Appreciating Your Husband’s Strength

Appreciating Your Husband’s Strength

 “Men generally want to help their wives and give them gifts. They like to be the hero, if we will give them the chance. Consider the results of a Candid Camera gag. The setup was a woman walking around with one shoe off and limping badly, barely able to walk. She approached some unsuspecting men and asked them to help her get where she was going. Implicit in her approach was the phrase ‘I can’t walk.’ 

One of the men she approached – a stranger – actually picked her up and carried her to her destination. The Candid Camera crew tried it again with another man, and again the man picked her up and carried her. By the end of the episode fifteen men had carried the woman to her destination. These men were every size, age, shape, and race and all of them had the same response: Rescue a woman who needs help. Is your husband really so different than the men captured by the Candid Camera? You will never know until you admit that you need help.” ~ Laura Doyle

God created men bigger and stronger for a reason. They are to be the protectors and providers for women and children. God specifically told them that they were to “toil in the soil” to make a living. When Israel went to war, the men twenty years and older had to go fight as protectors of their nation.

Now imagine if a woman was limping and unable to walk and went up to another women and said the same thing. Would the women respond in the same way? Would every size, age, shape, and race pick her up and carry to her destination? No, the majority of women aren’t strong enough to carry another woman very far. They would most likely tag down the first man that came along and ask for his help. It’s just the way it is because it’s the way God created us no matter how much feminism fights this. I have never seen a woman pick up her husband to go over the threshold of their new home after their wedding. That would just be wrong!

I have a bad neck and can’t pick up heavy things so Ken helps me a lot around the house with heavy things and things that need to be fixed. When I go to Costco alone and have to pick up anything heavy (over five pounds), I wait for the first guy to come along. Not one of them has ever minded and even seemed to like being helpful. Just yesterday, I bought a lemon tree there and men were willing to help me get it into my cart and into my car, then Ken helped me get it into the house. (Yes, I am going to try to grow a lemon tree in a sunny spot in our home! 🙂 )

Recently, I saw a glimpse of bull riding on TV and wondered why women aren’t bull riders. Well, one second of research and I found my answer.

“A lot of it has to do with the female anatomy and insurance. I’ve met some women who could bronc ride with the best of them . . . . . . . .But they couldn’t have kids. Too much damage to internal reproductive organs from the pounding.

When women WERE allowed to compete, they had a higher injury ratio and a lower recovery rate than men. Due to physical strength differences, women rarely won those events when competing against men, and thus the chances of a payout were slim.

There used to be all girl rodeos that included all the events and/or women’s divisions at regular rodeos. I think there still are in some places and in some associations, but they don’t pay out like men’s divisions and carry greater risks.”

Yes, men’s and women’s physical makeup are different because God created them to compliment each other NOT compete with each other. Appreciate this fact instead of fight it and thank your husband for his strength in helping you with the heavy or difficult things!

Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honor unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.
1 Peter 3:7

***In the chat room for the past couple of weeks, we have been sharing what we appreciate and admire about our husbands. We are doing this for 30 days and it’s a wonderful exercise for all of us to dwell on the good and lovely about our husbands. Even some who are married to difficult husbands are sharing and seeing the benefit of dwelling on the good! (Remember, if you want to join the chat room, you must request to join and fill out the application. We have become much more careful about who we accept so it can be a safe place for Christian women.)

8 thoughts on “Appreciating Your Husband’s Strength

  1. The book from which you quoted (“The Surrendered Wife” by Laura Doyle) is one of my all-time favorites. Despite the fact that it’s not a Christian book, she has the concept of biblical submission down very well. I found that book before I was married, and read it until I had it memorized. Such a helpful book.

    Love the points you made – yes!!

  2. I have been reading your blog for almost a year now and wanted you to know how much it has convicted me to be more in submission to my husband and be the women God created me to be. I firmly believe that the reason our world and more specifically our country is in the mess it’s in is due to the women’s movement in the 60’s. I have struggled with its tenants most of my married life because they didn’t line up with my Christian values. But because of your posts and because your source is directly from God’s word, I now feel truly blessed to be a woman. I’m 65 years old and I am changing my ways to be more in line with why I was created a woman. Thank you for being a voice for God’s truths. And thank you for today’s post. Now I won’t be so embarrassed to ask for help with heavy things at Costco!

  3. I did read that book, Diana, and I liked it for the most part and she does understand pleasing your man. There were some parts I disagreed with her, however, because she wasn’t coming from a biblical stand point. This is why I liked Debi Pearl’s book so much more.

  4. Every single man I have ever asked through the years has been willing to help me, Becky, thankfully! I do believe most men still like to help out women even though most women don’t seem to want their help, sadly.

    Good for you! It’s never too late to begin obeying God and doing things His ways.

  5. Lori,

    Tomorrow I will see my husband for the first time in 31 days. My mother had a R nephrectomy 24 February and I have cared for her and been with her for 31 days. So, to join you:

    1. My husband insisted I go serve my mother during this difficult time.
    2. He thought not of himself and the loneliness but of my desire to serve the one who gave me life.
    3. He promised to be faithful to me; he is a promise-keeper.
    4. He tells me he misses me.
    5. He sends me sweet text messages.
    6. He calls me; I love the sound of his voice.
    7. He says, “Whatever my queen wants.” He loves to please me and put a smile on my face.
    8. He overlooks my faults.
    9. He values my thoughts and opinions.
    10. He genuinely loves me like Christ loves the Church.
    11. He honors his parents.
    12. He honors my parents.
    13. He calls our girls nearly every day: “I just called to tell you I love you.”
    14. He is my earthly head.
    15. He is submitted to his Head, God.
    16. He puts the toilet seat down.
    17. He puts his dirties in the hamper.
    18. He cooks our dinner sometimes.
    19. He cleans it ALL up afterward.
    20. He says, “Thank you for doing all my laun-dairy” (laundry).
    21. He says, “Thank you for keeping our home beautiful.” The air conditioner cleaners came recently and one of the young men told him, “This is the most beautiful house I’ve ever been inside in my life.” That made my husband feel so good, and it blessed me that it did.
    22. He hates debt. He looks at our bank account(s) daily and sometimes finds errors that save us money due to mistakes not our own.
    23. He holds my hand when he’s driving, and kisses it at the stop lights.
    24. He calls his parents nearly every day to keep in touch with them.
    25. He asks his parents and mine to make a Sonny-Do List for him when he comes for a visit.
    26. He reads the Word of God every morning.
    27. We pray together for 30 minutes every evening we’re home.
    28. He weeds the yards.
    29. He loves the Lord with everything in him and his actions speak louder about that love than words.
    30. He is a Job 29 man.
    31. He enjoys my company and I enjoy his! I can’t wait to see him tomorrow! I’m surprising him at the airport!

    Margie Becton once told me, “Think of all the places you’ve gotten to see, all the things you’ve gotten to do and all the people you’ve gotten to meet all because you married a good preacher.”


  6. You are blessed, Kelley! Thank you for sharing. I very much enjoyed reading your list and it gave me more great ideas why I love and appreciate my husband!

  7. Me either, Regina, but it’s nice to read about some of the topics discussed there.


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