Is it Selfish to Want to Open the Country?

Is it Selfish to Want to Open the Country?

Written by Anonymous

I was reading some posts for and against reopening the country. One was talking about being selfish and it got me to thinking.

There are those wanting to reopen yet they’re being classified as selfish. There are those that rely on all kinds of people to supply them while they cower in fear at home. Isn’t that being selfish too?

You expect your garbage to be picked up. You expect the grocery store to be open so you can get milk. You expect truck drivers to supply the stores. You expect farmers, meat packers, fruit, and vegetable pickers all to keep food in that grocery store.

You expect Amazon to still ship all the things you’re ordering while you sit at home shopping. You expect the delivery driver to leave it on your doorstep. You expect your phone to work, your power to stay on, and your mail to show up rain, sleet, or shine. And most importantly, you expect the doctors and nurses to be there if you need them although many of them across the country have been furloughed because their units and services have been shut down while the entire system focuses only on COVID-19.

The whole premise of shelter-in-place is based on the arrogant idea that others must risk their health so you can protect yours. There is nothing virtuous about ignoring the largely invisible army required to allow people to shelter in place.

There are some of you that are screaming mad about what I just said but stop and think about what is allowing you to stay safe in your home.

I truly believe that with some common sense on my part, I could easily go back to life as it was. I want to go to restaurants. I want to shop at the little store just up the road.

And yes, I could catch COVID-19. I could also catch the flu or a cold. I could get run over by a bus. I could get struck by lightning. We take risks everyday. If you choose to stay home, that is absolutely your choice and freedom to do so. And please don’t start screaming at me about how I’ll just spread it. Why are you worried? You won’t get it because you’re staying in your home. Are you going to shelter in place every time a new strand of the flu happens?

Our economy can’t withstand much more of this. If our economy collapses, so will the rest of the world’s. If that happens, you will see the rise of tyrants.

I absolutely don’t want people to die…from COVID-19 or anything else. I want people to live.

But sheltering in place is not living.

Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.
Philippians 2:4

44 thoughts on “Is it Selfish to Want to Open the Country?

  1. Well, the reason why (some) people are for lockdown is, if people stat in and are mostly in contact only with their immediate families, the virus will spread slowly and the hospitals won’t be overwhelmed. So, trying to ease the work of the already busy nurses and doctors in my opinion is not selfish.

    However, like Mr President says, the cure cannot be worse than the disease. The impact this will have on the economy is undoubtably devastating. I am all for recommendations for people staying in most of the time, I just oppose ordering lockdowns which seems to be the go-to solution in the world right now. People need to make a living, otherwise, the economic devastation following the epidemic will be even worse. Not to mention the psychological effect these restrictions have on some. I pray that it won’t last much longer.

  2. I do too, Ana. The initial reason for the lockdown was to flatten the curve and not overwhelm the hospitals. Well, the curve is flattened and most hospitals are underwhelmed and laying people off, fearful of closing. Sweden never locked down and their rate of death is the same for all of the other European countries who had hard lockdowns. Antibody blood tests are showing that this virus is much less fatal for most than originally thought, like .1% instead of 2 to 3%. And yes, many have lost their livelihoods, and depression and suicide is skyrocketing. People who NEED surgery aren’t getting them. It’s time to open this country up!

  3. I don’t think most people have any idea of the economic devastation that could follow these lockdown practices, and the political upheaval that could/would follow. War, riots, famine, a depression – we have to look at the long-term as well as the short-term. Good thoughts here.

  4. This was a well-presented argument; particularly in its rebuttal to the canard of “selfishness”.

    Without fail, the people making this argument are largely those whose livelihood- for now, at least- is safely undisturbed.

  5. Not at all! It’s selfish to keep it closed much further hurting the economy and far more Americans than covid-19…. The cure can’t be worse than the disease!

  6. Sweden is in my opinion such a good example! They only recommend people stay inside, they don’t mandate it, and that’s what a democratic nation should do.

