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Her Candle Goes Not Out By Night – Proverbs 31:18

Her Candle Goes Not Out By Night – Proverbs 31:18

She perceives that her merchandise is good: her candle goes not out by night.
Proverbs 31:18

She perceiveth that her merchandise is good,…. That it turns to good account; that her trading to heaven is of great advantage; that she grows rich hereby; that her merchandise with Wisdom, or Christ, is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereby than fine gold; and though her voyages are attended with trouble and danger, yet are profitable, and therefore she is not discouraged, but determined to pursue them; she is like the merchant man, seeking goodly pearls, who finds a pearl of great price, worth all his trouble” (Gill’s Commentary).

We are called to examine ourselves to make sure that we are in the faith. We are also called to walk circumspectly which means cautiously, vigilant, and with watchfulness. Are we using our time wisely or are we wasting the precious life that we have on this earth? Are we doing what the Lord has called us to do or are we seekers of pleasure instead? Are we training our children to love the ways of the Lord and hate the ways of the world? Life is short, women. Walk wisely with your time.

…her candle goeth not out by night; her lamp of profession, which is always kept burning, or the glorious light of the Gospel, which always continues in the darkest times the church ever has been in; or her spiritual prosperity, which, though it may be damped, will never be extinct; when the candle of the wicked is often put out, Job 21:17; It may denote her diligence in working; who, as she rises early in the morning, Proverbs 31:15, so sits up late at night, and is never weary of well doing, night and day” (Gill’s Exposition).

We have a hope and a future. Our hope and trust is in the living God and this is why we can continue on during the hardest of times, when there are fears without, and life seems tenuous. God is still on His throne. He’s in control, and you are His child. We are called to be salt and light and how can we be salt and light if we are quaking with fear? We must be strong in the Lord, do what He’s called us to do, and let others know of the hope we have in Christ.

She perceiveth that her merchandise is good; Her prudence and economy leave her a large surplus profit, which she contemplates with satisfaction. There is no suspicion of arrogance or conceit, The pleasure that is derived from duty done and successfully conducted business is legitimate and healthy, a providential reward of good works. This comfort and success spur her on to further and more continued exertion. Her candle (lamp) goeth not out by night. She is not idle even when night falls, and outdoor occupations are cut short; she finds work for the hours of darkness, such as is mentioned in the next verse” (Pulpit Commentary).

Throughout this study, many of you will look at this imaginary woman and decide that it’s impossible to be like her but it’s not. God wouldn’t have written it in His Word to tease and mock us but to encourage us to become like her; for her price is above rubies and she is rare but Christ Himself lives inside of us working out His good pleasure. All He wants is for us to take the first steps and His power will swoop in from on high and help to accomplish what we set out to do, whether that is being a help meet to our husband, a mother to our children, or a homemaker in our home. No, a mother’s work is never done, but God’s strength in us never wavers. He will be there in your fatigue, tiredness, and hopelessness to encourage and lift you up as you cast all of your burdens upon Him.

“Some take the lamp here in an allegorical sense, as signifying life, happiness, and prosperity; others, as denoting a bright example of diligence and piety. But the simple meaning seems to be the one intended” (Pulpit Commentary).

Diligence means the “constant effort to accomplish what is undertaken and exertion of body or mind without unnecessary delay or sloth.” Piety means “the reverence of the Supreme Being and love of his character and the exercise of these affections in obedience to his will and devotion to his service.” You know what the Lord has called you to do, women. It’s very clear in His Word so get to work and do what you know you’re supposed to do in obedience to the Lord and in the power of His strength.

She Strengthens Her Arms – Proverbs 31:17

She Strengthens Her Arms – Proverbs 31:17

She girds her loins with strength, and strengthens her arms.
Proverbs 31:17

She girdeth her loins with strength,…. Showing her readiness to every good work; and with what cheerfulness, spirit, and resolution, she set about it, and with what dispatch and expedition she performed it” (Gill’s Exposition).

I have to admit, when I was younger I was lazy and loved to be served. When we would spend a couple of weeks each summer with my parents in Door County at their cabin, I would mostly let my mom do all of the work. I rarely offered to help and I wanted to be waited upon. I have disciplined myself to not be like this anymore. I work at home to keep it clean and tidy now. When I have company or family stay with us, I love to serve them and make them as comfortable as I can. I have found a lot more joy in serving and working hard, than being lazy and expecting to be served.

