Feminist Sisters Who Mock and Attack Me

Feminist Sisters Who Mock and Attack Me


Do you remember my post that went viral in June? (It’s gone viral again with over 17 million hits now.) It was shared so much on Facebook that the UK Daily Mail  did a story about it and so did US Weekly. I just looked at the UK article a few days ago and scrolled down to the comments. This is the last comment posted: “She’s happily married. I wonder how many of the feminist sisters who mock and attack her for her opinions can say the same thing?”

As most of you know, I have had a lot of people viciously attack me with their words ever since I began blogging almost six years ago. I have found out that they are mostly feminist women who hate what I teach. It’s rather funny since when I write against feminism, they try to tell me that feminists only want women to get equal pay, be able to vote, and a few other benign things. They don’t even realize how much feminism has destroyed their values, changed their worldview, and in the process has made a mess of their lives.

They were taught that hook-ups are better than the commitment of marriage and birth control makes it much easier for this to happen. They were taught that having higher education with a ton of debt was what they must pursue and having careers was better than bearing children and being home to raise them. They were taught that if they got pregnant by accident, have the baby murdered since it’s only tissue and will inconvenience their lives. Then when I and many others come along and teach the truth of God’s Word, they fail to see the correlation of disobeying the Bible and how miserable their lives usually end up being.

I shared this viral post again on my Facebook page the other day and Amy responded,  “What I’ll never understand are the wives whose marriages are a mess and they feel at the end of their rope, so we teach them these simple principles and they simply will not give them an honest try because of their entitlement attitude. If you’re miserable in your marriage, instead of complaining or remaining miserable, why on earth wouldn’t you give the biblical marriage principles a fair shot? So many marriages are being transformed!”

Then Ken responded, “You are so right, Amy. Many people are not looking for solutions to their misery because they get a sense of satisfaction from feeling justified instead looking for peace and harmony in their marriage.”

Megan added, “Pride is definitely a factor. It takes a humble person to serve another joyfully even if you feel they don’t deserve it or treat you unfairly. And most of the world doesn’t want to admit God’s ways really do work!!”

I do wonder how many feminists “sisters” (I love how they included this word) who attack me have strong marriages and are committed for life. I am not thinking many of them since shacking up and not committing for life to anyone is the cool thing these days since most pursue elusive “happiness” instead of being a vow keeper. If the going gets rough, they get out since they aren’t happy or they don’t “feel” in love. They have no concept of loving others enough to deny themselves and spend their lives serving others as Jesus modeled for us in His Word.

On the bright side, however, I have had some of these feminist sisters of mine email me and tell me how much they hated my blog when they first began reading it but now they love it! They regret their past mistakes and are doing everything they can to turn their lives around. They want a solid, strong marriage with children and staying home. What sounded ugly and atrocious at one time, now sounds wonderful! Their blinders have come off of their eyes, praise the Lord. This is the power of the Word so never underestimate it and never fail to speak or teach it when the opportunity arises.

O taste and see that the LORD is good:
blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

Psalm 34:8

26 thoughts on “Feminist Sisters Who Mock and Attack Me

  1. I grew up in the feminist world view and by the time I came to Christ at 22 years old I made such a mess of my life. I am now almost 40 and God has restored my life in so many ways. I have been happily married for five years and have learned how to respect my husband. I am so thankful that I am no longer leaning on my own understanding where the worlds philosophies, but I am leaning Christ.

  2. You are now standing on the Rock and there is no better place to be, Marie. It’s wonderful to see how the Lord transforms lives that were broken and makes them new and whole. What an awesome God we serve!

  3. I find it interesting that feminists are all about having choices and being “open minded” and of course “tolerant”. They demand that they be treated with respect. Yet look how they respond when they are faced with a woman who makes a choice they don’t agree with. I guess we only get to choose if we select their agenda? They sure don’t sound tolerant or open-minded to me, and their attacks on you are hardly respectful.

