People Who Live in Fear are Easy to Manipulate

People Who Live in Fear are Easy to Manipulate

The other day, a picture was released that showed Governor Newsom with twelve other people inside an expensive restaurant shoulder to shoulder without masks and no social distancing. The man sitting next to him is the CEO of the California Medical Association and another man is one of the state’s top health lobbyist. These two men represent tens of thousands of physicians in California who help set all of the mandates for the state.

What does this mean? It means that NONE of them fear a virus that mostly kills those over 70 years old with health conditions. If they did fear it, they wouldn’t have gone to this gathering. But they are the ones, along with the media, who want all of us to fear it by locking ourselves up in our homes in fear of this *killer* virus. People who are living in fear are very easy to control.

Melissa Melendez is a Republican State Senator. Riverside County is under the purple mandate, the most strict due to the virus. She often updates the people to let them know how the virus is affecting their county. As of a few days ago, out of 3476 hospitals beds, 286 are taken by people with the virus. Out of 492 ICU beds, 65 are occupied with those with the virus. It’s not in the purple zone because the hospitals are overwhelmed, that’s for sure. In fact, few hospitals have ever been overwhelmed. Many sat empty during the March-April lockdown, yet these were the reasons for the lockdowns in the first place.

Did you hear about the large study out of Denmark that the masks don’t work? “The first large, randomized controlled trial of its kind showed no statistically significant difference in COVID-19 cases between people who wore masks and those who did not.” Yet, when we go walking on the beach, people who are walking alone are breathing in their own breath instead of fresh air, because they are living in fear of a virus they may catch while walking outside. We even see people on bicycles wearing masks! Masks actually weaken our immune systems. It’s common sense, friends.

Vaccinations weaken the immune system too. So far, the vaccinations supposedly are 90 – 95 percent effective but the chances of surviving the virus, if you’re under 70 with no underlying health conditions, and having lifelong immunity are MUCH higher than the vaccination. When people ask me my opinion about vaccinations, I encourage them to get the insert that is in the box of the vaccination itself, go home and research the ingredients and side effects first. Use “Duck Duck Go” to research the harmful effects of vaccination since you won’t be able to find any on Google. Hmm, why are they hiding all of this from the public? Seems rather suspicious to me.

Obesity is a major cause of death with the virus as well as those over 70 and/or with underlying health conditions. If you fit into any of these categories, do what you can to be safe but now that you know that masks don’t work, what are you to do? If you’re obese, do what you can to lose weight. This woman lost 20 pounds in six months by doing intermittent fasting. She eats for eight hours a day and then fasts for 16. Exercise. Eat healthy food. If you can’t get sunshine, take vitamin D which has been known to help keep the immune system strong. Stop eating sugar and junk foods which weakens the immune system.

We must stop living in fear and losing out on living life. Too many people continue to be locked up in their homes which is the worse thing one can do for their health! Depression is skyrocketing along with suicides, alcoholism, and drug addiction. The President has always said that the cure can’t be worse than the disease, and lockdowns are way worse than the virus.

As believers in Jesus Christ, we have nothing to fear! Even if we are one of the few that die from the virus, we know exactly where we will go. This world will always be full of sickness and disease. This isn’t our home. Did you know that over 600,000 people die from cancer a year in the US? Yet, many are living their lives in fear of this virus but doing things that cause cancer (the disinfectants, hand sanitizers, masks, etc.). Cancer is a much more serious disease than this virus and kills all ages.

Be wise, women. We can clearly see the hypocrisy of our leaders. If they aren’t living in fear of the virus, why are you?

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
2 Timothy 1:7

38 thoughts on “People Who Live in Fear are Easy to Manipulate

  1. Amen! Too many people are going crazy over this. Its not killing many people if you really look at the numbers. There is a hidden agenda for sure. Banning singing in church is happening in some states apparently, whats next? Stay prayed up guys and don’t believer the lies.

  2. My family started not wearing the mask. A lot of local businesses are not enforcing it. Rather I have talked to some and they prefer seeing the people coming in without masks. They have to wear them or the state will shut their business down. I also observed employees sewing the thin piece of cloth and not tight at all so it can pass as a face covering.

    I know another family owned business that quite wearing the masks. They were getting sore throats and feeling sick. We all need to stand up for our rights. It is my decision! Abortion people get to say my body, my choice I don’t agree with this, but it is my my lungs, my breathing, my choice, right?

