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The Time I Was Never Nearly Raped

The Time I Was Never Nearly Raped


Amazon allows anyone to write a review of a book without purchasing it, so I am receiving a number of one star reviews from trolls who haven’t read my book but are on a crusade to discredit it. I mostly ignore the trolls, and my sister warned me to not read their reviews. (She just finished my book and loved it!) No one likes being continually insulted and slandered, however, but when I read Paul’s persecution my woes cannot compare. God is never surprised, especially by opposition.“Therefore we do not lose heart, but though our outer man is decaying, yet our inner man is being renewed day by day. For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.” (2 Corinthians 4:16, 17)

There is one review (yes, I peeked), however, that I want to respond to since it is so far from reality. (I have no idea how they know about this incident in my book since they were not listed as a “verified purchase” on Amazon but somehow trolls will stop at nothing to find out any possible dirt in the lives of those they hate in order to destroy, just as the enemy of our soul does.) “Lastly, her description of the near-rape horrified me and I am terribly sorry that she had to go through that. But I heard absolutely nothing about whether or not she went straight to her parents, his parents, the principal of the school, and the police, who should all have been IMMEDIATELY informed. In doing so, you not only protect others, but you might also save the poor guy from a life behind bars. She says nothing about the aftermath of this, and I believe that is crucial to her credibility. I am waiting to hear about what happened here… I am hoping she will clarify this.”

So let me clarify this for her as I was hardly “near-raped,”and there was nothing to report to anyone. The summer before I turned sixteen, I was going to the beach often with a group of high school friends. One of the boys in the group was good-looking and I had a crush on him. My mom would not let me date until sixteen, so on my sixteenth birthday he asked me out and of course, I was excited to go. He took me to the drive-in theater where, for you who are too young to know, we watched movies from the comfort of our car.

As the movie began, we snuggled up together and soon after, he began to kiss me. The next thing I knew he slowly push me over on my back, my feet still firmly planted on the floor of the car, and immediately I knew this was not something I wanted or was enjoying. I said to him, “I don’t want to do this. Please take me home now.” He immediately pulled himself up, started the car, and angrily drove me home. That’s it. No attempt to feel me, no trying to undress me, just a bit too frisky and aggressive for this young and inexperienced teenager. I felt no fear, but certainly was disappointed that this guy who I had liked had a bigger interest in making out than he did in enjoying the evening with me. (I had a lot to learn about guys!) We never dated again.

So I appreciate the insincere troll’s comment trying to make a big to-do about nothing as it gives me the opportunity to not only set the record straight but to give my views on this important matter. To say this is near-rape is not only maliciously wrong, but it minimizes all the women who are truly raped or “nearly raped.” Imagine if every woman who had a man make an unwanted  sexual advance to them simply said, “I don’t want to do this. Please take me home now,” and the man’s response was to start the car and take her home. Is this not proper dating etiquette or has feminism taken us so far that we are to have all men everywhere ask permission before making any affectionate advances?

“Hey, Lori, do you mind if I kiss you now?

“I like the feel of your warmth on my shoulder, can we hug now?”

If you have grown up in highly-sexualized America without any godly parental teaching, you understand that many guys will try to go as far as they can with the women they date. Unless we want to legislate all physical relationships in dating, we have to recognize that worldly “love” has a sexual component to it. Do we really expect every young woman who finds herself in my situation to have her mom call the high school principal each time a guy tried to make out with her?

“Hi, Principal Smith, this is Mrs. Falk and my daughter went out on another date this week with one of your students who stepped over the bounds of being a gentleman by pushing himself on top of her. I know this is my sixth report this year, but just because my daughter is a cheerleader does not mean these guys should be trying to take advantage of her. Are you talking to their parents?”

“I am so sorry to hear this, Mrs. Falk, but you can call his parents directly and discuss this with them. Is this something the police should be involved with?  

“Oh, no. Once Lori told him to stop and take her home, he stopped and took her home.”

“Well, maybe you should encourage your daughter not to date, or to make clear to her dates exactly what is and is not acceptable to her before the date starts.”

If this was a Christian high school, I might see it but really, a public school with a thousand hot-blooded testosterone filled teenager guys? This would be impossible for any school to police. My mom grew up before the 60s sexual revolution but she still understood young men and their sexual attraction to females. That’s what young guys and girls do unless they are taught otherwise.