  4. What the feminists often fail to realize is that Lori is a great champion for women by showing them that they do indeed have a choice, to say no to the world’s ways and yes to God’s ways. To say no to a huge debt and long and grueling career and say yes to being a Stay-at-Home-Mom with the best gifts of life crawling all around them as their husband works hard to provide for the family, all because she chose wisely.

    Life is indeed all about decision-making and choosing which path will get you the very best of life. But Hollywood and society pours out constant lies filling heads to make such poor choices, like sleeping around before marriage, and shacking up to test the waters, all because they have a choice.

    Hey, we all get to choose sin… and bad decisions, but to live a fulfilling life one must be wise in how they choose. Lori frees women up to make good choices for their lives without ever being able to stop those who make the bad choices. Lori and the wisdom of God’s Word is ever waiting and available for a woman at any time, no matter how many bad choices, to begin to choose wisely and find the blessings that God and life can give when wisdom reigns in their life.

    Remember, much of Lori’s wisdom she too learned the hard way, and the rest she has learned from God’s wisdom on the important matters of family and marriage. It is much better to learn from the Word and from other’s mistakes than to learn the lessons of life through the tears of shame and broken relationships. This is especially true for those who call Jesus Lord and want to learn from Him, and His ways.

  5. The only people they are intolerant with are Christians and this shouldn’t be surprising to us, Tam. Jesus said that if they hated Him, they will hate us. They hate the message of the cross, sin, repentance, and a God of justice. They want to make up their own god and their own bible.

    Two women wrote me just today who said they hated my blog when they first read it and now they agree with it. God’s ways have changed their lives. Truth is the only thing that has the power to convict and change people so we must never be afraid to speak and teach it.

  6. I am a feminist. I have been happily married for almost 20 years. I’ve done things for my husband that would leave you on the floor. I am still a wife and mother…and a damn good one at that. Let me know the day you wipe your husband’s behind because he’s confined to bed after surgery. Let me know the day you put your entire life on hold because of his illness. Let me know the day you hold your husband up in the shower because he’s too weak to stand. THAT is love. THAT is what a wife should do.

  7. Dear Lori, Your posts about submission to our husbands have transformed my relationship with my husband of 46 plus years. I had dabbled in submission for over 40 years, never quite getting the hang of it. I thought that the times had changed so much that surely God wasn’t going to hold us to such an outdated practice as submission. I came of age in the 60’s, the beginning of the women’s movement and even though I became a Christian in my early 20’s, I still thought women should be whatever they wanted to be. It’s only been in the last few years that my eyes and heart were opened to my sin, the sin of not fully accepting God’s way for marriage. Your blog has helped me make those changes to have a covenant marriage with my husband and the joy I feel each day with my loving husband has been multiplied a thousand times. I have recently tried sharing your blog with other women, young and old and it’s amazing how many are looking for something to help their marriage. I ask them, what do you have to lose by trying God’s way? Thanks, Lori for what you are doing to spread God’s plan for our lives.

  8. Thank you for sharing, Becky. Most women are missing out on the beautiful ways of God. They are believing the lie that their way is much better than God’s as if our Creator doesn’t know what is best.

    It is never too late! My parent’s marriage is wonderful in their old age and they love each other deeply even though most of their marriage wasn’t this way.

    Blessings to you!

  9. It’s amazing how that post struck such a cord of pride. I considered it to be very humbling and down to earth, but many women simply scoffed at the idea of being a loving and helpful spouse. I’m sure most of them were sincerely doe-eyed with love on their wedding day and have given way to a sense of entitlement. They’d rather be puffed up and look down their noses at their husbands than prioritize love as the greatest motivator in their relationship. Pride goes before a fall. I’m glad to hear that some that initially hated what they’ve read on your blog have come to understand the truth. Praise God!