    My husband thinks the masks are making everyone sick, thus the high numbers(well if we can believe them) Also, I wonder how many who died had the flu shot. A lot of unknowns that they will not tell us.

    Now our police state says where it in your own home! I think not! However, I believe people will and wonder how long it will take till they are sick.

    My husband’s co-worker, friend’s wife has not worn a mask anywhere. It is a mandate here. She was confronted somewhere by a woman, who was getting ugly that she didn’t have a mask on. She called the cops and they arrested the lady going after the unmasked woman. Well there you have it, the cops are not arresting you for not wearing a mask.

    We need to start standing up or freedoms will be lost. Our cultures will change. However, I know family we can’t even talk to! They believe the fake news and the lies. Find the evidence, not the talk.

    We need to pray, that God will show the Christians to rise up and give them clear brains to think for themselves.

  3. I forgot to say Great Post! I think you need more of these, so we can forward them, print them, to get the word out there!

  4. Stupid people are also extremely easy to manipulate, and it would appear that the world’s population consists of a HUGE MAJORITY of stupid people who live in a perpetual state of fear. There cannot be any other logical explanation for why the COVIDIOCY hasn’t been stopped by now and those responsible for imposing it long ago thrown out of their positions of authority that have enabled them to impose it upon the rest of us.

    A majority consisting of stupid people living in a perpetual state of fear, unable to think critically or even conceive of trusting in God, really does explain the state of the USSA in the year 2020. I wish I could be less harsh in my assessment, but reality is what it is. I do pray that as conditions become more intolerably oppressive that people finally begin to open their eyes and turn to Him who has the power over all things on this Earth.

    As for governor Gabbling Nuisance, wasn’t he facing a recall initiative a few months back? Whatever happened to that?

  5. I would love some advice from your readers on how to get into stores like Costco and Trader Joe’s without a mask, where the employees check you at the door and only let in a few people at a time. I 100% disagree with the mask mandates (I live in Communist California if that matters) but I’m struggling with standing up to the mask bullies because I am afraid of confrontation and bringing unwanted attention to myself. How are others dealing with this in mask mandate states?

  6. As Christians we do have the assurance of eternal life, and that is the Good News! I am not living in fear of the virus but today is my last day of being quarantined which our county health department placed me under. My grandson has/had covid and other family members due to symptoms are being tested. What scares me about the virus and to me a cause for more concern is the hate and division the virus has caused. Each one of us has to decide what we believe about wearing masks, why we believe or don’t believe that vaccinations are harmful plus our beliefs on obesity. I guess I’m saying that these things are subjects of debate, which can cause more division. Since my last physical did not show any health issues I choose to wear a mask, but I have no problem with those who do not wear one. I wear a mask to protect others and whether it protects others is debatable. Also, since the health department put me in quarantine I don’t believe I should ignore their instructions. Unfortunately, the governor’s actions cause more division and anger in our country. It comforts me to know that God is in control.

  7. I have tried shopping at local owned stores and not the big box stores! I maybe spending more money, but they are struggling. In my area, i have a lot of local owned stores, though. I have walked into Walmart unmasked. I know two hours north of us, men are open carrying pistols, too. You can’t wear a mask, open carring a gun at the sametime. Ops, they forgot to check out what law actually is.

    I also, would like to hear more on how others are dealing with the big box stores, as well!

  8. We are at a point where we are going to have to make some hard decisions, based on what the Scripture teaches, about what we’re going to stand up for. We need to be wise about what we stand up for and not throw ourselves away on anything that does not have Biblical, eternal significance.

    Personally, I do not believe masks are the hill to die on. Even though I am a mask skeptic of the deepest dye, and I know this will upset some readers, getting all wrapped around the axle about wearing a mask is just silly (unless you have some health condition that precludes your wearing one).

    The hill to die on, literally if it comes to that, is state-imposed restrictions on church worship services and Biblical teaching specifically, and church activities generally. If a church’s pastor/ elders/ deacons/ board decide independently for whatever reason to self-impose some kind of restriction that’s their business. But we need to adamantly resist ANY kind of state-imposed restrictions.

  9. Great post, as always!
    I live in Kentucky and when a store associate offers a mask or asks if I need one, I politely say no thankyou, smile and go on with my business.

  10. This is a fascinating discussion. I came here hoping for some insight into the beliefs of fundamentalist Christians, rather than simply reading about these beliefs from others. Your thinking on this topic is very foreign to me, but I appreciate the honesty.