Anyone who reads what I write knows that we taught our children to not go out on single dates until they were eighteen years old, and even then encouraged them to only single date the godly ones they thought were potentially marriage material. They knew all about modesty and keeping the marriage bed pure which includes before marriage. I was not brought up with this stronger coaching, so I had to say “No” to most of the guys I dated.

We have just as big a problem today it seems with female teasing and promiscuity leading guys on. Guys still need to stop when told “No” but young women who claim to be Christians must stop wearing the skimpy thong bathing suits in front of the young men or a bra-less dress or shirt that the guys can look right down into and see everything, then wonder why the guys are making unwanted sexual advances. Entrapment is illegal for police and it should be illegal for women too. To believe that men must just control themselves no matter how a woman dresses or acts is just plain wrong. Did I lead some of my dates on by my skimpy cheerleading outfits, short shorts, and flirting? I am sure I did, but thank God the guys I dated still had the moral fiber to respect a woman when she said, “Okay, that is enough.” For godly young adults, it is far better to group date and stay away from any dating just to date. Instead, only single date those who are marriage material and godly, and if they make unwanted sexual advances, maybe you need to reconsider if this is the one for you.

My near-rape experience is a figment of a troll’s imagination, but it points out a huge issue in today’s world. Our world has much real sexual abuse, and no sex before marriage is defensible. But it does a huge disservice to society to create sexual abuse in places it does not exist. Let’s be protective, but let’s not try to change the world into one that takes the minor and blows it up into something it is not. Practicing sin is the condition of the unredeemed heart and that condition will only change when Jesus enters the heart and makes it brand new. We as believers live in this world, so let’s be careful and cautious, not be naive to the world’s ways. Don’t be swayed when it comes to insincere trolls who violate their own values to try to deceive others just because they dislike what the church has taught for the last 20 centuries until now, the “New Age of Women” which is not godly at all.

Taking Up Your Cross Daily – What Does it Mean?

Taking Up Your Cross Daily – What Does it Mean?


Many Christians teach that we should “die daily” and “take up our cross daily.” What does this mean? (This was a question asked of Michael Pearl and he answered on a video.)

  Okay, let’s look at that. That’s a commonly misunderstood concept. Always consider the context. He says, “If any man come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow me” (Luke 9:23).

Jesus is preparing his disciples for his crucifixion. He’s been telling them about how he’s going to die. He asked them, “Whom do people say that I am?”

He’s inquiring to get a feel for what the population was thinking about him. They gave various answers, and he said, verse 20, “‘But whom say ye that I am?’ Peter answering said, ‘The Christ of God.’ And he straightly charged them and commanded them to tell no man that thing saying…”

This is Verse 22, the verse before the one in question. “The son of man must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders and the chief priests and the scribes and be slain and be raised the third day.” So, in the context of how he was playing with the public, he warned them that He Himself was headed to the cross, to rejection, and to death.

Then he follows that immediately and says, “And he said unto them, if any man will come after me…” Okay. let’s stop right there for a moment. Come after me, where? “Come after me suffering, rejected by the elders, the chief priest, and slain.” So, “If any man will come after me,” if he follows me, if he’s my disciple and goes where I go, “If any man will come after me let him deny himself…” So, stop there again. Deny himself in what way? Later, when Jesus announced that he was going to be crucified the next day, and that one of them was going to betray him, they all spoke up and said, “Lord, is it I?” Peter said, “I won’t do it.” He said, “I’ll die first but I won’t deny you.”

Well, within a few hours, Peter was denying Jesus Christ. So Peter didn’t follow Jesus to the cross. The Bible said he and the disciples “stood a great way off.” He is challenging them to follow him in His sufferings and in His death. In other words, instead of being three crosses on the hill, four with Peter, five with John, six with Andrew, and so forth.

“So if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow me.” Now, when he said, “take up his cross,” we know what that is. As we look later on, Jesus is bearing the cross, he falls down, and they compel Simon, one of Cyrene, to bear the cross after him.

So Jesus is carrying one end of it, Simon is carrying the other end of it, and they’re carrying the cross. Any time that the city of Jerusalem saw a man carrying a cross through the city, outside to Golgotha where he would be crucified, they knew what he was doing. He was a dead man walking. He was heading to his death.