  10. “…but many women simply scoffed at the idea of being a loving and helpful spouse.” This is exactly why marriage is in the state it is in these days. It’s tragic and completely opposite of what Christ has called us to be, namely servants to others as He modeled for us. Thank you, ALM.

  11. About Titus 2:4-5: “No biblical standard is more viciously attacked today than the God-ordained role of women in society. And no passage is more ridiculed or reinterpreted by assailants within the church than these two verses.” [1]John MacArthur, The MacArthur New Testament Commentary: Titus (Chicago: Moody Press, 1996), p. 79.

    Lori, you picked the most radioactive subject in the Bible to dedicate your life to. Well, actually you, and all “aged women,” are TOLD to pick this hot topic up [along with men and church leaders].

    Esther Vilar, who wrote ”The Manipulated Man” in 1971, says that 40 years later she is still getting death threats. That is how vile these woman are at heart. While the book is often crude it speaks very honestly to the destructive ‘entitlement’ mentality that you quote Amy on. Further problem with wanting equality [which is just wanting more power] is that it will necessarily go beyond that because power is like drinking saltwater. ‘Keeping up with the Jones’ becomes ‘out-doing the Jones.’ And that is what is clearly seen in Feminism.

    Women [and men] that respond to you viciously are those “persons that cannot discern between their right hand and their left“ Jonah 4:11. But keep speaking forth to the women Lori, because a handful may [even secretly] then fast and put on sackcloth and ashes, and you have kept a fool from perishing from a God who is quick to forgive.

  12. Lori, just the fact that you call them “sisters” and they call you an endless supply of rude and profane names shows a fundamental difference in attitude that really speaks in your favor. That’s just an observation I had when I read this. You’re always able to speak of those with whom you disagree with love and kindness. It’s a shame they can’t do the same thing.

  13. Thank you, Dave.

    Anyone who knows the Word of God and clearly understands good and evil can see the destruction being waged on marriages and children. All I can do, along with other older women, can cry out the alarm and teach the wonderful ways of the Lord. Yes, some are listening and being transformed by the Word of God, yet others continue to harden their hearts to the truth. They are the ones missing out and they don’t even know it. It’s tragic.

  14. Thank you, Taylor.

    I’ve never been able to call people names or curse at them. I could never hurt others in that way and it is doesn’t achieve anything beneficial or good. All I can do is teach truth to any who will listen and pray seeds are planted along the way.


  15. I sure do, Shawna. Have you ever studied the roots of feminism? Here is a post I did on it and its founders ~

    Here is a taste of this article: “The end of marriage is necessary for the liberation of women. Therefore, it is important for us to encourage women to leave their husbands and to not live individually with men. All of history must be rewritten in terms of oppression of women. We must go back to ancient female religions like witchcraft.” The Declaration of Feminism, November 1971

    It’s pure evil and I will never have anything to do with feminism.

  16. I sure do relate with Becky B.!!!
    Growing up in the early 70’s and becoming a Christian later in life, submission wasn’t part of my marriage. After reading your blog and reading, Created to be His Help Meet, my 38 years of marriage has changed and is now the BEST!
    And like Amy from your post, why NOT try being submissive. What do you have to loose?
    Lori, you are such a blessing to MANY of us.

    PS; looking forward to reading YOUR book!

  17. About a month ago, I had a sudden revelation that I am supposed to let my husband lead our family. The changes in our marriage have been nothing short of amazing. I don’t necessarily agree with EVERYTHING that you blog about, but I wholeheartedly agree with your core teachings. Bless you for being brave enough to do so!

  18. Love this post Lori!!! It is so refreshing to be able to read words of like minded Christian women when the world around us thinks so differently!

  19. Thank you Lori. That is actually really helpful in understanding your heart and where you are coming from, and I mean that sincerely. That is not my definition of feminism, and that’s why I’ve been a little perplexed at some of you articles (while agreeing with many of them). But understanding that this is how you define feminism, it makes sense that you speak out so strongly against it.

