Handing Over Our Constitutional Rights

Handing Over Our Constitutional Rights

Written by a wise young woman

There are so many people on social media trying to convince others that if you are concerned about the economy then you have a love of money and want people to die and that sounds scary but that is not the truth. The truth is that the economy is not money. The economy is made of people. I don’t think we will ever have honest facts and figures of how people are really affected by this shut down. There is going to be a trickle effect that lasts for several generations. That aside, we should still have our free will given by God and protected by our constitution.

Every individual has the right to stay home, isolate, quarantine, etc. if they are fearful. But they should have that decision. And everyone else should be able to go in public without fear of public scorn or being accused of wanting people to die. I personally am not afraid at all of any of my relatives catching COVID-19 and dying. I am super afraid of our generation handing our constitutional rights over on a silver platter.

If my relatives have underlying problems and are scared for their health, then they should stay home. And if they do not want to do that then I fully support their decision to be in charge of their own health, their own decisions, etc. My dad has smoked for 40 years and it’s GOING to kill him. But should the government forcibly stop him?

By the way, this is the SAME argument that is used against Christians who are against gay marriage. You’re supposed to LOVE your neighbor. Jesus LOVES everyone and you should, too. If you don’t support this then you hate people and you are putting your ideals above their happiness.

This is a super slippery slope in both ways. Be careful.

My grandfather worked on cars until he came down with pneumonia and died, but he would say he did not fight in WWII, become a prisoner of the Germans, and escape, just to be told in his old age that he is too incompetent to make his own decisions for his welfare and be forced to stay in his house to die there!

Another woman wrote: “If the country opens up before YOU think it should, YOU are allowed to continue to isolate at home if you choose. If you feel like church is too risky, don’t go. Some of us value our constitutional rights more than a false sense of security.”

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.
Matthew 10:16

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  1. Wish this post would go viral??
    A common sense approach to this mess that we have lost. 100% agree! Thank you!

  2. Yes! I live in Pennsylvania, my husband has been unable to work for over 6 weeks now because his business is “not essential.” This is ridiculous, we deserve to be able to earn an income, and there is no end in sight to this shutdown, or a possible start date for his profession. I know God provides, and we have been blessed several times during all of this but I am honestly just fed up….

  3. Amen a hundred times. I am FAR more worried about the long-reaching economic and loss-of-every-constitutional-right-we-ever-had effects than I am about the virus.

  4. I agree to an extent. I agree things are getting too far. You can’t just lock people in and not allow them to go anywhere, even visit their relatives if they want to! Certain limits, however, I agree with, like limiting the amount of people in closed spaces. I would prefer if the Government gave recommendations, not orders, like in Sweden. I think recommending people to wear masks and keep their distance would be enough. And I think you make a fair point: dictators give orders, democracy, however, means people decide what’s best for them, for each individual!

  5. Hi Lori.

    Great post and 100% correct. COVID-19 is nothing but a shameless power grab by the powers that be.
    May God grant us eyes to see and ears to hear.

  6. I just sent your Fermented Vegetable Video to my uncle whose undergoing cancer treatment.

    I will eventually get around to making it myself!

    Ok back to the post

  7. Fear of the Lord, is the beginning of wisdom. We are commanded to hate what the Lord hates, to hate sin. You cannot love the flowers and love the weeds. Let’s temper the infinite love in the gospel of Matthew with the entirety of the Bible and hold it all in proper context. Good message, but it’s not biblical to endorse gay marriage and be supportive of that abominable life style. It is written.

  8. I am in the same state as you! I see now Construction workers will get to back now May 1st instead of May 8th! I think the way they decided essential business and the call in waivers was very unfair. I see where this state isn’t opening up before June and than I wonder. A lot of families will be hurting financially.

    I think we have a Right to choose, based on our own situation of health if we stay at home or go out!

