She Doesn’t Want a Career Path. Her Parents Want Her On It.

She Doesn’t Want a Career Path. Her Parents Want Her On It.

Many young women have privately messaged me who no longer want to pursue the career path. They want to learn homemaking skills instead, so they’ll be prepared for marriage and children. Yet, their parents want them to continue on the career path racking up a ton of debt. What should they do?

God commands that children obey their parents (Colossians 3:20). Once a young woman is no longer a child, this verse no long applies to her. Yes, she must still honor her parents (Colossians 6:2), but if they are wanting her to take a worldly path that will keep her from God’s will for her, she doesn’t need to obey them. Once an adult, she chooses her own path.

What if the parents are completely willing to pay for their daughter’s college education? She must still be completely honest with them and explain to them that she no longer desires a career. She doesn’t want them to use their hard-earned money for something she doesn’t want. She will find other work that won’t require an expensive degree.

She needs to tell them that all she wants is to be a wife, mother, and homemaker. If they tell her she must be prepared for the “what ifs…” then she tells them that she will find ways to make money that involve nurturing and doesn’t require a long, expensive education. Plus, if she gets a good career, she may be stuck in it forever since her future husband may value the money she makes over having his wife raise their children. Many women make more money than their husbands these days, and this is NOT good nor healthy for a marriage. Men are called to be the providers, not women.

If the parents are unwilling to pay for the education, then they have no leg to stand on. She must tell her parents that she doesn’t want to be burdened with a boatload of debt for something that she doesn’t want, for something that would be hard for her to pay off, for something she doesn’t want to burden her future husband with, and for something that could potentially keep her from having babies and being home to raise them.

Then she must explain to them about the false teachings in colleges. We are told multiple times in the New Testament to avoid false teachings. Most colleges and universities are filled with Feminist Marxist teachings. She doesn’t want any of this! She can be a nanny or start a day-care. She can learn to sew and mend things for women. She can clean others women’s homes. She can tutor children.

There are many ways for women to use their nurturing nature to make money. Colleges try to destroy the nurturing nature in women and make women only care about themselves. Godly young women don’t want this nor should they have to take this route if it’s not what they want.

Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.
Jeremiah 6:16

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