Jesus said, “If you’ll come after me, take up your cross daily.” In other words, you must be prepared at any moment to die, because it could happen at any time. So every single day as you follow me, be prepared to do what I do, which is die for this teaching that I have.

Then he goes on to say, “For who so ever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever will lose his life, for my sake, shall save it.” And so He’s saying if you depart from me, you deny me, you lose your life, but if you go ahead and follow me all the way you save it.

If we were to draw an application of that passage beyond the original context, what would it be? Well it’s obvious. There was recently a man, a Christian in Iran, who had the death sentence upon him. He was a pastor. He was preaching the gospel, and it’s illegal there to be a Christian. So they told him if he would recant, if he would deny Jesus Christ, and come back into the Muslim fold, then he would not be executed.

I was praying on this end, that he would take up his cross and follow Jesus, deny himself, for God’s sake, and for the gospel’s sake, and in so doing save his life. Otherwise, if he denied Christ he’d lose his life. So it’s this contrast, if you think, if I deny Christ I’ll save my life, I won’t die. He said, no, if you go ahead and confess me you may die, but you’ll save your life. He’s kind of got a turn on words and concepts there.

Now there’s quite a few other passages, maybe a dozen, maybe not that many, six of them, eight of them, in the New Testament where people have developed this doctrine of this daily dying to self, this self-introspection, this morbid putting away of self‑motivation, self‑aggrandizement, self‑pleasure, and sublimating your humanity to some sort of a morbid austere spiritualism.

I’ve known so many people like that. They’re all nauseous. It really came out of the Keswick movement in England. It’s the concept that we must, or God must, God or us or both, must do this work inside of us. Books like the Calvary Road, Roy Hession, Norman Grubb, Iron Thomas, Andrew Murray, wrote a lot about this concept of daily experiencing this inner crucifixion of self.

That’s not a biblical doctrine. It’s totally contrary to the Bible. It’s anti‑Christian, it’s anti‑Bible. It’s really a doctrine you’d find in Buddhism. Some of our missionaries come back and they say, “That’s the very doctrine.” In fact, the doctrine originated a whole lot out of Eastern teaching, and it is an Eastern mysticism rather than a Christian doctrine. It’s amazing how it perpetuated in spite of the clear teaching of Scripture, but that’s the meaning of the passage.

When We Love Someone, We Want Them to Go to Heaven

When We Love Someone, We Want Them to Go to Heaven


Remember the post I did a few weeks ago about popular female teachers and writers? It has come out, as I am sure most of you have heard, that the very popular “Christian” blogger and speaker, Jen Hatmaker, doesn’t teach about sin, repentance, obedience, or hell. She just wants everyone to “love ” each other and get along. I have been warning women about women like this because if they don’t teach about God’s love and mercy, without teaching about sin and the hard things, they are on a very slippery slope away from the Truth of God.

Matt Walsh, who is not afraid to speak truth, wrote about this and I love what he said in the comment section of his article on Facebook. “A lot of people here are talking about love. We should love gay people they say, which means applauding their sin. Two things about that: 1)The greatest commandment in the Bible is to love God above all else. We must love God first. And loving God, according to Jesus, means following His commandments. It also means trusting in Him and leaning on His own understanding, nor our own. So if you are ignoring or casting aside Biblical teachings for the sake of ‘loving’ others, then you are really putting your love for man above your love for God, which is a form of idol worship. 2) What does it mean to love someone? I would agree with St. Thomas Aquinas that to love is to will the good of the other. In other words, when we love someone, we want them to go to Heaven. That’s the only kind of love that matters. It’s the only kind of love that can really be called love. So if you ‘love’ someone by allowing them to remain in their sin, and helping to make them even more comfortable in it, then you do not love them. It’s really that simple.”

We are commanded to speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15). We are to exhort one another daily because of the deceitfulness of sin (Hebrews 3:13). The Bible says that in the end times there will be a great falling away of the Church (2 Thessalonians 2:3). Don’t let this be you. Don’t be afraid to speak truth. Love others enough to speak truth. Yes, you will have many who hate you. “If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you” (John 15:18) but continually reminds yourself that“greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4). 

