Young Women Want to Be Brides, Not Wives and Mothers

Young Women Want to Be Brides, Not Wives and Mothers

Pastor Voddie Baucham preached a sermon called “What’s More Important Than A Wedding.” I took some notes and then will add my thoughts.

Young women want to be brides but not wives and mothers. They want a wedding but not a marriage. What happened? It happened over a half century ago and is perfectly portrayed in Snow White (1937 which was post Depression era) and Cinderella (1950 which was post WW2 era). Let’s look at the comparison between the two.

Snow White was shy, demure, modest, and modestly dressed. She never wore an expensive gown. She only wore a peasant’s dress. Cinderella was all about the ball gown.

Snow White delighted in cooking, cleaning, singing, and dancing for the dwarves who loved her and couldn’t live without her. Cinderella despised domestic duties and couldn’t wait to escape from them.

Snow White goes to sleep and waits for her prince to seek after her. Cinderella goes to the ball and competes with other women to see if they can be glamorous enough to get the man.

Snow White ends with a kiss from a prince that has sought after her. Cinderella ends with big pay off royal wedding and an unforgettable gown.

Everything changed. These movies embody what’s gone on in our country. Women are no longer wives, only brides. There are no more marriages, only weddings.

My thoughts. This is true. Women focus far more on romance and the wedding than what it takes to be a godly, submissive wife and mother. There is no sacrifice or self-denying in romance and weddings. It’s all about them! Being godly wives and mothers is all about sacrifice and self-denial. Talking about romance and weddings doesn’t offend women. Talking about being the wives and mothers that God has called them to be does offend women.

Marriage takes hard work. You’re living with a member of the opposite sex with different struggles and sins than you each have. It takes a lot of love and grace to make a marriage work. It takes disciplining yourself to not argue and want to control and change him.

The wedding is centered around the bride. Marriage is not. It’s centered on learning to be the help meet that God requires women to be. Most women go into marriage thinking how the husband can make her happy rather than how she will do all she can to make his life better.

Hollywood has fed this to women. Weddings are now enormously expensive which puts many into deep debt which is NOT a good way to start off a marriage. This isn’t the way it needs to be, women. Focus far more on becoming a woman that a man will enjoy being married to for life. Stop focusing on the wedding! It’s a one day event that will soon be forgotten.

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.
Genesis 2:24

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