  11. Amen! My husband was diagnosed with cancer 1 yr ago today. (Very fearful time of the unknown) We’ve seen the faithfulness of the Lord in so many ways. Through covid, the hospital was on lockdown, but his bone marrow transplant came at such a time that they allowed visitation for 2 hrs each day. Then that was expanded to 3 hrs. We were so thankful for that time to be together! So, no… he does not fear covid. He does not fear cancer. He does not fear the future. We know that God has been with us in the past, is standing beside us today and has our future in the palm of His hand.

    BTW: After being quarantined for a total of 9 weeks in the hospital (2 separate times), my husband insisted we go to church even while our state was not reopening. (There could be a car show with 200+ people crammed into a small lot, but no church services?) He wears a mask and does common sense things like washing his hands because he’s immunosuppressant but is placing his trust in God first and foremost. His verse: Philippians 1:21 “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

    Sidebar: The cancer hospital recently had a shortage of platelets, which he gets frequently. Last visit was a shortage of saline syringes. Can we see what’s happening here? They want to keep the cancer community in a state of “Oh no! What are we going to do?”

    We’ve seen some of the same studies and agree wholeheartedly. Thankyou for this, Lori.

  12. The heading is so true!
    Here in New Zealand covid is very much under control (at this time) and life is pretty much normal. But the fear is still very pervasive. I have even noticed people from Auckland (where the most recent community cases have been) travelling around the country are reluctant to admit where they’re from because people treat them like lepers. It’s sad.

  13. Dustin Corcoran, CEO of the California Medical Association, and Janus Norman, the group’s lobbyist and senior vice president. It’s easy to find on Duck Duck Go, not sure about Google.

  14. With all that you have going on personally, you still give us your all, with honest and truthful words.
    This story is beyond words! ?
    Praying for God to show us the way through truth!

  15. I agree, Nick.

    I don’t live in the US. I live in a country in Asia, and we have mask mandate. It’s not perfectly enforced either here, and some people refuse it, but by and large, most people wear mask when they go indoor to a store or office building.

    I am not a fan of masks, but I really don’t see it as such a sacrifice either. I would prefer not to wear one, but if it gives peace of mind to my fellow mankind, why not. Like you said, unless you have some kind of medical condition, a mask is harmless. It feels restrictive at first, after a while your breathing and body adjusts. Doctors have to wear masks for hours when doing surgery.

    I love the teaching in this website by the way, and calling out the hypocrisy of Newsom and other “rulers” is needed, but going against masks is not an issue of great importance. Preaching against feminism and worldliness is much more important, which I am glad Lori is doing.

  16. I’m very pleased to read that!
    I’m in several anti-vax and natural health forums and it is said often that Google bought it out. It says the same on Wikipedia. I’m glad it’s not true!

  17. In the beginning of the pandemic I was one of the fearful ones. I have an underlying condition as do some of my loved ones. But I turned to God’s Word and the verse you quoted Lori (2 Timothy 1:7) spoke to my heart and gave me such peace. I committed it to memory. The last part “sound mind” reminded me that an anxious mind is not a sound one. For the last several months I have lived my life quite normally, doing everything I would under normal circumstances. I do wear a mask in stores, it is mandated, and we are repeatedly commanded by God in His Word to obey the government, as long as it isn’t sinning.

    It is very hard for people to admit they are being duped and to return to normal life. I think we need to remember to be full of grace with those who are paralyzed by fear and treat them with all the love, kindness, and patience we can muster.

  18. I love Lori’s heart in her desire to reach young women with the Lords truths in scripture. And I have been reading her posts almost every day for the past 6 years. I am so grateful for her ministry. I do want to warn fellow sisters, however, to remember to be humble and love your neighbor. If there’s a chance that you could protect your fellow brother or sister of suffering at the hand of this virus, should we not do what we are able to protect God’s people? I believe it is very unfair to accuse a fellow brother or sister in Christ of “living in fear” because they are wearing a mask to protect others that they love or even a stranger who may suffer due to one’s lack of will to bear a cross in order to protect others. Perhaps we need to humble ourselves that we may not be the most knowledgeable in medical things or infectious diseases to call conspiracy on mask wearing. Just because some are being hypocrites (as noted in this post) does not undermine that masks protect people with health conditions from a virus killing hundreds of thousands of people. A few articles should not convince a person that the medical community as a whole is blatantly wrong about this mask debate. Live in fear? Absolutely not! Be wise, humble and discerning, while listening to government authorities so long as they do not ask you to disobey Gods word? Yes! Just because I wear my seatbelt every time I get into my car and make sure my small children do the same does not mean I am “living in fear”. Just because I wear a mask when social distancing is not possible does not mean I am “living in fear”. I am a young and healthy person and I do not doubt I will be totally fine if I get this virus, however I have a child with an immune system disease. So when I go to a store or doctors appointment I will wear a mask to not only protect my at risk child at home but my elderly grandparents and the little old lady next to me at the grocery store. Why do my “rights“ to comfort and “freedom” trump theirs? No I do not wear a mask on a bike ride or walk or in my car or in my home. We can keep things sensible without letting fear control us. But let’s remember to love others as we love ourselves and not condemn others who do not agree with us. I say this in love for you all.
    Grace and peace

