The Jezebels Among Us

The Jezebels Among Us

There are many women preachers/teachers/authors out there these days who have “special revelations” from God. God spoke to them, they claim, as if God’s Word isn’t enough for them. Many women love these women preachers, attend their conferences, and believe these Jezebels must be so godly because they “hear from God” even though most of the women in the audience never do, thus they feel inferior and less godly. These Jezebels falsely believe that the words they heard from God are for others, so they preach/teach and even write books about Jesus talking through them. Beware, women!

Hebrews 1:1, 2 is clear that God in times past spoke through prophets but in these last days, He has spoken through Jesus Christ and His Word. “God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds.” Everything we need for life and godliness are in His Word, and we are warned at the end of Revelation about anyone adding to or subtracting from His Word (Revelation 22:18, 19).

Revelation 2:20 speaks about this woman Jezebel, so I thought I would look up in the commentaries to see what godly men who studied the Word had to say about her. “If the above view be right, the leader of the exorcists is a woman—regarded by her followers as a prophetess, as one with a real message from God; but viewed by the Lord of the churches as a very Jezebel, teaching and seducing the servants of God. For letting her alone, for being timid, paying too much deference to her spiritual pretensions, for failing to see and to show that the so-called ‘deep things’ of these teachers were depths of Satan, the chief minister is rebuked.” (Ellicot’s Commentary)

This description sounds a whole lot like a lot of the women preachers today that we are told to not have anything to do with. God doesn’t want women preaching and teaching the Word of God. He wants men to do this. He gave this ministry to men, not to women, and this is why the elders of the churches are to be men, “the husband of one wife.” God is clear what He wants women to teach other women; the ways of biblical womanhood, and these Jezebels never teach about the principles of Titus 2:3-5 as far as I can see or have heard.

Professing Christians are fawning over every heretic, heresy, heretical book, and blasphemous movie. They will race off to conferences with a speaker lineup that reads like a ‘Who’s Who?’ in false ‘ministers of righteousness.’  The truth floats on by them, but they eagerly reach out, grab, and gush over every falsehood. But they will not rejoice over or promote truth. Further, they refuse to invest any time and energy defending anyone who presents truth when they are under attack.”

Banes’ Notes on the Bible has this to say about Jezebels: “The kind of character, therefore, which would be designated by the term as used here, would be that of a woman who was artful and persuasive in her manner; who was capable of exerting a wide influence over others; who had talents of a high order; who was a thorough advocate of error; who was unscrupulous in the means which she employed for accomplishing her ends; and the tendency of whose influence was to lead the people into the abominable practices of idolatry.”

They act so spiritual. They stand up in front of churches behind pulpits. They are loud and commanding in the way they speak. They make up new words that sound spiritual but are not biblical. They leave their homes, husbands, and children to “minister” to women. You won’t hear them teaching about submitting to and obeying their husbands or being keepers at home. They won’t exhort families and churches to care for widows, so they can be home with their children. They will never mention that women are to be silent in the churches, and if women have questions, they are to ask their husbands at home. Forget about the exhortation that women are not to teach nor be in authority over men. No, these important topics for women will most likely never be heard from these Jezebels, and we wonder why the Church is so weak and ineffective today.

Then when older women teach younger women all of these principles of biblical womanhood and give Scripture to back up what they teach, they are called names, told how horrible they are, and ridiculed by the many who reject God’s truths. C.H. Fisher wrote: “But they reject God’s messengers. They call them mean-spirited, hateful, ignorant, self-righteous, and even diabolical, for the sole reason that His messengers pierce their fickle and carnal hearts with anointed truth. When they speak harsh rebukes to God’s messengers, they are speaking against Him. Condemning God’s messengers is as condemning the message and the One who sent it. It is as rejecting His righteous authority. There will be judgment for that great sin. The reason is because it not only prevents the individuals who reject it from entering the kingdom of heaven, it deceives and prevents other ones from entering.”

Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.
1 Corinthians 14:34

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  1. Dear Lori,
    How timely your message is for me today! I have been following an older woman teacher for quite some time, but have felt a certain disquiet in my heart as of late. After reading your latest message I have realized that this teacher is in fact a Jezebel! She says that she is teaching from the Word of God (and can back up her teaching with Scripture). But when I read between the lines, I realize that she is just spreading gossip, or “grabbing onto falsehoods” as you put it. Moreover, her teachings are geared toward men as well! Indeed a Jezebel.


  2. Lori, thank you for writing this. It is a growing concern to me and to others as well. I started to get pulled in to this whole phenomenon a few years ago. I bought a ticket to one of these “conferences” with one of the best known women preachers (no need to name her). About an hour into the evening, I started to get uneasy. Everything was so slick and so calculated, I felt like I was being subjected to an advertising campaign or a sales seminar.

    There was a definite formula being used by this woman. She would begin so quietly, then gradually raise her voice, turn on the tears and begin shouting until everyone was on their feet. Then the process would begin again. I thought it was just the opening of the conference, and I waited for the real “meat” of the gospel to be shared. It never was. I went home feeling disillusioned.

