Answer Not a Fool According to Her Folly

Answer Not a Fool According to Her Folly

“Her body, Her Choice. Abortion is Valid. A baby didn’t ask to be born! She absolutely has a right to do whatever she pleases with HER body. It does not have a right to grow inside a women who didn’t ask to be there in the first place! It is an invasion of bodily autonomy!” (Bianca Lenarduzzi)

This was a comment under this post that I wrote on Facebook: “A woman doesn’t have a right to do as she pleases to someone who is not her body. Her unborn baby has a separate brain, heart, and everything else. What a crock of lies to fight for abortion saying a woman has a right to do with her body what she wants. A baby is NOT her body!!!”

There is a GREAT deception over this land. Satan is the prince of the power of the air and many are falling for his deceptions. Bianca is greatly deceived. Her comment is foolishness along with hundreds of others under my post. It was so foolish that I didn’t even respond to her since the Bible warns us to “Answer not a fool according to his folly” (Proverbs 26:4). What she wrote is folly. Folly: “Weakness of intellect; imbecility of mind; want of understanding; depravity of mind.”

Unfortunately, the universities are training their students to be fools. They have rejected God, therefore, they have rejected wisdom. “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” (Romans 1:21,22).

They have no clue what is right. They believe what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right (Isaiah 5:20). They despise God and His ways. All you have to do is look at the thousands of comments under my posts on Facebook to see the foolishness among many today.

When a culture no longer values the life of the unborn, it no longer values life. The only thing that matters to them is what they want to do which is to seek their own pleasures regardless of how it affects others. They will find no peace and their lives will end up being miserable, unless they repent from their unbelief and believe in Jesus Christ. Thankfully, His Word never comes back void, so I will continue to speak truth as long as the Lord allows me to do so. There are many in our culture hungry for truth amidst the lies they are being bombarded with daily. Continue to speak the truth to whomever will listen, women.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.
Proverbs 1:7

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  1. Thank you Lori. This same verse, Proverbs 26:4, has also guided me in my conversations in person and online. Instead of getting frustrated, angry, and destroying my witness, this verse shows me that it is not my place to try to convince or argue. Often, it is just my pride that wants to put the foolish person in their place, and I know that doesn’t glorify the Lord , and it just gives way to sin. I read Proverbs with my teen children . It is the best instruction book on life there is.

  2. So thankful for you. You speaking truth into us is sometimes the only truth I get that day from a woman living at this time. Godly voices from women are in short supply.

  3. If the woman didn’t ask the baby to be there “invading” her body, why was she having sex in the first place? Isn’t it just basic biology?
    Where I live in New Zealand we have accessible contraception that is 99.9% effective. There is no excuse for abortion – although it’s legal here right up until birth, under certain circumstances. It’s so sad.

    1. Did you know the birth control pill and IUDs can cause abortions? Therefore, most “accessible contraception” is not 99.9% effective. The only safe solution is abstinence until marriage.

      1. Though condoms, a non-abortive contraceptive, are quite effective in preventing pregnancy, I heard anywhere from 85-98%. I mean, I would not recommend sex outside of marriage for other reasons but I do agree with the sentiment that if we could prevent some abortion that is happening by providing our teens with education and free condoms, that would be a good thing. Every abortion that does not occur for whatever reason is a good thing.

        1. You’re not going to get young people to wear condoms, Ana. Teach them abstinence before marriage and the value of it. Sex before marriage is destructive. Condoms don’t prevent STDs, heartbreak, all pregnancies, etc. This is why God commands that we FLEE fornication since it’s sinning against one’s own body (1 Cor. 6:18). Let’s stop lying to the young people and teach them truth for a change!

      2. Yes in certain circumstances they can. They can also make it harder to get pregnant later. But condoms don’t have those same issues.

        But my point was that there is no excuse for abortion. Most (95%) of abortions are performed because the woman “doesn’t want” the baby. If she insists on being sexually active, contraception is a better option than abortion. And where I live, it only costs $5/month. No excuse!

        1. Contraception fails because most don’t want to use it even if they have it. Planned Parenthood passes out the pill like candy since they know it will increase abortions. Watch the movie “Unplanned” and what young couples want to use condoms. Very few. This is why abortion is so common. They need to be taught the value of abstinence until marriage.

        1. That’s a lie! Go see the statistic by yourself. Only 4% of pregnancies ended in abortion among married women. Among unmarried women 86% of pregnancies ended in abortion that’s a huge different and it show how it matter to be abstinent till marriage. 25% of women who had an abortion are living with a partner to whom they are not married. Which is another reason why cohabitation is stupid, useless and wrong. The group of women who abort their childrens the most are those in their early 20’s which also means that they are the most sexually active and that’s not surprising due to the fact that these are their most fertile years in the fullness of their youth and at the peak of their beauty. It was better in the 50’s when most women were getting married right around the age of 20.