As godly woman, we should want to serve others and work hard. My best friend recently told me that she is always thinking about saying and doing the right thing. She ponders her words before she speaks them and her ways before she acts upon them. She wants to go about doing good and she works hard in her home and helping others. She’s always been an inspiration to me as long as I have known her. Everyone prefers to be around a person who is generous and loves to serve rather than someone who wants to be served.

…and strengtheneth her arms; does all she finds to do with all her might and main, as the church does; not in her own strength, but in the strength of Christ; to whom she seeks for it, and in whose strength she goes forth about her business; by whom the arms of her hands are made strong, even by the mighty God of Jacob” (Gill’s Exposition).

As many of you know, I spent 25 years in pain and suffering while I was raising my children. My children learned very early that suffering was a part of life. There were times when I had no idea how I was supposed to raise four children the way I felt but I have learned that God always provides what we need when we need it. His strength absolutely works in and through us. I found that the joy of the Lord was my strength and I can look back and marvel at the way He carried us through those difficult times.

She girdeth her loins with strength. This seems at first sight a strange assertion to make concerning one of the weaker sex; but the phrase is metaphorically expressive of the energy and force with which she prepares herself for her work. Strength and vigor are, as it were, the girdle which she binds round her waist to enable her to conduct her operations with case and freedom. So we have a similar metaphor boldly applied to God (Psalm 93:1): ‘The Lord reigneth, he is apparelled with majesty; the Lord is apparelled, he hath girded himself with strength’ (cf. Job 38:3). Strengtheneth her arms. By daily exercise she makes her arms firm and strong, and capable of great and continued exertion” (Pulpit Commentary).

As wives and mothers who work hard at home with children in the home, we don’t have to worry a whole lot about working out for hours every day since we get a lot of exercise raising children and caring for our homes. If some of you young mothers weren’t raised to keep clean and tidy homes and weren’t taught to make daily goals that they must accomplish before going to bed, try a few of them such as making your bed every morning, cleaning the toilets, wiping down the bathroom counters and mirrors (Norwex cloths are great for this!), keeping the kitchen floor swept, making sure the kitchen is clean before bed, and the house is neat and tidy.

After this becomes routine (it takes 30 days to make a habit), then add more specific things like decluttering a cabinet each day, then a closet, and so on until your home is organized and you have a place for everything. Your children don’t need many toys. Have you noticed how quickly they get sick of them? They will find many things to play with besides toys and it uses their creativity! All of this will make it a lot easier to have a clean and tidy home but you must be willing and determined to not be lazy but work hard in your home and serve others as we are admonished throughout Scripture.

For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another. For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
Galatians 5:13, 14

She Plants a Vineyard – Proverbs 31:16

She Plants a Vineyard – Proverbs 31:16

She considers a field, and buys it: with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard.
Proverbs 31:16

Whether it be fit for use and of a reasonable price, and how she may purchase it. This excludes the rashness, as the proceeding to buy it excludes the inconstancy, which is often incident to that sex” (Benson Commentary). Yes, many of us women often buy things on impulse. We see something we like and buy it without pondering if we even need it or can afford it. There’s advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and all over trying to get us to buy another dress or product even though we have plenty of everything! Next time you want to buy something, carefully consider if you really need it and don’t act rash about it. Yes, use wisdom and even prayer in your purchases. Most of us don’t need any more stuff!

She turns her attention to a certain field, the possession of which is for some cause desirable; and, after due examination and consideration, she buys it” (Pulpit Commentary). She “considers” a field before buying it. “Can I afford it?” “Is it a good use of our money?” “Will it be profitable for us?” She weighs her options and then decides whether or not to purchase it.

Do you notice that she buys “a field”? Not many fields. No, she is not a real estate agent as some try to convince me. This isn’t her career. She is buying one field and considers carefully before buying it to see if it is a wise purchase. She didn’t leave her home for hours every day five days a week, her children in the care of others, and worked for a boss. She is NOT a career woman.

I am sure she bought this land with her husband’s hearty approval since she lived in submission to him. She was free to leave her home to shop, make things in her home and sell them to the merchants and then use this money to buy a field, but remember that she was known for “looking well to the ways of her household,” not her job or career.

The field are the Scriptures, in which are hid the rich treasures of Gospel doctrines and promises; and the church, and all truly enlightened persons, consider to what use this field may be put, to what account it will turn; how profitable the Scriptures are, for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness; what a rich mine and valuable treasure is in them; things more desirable, and of greater worth, than thousands of gold and silver; and therefore will buy this field at any rate, and not sell it; will part with all they have before they will part with that; even life itself, which in an improper sense is called buying of it, though it is without money and without price; see Matthew 13:44” (Gill’s Commentary).

