Helping Your Babies/Children Develop Healthy Brains

Helping Your Babies/Children Develop Healthy Brains

When my children were in junior high and I was homeshooling them, we helped a friend of mine, Nancy Green, teach children with learning difficulties at a public elementary school. Nancy is an incredibly intelligent woman who has been helping children with all types of learning disabilities, even ADHD, and has seen incredible results. My youngest daughter even worked with her when Nancy had her own business, Brain Highways, helping children. My daughter was a eye witness to the incredible changes in these children.

She teaches young mothers the extreme importance of tummy time for their babies and then crawling for healthy brain development. She cautioned against putting them in anything that had them sitting up before they were ready. They should either be carried or on the floor, so this is what my children have all done with their babies.

Nancy is also a great writer and was the first one to encourage me when I began a blog. I would often admit that I wasn’t a good reader. Nancy would write me and tell me I was a good writer. She told me she could hear my voice in my writings, as if I was sitting across the table from her.

Nancy just released her first book. Both of my daughters were the first ones to tell me! They were excited about it because they both admire Nancy’s wisdom. I asked her to give me a synopsis of it so I could share it with all of you:

This is the premise of the just released book, Connection Mode: How to Change Your Brain for an Easier Life, We can sum up our entire nervous system with this statement: We are either in protection mode or connection mode. We cannot be in both at the same time. When we are in protection mode, everything is put on hold: Our nervous system has now made our survival its highest priority.

But once in protection mode, we’re only focused on our own needs. Learning becomes adversely affected. Our amazing body’s innate wisdom to heal any acute or chronic health problem is placed on the back burner. That’s because our brain, nervous system, and body are now laser-focused on keeping us safe from whatever has been assessed as threat to our survival. The problem is: Our nervous system is wrong like 99% of the time.

While it’s sometimes obvious when someone is in protection mode, there are also many ways that we can be in protection mode without ever knowing it. That means we may at times disconnect from others (and ourselves) without understanding why.

But this is what is often not known. We are all supposed to live most our life in connection mode. When we are in connection mode, we are now easily able to show up as our true, awesome selves. We are just naturally kind, curious, creative, compassionate, joyful, and so much more. Since how we act in connection mode differs so greatly from when we are in protection mode, we need to make sure our nervous system is working as intended. That means we need to know how to quickly bounce back to connection mode once triggered. We also need to know how not completing our lower brain development as a baby (which is very common) may be adversely interfering with our lives in so many ways—but most of all, how we can finish that development at any age.

That’s why Connection Mode: is such a timely book. With humor, wisdom, and heart—along with lots of relatable stories, helpful analogies, and practical suggestions–Connection Mode now makes it possible for everyone benefit from what over 20,000 participants have already experienced in the Brain Highways program: It is possible to change your brain and nervous system so that everything works as intended. It is truly possible to have an easier life.

You can listen to the first chapter of her book HERE for free.

***The Brain Highways website offers free information on the nervous system and lower brain.

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