  7. No, “Anonymous” is not being selfish to want to reopen the country at all, and they’re right, many people have been working this whole time. My husband is one of them as he is employed in what’s considered a life-sustaining utility.

    As a SAHM, I’ve felt such gratitude for his continued income through this time, aware of the economic devastation heaped upon so many. Most of our friends have been able to continue working from home, but knowing that some are working day and night trying to save their small businesses (while not taking a pay check), and not knowing what commerce will look like when the country opens is heartbreaking. I’m sure that this is the reality for countless small “non-essential” business owners across the nation this morning.

    My husband’s position allows him to socially distance himself, but that is not possible for medical teams treating the sufferers of this deadly virus. Our family has prayed for the many healthcare workers that care for those suffering from the Coronavirus, a neighbor being one of them. If I understand correctly, the “stay at home order” was to slow the spread of the virus so as not to overwhelm hospital staff, and it seems that has worked to some degree.

    As I cleaned the kitchen last night, I listened to Todd Friel’s Wretched program, titled “Why Everyone Disagrees on the COVID Response”, and it was extremely thought-provoking.

    This pandemic, the response of government officials, the economic upheaval and coming aftermath have challenged us as a nation in ways unlike anything in our lifetime. I believe President Trump and his team are doing their absolute best and a wonderful job in leading our nation through this crisis.

    My husband and I attempt to follow the guidelines, knowing our children are observing our response and obedience to authority. We’re blessed to live in an area that provides opportunities to go outside for exercise, gardening, and play in our backyard. Our children miss their friends and our graduating senior is disappointed by missing all of the celebrations, but I believe we’ll look back on this family time fondly when life returns to normal. In fact, I would say it’s been a necessary reset, and forcefully instituted changes will be considered for permanence as we look ahead.
    However, my heart breaks for families that will have an opposite memory, though, if they’ve lost loved ones or were hard hit financially as a result of job loss-so many victims of both scenarios. My prayer is that they receive peace and comfort through Christ during this challenging time.

    It’s important to remember the constantly evolving nature of each state’s “shelter in place” guidelines. Our state is opening up several outdoor recreational businesses on Friday. I would encourage caution watching the news-the “story” may not even apply to your state or the expectations for your family’s response.

    One powerful truth I’ve learned through all of this is that outside of the Gospel and specific Biblical mandates, many situations are complicated, lacking simple solutions to problem solving. As we seek a solution, we should show empathy, kindness, and compassion while practicing discernment. The complexities of the Coronavirus WILL NOT be solved on social media, not that anything is, which is why we don’t have Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts. If the endless online arguments are creating angst in your spirit, I urge you to take the day off. 1 Thessalonians 4:11.
    Moving forward, keep an open mind to every side and use Philippians 4:8 as a guide in what you choose to observe or speak in spoken word or written message. As Christians, the world is watching us-we should exude peace and avoid dissension. If Jesus were by our sides today, how would we speak of the Coronavirus pandemic? Or, a better question, what would His response be, and how would He communicate it to others?

  8. “The whole premise of shelter-in-place is based on the arrogant idea that others must risk their health so you can protect yours. There is nothing virtuous about ignoring the largely invisible army required to allow people to shelter in place.” What a powerful and truthful statement!

    It’s time to reopen, we take a chances everyday in life, this too will pass.

  9. My brother is a physician and we’re on the east coast. Our large, world renowned hospital is still very much performing major and minor scheduled surgeries as well as needed emergency trauma care. Our hospitals are not overloaded with COVID patients, but my brother reported they are just as busy (and fully staffed) as ever! People are free to make their own decisions, but literally no one is holding them back from leaving their home for any reason. If it’s out of fear, then that’s something they need to give over to God.

  10. You’re on the west coast, correct? Our experience on the east coast is clearly different. Our (blue) state has never forced people to stay locked in their homes. People should not be afraid to go to the hospital for needed emergency care out of fear.