The greatest treasures we own are the Scriptures. They are far more valuable than the things of this world. The greatest seeds you can plant, mothers, are not the stuff of this world but the seeds of truth into your children’s minds and hearts so that they may grow into trees of righteousness with deep roots in Jesus.

…with the fruit of her hand she planteth a vineyard; her own vineyard…it is observable, that in the Hebrew text there is a double reading; the ‘Keri’, or marginal reading, is feminine; but the ‘Cetib’, or writing, is masculine; to show that she did it by means of men, she made use of in her vineyard for that service; it being, as Aben Ezra observes, not the custom and business of women to plant vineyards, but men. It may be rendered, ‘he planted’, and be applied to her husband, Christ; who, through the ministry of the word in his church, plants souls in it; and happy are they who are the planting of the Lord! trees of righteousness, that he may be glorified, Isaiah 61:3.” (Gill’s Exposition). It’s interesting that it was actually men who planted her vineyard, not the Proverbs 31 woman! This debunks the theory that the Proverbs 31 woman had a career as an agriculturalist as some have also claimed; for “it was not the custom and business of women to plant vineyards, but men!”

To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.
Isaiah 61:3

She Rises While It is Night – Proverbs 31:15

She Rises While It is Night – Proverbs 31:15

She rises also while it is yet night, and gives meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens.
Proverbs 31:15

“She doth not indulge herself in too much sleep, but is an early riser, before the break of day, to make provision for those who are to go abroad to work in the fields, and to set her maidens their several tasks at home.” (Benson Commentary).

“A person will get the best results in every area of life only if his plans are followed by earnest toils” (The Golden Gems of Life). We can not expect to have clean and tidy homes, the clothes laundered and put away, good food shopped for and prepared, and all of the other things required in being a homemaker if we don’t work hard and sleep too much. We must not eat the bread of idleness.

Love not sleep, lest thou come to poverty; open thine eyes, and thou shalt be satisfied with bread (Proverbs 20:13).

“Before dawn she is up and stirring, to be ready for her daily occupation…Early rising before any great undertaking is continually mentioned in Scripture (see Genesis 19:2; Genesis 22:3; Psalm 57:8; Jeremiah 7:13; Jeremiah 25:4, etc.; Mark 16:2; John 20:1).” (Pulpit Commentary)

“Awake up, my glory; awake, psaltery and harp: I myself will awake early” (Psalm 57:8)

I have always been an early riser. I love being awake before everyone else, having quiet time, studying, and “giving meat for my household” when my children lived in the home or come to visit. I make french toast, pancakes, eggs and toast, eggs with potatoes, or soaked oatmeal. When my children were growing up, I would make homemade muffins and waffles, too. It was important for me that they eat a good breakfast and while they ate, I would read the Bible to them.

If you weren’t taught how to cook healthy, study and learn how to do it. There are many resources available through the Internet, cooking shows, and books. There is no excuse to not be a good cook these days and then learn to enjoy doing this since you are nourishing your family’s bodies.

As Nancy Campbell wrote, “Don’t look at cooking meals with resignation. Instead, do it with revelation. You have the privilege of feeding your children nourishing food. You are gathering them together around your table again. You are preparing the way to feed their soul and spirit as you read God’s Word at the end of the meal. You are teaching them about life and passing on values to the next generation.

There is too much fast food eating in our nation already! It’s not healthy eating and it negates valuable family togetherness in the home. If you don’t lovingly cook meals at home and pass on this tradition, what will the next generation do?

Make every meal a ‘love affair.'”

Children notoriously wake up early. Most children are in bed by 8:00 pm and then wake up by 6:00 am so it’s important for the mother to go to bed early so she can wake up early with her children to care and feed them after having a good night sleep. As keepers at home, mothers are the ones who are responsible to care for the needs of their family unless they are physically unable. Make sure to teach your children to enjoy going to bed early and rising early. It’s a good discipline to learn.

If you have a poor night sleep, depend upon the Lord for your strength. I have a dear and older, godly friend who can only sleep four to five hours a night yet she determined years ago that instead of grumbling and complaining about it, she would be thankful for the sleep she did get and depend upon the Lord’s strength to get her through each day. She is one of the most positive and cheerful people I know, plus she gets a lot done every single day!

