeed Lord of all.

This leads us to a natural second test of our faith as we follow in the footsteps of the Suffering Servant. Let me say this very plainly, that if both husband and wife are not set on serving each other, and especially investing their lives in their children so that they will grow up into the nurture and admonition of the Lord, then we have to wonder if such a person is saved. We are shocked by the Christian comments of those offended at the thought of joyfully serving a husband by doing an extra share of housekeeping. As one married to a wife who has been often ill, I have at times been called upon to do much more than my share of family duties. If you are a Christian, you cannot miss the fact that Jesus calls you to become “the servant of all,” and that this must start with your spouse and family then extend to all others.

The third test is a simple understanding of what the fruit of the Spirit brings. We are told that those who believe on Christ are made new creatures as God takes our hearts of stone and replaces them with His very own Spirit. And what are the fruit of the Spirit if not “love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance” (Galatians 5:22-23). How does your life display these things, Christian? Are you shining the fruit of the Spirit when you write your angry filled messages on Social Media, or you go after a fellow brother or sister with personal attacks because you disagree with them theologically?

The fourth test of whether one is a true Believer or not may be if they walk in the flesh or in the Spirit. We are told that the flesh and the Spirit are at war with each other and that the Believer chooses to walk in the Spirit by regularly saying “No” to their flesh. Lori focuses quite a bit of her writings on this very matter, challenging Christian woman to think about how they dress, how they eat and take care of themselves, how they put off anger and disdain, and put on love for their husbands and children. Each moment of the day, we have a choice to walk in our dead flesh or walk in the Spirit who lives inside of us. Walking in the Spirit moment by moment each day is a sure sign of salvation and spiritual maturity.

The final test of Salvation comes in the end as the true Believer believes all the way to the end of their life (Hebrews 10:28-29). It is not enough to believe in Jesus and sprout up a life that looks like a Christian only to eventually die out, like the seed of the parable Jesus gave that was thrown onto rocky ground. The true seed is planted on the healthy soil of Christ Jesus Himself and grows deep roots into Christ as it grows up to bear fruit. Tell me, Christian, are your roots growing deeper into the Word and obedience to what God is asking of you, while also growing up and outward into bearing much fruit for the Kingdom of God?

Life is but a vapor that is best summed up as a series of choices and decisions. We each get to choose how to live our life and how to best walk with God. We are not asking you to follow us, or to follow Lori’s ideals that are counter-culture, but rather that you be challenged by her words to think and study on your own to come to the best conclusions for our own life before God.

Please do not fault Lori for her faithfulness to what God has called her to do in teaching the younger Christian women. If you cannot join her, why not choose to pass on by and allow some disagreement over what the Word teaches and how our society is best served by cohesive families? After all, we are one in the body of Christ, or at least part of America where ideals should be allowed to be expressed freely without harm and persecution over our disagreements.

And if you, like Lori and me, have failed in some of God’s best for your life, it is then that we run headlong into the arms of Jesus begging for his grace and mercy on our lives. His grace and love do indeed abound even to the greatest of sinners. It is often out of regrets for past sins that ministry is born trying to stop as many others as possible from committing the same stupid mistakes that God has warned us about over and over again.

If you are in need of God’s grace, grasp ahold tightly to His promises that you are indeed a new creature in Christ and all your past sins have been placed on Christ on the cross. But never fail to realize that as new creatures, Christians, we are to walk in newness of life, leaving a life of sin behind. For we are no longer Sinners but Saints. Now may we grow up into this new life of righteousness that God has graciously given to us. And may we teach our children and others in the church that God’s grace begins when we heed His many admonitions and walk in obedience to His calling.

Love is Not Easily Offended

Love is Not Easily Offended

Written By Israel Wayne

There is probably no way to say this without someone getting offended…

But why do people always have to get offended about every living thing?

As a speaker, I find it incredibly distracting to have to put in a billion qualifiers to everything I say so people won’t be put off by what I say.

For example, if I say that marriage is important, and a God-honored institution, the singles in the audience get offended, and tell me that Paul said it’s better not to marry.