Another woman, Jen Kliewer, commented on Matt Walsh’s post. “Jen Hatmaker has a gift for writing. But unfortunately, she is one who tickles people’s ears with what they want to hear. I think that her intentions are not evil – she wants to make Christianity ‘palatable’ and feels like she needs to help it along – but she does not realize how she is being used by the enemy to lead people astray. This is the passage that I think best describes Jen Hatmaker and many of today’s popular bloggers and speakers: ‘For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables’ (2 Timothy 4:3, 4).

I don’t tickle women’s ears with what they want to hear. I hear about this daily. Either women are scolding me, angry with me, thanking me for convicting them, or encouraging me to keep on keeping on. I don’t want to lead other’s astray. It is only the Truth of God’s Word that convicts and changes people. Sin is what nailed our precious Savior to the tree. He came to free us from sin and He asks we believe in Him, His finished work on the cross, and walk in the Spirit obeying what He has commanded. Do this and live eternally with Him. If someone who is popular never convicts or challenges you in the way you live, stop learning from them. I only listen to those who challenge and convict me because I want to be more like Christ. We will never become like Him if we only listen to those who make us “feel” good and never challenge us to rid our lives of sin.

For among them are those who enter into households and captivate weak women weighed down with sins, led on by various impulses, Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.
2 Timothy 3:7

Things Women Couldn’t Do Before Feminism

Things Women Couldn’t Do Before Feminism


Everyone seems to rave about what feminism has done for women and how great it is for them. I happened upon an article called 11 Ordinary Things Women Weren’t Allowed to Do in the 50s and 60s. As you can imagine, I was curious to see what great things feminism has accomplished.

Number one: Open a bank account. Okay, this is an okay one, although I would have been fine without it. My dad supported me until I got married for the most part and then Ken took over so for me, this wouldn’t have made a huge difference in my life. I will give feminism a point for this one.

Number two: Serve Jury Duty. Blech! It was feminists who accomplished this for us? No thanks. I am always trying to get out of this one since I want to stay home and keep to my duties here instead of going to jury duty, plus I have struggled with my health for many years. I am not sure many women love going to jury duty. A point taken away for feminism in this one, in my opinion.

Number three: Practice Law. Nope. Men can do a fine job doing this. What have women lawyers fought for that was worth much except for more freedom to abortion, free daycare, and things of this nature? I know there are some great women lawyers who are fighting for good things like the life of a baby but some wise men could do just as well. Besides, being a lawyer makes women much less feminine because they have to be argumentative and loud to state their case. It would be difficult for them to have a meek and quiet spirit as the Lord calls women to have. No points for this one.

Number four: Take birth control pills. Horrible! This has led to the slaughter of over 54 millions babies in the womb since women can now decide to control their fertility. Once women could take control of their fertility, it has led to more sexual immorality, terrible side effects, and less children. Minus 54 million points on this one.

Number five: Go on maternity leave. Yes, make it easier for women to leave their jobs for a few months to be with their children who they will then leave in the hands of strangers to raise. No thanks. Negative points. (Remember, it was feminists who fought so hard for women to leave their homes so they could have careers. Now, they have to fight for many other things that makes the government bigger and taxes higher to support them in this cause. Next, all of the tax payers are going to have pay for child care. All have been terrible for children and society since they need and want their mothers home full time.)

Number six: Breastfeed in public. If it means that a woman can breastfeed with her breasts completely exposed, it is a bad victory but if it allows for a woman to breastfeed covered up, it’s a great one. It’s a draw on this one, depending on what they were fighting for.

Number seven: Attend an Ivy League University. These are full of humanistic teachings, anti-God, feminist’s teachings, and nothing about what God desires women to do and be. Negative points.

Number eight: Attend a military academy. In the Bible, everyone that went to war were men at least 20 years of age (Numbers 1:45). This is how God planned it to be and it should have always stayed this way. Fighting wars is not a place for women. Period. Negative points.

Number nine: Run the Boston Marathon. This one doesn’t matter to me. I see no harm in women running that long if that is what they want to do but for Christian women to spend so much time in preparing for this seems a waste of time to me. They get a point for this one.

Number ten: Serve in combat. See number eight. Blech! To me, this is wicked, especially since they are thinking about drafting women. Thanks a lot, feminists. Multiple negative points on this one.

Number eleven: Become an astronaut. I am not sure why a Christian woman would want to pursue this since it has nothing to do with what God has called women to do and it ministers to no one but if a woman wants to do this, so be it. Feminism gets a point for this.