“She riseth also while it is yet night,…. That is, before the ascent of the morning, before break of day; a great while before day, as Christ is said to rise to pray, Mark 1:35; while it was yet dark; so the church here: which shows her affection for her family, her care of her children, and fervent zeal for her husband’s interest and good…with the wholesome words of Christ, with the good doctrines of the Gospel; these have a certain portion given them, and they rightly cut and divide the word of truth, and give to everyone their portion of meat in due season, according to their age and circumstances; milk indeed to babes and meat to strong men” (Gill’s Exposition).

Besides giving actual food to your family, make sure you are speaking kindly to them and showing them by the way that you live your life that you are a child of the King of Kings. My encouragement to you is to read the pure words of the Bible to your children from the time they are small since it is God’s living Word rather than children’s bible stories written by men. The Bible is what will transform them and we are instructed to hide it deep within our hearts.

Read a few verses in Proverbs and explain it in simple terms when they are small. As they grow older, teach them the doctrines of the faith in Romans and Hebrews. Read through a Gospel and let them be amazed at the life of their Savior. Read Genesis and God’s perfect creation; how it was marred by sin and infected everything on earth by sin’s consequences.

When they are more mature in their faith, read to them the end of the story – Revelation. Did you know that we are blessed when we read it (Revelation 1:3)? Let them see the marvelous last two chapters in Revelation about the finality of God’s redemptive plan for all those who call upon His name and the new earth that we will all will live upon one day. Develop in them an awe and reverence for their Creator from the time they are little children. This is the single most important thing you will do for your children as they live under your roof.

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.
Psalm 119:11

She Brings Her Food From Afar – Proverbs 31:14

She Brings Her Food From Afar – Proverbs 31:14

She is like the merchants’ ships; she brings her food from afar.
Proverbs 31:14

We spent several months in Wisconsin this summer in the cabin my dad bought 30 years ago. Since Ken works from the home, we had the opportunity to do this and we greatly enjoyed it. In order to find fresh food, once a week I would drive about 40 minutes to the nearest health food store and buy up things mostly on sale. They have great monthly sales with 50% off so it was worth it to me.

Then I would drive about fifteen minutes from there to a farm that sold grass-fed meats and pastured eggs. They also had some fresh picked produce. Later in the day, I would go to a local family-owned farm and pick up fresh cut lettuce, tomatoes, green peas and beans, cauliflower, broccoli, raspberries, corn, and other foods that were straight from their organic garden. Yes, it took a few hours to accomplish all of this but it’s worth it for me to buy the best food I can get for the best prices. It not only tastes a whole lot better, but it’s better for us!

You might as well try to enjoy life in a run-down and ruined house that allows free admission to the freezing blast and pouring rain as to be happy in a body ruined by self-indulgence. If God has given you good health and a sound mind, it is your duty to do all you can to preserve it so that it will perform all the necessary functions in the great work of life” (The Golden Gems of Life).

One of the most important jobs you have as keepers at home and lovers of your husband and children is to find and fix the healthiest food for your family. The closer you get to the way God created it to be eaten, the better; for man can’t improve upon what God has created. Organic, pastured, and grass-fed means that the food was raised the way it was intended to be raised and the animals ate the food they were created to eat, not filled with antibiotics, pesticides, steroids, and other health-destroying substances.

If all of these types of foods are too expensive for you, grow your own garden and plant fruit trees, then learn to can, dehydrate, freeze, and dehydrate the extra produce. We have many fruit trees in our little backyard: apple, orange, lemon, fig, guava, and peach. We have picked a lot of fruit from these trees! I know some families personally who don’t have a lot of money but they cut expenses way down in other areas in order to buy healthy, organic food. Junk food isn’t that cheap either and cancer is a lot more expensive in the long run.

She extends her operations beyond her own immediate neighbourhood, and bringeth her food from afar, buying in the best markets and on advantageous terms, without regard to distance” (Pulpit Commentary).

Looks for opportunities of buying cheaply at a distance from home, instead of paying a larger price on the spot” (Ellicot’s Commentary).

There are places online like Thrive Market that for a small yearly fee, you can buy a lot of healthy foods. Costco and Trader Joe’s are full of organic foods for reasonable prices. Find local farmer’s markets in your area and support them. Some of them may even sell pastured eggs and grass-fed meats. Grass-fed ground beef is one of the least expensive and lately I’ve been browning it with an onion and seasoning it well with salt and pepper. Then I add it to my homemade spaghetti sauce and put this on top of spaghetti squash or sauteed and chopped up green cabbage with onions instead of pasta. It’s then topped with big handful of freshly grated Parmesan cheese. It’s delicious! (You can see pictures of it on my Instagram account.)