If I say that fathers are important, single-parent mothers get offended, and say that I’m being discouraging to them. Or just mothers in general feel like I’m saying they don’t matter.

If I say that God intends marriage to be for life, people who are divorced get offended, and tell me that it’s not always your fault if your spouse leaves you.

And on, and on.

Look, I get all of that. Honest I do. I’m just wondering why people assume that if you affirm one thing, you are somehow speaking disparagingly about another? Couldn’t we just accept statements that are generally true, without assuming that there is a sweeping denunciation of every other category in the universe?

I can certainly add a host of disclaimers and exception clauses all the time to try to keep everyone happy (and usually do), but it gets old.

I didn’t have this problem 15 years ago. For the most part, people just heard you out, and used a filter of common sense to understand what you were saying. What has happened in recent years that has made so many people emotionally fragile and defensive?

Charity…Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil.
1 Corinthians 13:5

Are You Abounding?

Are You Abounding?

Written By Nancy Campbell

“What do you mean by abounding?” you ask. 1 Corinthians 15:58 tells us to ABOUND in the work of the Lord. Motherhood is the great work God has given us to do, so why not do it with right attitude?

What kind of attitude? The Bible tells us to have an abounding attitude. The word in the Greek is “perisseuo” and literally means “”to excel, to super-abound, to be excessive, abundant, enough and to spare, over and above.”

Now that’s “over the top” living, isn’t it? Is it possible live like this? In our daily life in our homes? Well, this is what God asks of us because He is not expecting us to live our lives, but for us to let Him live His life through us. The life of Jesus is not normal. It is over and above, more than enough, superabundant.

So, let’s get started.

You don’t smile on the odd occasion. You smile constantly. Whenever you look at your husband, you smile at him. Do you? When you look at our children, you smile at them. When you come out of your bedroom in the morning, you come with a happy face and a cheery “Good morning” to each one. You won’t believe what a difference this makes in your home.

When you encourage your children to do their chores, instead of nagging, you find ways to make it exciting for them. Inspire them. Teach them how to work with a smile. To do it with all their hearts. That won’t be hard for them because they see you doing everything in your home with all your heart.

They don’t see you groaning, complaining, and going around with a sour face. They see you smiling and getting stuck in to every task. You teach them the same way.

Whatever task you do, you do it enthusiastically. Happily.

Teach your children the little rhyme on page 16 in my nursery rhyme book, “Nanny’s Nursery Rhymes.” Get them to say it while they are working. Make up a tune for it.

When I have to do a chore,
I do it straight away,
I never grumble or complain,
There’s always time to play.

I put a smile upon my face,
Because I know it’s right.
I put my shoulder to the task,
And do it with my might.

Pin the following Scriptures up on your walls for yourself and your children to learn.

Ecclesiastes 9:10: “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.”

Colossians 3;23: “Whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.”

1 Corinthians 10:31: “Whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.”

When it’s time to prepare meals, don’t sigh because there’s another meal to cook. Do it with a joyful heart. Make every meal a love affair. Go beyond the normal and make it special. Praise the Lord you have the opportunity to make nourishing healthy meals for your husband and children.

Throw yourself into your great calling. Don’t do it half-heartedly, or half-time. Don’t do it grumblingly, grudgingly, or grouchily. Never the status quo, but more than is necessary.

Be uplifted today, NANCY CAMPBELL

Lazy Husbands, Hungry Kids, and Hopeful Wives

Lazy Husbands, Hungry Kids, and Hopeful Wives

Written By Michael Pearl

Dear Pearls,

Is it normal for wives of Visionary men to face homelessness? My husband has not worked at all for 2 years. Our car died and there is no money to fix it. Our savings are almost gone. We are very behind on our rent, and my husband has made it clear that he does not want me trying to get any kind of government assistance. Nor does he want me asking him any more work-related questions of any kind. He wants to work from home and will not consider doing any kind of other work to make ends meet. I am really trying to keep my mouth shut but am struggling as of late. We will be facing eviction soon. My parents live very close by and are aware that my husband is either sleeping or on the computer. My mom doesn’t say anything but often offers us food, which is well-received. I make a small amount of money working from home, but it is not enough to keep us afloat.