        1. Yeah, condoms don’t prevent STDs and all of the other things that come with fornication. Let’s teach the young people that having sex before marriage is sinning against one’s own body. “Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.” (1 Cor. 6:18) They need to hear Truth instead of the lies they’ve been told for years.

      3. Do teens or young adults know this? I certainly didn’t at that age! Many are not educated to know what can happen, and about their own bodies and the risks they take. Our current school system is failing them. We need to be teaching our children so their only source of information isn’t some corrupt individual, or ignorant friend telling them some parts are okay. I know some teens who didn’t think it “counted as sex” unless there is a — as politely as I can think to put it — “ending.” This is extremely morally, and physically, dangerous!

  4. Yes they are fools. But more than that, they are filled with black oceans of hatred.

    You see them at the rallies, screaming with spit coming out of their mouths. No longer women at all, but under the influence of demonic forces.

    1. Quote “No longer women at all, but under the influence of demonic forces.”

      So very true.
      A lot of people think the tales of demon possession and oppression was just in those old times and not relevant nowadays.

      Demonic possession is happening a lot today and as people keep rebelling against God Almighty and “just” dabbling a little bit with that “innocent and fun” occult stuff, we are going to see more and more of it.

      And many women are so far gone in rebellion to the LORD, that I believe God has given them over to their reprobate mind and preparing His judgement upon them.

      Women, choose God’s way and receive His blessings upon you. Don’t listen to Satan’s lies.

      1. You’re right, Blair. Many young women are involved in witchcraft which is demonic forces. I wrote a post about it a few weeks ago on my Facebook and it went viral since there are so many women involved in it and offended that I would write against it. After all, “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.” (1 Sam. 15:23) Feminism is rebellion. As women rebel against God’s ways, they go onto the path of Satan and fall into many destructive things.

  5. So sad and hear wrenching!
    There is help in God. There are agencies and services to help you to place your baby in a good home if you feel you can’t care for your little one.

  6. Don’t engage with these stupid people Mrs.Lori Alexander for your own mental wellbeing.You must already be going under lot of stress,this would do more harm than good.

    I understand spreading God’s word to young girls and young women but people like this won’t understand.

  7. I find myself ecstatic when I see a new post from you! I am one of those millennials who is hungry for the truth, and am finding it in the light of God’s word. I am so blessed by your teachings, thank you!!

  8. The only reason for abortion is so they can keep going out drinking with their girlfriends. How an adult can know what abortion is and how evil someone has to b to become an abortion doctor and how evil someone is who is visibly pregnant and has a dismemberment or partial birth abortion and support it is beyond me. We all reach intersections in life where you have clear options and you can see what it does to peoples soul when they make the wrong turn at this one.

    I swear every person telling me to wear a mask and take a vaccine supports abortion. They are on a completely different spiritual path.

  9. Dear Bill T. yes, the spitting fembots, shouting all sorts of nasty…still, cannot but wonder, what were their fathers like? Oh wait a sec, was dad even in the picture?
    i’ve read, over and over again, a child is very much influenced by his or her father.

  10. It isn’t long ago that I would have agreed with this woman. It isn’t that long ago that I returned to Christianity, only in the last couple of years. I pity this woman, because she is deceived. I needed God to open my eyes to see abortion for the evil it is. I wonder though, if as many women would have abortions if they were offered a different option. I remember reading about one woman who was being told that the child she was expecting had some kind of handicap and without asking her the specialist was ready to pencil her in for an abortion and was actually surprised when she said no. I realise that women are responsible for their own actions, but I can’t help wondering how aggressively is abortion pushed as the ONLY option. Anyone know?.

    1. Oh my, that is so sad & not that uncommon. Our oldest daughter, now 22, was small for gestational age due to placental & umbilical cord issues. It was suggested early on that we get an amnio so we could “decide how to proceed”. I knew what the Doctor was implying. We declined & said we’d keep the baby regardless of any issues. She arrived early at 28 weeks & spent 11 weeks in NICU. She has some learning disabilities, but graduated, drives, & works at a local nursing home. Our tiny miracle baby was perfect!

  11. Our nation cannot expect the aid, favor, and protection of a just God when our country countenances the murder of over 1,000,000 unborn children a year.

    Judgment is coming. It cannot be predicted what it is going to look like, but it will come on all of us and it is not going to be pretty or fun.

    1. I think we’re seeing the first stages of it unfold right now. It takes an incredibly virulent form of hubris and solipsism for anyone to believe that it’s not fully deserved. This is why I cringe every time I hear pastors or lay leaders pray that God “bless” America. How can anyone be so clueless or delusional as to think that contemporary America deserves God’s blessings? It is God’s forgiveness that they should be praying for. Sodom and Gomorrah were probably angelic compared to this country as it is today.

  12. I just saw that Stevie Nick’s said there wouldn’t have been a Fleetwood Mac if she hadn’t gotten an abortion….

    And I wondered, ‘I wonder what she/they sung?

    And that is why at the end of the day…the only people who will love you are your family…specifically kids.

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