In learning to be healthy besides eating healthy, we must discipline ourselves to be temperate in everything and not self-indulgent. Set a good example for your children in this area since you have control over what they eat and how much they eat when they are young. Recently, I have been eating an early dinner and then disciplining myself to not eat anything else before bed. No, it’s not easy but it’s good practice to say “no” to what our flesh wants and “yes” to self-control, which is a fruit of the Spirit.

Gill’s Commentary has spiritualized this chapter which I appreciate since it keeps it all in perspective of what is truly important in life. The ‘food’ for our family is “not from below, on earth; not dust, the serpent’s food; nor ashes, on which a deceitful heart feeds; nor husks, which swine eat; but the corn of heaven, angels’ food, the hidden and heavenly manna; the bread of life, which comes down from heaven; the Gospel of the grace of God, the good news from a far country.”

The Bread of Life (Jesus) is the most important food that we can give to our family by daily feasting upon His Word. For no matter how great the quality of our food is here on this earth, it pales in comparison to the Lord’s body that was broken for our broken bodies that we might be healed and live forever and for His blood that was shed for the forgiveness of all of our sins. Your children need Jesus; for their eternal souls are far more important than their human bodies on this earth which will one day perish.

She Works Willingly With Her Hands – Proverbs 31:13

She Works Willingly With Her Hands – Proverbs 31:13

She seeks wool, and flax, and works willingly with her hands.
Proverbs 31:13

Not that it is the duty of kings and queens to use manual operations, but it is the duty of all persons, the greatest not excepted, to improve all their talents, and particularly their time, which is one of the noblest of them, to the service of that God to whom they must give an account, and to the good of that community to which they are related” (Benson Commentary).

Everything we do needs to be done for the glory of God – to make God big, as our preacher taught last week. He commands that whatever we do, we do heartily to Him. Heartily means from the heart, with zeal, actively, and vigorously. When we are cleaning the kitchen, do it heartily as unto the Lord. When we are scrubbing toilets, changing diapers, rocking babies, making love to our husband, preparing nutritious meals, and all that we do, do it heartily as unto the Lord.

The Jews have a saying, that there is no wisdom in a woman but in the distaff; suggesting, that it is her wisdom to mind her spinning, and the affairs of her household” (Gill’s Exposition).

Our culture mocks housewives. Even Christian women who are homemakers when asked what they do will respond, “I’m only a housewife.” But this is exactly what God created you to do and when you decided to look well to the affairs of your household, you are using wisdom from above. Never allow anyone to cause you to doubt this but rejoice in your work that is God has ordained just for you!

Now as to the mystical sense of these words; as of wool outward garments, and of flax linen and inward garments, are made; by the one may be meant external, and by the other internal, acts of religion; both are to be done, and not the one without the other: outward acts of religion are, such as hearing the word, attendance on ordinances, and all good works, which make up a conversation garment that should be kept; and they should be done so as to be seen of men, but not for that reason: and internal acts of religion are, the fear of God, humility, faith, hope, love, and other graces, and the exercises of them, which make up the new man, to be put on as a garment; and these should go together; bodily exercise, without powerful godliness, profiteth little; and pretensions to spirituality and internal religion, without regard to the outward duties of religion, are all vain” (Gill’s Exposition).

In other words, we are not to be hypocrites. What we are with others, we are at home. Our lives have been transformed by Christ and those who live with us can see it (especially our families) as well as those who don’t live with us. We are nourished on God’s Word and good teaching and our good works prove that our faith is not dead. We care for our outer bodies and use self-control in all areas; for we are to be known for our temperance in everything. Being clothed in Christ’s righteousness is of utmost value to us. We never want to do anything to bring shame upon His name.

She sought all opportunities of doing good works externally, as believers do; and sought after the kingdom of God, inward godliness, which lies in peace, righteousness, and joy in the Holy Ghost. Not that such garments are to be joined with Christ’s robe of righteousness, to make up a justifying one…and worketh willingly with her hands; or, ‘with the pleasure of her hands’; as if her hands took delight in working, as the church and all true believers do; who are made willing in the day of the Lord’s power upon them, to serve him, as well as to be saved by him; in whose hearts he works, both to will and to do; and these do what they do cheerfully: these do the work of the Lord, not by the force of the law, nor through fear of punishment, but in love; not by constraint, but willingly, having no other constraint but the love of God and Christ; and not with mercenary selfish views, but with a view to his glory; and they find a pleasure and delight in all they do; Christ’s ways are ways of pleasantness; his commandments are not grievous, his yoke is easy” (Gill’s Exposition).