Should I just quietly allow this to happen to us? I wouldn’t worry about it so much if our children were not so young. They are 4, 2, and 1. My husband is not a Christian, but I love him and think he is a good man, but he is making me crazy! If you have any advice on what I can do, please let me know.

Dear Sister,

Your problem is part of a growing epidemic that can’t be blamed on the economy. God tells us in I Timothy 5:8, “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”

In Micah 4:4, God reminds us, “But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree…”

Clearly God meant for every man to work and provide for his household. So you and God are agreed, but that doesn’t mean your husband is going to jump up and get a job just because you tell him what God has said. So, what is a wife supposed to do? Basically nothing—nothing in word and nothing in deed. Just stay cheerful and loving. Your situation is better than most, for you have parents who, while not pushy, are willing to help. First, thank God for that wonderful mercy.

The Apostle Paul dealt with this issue in the early church. He reminded the Thessalonica church, “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat. For we hear that there are some which walk among you disorderly, working not at all, but are busybodies. Now them that are such we command and exhort by our Lord Jesus Christ, that with quietness they work, and eat their own bread” (2 Thessalonians 3:10–12). It is certainly not your responsibility to keep him from eating, but neither is it your duty to bail him out of his laziness. Tell your mom how much you appreciate her generous offerings of food, but ask her to give foods that only the little ones will eat. Make the food plain and basic. Slip over once a day with the children but without your husband and eat heartily. When there is no money available, allow your own kitchen cabinets to become bare.

The best thing a woman can do is allow the situation to come to a head as quickly as possible. Don’t be an enabler by seeking further income. As long as he can keep the family together in any dwelling and provide food, continue to cheerfully follow his lead.

But what if a worst case scenario develops and you are evicted and find yourself homeless with no place to go but the streets or a homeless shelter? That puts your children in danger.

There is an example in Scripture that is often overlooked. In 1 Samuel 25 we read of a woman named Abigail who was married to a man who offended David by refusing to feed his hungry men. When Abigail heard what her husband had done, she knew their lives were in danger. So, without her husband’s knowledge, she directed the servants to prepare food for the 600 men and hastily deliver it. David received the food and readily acknowledged that she had saved him from shedding blood. When Abigail’s husband suddenly died of divine/natural causes, David took her to be his wife.

If your husband’s actions put your children in real danger—not just discomfort or inconvenience—you should protect the children by respectfully disobeying your husband. To broaden the subject for our readers, the same would be true if a drunken husband commanded a wife and children to ride in the car while he drove. Respectfully disobey. Likewise, if a husband commands a wife to leave her children in the care of questionable babysitters, follow your maternal instincts.

If your present circumstances deteriorate to the point of homelessness, I suggest that you quietly arrange ahead of time for your parents to invite you and the children, but not your husband, to come and live with them. Let him live in a homeless shelter until he can provide a home for you and the girls. If he insists that you live with him on the streets, tell him your children come first and you will take them to your parents, dreaming of the day when he has a place for the family to be united. Perhaps you could have your parents invite him for dinner and a conjugal visit once a week but not to stay the night. Sometimes a man needs to lose his comfort zone (computer and TV) to appreciate his responsibility to maintain that zone. Most women make the mistake of jumping in and providing, and then they become bitter toward their lazy husbands.

I know I am going to get a lot of flak for this. If you have a better answer, I would like to hear it. We will publish worthy answers that vary from my own. I am glad God made me a husband and not a wife. Every woman deserves to be loved and cherished, and every child deserves to be protected and nurtured. Some husbands deserve to be whipped, but that, dear lady, is God’s job, not yours.

