Anti-Masculinity Propaganda on Full Display

Anti-Masculinity Propaganda on Full Display

Last week, I published a handwritten post on Facebook encouraging mothers to not interfere with their husband’s discipline and training of their sons. Most dads want their sons to grow up tough and masculine. This world is tough and they don’t want their sons to be wimps. Of course, the feminists’ cry was loud against this post. Here is an example of one of their comments:

“This is the toxic masculinity that causes fear in young women. It’s okay to be a wimp. You aren’t automatically expected to find a wife and provide for a family simply because you’re a man. You don’t have to be tough. You can be sensitive, and weak, and feminine, and you still matter. Your existence and your place in this world isn’t defined by societal standards or your genitalia.”

What I wrote had nothing to do with “toxic” masculinity and causing fear in young women. There’s nothing in my post about raising mean and dangerous sons. It’s about raising sons who aren’t afraid to take on the responsibility of a family, work hard, and provide for their families but many women don’t seem to like this anymore. They want sensitive, weak, and feminine men who don’t want to work hard and provide for their families. They want wimps! No, thank you.

Who are these women actually fighting? God and His will for men and women. God’s will is for men to be tough and masculine. Look what He asked men to do throughout the Bible! Lead hordes of people through the wilderness. Go fight wars against the enemies of God. Be thrown into the lion’s den or into a fiery furnace for not bowing their knees to a false god. Meet with God on the mountain to have the Law written on tablets of stone. Look at the life of Joseph and all of the sufferings he went through to become a strong, godly leader of Egypt. What about the twelve disciples who preached the Gospel even when it meant persecutions, beatings, and their deaths. Finally, look at Jesus Christ who willingly was crucified on the cross to bear the sins of the whole world so that all who believe in Him will be saved. Jesus is the ultimate picture of a tough, masculine man! Yes, God wants men to be tough and masculine.

God calls women the weaker vessel. We are the ones that are sensitive, weaker than men, and feminine. We are the ones God calls to marry, bear children, and guide the home. This is the job that He created for us. We don’t have the testosterone flowing through our bodies like men do. He created us with different hormones to bear and raise children. Yes, we are more emotional and sensitive than men because of this and it’s a good thing!

“Your existence and your place in this world isn’t defined by societal standards or your genitalia.” She’s right about not being defined by societal standards but dead wrong about the genitalia. Our existence and place in this world is defined by God, our Creator, and He is clear about our existence and place in this world. Strong nations are built upon strong family units. Feminism has done all it can to destroy the family unit. Let’s not allow this to happen to us, dear women. Go back to the Word. Go back to the role that God created you for and become a feminine woman of God while appreciating the strong, masculine men in your life.

Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.
1 Corinthians 16:13

9 thoughts on “Anti-Masculinity Propaganda on Full Display

  1. The generation of Lefty “soy-boys” as they’re called are weakening society! Masculinity is NOT toxic, and being a real man, one who is the protector and provider is what’s needed for stable families. Men are the protectors and defenders of the weak and vulnerable. They defend our country, and our women and children. A real man steps up to the plate to provide! They confuse masculinity with tyranny. Any man can be a lording tyrant, and abuse the weak, but that is no man, that’s a cowardly wimp who takes it our on the weak. Masculinity is a man’s strength, not weakness! We cannot have a generation of effeminate men! That’s OUR job 😉 Women fill one valuable role, men are there to fulfill the one we can’t and vice versa. I’m glad I come from a family who had strong men as its backbone!

  2. Sadly, “thanks” to feminism, there are a lot more wimpy men like this woman says it’s OK to be.

    Men have a valuable and irreplaceable role as leaders and providers, given to them in the Bible {Genesis 2:15; Psalm 104:23; Ephesians 5:23; I Timothy 5:8}. God’s design of us as male and female is good and perfect. If we tamper with it, much confusion and evil fruit results.

  3. Yes, as we are seeing today, Lady Virtue. This is why we must keep speaking the truth in love and pray that the seeds we are planting take root. Blessings to you!

  4. Feminists despise weak men. They are lying to themselves and to their boys when they say otherwise. And obviously, virtue and morality are compatible with strength–indeed, morality fits strength better than it does weakness. A strong man does not wring his hands and expect others to rescue him; he shoulders his burden and carries on.

  5. I’ve worked at a large university for two decades now. Those feminist women who claim to want milquetoast, weak men are throwing out what the manosphere might call an “epic sh*t test”. They do not want these men, nor do they find them in any way attractive.

    I have repeatedly been audience to the spectacle of feminists converting entire classes of young men to the feminist cause, only to turn around and award the few “sexist”, “chauvinist”, and “misogynistic” men with sex. Meanwhile, the new soy boy generation look at each other with confusion, as if to say, “What are we doing wrong?”

    As a man, and the father of several sons, my guidance on these things has consisted of telling my sons to ignore what these women say and observe what they do. If they actually valued the “morals” and behaviors in men that they prattle on about, they would seek out such “virtuous” men. They would not pair up with and put out to the very antithesis of what they claim to admire.

  6. Wow that comment is sad. I certainly do not want a wimp for a husband and no one should. I’m glad he is strong and can protect me and I hope he raises our sons the same way.

  7. Society wants men in touch with their feelings. And my question is “will they like the results”?

    But it goes much worser. They do not want men period.

    I see a steady increase in mothers now calling their son ‘transgender’. Little Johnny wants to wear a dress and be called ‘Jana’. So you school teacher better treat him as a little girl or else you get fired.

    Also the skinny jeans movement and nail Parlours for men have not help matters. I went onto a discount website that was offering discounted spa treatments only to read a comment from a male complaining about how ‘sexist’ the spa Salon’s offer was because dad’s and men also need pampering too.

    You also have the men who punch a woman in the face like a man and then complain about how the woman shoved him first and he needed to defend himself even though he is twice her size.

    Then the men complaining like a woman when they have a baby and the woman as you do with newborns spents time with it to breastfeed. He gets angry and jealous and demands she does not breastfeed it and says ‘those are his’. The breasts that is.

    Also coupled with the fact that many men nowadays in their 20s and 30s spend time reading comics and watching cartoons and you have childish, girlish easy offended ‘boy men.

  8. The World’s Greatest Need—The greatest want of the world is the want of men,—men who will not be bought or sold; men who in their inmost souls are true and honest; men who do not fear to call sin by its right name; men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole; men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall.—Education, 57 (1903)

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