  11. Anybody who is high-risk, or simply fearful has the right to stay at home. They do not have the right to insist everyone else do so.

    It is interesting that many of the people who yawp the loudest about requiring everyone to stay in house arrest are people who are still drawing a paycheck.

    Put government workers on unpaid furlough, and the shutdown will be over within 24 hours.

    A silver lining is that every day the government schools are closed is a day the students are not being proselytized to a worldview of atheistic materialism. If teachers were put on unpaid furlough, the government schools would reopen tomorrow.

  12. Yes states like Illinois and others are under a hard lock-down. And it is literally killing small business and larger ones that had/have no means of adapting some form of take out.

  13. It’s such a complex situation and from the outside it is easy to see both sides of the argument. When your livelihood hasn’t been impacted it is easy to value human life and limiting the spread of the virus over economics and the reverse is also true when your family are facing financial ruin it is easier to accept the odds of catching and perhaps dying from this disease.

    In Australia we have been very lucky the measures put in place have meant we are not seeing anything like the spread you are experiencing in the US. My husband is still working here and is immune compromised so I am greatful we live here and not the US.

    I pray for you as a nation that your leaders would be wise and make smart decisions to lead your country through the pandemic with as little loss of life or economic fallout as possible. I also pray for you and Ken. You both offer so much biblical advice and I know that your health is compromised. I pray the Lord will keep you safe as you move about your community.

  14. Hi there Lori, I hope you don’t mind me asking this here, but I just saw a news item here in Australia saying the USA has passed 1 million people infected with COVID-19 how is your country dealing with this number being so high?

    Here we have to date 6,731 and most people are concerned but not panicking we do social distancing and children are been homeschool a lot!

    But your numbers are not good in fact the USA has 1/3 of all the world’s cases and no I am not saying the US should force a lockdown – however in the countries where they have like Australia I have noticed that the numbers are not as high as the USA. All our non essential places are closed down at the moment like clothing stores, nail salons, shoe shops, jewelry stores things not deemed necessary to sustain life.

    Our government has also come up with a lot of ways financially to help people out of work a lot of people are working from home – anyhoo, I just wanted your insight on what you think!
    I pray you are having a good day – stay safe.

    Love and Blessings Jilly❤️❤️❤️

  15. Remember, China has been controlled by globalist bankers since Mao. The Democrat party has been controlled by them since 1912. The media, tech companies, Hollyweird, and schools have been controlled by these bankers for decades, and in the case of the media, over a century. The U.N. and W.H.O. are controlled by these bankers too.

    How does this relate to this pandemic?

    It’s very obvious the bankers created this virus, and unleashed it in the one nation America is helpless to investigate, the 2nd largest economy and 2nd largest military in the world, China.

    Why did they do it?

    Because, by crashing the economy, they gain more wealth and power did themselves.

    Thy have practice, as they crashed the stock market in 1929, and CFR members like Joe Kennedy took their money out of the stock market before the crash, and stepped in afterward to buy companies for pennies on the dollar.

    This was an act of war, and the bankers responsible, fewer than 5,000 deserve the death penalty for what they did. The problem is, most of the media is controlled by these bankers and they call anyone telling the truth about the bankers, “conspiracy theorists”. Where did that term come from?

    A declassified 1967 CIA memo issued during the Kennedy assassination Warren Commission investigation showed that the CIA engaged in a PsyOp to discredit and ridicule critics of a the Warren report. They weaponized the term “conspiracy theorists” to shut down all inquiries and legitimate questions about dubious official narratives . It was a coordinated propaganda campaign to discredit and ridicule critics that has continued to this very day.