But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.
1 Timothy 5:8

The Devil’s E.R.A. (Eve Rules Adam)

The Devil’s E.R.A. (Eve Rules Adam)

Written By The Bible Watchman

“Not withstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication and to eat things sacrificed unto idols. And I gave her space to repent of her fornication: and she repented not. Behold I will cast her into a bed and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds. And I will kill her children with death: and all the churches shall know that I am He which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works.”
(Rev. 2:20-23)

Jesus preached to the church in Revelation on the doctrine of Jezebel and I am doing the same. This false doctrine is prevalent in society and in the church today just before the Great Tribulation. Now the complaint of the Lord toward the church of Thyatira–she is called Jezebel after the wickedest woman in the Bible. For a woman to be called a Jezebel is every bit as bad as for a man to be called Ahab (wimp).

She was probably a very attractive woman (seduction is always done best by a beautiful woman). No doubt she possessed a charming personality, a most persuasive tongue, forceful ideas, and great leadership qualities. She was, it would seem, a woman who put most men to shame.

She arrives on the scene just before the Great Tribulation and it certainly speaks of the church today, as we are living in the time just prior to the Great Tribulation. The spirit of Jezebel pervades society and the church today and few men have the guts to stand against it. It’s an evil spirit straight from Satan to destroy our family, our nation, and our church.

Her husband and the men of the church were in obedience to her. They ate out of her hand like Ahab did to Jezebel. ‘That woman Jezebel’- It may not have been her real name, but it fit her like a glove. Jezebel was a domineering, forceful, strong willed and self-willed woman. A masculine spirit in a woman. And Jezebels always marry hen-pecked wimpy men like Ahab.

The Jezebel Spirit is that wicked Satanic spirit that makes a woman rule over a man (I will not obey him). It’s call the Feminist Movement today, but at the beginning of this century, they were called suffragettes. It’s the spirit in women today that says, “I will not have a man rule over me – not in my home, not in the church, not on the job, and not in government.”

In the U.S.A., it started four generations ago and now has produced its deadly fruit in society. A total breakdown of the family and women ruling in most homes and churches. It has been passed down from mother to daughter to granddaughter. It’s a wicked, deadly anti-Christ spirit.

Jezebel’s daughter, Athaliah, was more wicked than Jezebel. Athaliah (2 Kings 11) was a replica of her mother, but worse. In idolatry and murder, she bore the hideous likeness of her mother. Like mother, like daughter, and mother teaching daughters to not submit to men. Athaliah is referred to as, “that wicked woman” (2 Chronicles 24:7).

Athaliah kills her grandsons (seed royal) and then ‘usurps’ the throne herself and rules over Judah for six years. Not just the power behind the throne like her mother Jezebel, but the power herself. Like in England, the Queen rules, not the King (and the Royal Family is being destroyed). Athaliah was the only woman who reigned in either of the two kingdoms and we see this same Jezebel spirit in the U.S. as we hear talk of a woman president.

She “usurped the throne” and the Bible says a woman shall not usurp the authority of a man. If she rules the home then she will also rule the church and the nation. It starts in the home. Each man is to be king of his own castle and his wife is not to usurp his throne, “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence” (2 Timothy 2:12). Any wife who will not submit to her husband’s authority is creating a situation for Satan to destroy the family. If she is in authority, then she’s usurping it; she’s seizing the power and authority wrongfully. It’s against God’s Word. The devil is working mightily in this area worldwide to destroy the family as this spirit of anti-Christ prepares the world for the Anti-Christ. The Jezebel Spirit – beware of it!

Jezebel named her daughter Athaliah, which is a man’s name in the bible. First, she usurped a man’s name, and many women are usurping men’s first names today and refusing to take their husband’s last name in marriage. She says, “No man will name me,” or she gets a hyphenated name.

The Jezebel spirit is one of the main reasons for the high divorce rate and mothers not wanting their children. The Jezebel spirit wants you out of the home. Christian wives are to be “keepers at home” (Titus 2:5) and not bring their children to day care moms to raise. The Jezebel Spirit makes effeminate and homosexual sons and masculine daughters, teaching them to wear the pants in the home (Mother rules – Matriarch rules).