A godly woman serves cheerfully out of love. She submits cheerfully to her husband out of love, not because she is forced. She has learned to find pleasure in serving her family and in obeying the Lord because she knows His ways are perfect for her. She trusts that He knows best.

The prohibition about mixing wool and flax in a garment (Deuteronomy 22:11) was probably based on the idea that all mixtures made by the art of man are polluted, and that what is pure and simple, such as it is in its natural state, is alone proper for the use of the people of God” (Pulpit Commentary).

Yes, I know we are no longer under the Law but I found this interesting in a number of ways. Food eaten as close to the way God has created it for us is by far the best for us. Man can’t improve upon it. Clothes made in materials created by the Lord (cotton, wool, silk, etc.) are far superior and longer lasting than any man-made materials. Taking this to a spiritual side, we must seek the pure and the good as His children for we are to be separate from the wickedness of our culture.

‘She worketh at the business of her hands,’ is feeble, and does not say much. What is meant is that she not only labors diligently herself, but finds pleasure in doing so, and this, not because she has none to help her, and is forced to do her own work (on the contrary, she is represented as rich, and at the head of a large household), but because she considers that labor is a duty for all, and that idleness is a transgression of a universal law” (Pulpit Commentary).

We were created to work hard. God made Adam and Eve in a garden to work. Work is good for us. We are to work hard at home. Our homes should be clean and tidy, our children should be well-nourished and cared for, and our husband’s needs should be taken care of by his wife’s willing hands. If this seems impossible to you, remind yourself that you’ve been given everything you need for life and godliness and that His Spirit works mightily within you.

She Will Only Do Him Good – Proverbs 31:12

She Will Only Do Him Good – Proverbs 31:12

She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.
Proverbs 31:12

The Proverbs 31 woman will “give him thanks for all the good things bestowed by him on her; will seek his interest, and promote his honor and glory to the uttermost; all the good works she does, which she is qualified for, and ready to perform, are all done in his name and strength, and with a view to his glory; nor will she do any evil willingly and knowingly against him, against his truths and ordinances; or that is detrimental to his honor, and prejudicial to his interest, (For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth – 2 Corinthians 13:8); all the days of her life; through which she desires to serve him in righteousness and true holiness; and to be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in his work” (Gill’s Commentary).

Gill’s Commentary relates the Proverbs 31 woman to her relationship with Christ. Wives are commanded to submit themselves to their husbands as unto the Lord and marriage is a symbol of Christ to His Church (His bride) so it makes perfect sense and adds a deep spiritual component to the entire chapter; for without Christ we can do nothing. All of our works are filthy rags but with Christ, we are new creatures in Christ and are ordained for good works.

She is consistent in her conduct towards her husband, always pursuing his best interests. All the days of her life; in good times or bad, in the early spring time of young affection, and in the waning years of declining age. Her love, based on high principles, knows no change or diminution” (Pulpit Commentary).

She is not led by her emotions and feelings or PMS. She knows the truth of God’s Word and has made the decision to live by it instead, because she truly believes that she can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens her and that the joy of the Lord is her strength. She trusts God to fulfill His promises to her and knows that His commands are not burdensome, as His Spirit works mightily within her.

The old commentator refers to the conduct of St. Monies to her unbelieving and unfaithful husband, narrated by St. Augustine in his ‘Confessions,’ 9:9: ‘Having been given over to a husband, she served him as her lord; and busied herself to win him to thee, revealing thee to him by her virtues, in which thou madest her beautiful, and reverently amiable, and admirable to her husband” (Pulpit Commentary).

For all of you who are married to unbelievers, this is your God-ordained way to live in front of your unbelieving and unfaithful husband. Instead of keeping your eyes on him and his sin, keep your eyes on things above, where Christ is seated and get busy learning of Him and His ways. Allow His Word to permeate and change your mind and thinking. This will, in turn, change your behavior.

You will find the peace that passes understanding and joy unspeakable. You will have the power to walk in newness of life in front of your husband and he will want what you have. How can a man not be attracted to a joyful, kind, and patient wife? Trust God and His ways while you rest in Him and continue to do your husband good all of the days of his life even when he doesn’t deserve it. All the good you are doing for him, you are doing for Christ, and the Lord will reward you.