Feminists get a few points for things I don’t care about at all and I am sure God doesn’t care about any of these things. Did you notice at the beginning of the article, the author wrote, “seeing the things my mother and grandmother were forced to endure.” It’s as if women were beaten, stoned, and treated like slaves before feminism came on the scene. I have heard this a lot. They act as if feminism has been a woman’s savior, but in my mind, it has been a woman’s demise. The world’s ways are not God’s ways. They also claimed that a wife was “legally classified as ‘subordinate’ to her husband.” Wives being under the authority of their husbands is a good thing since all of God’s commands for us are the best for us. This brings harmony to a home, if the husband is not an evil and abusive husband. (Submission of a wife does not cause a man to be abusive contrary to popular opinion. An abusive man has an evil heart.) All this means is that women and men have different, but valuable roles in marriage.

Stop listening to the lies of feminism and the supposed “triumphs” they have gained. They have only gained them because men have let them. It’s nothing they could have done without men stepping aside and allowing it.  (I am very sad they stepped aside in all things having to do with the military and protection of our country. What were they thinking?) You can see from this list that the negatives far outweigh the positives and the negatives have been exceedingly detrimental to this culture, especially for the least among us, the children. Nothing that they have accomplished is important to the Lord and this is all that is important to me.

Wherefore I was grieved with that generation, and said,
They do always err in their heart; and they have not known my ways.

Hebrews 3:10

What About Him?

What About Him?


In all the years I have been mentoring women, frequently I have women asking me, “Well, what about him? Doesn’t he have to do this and that, too? What about Ephesians 5:25? He’s called to love me as Christ loves the Church and he isn’t so I can disobey, disrespect, and be the leader in the home since he isn’t obeying God, so there!” No, they don’t add the last part but this is in essence what they are saying when they say, “What about him?”

Women, this is what caused Ken and me to have a difficult marriage for 23 years. I was continually thinking about how he should act and speak to me, instead of working on myself. You aren’t responsible for your husband’s behavior. He is. You are only responsible for your own, regardless of how your husband behaves. God calls us to have a godly lifestyle and this doesn’t depend upon our husband. The Lord doesn’t say to respect our husbands, but only if they are respectable. Obey your husbands, only if they are perfect in every way. (Sarah was known for obeying Abraham and he sure wasn’t perfect! 1 Peter 3:6) Please your husbands but only if they please you. Love him only if he loves and adores you. I am sure you learned when you were growing up that two wrongs never equaled a right! How come you forgot?

One day, you will have to stand before the King of kings and give an answer for the way you lived and you can’t say to Him, “Well, my husband didn’t love me like you loved the Church?” This will be meaningless on that day. We are only responsible for our actions and our obedience to the Lord. Respect your husband even if he isn’t acting respectable. Do you realize what a powerful witness this is to him of Christ living in you? Obey him, even when he is not perfect. Please him even if he isn’t pleasing you. This is called heaping burning coals upon his head. These burning coals have the ability to soften the hardest heart so faith can grow. Love him even if he says he doesn’t love you. Care more about his eternal soul than your short-term “happiness” since happiness is fleeting.

Life isn’t about you and doing things your own way and waiting for others to be obedient to the Lord before you’re obedient. No, life is about the Lord and doing things the Lord’s way even if no one else is being obedient since you will shine like a bright light in a dark world. Love the Lord and His ways more than your rights, emotions, and feelings. Trust that He knew what He was doing when He created you to be your husband’s help meet and follow your husband. If he is not a believer, memorize 1 Peter 3:1-6, and fight for his eternal soul by doing things God’s ways. Then, just maybe, you will one day have a marriage that is strong and brings glory to the Lord.

Here is the patience of the saints:
here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

Revelation 14:12

Women Wanting to Do What is Right in Their Own Eyes

Women Wanting to Do What is Right in Their Own Eyes


Many women are rebellious today and want to do what is right in their own eyes. They are rebellious to all types of authority and they don’t want to be told what to do: what to wear, what to do with their bodies, and what to do with their lives. They want to do what they want to do regardless of who it hurts in the process. One example is from a man who wrote about his disgust with so many women wearing yoga pants.