  19. Wearing a seat belt is FAR different than wearing a mask which inhibits one from receiving fresh air and most likely harms our health. We weren’t meant to have our noses and mouths covered. Doctors who wear them in surgery have oxygen and air conditioning pumped into the operating rooms to make up for the lack of oxygen they are getting from wearing a mask. If you think it’s good to wear a mask, then by all means wear one but those of us who think they do more harm than good, we should have the freedom to not wear them. In fact, studies are proving that more people are getting the virus who wear the mask than those who don’t. Have you seen how much people touch their masks? This alone makes them not safe.

  20. I would also like to mention that God does not call us to be safe. He does call us however to look out for the least of these. I was not being “safe” when I chose to be a foster parent to so many little ones and introduced my own children to criminals and child abusers. But these other children needed protection and so I bore my cross and made many small sacrifices for the greater good of my community. Missionaries are not being safe as they subject themselves to war and disease to bring the gospel to new peoples. What we have to consider is what seems to be the greater risk. I’m here lies where we disagree. Is our risk of getting sick from a mask greater than another’s risk, who is in a high risk category, of getting seriously ill from our possibly, unknowingly, spreading the virus to them. Again, I say this with love and with no condemnation. Just presenting another side to the topic you raised.

  21. What if wearing a mask makes one more unsafe? Many people take all of the precautions and are still getting the virus.

    “A high-quality, large-scale Danish study finds no evidence that wearing a face mask significantly minimizes people’s risk of contracting COVID-19. The randomized-control trial found no statistically significant difference in coronavirus infection rates between mask-wearers and non-mask-wearers. In fact, according to the data, mask usage may actually increase the likelihood of infection.”

  22. Hi. I read this article with interest, but am wondering what scientific study/scholarly source supports your assertion that “Obesity is a major cause of death with the virus”. Thanks for clarifying!

  23. I completely agree, especially about the vaccines!! It’s been a point of contention between my husband and I, he’s a sucker for Big Pharma but there’s no way I’m letting our baby get all those toxins injected into him!! I don’t see how to make him see the light but I don’t see us working out otherwise. I can’t live in fear the way he does and refuse to cower to the government trying to inflict us w the Mark of the Beast

  24. I watched a friend go through this (in NZ but I doubt it’s different anywhere else). She refused to let her baby be vaccinated and she was so staunch in her belief that she left her husband over it. Well he took her to court to get the baby vaccinated and the judge sided with him – because science says vaccines are both safe and necessary. So now not only is their child fully vaccinated, she only has the child 50% of the time and the other 50% of the time the baby is raised by it’s father and his new girlfriend.
    Please, please DO NOT divorce your husband over something as trivial as vaccination (I am against vaccines too, so I do understand). If your husband is a good man, there is literally no point in leaving him, or trying to bend him to your will by threatening to leave. It’s a fight you are going to lose.
    You would be much better off appealing to your husband and trying to negotiate – rather than give your baby all of the vaccines, would he be happy with just the main ones, or to space them out? There are plenty of detox things you can do to help – I got them for our son when he chose to have the tetanus shot due to working on a dairy farm.

  25. The other side of the coin is, believing in conspiracy theories such as vaccines being “the mark of the beast” IS living in fear. Conspiracy theories prey on fear.
    The facts are, millions of children are vaccinated every day and most of them are not affected negatively at all. NONE of them have the “mark of the beast”.

  26. Vaccines are not the mark of the beast. Studying Revelation will show that they are not. Vaccines can very well cause damage, however they are not the mark of the beast as so many are misinterpreting.

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