Her Husband Does Safely Trust in Her – Proverbs 31:11

Her Husband Does Safely Trust in Her – Proverbs 31:11

The heart of her husband does safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.
Proverbs 31:11

For the prudent and faithful management of all his domestic affairs, which are committed to her care; He shall not need to use indirect and unlawful courses to get wealth, as by cheating, or oppressing his subjects, or others, as princes have often done to maintain the luxury of their wives, and as Solomon himself afterward did: because all shall abundantly be supplied to him by her providence; She will improve and not waste his estate” (Benson Commentary).

A godly wife lives within her husband’s income whether her husband is wealthy or poor. She never puts him into debt or buys things on credit with high interest. She is a good steward of his money and isn’t wasteful, extravagant, or frivolous. She knows that everything belongs to the Lord and takes good care of their possessions. She understands that a penny saved is a penny earned, therefore, she doesn’t look for ways to save money while spending but for ways to not spend at all, if possible. She is content with what she owns and is thankful for it.

Christ her Maker is her husband, who has asked her in marriage, and has betrothed her to himself in righteousness; and of whose chaste love, and inviolable attachment to him, he is fully satisfied, as well as of her fidelity in keeping what he commits unto her; he trusts her with his Gospel and ordinances, which she faithfully retains and observes; and with his children born in her, who are nursed up at her side, to whom she gives the breasts of ordinances, bears them on her sides, and dandles them on her knees, as a tender and careful mother does” (Gill’s Exposition).

She doesn’t expect her husband to meet all of her needs. She doesn’t place undue expectations upon him but is satisfied with her husband and her submission under him. She knows that Christ is the only one who satisfies and finds her fulfillment and joy in Him instead of looking for it in her husband. She faithfully teaches all of this to the children they are blessed with; for their hope and trust is in Christ alone.

The very first item in the catalogue of good qualities is the rarest of all: ‘the heart of her husband doth safely trust in her.’ The husband in nine cases out of every ten does not feel very confident that ‘she will do him good and not evil,’ and he sets a jealous watch over her, and places every valuable article under lock and key. His heart trusts more in hired guards and iron locks than in his wife” (Cambridge Bible).

Let this not be said about you. Your husband should have full confidence in you that you will only do him good concerning his income and his name. There are too many women who only think about themselves and their welfare. They are not thankful for what they have and always want more. Their husbands can never make them happy because they haven’t decided to be happy. Be a wife that your husband can trust completely with everything: his income, his name, his home, and his children.

The husband of such a wife goes forth to his daily occupations, having full confidence in her whom he leaves at home, that she will act discreetly, and promote his interests while he is absent. The wife manages domestic concerns so well that her husband finds his honest gains increase, and sees his confidence profitably rewarded” (Pulpit Commentary).

This woman is discreet: “Prudent; wise in avoiding errors or evil, and in selecting the best means to accomplish a purpose circumspect; cautious.” She keeps watch over her home and guides it with moral integrity and purity. She hates what is evil and clings to what is good. She considers carefully her options before making decisions and asks for her husband’s input frequently because she trusts him and his wisdom and he knows it. The heart of her husband trusts in her.

A Beautiful Ideal of a Woman’s Life – Proverbs 31:10

A Beautiful Ideal of a Woman’s Life – Proverbs 31:10

“The whole passage (Proverbs 31:10-31) is the hallowing of domestic life, a directory for wives and mothers, a beautiful ideal of how noble a thing a busy mother’s life may be, an exhibition to young men of what they should seek, and of young women of what they should aim for” (MacLaren’s Expostion).

I am going to study Proverbs 31:10-31 verse by verse which describes the beautiful ideal of a godly woman and will be using the commentaries of old since they weren’t influenced by feminism and weren’t afraid to describe what these verses meant. These men had no problem teaching submission of wives to husbands and women being keepers at home and this is why I love them. There was no watering down anything in order to tickle women’s ears like there are now.

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.
Proverbs 31:10

“And here he lays down several characters or qualifications of an excellent wife, which are here delivered in alphabetical order, each verse beginning with a several and the succeeding letter of the Hebrew alphabet; which method is used in some, and but in a few places of Scripture, to oblige us to the more diligent consideration and careful remembrance of them, as things of more than ordinary importance” (Matthew Poole’s).

I found it interesting that these character traits of a godly woman are in the Hebrew alphabetical order. If we knew Hebrew, it would be easy to remember and it makes sense since God is a God of order and beauty. Everything He does is perfect!

