The World is Too Evil to Have Children?

The World is Too Evil to Have Children?

Many young couples don’t want to have children because they are fearful and see how evil the world is around them. Should they bring children into this world when there is so much turmoil? I was listening to Nancy Wolgemuth last week and she was sharing the idea that we are living on the dot. Time on this earth is short, very short compared to eternity. Eternity is the line after the dot. Are you living for the dot or for eternity?

God commanded that we be fruitful and multiply and He’s never taken back this command. He tells us that the man who has a quiverful is blessed and that children are a gift from Him. Recently, I have been watching three of my grandchildren a lot. I love it! They bring so much joy into our lives. We often laugh at and with them. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to bring the joy of children into their lives if God blesses them with them!

Birth control and not wanting children are not from God. The mindset that we shouldn’t have children because of the evil culture we live in is not from God, either. Because we live for the line (eternity) instead of the dot (here and now), we don’t have to live in fear. We have freedom from fear! We don’t need to fear the future since we know what our future holds and that God controls the future.

When I asked the women in the chat room about this question, Lindsay Harold responded with the following:

“Having children and raising them to know the Lord and make a difference in their world is one of the best ways to make the world a better place. Plus, while our society is certainly in decline, we still have far more freedom, wealth, health, and knowledge of God than most of the people who have ever lived. Countless generations before us managed to bear and raise children in a truly terrible world. Most did not even know if their children would survive to adulthood. If they could raise children in poverty, in squalor, in a godless world, and hold out hope for a better tomorrow, who are we to complain or lose hope when we live in far more wealth and luxury than the kings of their time and we know that the King of Kings has come and given us new life?

“Every child in a Christian home is a tangible hope that life will go on, more people will be taught about God, and more people will be in heaven. That’s far more important than an idealized and impractical notion that children should only be born into the most perfect of situations. If our ancestors had taken that view, none of us would be here.”

We are choosing to either live on the dot of the here and now and have the attitude that Gina has towards not having children: “That’s a good thing! The world is overpopulated. We need less sperm count and less straight couples reproducing.” Or you can live on the line of eternity and have the attitude Amanda has about having children: “If every Christian couple that were able, had many children and raised them in God’s ways, there would be so many more Christians in the world – families raising up their small armies for the Lord – more of a majority to stand for the things of the Lord. Maybe so much wickedness wouldn’t be abounding.”

Let’s live for eternity, women. Every child that you bring into this world is an eternal soul and a blessing. Raise your children up in the Lord and in His wonderful ways. In this way, you are making  your spot on this dot a beautiful  and joy-filled place!

Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.
Psalm 127:5

11 thoughts on “The World is Too Evil to Have Children?

  1. It is too late for my husband and I but I am praying that my children don’t follow in our steps of only having a few… Most of our friends did like we did in only had two or three kids. We are all so sorry today.

  2. Back in the sixties the overpopulation rumor took hold. Every one was warned and having no more than two children was considered the ideal. Unfortunately around the same time we had birth control pills to make the two kids or less goal a reality. In the 50’s when l was a kid it was not unusual to have six kids or more. My mom did. I did. I had hoped with six children l would have a ton of grands. Not so. One doesn’t want any, and my two daughters each have two and are done. All l can do is pray that the remaining two will be fruitful.

  3. P.S. Lori, have you read “What to Expect When No One’s Expecting”? I just read it – excellent book, and a great resource – especially for those of us who were raised in the heat of the “overpopulation myth” crisis and have had it hammered into our heads that fertility was a curse. Quite the contrary!!

  4. My first thought is, its because the world is evil we keep having children and raising them for the Lord. So they can be a glimmer of hope in an otherwise dark world. If you dont have kids because of an evil world, you are a coward. And future generations will have even less hope because there will be less people to tell them about God and change things for the better. So by not having kids, you are contributing to the worlds problems.

  5. Yes, this post I needed. I have been married only for 5 years, I am 27 years old, my husband is 31. We don’t have kids yet, because my mom (I don’t have father) is constantly telling me that having kids is going to be very difficult and I will be not able to take care of them. My mom is divorced two times, thus my younger sister has different father. Lord have a mercy, I don’t know what to do. I love my precious mom, but sometimes I see that she is wrong, I can’t follow what she is advising me in not having kids.. But why I don’t have the desire for having kids?? Something is wrong with me. Yes I use contraception from 16 .. Yes I wasn’t a virgin till marriage because I lived in sin. My mom never prepared me and my dear sister for marriage, she thought it was nonsense..

    My mom believes in Christ Jesus but still is far a way from the Holy truth, Lord have a mercy. I certainly get sometimes confused and thinking about divorce, but my husband is very good Christian and reminds me of the Bible and so..

    Any advises from wise godly women?

    Please pray for me..

    Thanks, and I apologize for my English I am from Europe

  6. My prayers are with you! In our marriage we fell for the lie that a young couple should have “all their ducks in a row” before getting married. We regret that now. After years of infertility and loss as well as learning how the birth control pill causes abortions we have deep regret. Despite our unfaithfulness to God and His ways He blessed us with two children. They are a delight to us! They are also a delight to their grandparents. No matter what your mother says now, she will be over-the-moon to have grandchildren. I don’t know one grandmother who doesn’t love having grandchildren. Even my good friend who got pregnant out of wedlock and was encouraged by her mother to abort the child now loves the boy greatly.

  7. I meant to say that we fell for the lie that a young couple should have “all thei ducks in a row” before having children “.

  8. Have children even if you don’t “want” them. You will fall deeply in love with your child.

  9. How I would love more than anything to have more children. Sadly, we cannot. Today, I saw a baby crying as her dad was trying to get her in the car seat and I just silently started sobbing. My heart longs for another. I always feel like someone is missing from me. 🙁

  10. Tears came to my eyes when I read this post. My husband and I have been abundantly blessed with four little ones in 2.5 years and are filled with joy at the thought of God giving us more. But I have to admit that it hurts me deeply to receive some of the looks and comments that we do. Yet God is so faithful and good to us, providing us with strength and wisdom for the incredible task He has called us to. And my husband is so encouraging, always calling my attention back to loveliness and truth in Scripture. What a joy it is to be called to motherhood!

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