Like Israel of old, our leaders are causing us to err. “As for my people, children are their oppressors and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err and to destroy the way of thy paths.” (Isaiah 3:12) Like Jesus said, “They be blind leaders of the blind, and if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall in the ditch.” (Matt. 15:14)

First, the false doctrine of Jezebel is that she was allowed to teach in the church. “Thou sufferest that woman Jezebel to teach.” And the Bible says, “suffer not a woman to teach.” The church had then and most certainly has now, a malignant heresy, yet they indulgently tolerated it in their midst. They allowed this woman to assume leadership in the church and now just prior to the Great Tribulation, women are Sunday School teachers like Jezebel. And preachers and pastors and bishops as well. How can a woman who is silent in the church possibly be a teacher? She is not to teach but to learn in silence. “Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection” (1 Timothy 2:11).

The church of Thyatira exposed themselves to threefold error. First, they were wrong in principle. God’s Word declares that she is not to rule over the man. This has its roots in creation. (Adam first – then Eve) “Thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee” (Genesis 3:16).

Second, the church was wrong in precept. She led the people astray. The thought is that of deception. It is interesting to observe how many false cults have been founded by women and promoted by women. Seventh Day Adventists – Spiritism – Christian Science – Theosophy – New Agers – Four Square Gospel – all have been steered into error by women. Many Pentecostals and Charismatics have women teachers and pastors and most mainline denominations have women in leadership positions as well. The Charismatics would fall tomorrow if the woman obeyed the Word of God. It’s ruled by women. They ought to read the ‘Tongues’ chapter in the Bible (I Corinthians 14:34), “Let your women keep silence in the churches.”

The scriptures teach that a woman is much more susceptible to error in spiritual things than a man. She is more easily deceived for this reason she cannot teach in church or hold leadership positions. The devil deceived Eve, “and Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression” (II Timothy 2:14).

Third, the church was wrong in practice. They committed fornication. They let her have authority and she led them astray with false doctrine and they sinned by following her teaching. And men flock to churches today to sit under a woman pastor. They have despised their birthright and God-given authority to rule. They are raised by mothers who rule the home and they see nothing wrong with women ruling in the church. They have the Ahab spirit of a wimp.

She taught fornication (both physical and spiritual fornication) – both idolatry and adultery. Many Jezebels are teaching by their example of dressing like a whore with immodest apparel today. Jezebel was a whore. She taught it and she looked like it. Fornication is also taught in churches today- under the deceptive idea of sex education. Showing these ungodly movies and literature in the church.

Women who are living in sin, shacking up, are allowed to become members of the churches today and even teach Sunday School. Now even lesbians are in our churches teaching that form of ungodly fornication. Church leaders are marching on the streets with the Sodomites to our great shame. Beware of the Jezebel Spirit.

Jezebel – woe betide her weakling husband, Ahab, or anyone else who stood in her way. The daughter of a pagan king, she imposed upon Israel the worst type of heathenism. The worship of the true God was swept aside and idolatry put in its place. She tried to kill all the prophets of God. (God give us more Elijahs to stand against the Jezebel spirit.)

Jezebel’s spiritual heir and successor was in the church of Thyatira and has blossomed into full bloom with the church today.

The devil is the Great Deceiver and it makes it easier for him to deceive when women are in authority. The devil’s E.R.A. (Eve Rules Adam). Weakling, wimpish men are refusing to rule today and they allow women to rule in the church and teach Sunday School. Pastors’ wives are receiving the Jezebel spirit today and usurping their husbands’ authority and ruling the church. They are doing more and more speaking in the church and teaching the women in the church the same Jezebel spirit. Instead of being a good example of an obedient wife who is silent in the church, they follow the Jezebels of the world and teach the other women in the church to do the same. They never teach about being daughters of Sarah (I Peter 3) and obeying their husbands and being Godly wives and mothers (Titus 2:4). In effect, the pastor’s wife becomes co-pastor.