“A woman actually married to Christ; a woman fruitful, bringing forth many children to him; a woman beautiful, especially in his eyes, with whom she is the fairest among women; a woman, the weaker vessel, unable to do anything without him, yet everything through him: a ‘virtuous’ one, inviolably chaste in her love and affection to Christ, her husband; steadfast in her adherence, to him by faith, as her Lord and Saviour; incorrupt in doctrine, sincere and spiritual in worship, retaining the purity of discipline, and holiness of life; and holding the mystery of faith in a pure conscience: or a ‘woman of strength’, valour, and courage, as the word signifies, the price he has paid for her is far above other rubies; she is bought with a price, but not with corruptible things, as silver and gold, but with the precious blood of Christ; the ransom price paid for her is himself, who is more precious than rubies, and all the things that can be desired (1 Peter 1:18)” (Gill’s Exposition).

The most important quality of a godly woman is her relationship with Jesus Christ for without Him, she is nothing. He is the One who makes her beautiful; for true beauty comes from within. She is a student of His Word and allows it to dwell deeply within her transforming her into the woman that God has called her to be. She listens only to those who don’t water down the truth and don’t try to make it culturally relevant. No, she doesn’t care about any of that. She wants the truth, plain and simple.

She wants to be exactly who God has called her to be since she knows that He alone is worthy. She obeys His Word even when it is contrary to everything and everyone around her because she knows it is the only path upon which to travel. She doesn’t look for the “What ifs..?” Instead, she renews her mind with truth and remembers, “But God…” and His many promises to her.

“This ‘virtuous woman’ is neither a doll nor a graduate nor a public character. Her kingdom is the home. Her works ‘praise her in the gates’; but it is her husband, and not she, that ‘sits’ there among the elders” (Gill’s Exposition).

Her kingdom is her home and it is her husband that sits among the elders. They both have different roles and they live them out without complaint. She doesn’t care about making a name for herself or a mark in the world’s culture. She’s content at home knowing that godliness with contentment is great gain. This virtuous woman is dedicated to Christ and His ways.

“A true wife is a fountain of good, and good only, all the days of her life, and beyond them too, when her remembrance shines like the calm west after a cloudless sunset” (MacLaren’s Exposition).

“Few only are privileged to meet with this excellent wife, and her worth cannot be estimated by any material object, however costly” (Pulpit Commentary).

The road is narrow and few want to walk on it but it is God’s perfect way for us. How can we be this excellent wife and a fountain of good? By allowing the Word of God to dwell in us richly; for it is living and active and transforms us with His Spirit working mightily within us. By memorizing scripture and renewing our minds with truth and taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. God changes those who are willing. Are you willing to be changed into a virtuous wife whose price is far above rubies? If so, make sure you have Christ.

She Does Him Good and Not Evil – Proverbs 31:12

She Does Him Good and Not Evil – Proverbs 31:12


Proverbs 31:12 tells us that a godly wife does her husband good and not evil. Some synonyms for good are excellent, favorable, marvelous, positive, superb, valuable, and wonderful. Some antonyms for good (bad = what a godly wife doesn’t want to be known for) are disagreeable, unacceptable, unhelpful, worthless, mean, noxious, rotten, unreliable, vicious, vile, and unvirtuous. Do you do your husband good or evil?

She builds up his home, instead of tearing it down.

She speaks respectfully to him, instead of being disrespectful towards him through her actions and words.

She is joyful, instead of complaining.

She takes good care of her children, instead of scrolling through Facebook, playing on her iPhone, and watching TV, thus neglecting her children.

She speaks highly of him to others, instead of tearing him down.

She is a student of God’s Word, instead of her Bible gathering dust.

She submits to her husband’s leadership, instead of lording it over him.

She speaks words of kindness to him, instead of being cruel towards him.

She is cheerful and laughs with him, instead of at him.

She does not deprive him sexually, instead of doing it when she feels like it.

She is modest in her clothing, instead of being sensual and turning on other women’s husbands.

She has a gentle and quiet spirit, instead of being harsh and loud.

She loves to stay home and keep it clean and tidy, instead of running here and there and neglecting her home duties.

She dwells on the lovely and the good, instead of having no discretion with what she thinks about and watches.

She loves and sacrifices for him, instead of being selfish and only caring for herself.

I can tell you from personal experience, you will be much happier when you are doing your husband good instead of evil.

She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.
Proverbs 31:12