‘‘Yoga pants belong in the yoga studio,’’ Alan Sorrentino wrote. ‘‘What’s next? Wearing a ‘Speedo’’ to the supermarket? Imagine if men did that. Yuck!’’ If I had heard a man say this and I have, I would be cheering and agreeing with him! The editor of the article, however, wrote, “The letter, which said adult women wearing yoga pants in public was comparable to men wearing Speedos to the grocery store, went viral. The backlash was immediate, passionate, and international.” Of course it was immediate, passionate, and international. Anyone who confronts women with the way they live is means for revolt in their eyes. This is how many are with me because I teach godly principles and God’s design for them. They were “immediate, passionate, and international” and nasty and mean about my homemaking post that went viral.

I wrote an entire chapter in my book on modesty since women are not taught modesty anymore. I warned about yoga pants since I know they are not modest and cause men to stumble. It’s a little tough on guys to continually avert their eyes when almost every single women they see is wearing them no matter what they look like in them. And what did the women do in response to this comment? They held a “yoga pants parade” in front of his house and flaunted all different colors of yoga pants for all to see. “On no, you can’t tell women what to do with their bodies.” Why, if they want to have their unborn babies murdered just because they don’t want a baby, they should be able to have them murdered. It’s their bodies!

“It was supposed to be funny, Sorrentino said, because what kind of ‘tormented, uptight individual’ could possibly care enough about yoga pants to write such a letter?” I am sure he toned it down once he saw the vitriol response to his words. Those “tormented, uptight individuals” who should care about them are those women who want to obey the Lord and not cause men to stumble. Yes, this is very foreign in today’s culture since most women are taught to be independent and do their own thing since the women’s liberation movement  freed them from the shackles of modesty, motherhood, marriage, and all the other things that they believed held women in bondage.

“I don’t get involved in much in the way of protests and marches and all of that, but this just brought me out because the guy’s letter was offensive,” said one woman. Most everything that is good, decent, and the Lord’s ways are offensive to women today. Try to teach Titus 2:3, 4 to younger women and see all the offended women come out of hiding. The things that should offend them, like evil, don’t offend them anymore. “It was the shaming and the policing of women’s bodies that struck a chord with the attendees,” said another woman. No, never tell women what is good and right and what the Lord requires of them since they are their own god now and decide what is right.

Notice the signs in the article that the women are holding at their parade; “We Wear What We Want.” Pure selfishness with no concern for anyone else. Yes, wear thong bikinis, skin tight, and short short anything because this is their right! “Love Yourself.” Do whatever they “feel” like doing since this is loving themselves. “It shows the vein that it tapped into.”  Anything that goes against their “rights” is a vein that we aren’t supposed to mess with, unless you are a brave older women who knows that the Lord’s ways are best for younger women regardless of how many are rebelling against them.

Every man did that which was right in his own eyes.
Judges 17:6

He that loves discipline loves knowledge, and he that hates reproof is a fool.
Proverbs 12:1

Something Better Than the Five Love Languages

Something Better Than the Five Love Languages


The Five Love Languages is an extremely popular book. I have never cared for it much. It seemed selfish to me and is just another way to place too high of expectations upon others, especially our husbands. “If you don’t love me the way I want to be loved then you can forget it.” I even have a friend who “unfriends” anyone who does not speak her love language. We must be very careful about popular terms that are not in the Word of God. Does the wife who wants affection but isn’t receiving it get mad at her husband for not giving it even after she specifically told her husband that she loves affection? We don’t need one more man-made principle and expectation that can easily divide couples.

Maybe a wife loves quality time together since this is her love language, but her husband works so hard to support the family that he doesn’t have time to fulfill this desire of hers. Another one loves to receive gifts, but the husband is a terrible gift giver. Many women love words of affirmation, but maybe you are married to a man who doesn’t give these to you. Others love lots of affections and the other spouse doesn’t. Do you realize that none of these are how the Bible defines love?

We were all created so differently. We all have different personalities, different likes and dislikes, different taste buds and perspectives, and the list goes on and on. The Lord has told us that the greatest of all is the servant of all, however. He has also commanded us to be living sacrifices, deny ourselves, and do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Almost every single popular self-improvement, devotional, or marriage book of our day is not worth spending time on unless it is biblical. If something is very popular, it’s wise to proceed carefully and measure it with what the Word says. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it is good. We are called to be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves.

This book seems like it has hurt marriages more than helps unless one spouse uses the book to find out what the other spouse’s love language is and proceeds to love them in the way they like. This is good since we are called to please our husband and in order to please them, we must ask them what they like. However, this book could easily cause us to be too introspective and figure out what our love language is instead of loving others as the Lord has called us to love them in 1 Corinthians 13.