Christian ladies – don’t follow the worldly Jezebel spirit; follow the Bible and be a daughter of Sarah. A good obedient wife is one of God’s best gifts, but a disobedient wife is the worst thing he can have. Jezebel can destroy her husband’s ministry, if he’s a preacher.

I’ve seen whole churches ruled by this Jezebel spirit and it is destroying our churches. Women teachers, deaconesses, pastors, bishops, rebelling totally against God’s Word. The daughters of Jezebel rule the churches and the few daughters of Sarah are ridiculed and even forced to leave the church. God help us.

And most preachers keep silent and never preach this truth. They are afraid of the Jezebels in the church. (I know that fear.) They play up to these wicked, bossy women and tickle their ears and even commit fornication with them. They ask these women what they want the church to do. These cowardly pastors love to preach on Elijah, but they would never let Elijah preach in their pulpits.

Jezebels use terms like male chauvinist. She probably wears short hair and dresses, either very sexy or very masculine. She likes to work outside the home and especially be the boss. She doesn’t like her kitchen or taking care of her children. She’s a career woman. She’s the boss in the home and the speaker of the house. She talks and he’s silent and she always gets the last word.

This spirit operates through women who desire to control or dominate men. This spirit is behind the woman who will publicly humiliate her husband with her tongue in order to have the control over him. (A daughter of Sarah has a meek and quiet spirit.) And she will use sex to control him also. If women don’t war against this spirit today, they will be used for destruction by Satan.

We live in a society where there is hatred for male authority. The Jezebel spirit is anti-father and anti-God the Father also. They are changing the Bible to mother god and goddess worship. Jezebel says, “I must control – I will be the boss.” Her heart submits to no man. I will have no man rule over me. I will support myself.

The spirit of Jezebel is controlling most churches today. When the men want to take control, there is a resisting, there is rebellion, and there is out and out refusal to submit by these Jezebels. Or there is manipulation that goes on in order to gain control. Like tears (her favorite way to get her way) or getting depressed. She will even refuse to go to church with her husband or she’s always sick or even will threaten to take the children and leave him. She must control at all costs.

The news media is pushing the Jezebel spirit today. Our public schools are pushing it. The air waves, the prince of power of the air (Satan) and radio and T.V. are pushing it. The Jezebel spirit flows unhindered throughout the entertainment world. It’s the spirit of the world. Beware ladies – “Love not the world, neither the things that are the world” (I John 2:15).

As a preacher, I never knew that I was fighting against the Jezebel spirit until finally God gave me this truth. I’d say “Button that top button”, “Get a longer dress”, “Take those pants off”, “Don’t cut your hair like a man”, “Be in submission to your husband.” Now I know the truth – there is a Jezebel spirit that exists today that says, “Nobody tells me how to dress.” Well, that’s what the fashion world does. Somebody is telling you how to dress.

The Jezebel spirit is the motivator behind abortion. “I want my independence. I don’t want to be tied down to motherhood. I’ll take the pill and if I get pregnant, I’ll kill the baby.” Hear God’s Word – “I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully” (I Timothy 5:14).

It’s the spirit that generates dissatisfaction among wives. “I’m not happy at home” and you get another woman who has the Jezebel spirit, “I’m not happy and fulfilled at home either. Let’s get a job.” And it spreads like bad leaven through society.

Who does the Jezebel spirit hate the most? Her most feared enemy is the faithful preacher who’s not afraid to preach the truth. She hates this man of God, and so wars to stir up people in the church against him like Jezebel did to Elijah.

Elijah will come again soon before the second coming of Jesus and he will fight against this Jezebel spirit as he did in the day of old (see Malachi 4:5-6): “He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children” which will include putting down the Jezebel spirit that usurps father’s throne in the home.