  9. A very wise young lady who wrote this.

    Looking and listening around me, the state of acerebral panic that so much of the population has succumbed to has me repeatedly asking myself one question: “Do sheep deserve freedom?”

    The answer to that question is obviously “no,” but the good news is that the sheep aren’t quite as numerous amongst us as I had originally thought. Far greater numbers of people are FINALLY waking up to the realization of exactly what Satan’s servants who are our temporal rulers are doing to exploit the masses’ fears of this virus, using it as a pretext to strip us of out God-given rights and turn our world into a global dictatorship. Protests against quarantine and lockdowns are taking place all over the world right now and will only become more numerous and more intense as this charade continues. “Our” rulers are starting to realize that they have carelessly overplayed their hand.

    God bless this young woman for her wisdom. May many more people read it, heed it, and fight for truth and freedom!

  10. I saw that with construction. And I am glad for them. My husband is a barber, 6 ft social distancing is basically impossible, and I wonder if they will ever let his shop open again. We also live in the southeast, which Is on an even longer timeline.

  11. Wow this is exactly how I feel. I truly wish more people would see it this way. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I am two hours west of you! I really wonder too when the hairdressers and barbers will get back. They will be last for sure. Yea, can’t cut with somebody wearing a mask! Oh I hope it will all work out for you very soon!

  13. While the author of this post shows wisdom, this paradigm is not new. Many have been questioning these ideas for weeks, with research and data to back up their concerns.

    Allie Beth Stuckey, Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, Tucker Carlson (and more on Fox News), etc. I give these professional journalists credit for going against the grain of the mainstream media, and their livelihood depends on getting the story straight.

    It’s not being a sheep to respect authority structure and slow the spread of a disease of a disease that’s present in 210 countries and has already killed 188,000 people.

    The issue is having a dual focus of opening the economy while still practicing social distancing and avoiding large crowds. Up until and including now, to a degree, most are not open to discussing a joint approach, which is frustrating and harmful to families without a source of income.

  14. We live in PA as well. Governor Wolf publicized his plan-I saw a report on our local news today and online this morning.
    I hope your husband can return to work soon.

  15. Dear Readers,
    Where is the biblical evidence for this post OR any of the responses thus far (April 23, 2020 1:40 p.m. (CST)? IF we are TRUE disciples of Christ, our “wisdom” MUST come from His Holy Word and NOT how we “feel” or the opinions of our favorite politicians, bloggers, OR even our spouses. At this point, Christians (OR any other group) are NOT being persecuted OR targeted. The authorities are NOT asking Christians to renounce Christ or His precepts & principles in ANY way, which is the ONLY reason a *true* believer should EVER defy the governing authorities. Here are only a few *basic* Scripture verses that the Holy Spirit brings to mind: Romans 12:2; 13:1-5, Titus 3:1.

    Yours in Christ,

  16. Well, hello neighbors..I’m in central PA – what a small, small world! My area is opening next month – YEA! Send you both well wishes, safety, and positive vibes!

  17. It doesn’t mean that we can’t give our opinions as believers in Jesus Christ on what is happening in our country. This isn’t forbidden. Yes, we are to pray for our leaders to live peaceable and quiet lives but it would be a said day if Christians never spoke up about the things happening in our culture such as abortion, homosexuality, etc. We are to shine the light of Truth on everything! However, whatever happens to our country, we will remind ourselves that this isn’t our home and that godliness with contentment is great gain.

  18. Hi there Lori, what is the number of people who have sadly lost their lives in the USA?
    I pray life goes back to normal soon!
    Love and Blessings.

  19. Hi Jilly,

    We don’t really know since they are counting almost all deaths as being due to the Covid-19. The doctor who is working with our president has admitted this to be true but many are dying from suicide and will die if they can’t get back to work and do what God has called them to do. Our stay at home order was to flatten the curve so as not to overwhelm hospitals. This has happened and so now some governors are opening up just as they promised! The goal was never to eradicate the virus since this is impossible and there may never be a vaccine for it either.