Life isn’t about us and getting our way. It’s about giving our lives away for others. If this book has helped your marriage, great. But if you get upset occasionally because your husband isn’t loving you like you think he should love you, get rid of the book, it’s recommendations, and begin reading and studying the Bible instead. The Word perfectly describes what love is in 1 Corinthians 13. The KJV states that “Charity suffereth long.” If every married woman chose to “suffer” long (extremely patient) in her marriage, especially those who are married to disobedient husbands, think what great witnesses Christian marriages would be to a lost world of Christ’s relationship to His Church. He sure suffers long with many of us.

Love is also kind. Are you kind in the way you speak and act towards your husband? If not, practice kindness towards him at all times. Smile at him often, forgive quickly, be affectionate and warm with him, gentle, gracious, not argumentative, and generous with him. Love “beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.” 

Here is God’s prescription for love. No man can improve upon this definition. Love your husband with godly, biblical love and you will most likely have a great marriage!

Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil. Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth; Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. Charity never faileth:
1 Corinthians 13:4-8

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Touch Not the Unclean Thing

Touch Not the Unclean Thing

Written By Charles Spurgeon

If a Christian can by possibility be saved while he conforms to this world, at any rate it must be so as by fire. Such a bare salvation is almost as much to be dreaded as desired. Reader, would you wish to leave this world in the darkness of a desponding death bed, and enter heaven as a shipwrecked mariner climbs the rocks of his native country? then be worldly; be mixed up with Mammonites, and refuse to go without the camp bearing Christ’s reproach.

But would you have a heaven below as well as a heaven above? Would you comprehend with all saints what are the heights and depths, and know the love of Christ which passeth knowledge? Would you receive an abundant entrance into the joy of your Lord? Then come ye out from among them, and be ye separate, and touch not the unclean thing. Would you attain the full assurance of faith? you cannot gain it while you commune with sinners. Would you flame with vehement love? Your love will be damped by the drenchings of godless society.

You cannot become a great Christian–you may be a babe in grace, but you never can be a perfect man in Christ Jesus while you yield yourself to the worldly maxims and modes of business of men of the world. It is ill for an heir of heaven to be a great friend with the heirs of hell. It has a bad look when a courtier is too intimate with his king’s enemies. Even small inconsistencies are dangerous. Little thorns make great blisters, little moths destroy fine garments, and little frivolities and little rogueries will rob religion of a thousand joys. O professor, too little separated from sinners, you know not what you lose by your conformity to the world. It cuts the tendons of your strength, and makes you creep where you ought to run. Then, for your own comfort’s sake, and for the sake of your growth in grace, if you be a Christian, be a Christian, and be a marked and distinct one.

And be not conformed to this world. 
Romans 12:2

Hillary’s Pro-Death Stance

Hillary’s Pro-Death Stance


Politics is not something I want to write about much since there are so many differing opinions on all the different topics but I am compelled to use the power of the pen to speak against Hillary’s pro-death stance when it comes to abortion. She talks a good game but how she votes and who she supports states a lot more about her than anything else. She says she wants abortion to be “rare” and yet has never done a thing to try and make it rare. Instead, she takes millions of dollars for her campaign from an abortion mill that produced 323,000 abortions last year and 54 million since Roe v Wade. That is not “rare” but disgustingly evil.

Hillary has voted against a prohibition against late-term abortion. A late term abortion is when a baby is fully formed and can live outside of the womb. Lawrence K. Koning, MD, FACOG has said this about late-term abortions “As an OB/GYN physician for 31 years, there is no medical situation that requires aborting / killing the baby in the third trimester to ‘save the mother’s life.’ Just deliver the baby by c/section and the baby has 95+% survival with readily available NICU care even at 28 weeks. C/section is quicker and safer than partial birth abortion for the mother.”

Abortion is a gruesome event for an unborn baby. They will use painful measures to pull the unborn baby out and studies have proven that unborn babies feel the pain. I saw a diagram of a baby coming out of the mother’s womb and how the abortionists takes scissors and slices through the back of the neck to murder the baby. The word medical science uses for this gruesome act is feticide. Some women will have these types of abortions simply because they don’t want a baby and others because their babies are not perfect.