“Ahab, which did sell himself to work wickedness who Jezebel his wife stirred up” (I Kings 21:25). He sold out and she kept stirring things up and never let things settle down. (She should stir up her supper.) If you’ll look at the women that keep stirring things up in church, you’ll find the Jezebel spirit. And they’re usually married to Ahabs or have no husbands at all to submit to. These Jezebels will do everything in their power to destroy the preacher. A true preacher brings the wicked spirit out in the open and you can see the hatred arise against him. Both the Ahabs and the Jezebels will despise the true preacher. The Ahabs, the hen-pecked husbands, hate the light also. “For the husband is the head of the wife” (Ephesians 5:23).

The Jezebel spirit is coming in stronger and stronger as more and more preachers refuse to preach the truth because they don’t want to incur the wrath of Jezebels in their church.

Beware of the Jezebel Spirit!

Are you saved? Are you a born again? Jesus said “Ye must be born again” (John 3). If you want to be saved and have eternal life, “Call upon the name of the Lord” (Jesus).

First – Repent of you sins – turn away from your wicked ways.

Second – Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ in your heart.

Third – Confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and give your testimony.

For by grace are ye saved through faith: and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast.
Ephesians 2:8-9

***Disclaimer: I do not agree with everything an author writes when I publish one of their posts on my blog. I do mostly agree with what I publish that they wrote, however. Like on this post, I don’t agree that women can’t wear pants but I may some day. I want to always be open to the Lord’s leading and being convicted and challenged by godly people’s convictions. When I publish a post I like, I don’t read everything the author has written, stands for, or believes. I am simply sharing a comment or post that they have written that I agree with.

Being Home Full Time is Boring, Tedious, and Lonely?

Being Home Full Time is Boring, Tedious, and Lonely?

Recently, a woman my age was sharing with me that women in my mother’s generation were married young, then had children and were stuck at home all day long where it was boring, tedious, and lonely. “They were pulling their hair out with boredom,” she exclaimed. Women pursuing higher education, having careers, and traveling around the world would keep them from being bored, lonely, and having a tedious life, so they thought.

I attended college for four years and went on to graduate school for another year and a half. I can tell you that a lot of that time was boring, tedious, and I was lonely. The classes and studying were especially boring and tedious. Sure, I had some great times with my friends but it sure didn’t keep me from being bored, lonely, and having a tedious life.

I was a waitress every summer while I was a teenager and then a school teacher until I had my second child. You can bet that a lot of the time spent waitressing and teaching was boring, tedious, and lonely. Every day, I was basically doing the same thing over and over again.

Let’s take traveling. Riding on planes, trains, and buses doesn’t get boring, tedious, and lonely? Staying in hotels and eating out all of the time doesn’t get boring, tedious, and lonely? No matter what we do on this earth, we will spend a lot of time doing things that are boring, tedious, and will get lonely. This isn’t our home. We can search all we want to have a thrilling and exciting life but we’ll never find it to be exactly what we want it to be.

The Apostle Paul was in a dungeon (prison) when he wrote that we are to “learn” to be content; for godliness with contentment is great gain! I was home alone for many years because I was so ill. I missed out on many holidays and vacations with my children because of it. I had to learn to be content and I did. I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!

“The secret of contentment is the realization that life is a gift, not a right. Next to faith this is the highest art – to be content with the calling in which God has placed you” (Martin Luther). God has called younger women to be keepers at home.

The “aged women” need to be teaching the younger women to learn contentment being home full time and raising their children. There will be times of becoming bored, doing tedious things, and getting lonely but it’s okay. Learn to be content. In my opinion, I had a much easier time learning to be content being home full time than I did going to college or having a career.

When I am at home, I have the privilege of beautifying my home by keeping it clean and tidy. I make delicious food with quality produce (completely unlike eating in the cafeteria at college). I can take a walk outside when I want to and read and write. There are so many opportunities to learn contentment at home! I have heard that only boring people get bored.

Learn contentment while taking care of your precious children, husband, and home. These are what the Lord has called you to do so find joy in this ministry. Remind yourself that the JOY of the Lord is your strength, not having a career and making your own money as our culture screams at us. If you are a wife/mother at home, you are blessed. Count your blessings and be thankful.

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world, If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passes away, and the lust thereof: but he that does the will of God abides for ever.
1 John 2:15-17