  20. I have a simple response to you and to others who ask the same questions. Let us read the USA constitution. The first line is We the People. This tells us that we the people are the sovereign rulers of this country and of each individual state. Those who are elected and work in governmental agencies work for us. Let us go to the response Christ asked when pressed about paying taxes – Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caeser’s and to God the things that are God’s. Matthew 22:21. So let us ask Who is Caesar in the USA? It is We the People because we choose from among We the People who will represent and lead We the People.

    Second when we look at the first 10 amendments – commonly called the Bill of Rights – these were added because these were believed by our founding fathers to be rights not granted by “government” but by God and these cannot be taken away by “government”. We can give them away but they can and should never be taken away.

    Now I do question our leaders why we are not allowed to gather together with fellow believers at any time of our choosing to fellowship and worship in groups larger than our immediate families. That does go against our Christian mandate to gather together. We do face punishment if we do get more than 10 of us together in a single place. So yes we are being persecuted – not just Christians but, all groups.

  21. I don’t publish links to videos, Isadora, unless I can clearly see what it is about. I have been taken to too many wicked sites so I am now very careful with what I publish.

  22. Dear Readers,
    Correction: I meant to use verses 16 and 17 of 2 Timothy as my scripture reference…not just verse 16.

    Yours in Christ,

  23. Interesting thoughts Lori. My view is that the Lord has given us this time to reflect, be home, re-evaluate and other messages people are receiving from Him at this unusual time. I find the protests quite undignified, especially the shouting women who should be taking the opportunity to stay home.

    Romans 13:1-5
    Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.

    Titus 3:1
    Remind them to be subject to rulers, to authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good deed

    Let’s show self-control and patience while we look out for each other. 🙂

  24. Hi Jode,

    I have written quite a lot about the silver linings in all of this. There are many but there also many harmful things happening. The protests are peaceful so far and part of this country’s freedom. It doesn’t mean that they are disobeying the government. They are simply letting their government know that they have gone too far in taking some of their rights away and have become tyrannical in nature. Our nation needs a LOT of prayer. Our president needs a lot of prayer. There is much wickedness in our land and yes, I love mothers home with their children and children being homeschooled by their mothers but I see no problem with people protesting unfair restrictions being put upon them.

  25. Social distancing is a farce. Where is the peer-reviewed study that shows 6ft is the magical distance that prevents one from getting Covid? Look at all the grocery store workers who have carried on as usual with no social distancing, no masks, no gloves (until recently) and working with more of the public than anyone else. By all accounts they should be dropping like flies. But they aren’t! They seem fine to me! This illness is being highly exaggerated and used to manipulate the global economy. We can’t possibly be this blind!

  26. P.S. Well, I opened this up to my young adult children. Humorously enough, they disagreed with me! Ha, ha! One said that if the woman was there with her husband, quietly supporting him, they didn’t see a problem with it. A woman without protection though, he didn’t think was a good idea.

  27. My comment or opinion does not match the subject content of this particular post, but I would like to give my view on the stressful financial situation covid19 is causing. From my view I see people beginning to protest and pressure our leaders(that We The People voted into office by the way) to open the economy back up, and I totally get that. However from my view the people that are protesting and pressuring are the ones that were not prepared for a financial emergency due to job loss. If everyone, including business owners were prepared like they should be with three to six months worth of salary saved up things might not be so bad for them right now. They could set back a little easier and let this run its course. People keep saying U.S. leaders were not prepared for this, well most U.S citizens were not either. Because of the thousands of jobs lost the unemployment system is stretched to the max because no one including the business owners were prepared with savings like they should’ve been

    so they could survive with on their own savings and not government support. No one is guaranteed a job when they wake up each morning, pandemic or not. I hope this teaches all American citizens wisdom on having savings so they are better prepared to support themselves financially during jobless times instead of griping at the government for not paying their bills for them when they find themselves without a job.

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