  20. Thank you for boldly speaking truth about a wife’s role in a marriage. I have been married for 47 years and we are still going strong. I also try to follow biblical principles but most girls in my time were raised to believe that we were to “keep house” and the husband was the provider. There seem to be no problem with that at least in my neighborhood. Anyway a couple of years ago I was I was watching law and Order. Well, I think it was Law and Order. The husband was a detective and his wife was a Lawyer. He loved his job and was doing well and she was offered a higher position but they would have to move to another state. They went back and forth because he didn’t really want to leave. They said things like what about my career, what about my career. Finally he gave in and they were going to go her way. I thought about how society was making wrong look right. I then said to myself, well I wonder how long that marriage is going to last. God bless you

  21. I assume you will delete my comment but I wanted to express my opinion here. Not attack, just express my opinion for open discussion to see your thoughts.

    I am 27 years old, spent my teens and early 20s studying, making memories with friends and family and seeing the world. I have 2 diplomas, a degree, have had a successful career to the point I am now a Director of an enterprise expanding and a phenomenal rate. You could not place me in any other category than a feminist. I applaud those who fought for women to have an equal voice in society and allowed me to create my little empire and live my life the way I dreamt it would be, with no barriers.

    I refute the generalisation that ‘my generation’ are only about hook ups and although I am on birth control, this is not so I can have flings with whoever I fancy without risk of getting pregnant, it was so I could enjoy my relationships (all 3 of them) without bringing a child into a situation that was less than the best for them. My life is very much together, and most certainly not the mess you describe it to be.

    I have been happily married for almost 2 years now, and while I am aware that is not very long, we are very happy. I make a lot more money than my husband and work a lot longer hours, therefore he picks up some of the slack at home, and if he expects to benefit from the means I bring home so I can provide for him, I certainly expect for him to help at home to enable me to do so. The burden is not all on him, of course. We are a partnership, we work together. He also works, therefore I do not expect him to do everything. He helps me and I help him. It upsets me that your view on my generation is so generalised, to the point you feel I am not able to be committed to my husband and our family and I’m probably going to get divorced. This is not my intentions. I am committed and want to be married to him for life and together we will bring children into this world and raise them to be successful, loving, happy and intelligent people.

    I come from a broken home. My parents are of a similar generation to yourself. My mother stayed home to raise a family, lived by your values and didn’t expect anything of my father who worked to provide for us. And where did this get her? After marrying her only boyfriend at 20, she was divorced at 44 after he cheated on her multiple times, left with no income nor experience to gain a job that would allow her to support myself and my sisters while my dad disappeared to fulfill his jetset life with his younger women, whom he spent all of his money on. My mother expected nothing of my father, and this is how she was repaid. Is this God’s will? She lived by these values you speak of, and yes I suppose at least my father was happy, but it destroyed her life.

    I have worked in a way to build a life that allows me to be fully self-sufficient if i would ever find myself in a similar situation to my mother. Perhaps as something of a defence mechanism to protect myself. And fortunately I find myself in a situation where I have done so, but am lucky enough to not have to be self sufficient as I have a wonderful husband to share my achievements and experiences with and me share his with him.

    I found the post in question on Facebook quite contradictory. If I should not expect my husband to help around the house, why should he expect his dinner on the table every evening? The premise of women doing things like this for their men is an expectation, therefore surely this would be detrimental to a marriage as well. It cannot be said that expecting the man to do certain things is bad for a marriage but expecting things of a woman is fine. Why should we only be concerned with their happiness, at risk of our own?

  22. Emily,

    I teach Christian women who love the Lord and love the Bible. They want to obey God and the Bible so if this does not describe you, my blog is not for you.


  23. I agree and that is what I did for my husband before he passed away unexpectedly in December. The Sunday before he left us I help him shower and shave. We were suppose to go Christmas shopping for our 5 children the next day. I got up and was getting the children off to school when I went to wake him he was gone.

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