Losing Weight on My Healing Diet

Losing Weight on My Healing Diet

Last February, I began a healing diet to heal my inflamed gut. I’ve been on it for five months now. My gut is definitely much better! I no longer have a constant burning stomach, horrible acid reflux, diarrhea, and intense pain. The only symptom I still deal with once in a while is gut pain, but it is far less than before.

About two years ago, I took some dresses down from my closet because I didn’t fit in them anymore. I was a few pounds over what I would like to be, and it was sure a struggle to get them off! Through this healing diet, I have lost weight. I am back to where I was probably ten or so years ago. I tried on those dresses I had in my give away pile. They all fit! I shared on my social media that one of them had short sleeves (as you can see above) and since this is the first time I have noticed my upper arms becoming wrinkled, I thought I wouldn’t wear it anymore. But after trying it on, I decided I definitely wanted to wear it. It’s well made and fits me great now! Wrinkled skin is part of aging.

Some women have asked how I have lost weight on my healing diet. I have shared it all on my Instagram, but I decided to put it all in a post for those who are interested. I can tell you, I tried for years to lose these extra pounds (about five or so) and just couldn’t do it. But, I did it finally! I am sure it can help any of you who struggle with weight and want to become healthier too. Since it has a lot of healthy fats and proteins, I am rarely hungry between meals.

The first thing I have when I wake up is a big mug of my healing broth soup. I add a tablespoon of butter into it. After an hour or so, I have a large protein shake. I put in one half cup of pure coconut milk (no guar added), two cups of organic frozen blueberries (from Costco),  and a big scoop of beef broth protein powder. I use one called Pure Protein or this one from Amazon. This makes two large mugs full of protein shakes. I have one right after making it and the other one a few hours later.

Around noon or so, I have a steak with avocado or two eggs with avocado. I buy one steak a week for me, and it lasts for two meals. I eat organic, pastured eggs with a lot of avocado the other days.

Around 4:00 pm, I have another big mug of my healing broth soup with a tablespoon of butter. I don’t eat anything else. Before beginning this diet, food would come up into my throat that tasted like vomit. It was disgusting! It would happen even if I just had a yam for dinner. I was desperate to find healing. I am so thankful to have found this healing diet.

I also take good digestive enzymes after lunch and good probiotics in the morning. “Restoring Your Digestive Health” by Jordan Rubin and Joseph Brasco is a great book to read. I found the recipe for the healing broth in it and what to eat exactly with my condition. Some of you could have far more variety than I do if your gut is healthy. I haven’t added anything else to my diet yet. They encourage you to wait up to six months after having no symptoms to add other foods. I actually could live on this diet the rest of my life! It will be nice to finally try a few new things, however. I also walk for 40 minutes a day.

Feel free to ask my any comments in the comment section. I know a few people who have been trying this and having great success too. Remember, the gut is where health begins and ends. What we eat makes a huge impact upon how healthy we are.

But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.
1 Corinthians 9:27

10 thoughts on “Losing Weight on My Healing Diet

  1. So 1 meal a day and then drinks? I guess that would help you lose weight rather fast

    Lori: I consider my mugs of soup and protein shakes good meals! They certainly are filling.

  2. Are you doing one 40 minute walk per day, or two 20 minute walks at different times of the day? (When? Before or after meals?)

    Lori: I take one 40 minute walk in the early morning these days while it is still cool out to beat the heat of the day. I usually take it right after having my soup. In the cooler months, I will take my walk after lunch.

  3. What probiotic brand do you take?

    Lori: I take Mega Spore Biotic by Microbiome Labs. I take two a day after breakfast.

  4. I recently read Super Gut by William Davis, M.D. (author of Wheat Belly). He teaches people how to make yogurt that is the strength of a very strong probiotic and teaches which strains of bacteria have certain benefits. For example, L. reuteri is responsible for oxytocin production. Fermented foods are so good for gut healing.


  5. I’m pregnant and gaining weight rapidly and don’t like it at all. This is my 5th baby and I always look like Barney ( the big purple dinosaur) but I am fatigued and I don’t know what to do.

    Lori: Cut out all of the sugar, seed oils, gluten, and junk food. Eat healthy fats, proteins, fruit, and vegetables instead. This is far healthier for you and baby!

  6. Thanks for sharing! What would you eat on occasion if you’re having people over or go to visit with friends/family? Do you take a “break” then by making another type of healthy, crowd-pleaser meal to enjoy with guests or still make/take your own food?

    Lori: I stick closely to my diet for continued healing on my gut. There are many things I make for company, my children and grandchildren, and my husband that I can’t eat. They’re all found in my new cookbook “The Transformed Kitchen.”

  7. A liquid diet is a quick way to loose weight, but not a way to keep it off. Not sure it should be promoted as a weight loss diet. A person will obviously loose weight when they are unable to eat due to excruciating gut and reflux pain. You’re diet is a great way to heal the gut. I did this diet several years ago due to reflux. Even though the soup and protein shakes are nourishing, this should not be a long term diet especially to loose weight. Some, if not all the weight will come back on as soon as solid food is started again, unless you’ve learned not to over eat. The healthiest way to loose weight and keep it off is to learn to listen to physical hunger and fullness and not eat beyond full.

    Hi Tamara: This isn’t a liquid diet. The soup and protein shakes are packed full of proteins, fats, fruit, vegetables, and nutrients. In fact, I have been on this diet for five months. A few weeks ago, I had an extensive blood work up. It all came out perfect! It proves this diet is healthy. One could live on this their entire life. Yes, some can add a lot more healthy foods if their guts are healthy and still lose or maintain their weight.

  8. Thankyou Lori,
    I need to lose weight as does my husband and we both need to heal our gut. While organic is optimal can non organic work as well? A lot of organic products are expensive here and I live too far from Costco. I do our main shop at ALDI.
    God bless,

    Lori: Make sure to buy the dirty dozen organic (google it) and you’ll also be told which foods aren’t important to buy organic!

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