I have a friend that has two Down Syndrome babies and they bring her so much joy. There is no reason to murder a baby who is not perfect. We all started out as an embryo. We were all knit together in our mother’s womb by our Creator. All life is valuable, but the life of a baby and child is to be protected, not violently taken. Jesus said, “Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea” (Matthew 18.:5-6).

A nation that doesn’t protect innocent life but instead snuffs it out before he/she is born, will allow all types of evil as we are seeing today. Please, don’t vote for Hillary who is pro-death. Vote for a candidate that values life, especially the life of the helpless and innocent. Are you not thankful that your mom didn’t abort you? We are to treat people the way we want them to treat us (Matthew 7:12). I am not voting for a Presidential candidate but for a Supreme Court Justice, and a platform that values the unborn. By voting for Hillary, you are approving the death of babies as they are coming out of the womb since she will elect Supreme Court Justices who approve this evil practice and erode more constitutional law. Don’t vote for her just because she would be the first woman who can be president. If there is to be a first woman president let’s have one who will be an outstanding role model for America, not one who has a private and public position on abortion yet never defends the life of the unborn. Vote for the person who values the life of the unborn because it’s a very slippery slope to more and more despicable evil when we don’t protect the innocent and helpless among us.

For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb. I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from You, When I was made in secret, And skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth; Your eyes have seen my unformed substance; And in Your book were all written The days that were ordained for me, When as yet there was not one of them.
Psalm 139:13-16

Popular Female Teachers Leaving Out Sin and Condemnation

Popular Female Teachers Leaving Out Sin and Condemnation


Something I have noticed with female Bible teachers and writers who have no problem teaching men in a church or auditorium is their lack of teaching about the word sin, repentance, and judgment. (Some of them do but many don’t and they still shouldn’t be teaching men regardless of what they teach.) They focus upon God’s love (which is good), feeding and helping the poor (which is important), and many other areas of the Christian walk but never mention the destruction of sin, define what sin is, tell people they need to repent from their sins, and that there will be a great judgment day where we will all be judged by Almighty God and if your name isn’t written in the Book of Life, there is eternal damnation.

Why am I teaching this on my little old blog when my purpose is to focus upon Titus 2:3-5 (which most of those female teachers and writers never cover)? Older women are to teach younger women to be good and have discretion. In order to be good and have discretion, you must know truth and be warned against false teaching. Any one claiming to teach anything about the Word has to mention the hard things like sin, repentance, and judgment and not simply teach about God’s grace (which is amazing) and His love (which is glorious).  You can’t have one without the other.

I want to spend most of my time teaching and encouraging women in Titus 2:3-5. They need to be sober, love their husband and children, be good, chaste, discreet, keepers at home and live in obedience to their husband. This is important for women to know and I love teaching it. But if they don’t know about Jesus (how I love this name) and His love, grace, and their need to recognize their sin, repent from it (turn away), believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and live in obedience to Him, the other stuff is meaningless. They can obey Titus 2:3-5 perfectly (in their mind since no one can be perfect) and still not be saved from God’s wrath to come.

It’s not popular at all to teach about sin and define sins, repentance from them, and about the wrath to come for those who refuse to repent. It’s not popular to teach women to be obedient to their husband and keepers at home but this should never stop women from teaching these. As Charles Spurgeon wrote, “All the pretensions you make of attachment to your Master, and all the devout rituals which you may perform, are no recompense, ‘to obey,’ even in the slightest and smallest things, ‘is better than sacrifice,’…the first thing which God requires of His child is obedience; and though you should give your body to be burned, and all your goods to feed the poor- yet if you do not hearken to the Lord’s precepts, all your formalities shall profit you nothing…My soul, do not come into their practice.”

Imagine how much stronger the Church today would be if instead of women teaching women theology in women Bible studies, older women taught them to love and obey their husbands, how to discipline and train their children, to be sober, good, modest, discreet, chaste, and keepers at home. Marriages would be stronger, children would have self-control and act respectfully, mothers and daughters would be modest, chaste, good, and discreet, and mothers would be homemakers and enjoy the ministry the Lord blessed them with. Then on Sundays, the women go to church with their husband and children and listen to the male Pastors preaching the Word of God. What a powerful Church that would be; one that actually obeys God’s commands.

If ye love me, keep my commandments.
John 14:15