    The memo (document number 1035-960) was titled: Countering Criticism of the Warren Report

    It’s Classification: PSYCH for Psychological Operation and CS for Clandestine Services
    It contained the special Note: “Destroy When No Longer Needed”

    It detailed instructions to use “friendly” elite politicians and people embedded in major news outlets by attacking the conspiracy theorists themselves, as opposed to their actual claims, and explaining that “large scale conspiracies” are impossible. In the 1960s, the CIA owned over 250 media outlets. It directed its members to “ employ propaganda assets to [negate] and refute the attacks of the critics. Book reviews and feature articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose.”
    Since then, the label “conspiracy theorist” has become a disciplinary device that has been very effective in making sure that certain events off are always off limits to inquiry or debate. Any (honest) law enforcement officer will tell you that conspiracies can and do happen every day, all day long.

    If they are calling you a conspiracy theorist, then chances are you are over or near the target.

  16. Hi Jilly!

    The population of the US is 328 million people. The population of Australia is 25 million, therefore, we are MUCH larger than Australia. NYC is where the majority of the cases and deaths have been with their mass transit and living like sardines, and up to 50% of the deaths in the US have happened in nursing homes since we know it affects the elderly with underlying health conditions the most. We do have one of the lowest deaths per million, however. The goal in the shutdown was to flatten the curve and not overwhelm the hospitals. It was never to stop the virus completely since this won’t happen for a while yet. This has been done and our hospitals are underwhelmed with doctors and nurses being laid off.

    From antibody testing, we can see that the death rate is MUCH lower than previously stated at .1% instead of 2 to 3 %. The cure is becoming worse that the virus since many are depressed, committing suicide, and losing their livelihoods. Isolation is not good for a people for long. It seemed the right thing to do at first, but it no longer does with all that we’ve learned about this virus. I encourage you to watch this video from two doctors from CA about this virus:

  17. Those who are elderly or immune compromised should still stay home even when America opens up but I explained it to Jilly (below) more thoroughly what the difference is between your nation and the US. MANY if not all nations of the world depend upon America being healthy (economically strong). If we fail, the economies of the world will fail and it won’t be pretty.

  18. If history repeats itself, maybe we should all study the flu pandemic of 1918. We will get through this. Don’t lose faith. God can provide financially as well as provide safety from getting sick. Trust God in every area ,even your finances during this uncertain time. Stop fretting about the economy. God was not surprised by covid, in fact he allowed it. He did not cause it , but He allowed it and everything that has come with it. Ask God for wisdom to see this through His eyes. Be an example as Christians trusting God even when things are bad. Don’t be caught griping like everyone is about the economy.

  19. Thank God for this article and the many other voices of reason (and faith) out there!!

  20. People are not realizing the economic DISASTER that will follow if the country remains closed any longer. Most of the hospitals where I am (in Canada) are not as overwhelmed as they try to convince people. They need to open the country. I believe they had other motives when they closed the entire country. They’ve never done this for any other pandemic.

  21. I live in New Zealand, and we have slowly started to open up our economy. We have been pretty successful in eliminating (not eradicating) the virus from our country, and most businesses are now allowed to open, in some form, following social distancing requirements.

    Lockdown is necessary to try to spread out the infections a bit so the hospital systems can cope, but it can’t continue indefinitely. Life has to go on, and people have to do what is right for them, eventually.

    And this is going to sound really selfish but small countries like New Zealand rely on big, powerful countries like America to protect our freedom. I don’t want to live in a world where a communist country like China is in charge!

  22. This is an interesting comment.
    I have seen in the news Australia is leading a call for an investigation into the Chinese government and the covid-19 virus, you may know about it? Our news media here in New Zealand haven’t covered it very thoroughly so I don’t know any details, but I do know that China has threatened Australia with boycotts etc. if they continue to push for an investigation.
    I wonder what they have to hide?

  23. That’s right, KAK. America has been the world’s policemen for many, many years and it has been very good overall. If America fails, China will become the world’s police and it will most certainly be very, very bad.

  24. They want to turn us into a China state, government in complete control. We can clearly see this by our media and the Leftist politicians who support Communism.

  25. You already live in such a world. China is in charge. The USA owes them trillions. Every Empire has its time and Chinas dragon economy will rise after this to change the world as it is. The USA itself took the reigns from the UKan empire upon which the sun never set.

  26. The hospitals are not overwhelmed. Most are running a skeleton crew, and requiring their doctors are nurses to use PTO during this period of low occupancy.

  27. The “economy” is people and their livelihoods being lost over governors who are tyrannical in nature. Yes, we don’t worry and we know God is in control but we still must speak the truth in love. People should have been speaking out loudly before the Nazis began to mass murder the Jews! We must speak out about all evil and tyrants and pray consistently for our leaders as God commands that we do.

  28. As I said, my brother’s experience being a physician is glaringly different than other places in the country (he’s not in NY/NJ either.) He and his colleagues, as well as nurses and respiratory therapists are very much needed and none have been furloughed. They are worried but certainly grateful for their jobs.

  29. Yes, KAK, you’re right.

    Americans are blaming China too, but, it isn’t China, it’s the globalist bankers who control China.

    Communist China and Russia are pawns. 100 million of their people were murdered by the brutal pawns of these globalist bankers. Once these bankers had absolute power, which they have in China, they then use these countries to get what they want.

    America is menaced with China to convince us that we need the globalist bankers and big government.

    Meanwhile, in China, globalist bankers use their media to convince the Chinese that we Americans are bad and wish to harm them. They do the same to us In the West towards the Chinese.

  30. We have a family member who has pre-existing conditions that put him at high risk if he contracts the virus. The rest of the family is following the guidelines to protect our dearly loved family member. For us staying at home, respecting the social distancing guidelines, wiping down surfaces, limiting trips to the grocery store make perfect sense right now. Not a sacrifice, but a gift of love. We live in an area with the highest number of cases and deaths in our state right now, and in a zip code with the highest number of cases in our county. Not worth the risk of bringing the disease home.

  31. Just stopped in and found this dialog on the shelter-in-place. I am an outlier here, and I pray I don’t get blasted for saying this, but I am okay with staying home. My husband has multiple myeloma, a horrible deadly fatal cancer and he is not senior yet – age 57. He is suffering with pain but works full time at home.

    I’d like to mention one little fact: there are many, many people who had the virus who were asymptomatic–they have no idea they had it, yet carry it. As soon as everything opens up they will be spreading it and there will be more cases. After the 1918 flu shut-down, as soon as they opened up there were many many more deaths than in the first wave.

    Maybe I’m feeling a bit alone here. I understand fully that the country’s economy is failing and people are suffering from lack of jobs, and I truly sympathize with them. But – I still feel that I will be more hesitant to go out as soon as everyone is out and about, as I can bring it home to my husband,

    And I don’t appreciate the comment that we who are at home have everything delivered, done, waited on, NOT true. We have a wonderful church family but not to burden ANYONE, we have gone out at 7am to grocery store, I’ve gone to the pharmacy to pick up drugs, shaking in the store. Nothing about this is easy!

  32. Your husband needs to stay at home and safe as I do too, but many people have been going to supermarkets, Target, Walmart, the post office, etc. and the numbers haven’t increased dramatically during the lock down. People know how to protect themselves and with the antibody tests coming out, WAY more have had the virus, therefore, the death rate is more like .1% or even lower. It’s just not worth destroying our economy (people’s livelihoods) over.

  33. I came across this, 12/15/2020. Wow, much sure hasn’t changed since first of the year. However I am seeing more & more people standing up (even though burdened w fines & temporarily loss of licenses for some). Once this started all I could think was businesses need to stay open & they cannot legally do this. We have a constitution that is the law of our land & we have the Bible, we have God as our first “lawyer”, our first defence. There are times I do get irritated with the state of affairs this country & who hasn’t? More often than not I feel safe recalling my salvation, God says not to worry, keep eyes on Him, give Him your pain & worries. I found you on Pinterest, last year. Thank you for your writings, blogs. You on point .

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