    When I walked in the door, my husband had looked up some of the teachings of this lady, and what he found disturbed him. I apologized for spending his hard-earned money on this conference and then coming home early, but he was glad that I had left in light of what was being “taught”. What I learned from this was not judgement, but discernment. I learned that if we are presented with anything but the living water of the gospel, we have the obligation and the right to turn away from it. I am now very wary of those who appeal first to my emotions; they are selling their products, books and podcasts.

    Have discernment and save your money, ladies!

  3. Oh how timely your teaching is. Jezebels are everywhere. And few are teaching about them. With God’s Word being our final authority in everything or should be, it seems few want to listen these days, always looking for the next prophetess preacher that has the newest revelation.

    I’m encouraged when I read your teachings as I know others are too. I am thankful that there are still women who wish to please Christ by teaching the younger women as you are. May more rise up to do so. Keep teaching it straight without excuse!

  4. I agree Lori, there are Jezebel teachers everywhere these days. I don’t listen to the popular women speakers or preachers, I find there aren’t very many who believe in being submissive and obeying your husband, so why would I care what they thought about anything else? But, I also am very careful what men preachers I listen to as well. If I can’t find out how they stand about women submitting and obeying, I don’t listen. I know how easily deceived I can be, so it’s better if I stay away from most of the popular stuff 🙂

  5. We must be wise as serpents and innocent as doves, Sarah. The way to know a Jezebel or someone who is teaching false teaching is to know the Word of God by reading it ourselves and listening to godly men teach it to us. We must hide His Word deep in our hearts.

  6. What you wrote reminds me of this verse, Tam: “And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.” (2 Peter 2:3)

    Women preachers will never appeal to me in the least and they seem to be growing in number quickly, unfortunately.

  7. Thank you, Dena, and my only goal is to teach what the Lord has clearly given me to teach. I will never understand why anyone needs a newer revelation when we have His perfect, inspired Word.

    “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” (Hebrews 4:12)

  8. The only one I am listening to right now is Michael Pearl. I started listening to him a couple weeks ago, but thankfully he has many teachings on the website. I don’t know where I will go from there. I’ve seen you mention several, and once I finish listening to Mr. Pearl, I figured I would venture out to more. Who is your favorite?

  9. How right you are Lori! It is unfortunate so many women will follow these women. I definitely prefer to listen to men preach (but enjoy reading books about biblical womanhood by ladies such as Elisabeth Elliot, Nancy Leigh DeMoss Wulgemuth, and Martha Peace). Along with my pastor…I highly recommend Paul Washer, John Piper, John MacArthur, Voddie Baucham, RC Sproul, DA Carson, CH Spurgeon, JC Ryle, AW Pink, Sinclair Ferguson, David Platt….just to name a few. Most of these men are still living but the few that aren’t have some amazing sermons in written form that are great reads! :o)

  10. Oh yes, Michael Pearl is our all time favorite preacher. We have learned who we are in Christ and all He accomplished on the cross for us through Michael’s thorough study of Romans and Hebrews which have become my favorite books of the Bible. He is a very wise man.

    We also love Charles Spurgeon and read his devotional every morning. John MacArthur is good, along with John Piper, and Voddie Bauchaum. But since learning from Michael Pearl, it’s easy for me to understand the Word as I study it now. I love it!

    Of course, the Bible is our favorite book of all!

  11. Oh, yes, Katy, you have mentioned some other great preachers and some I have never heard of. I will have to listen to them. I also love to read the books by the women you mentioned. Nancy Campbell is amazing too! “The Other Side of the Garden” is a fabulous book on marriage and covers all of Titus 2:4, 5. Whenever I hear of a good book on these topics, I will read it because I always love learning from other godly women!

  12. I listened to the Romans study while I was cleaning, and even though I didn’t sit down and really focus on it, I learned so much. I was also reading in Romans during the time I was listening to it and when I would read a chapter, it all made so much more sense! I definitely learned allot.

    I will have to jot those names down for future reference, thanks!

  13. Lori, I just finished a book today called Free To Stay At Home by Marilee Horton. Have you read it or heard of it? It is so good! It’s based on Titus 2. It was written in the 80’s but her teachings reminded me so much of yours. I love reading and learning anything about being a keeper at home and this book quickly became one of my all time favorites.

  14. I do have this book, Summer! I read it a while ago but I, too, love the books written about godly womanhood. We need all the encouragement and inspiration we can get since it’s so contrary to what we hear almost everywhere else.

  15. God used a woman preacher to lead me to Christ. Joyce Meyer. I learned about submitting to my husband from listening to her preach from the bible. Her teachings are bible based. I never even opened a bible until I began listening to her. I also go to church now.

  16. God can use anyone or anything to lead people to Him, Monique, but it doesn’t mean what Joyce Meyers is doing is right. It’s not. I listened to her for a while years ago and she said that women are allowed to preach because of Mary Magdalene and other women going to preach the “Good News” of Christ’s resurrection from the dead to the Apostles. No, Mary and the other women didn’t “preach” to anyone. They simply shared with the men what they had seen and was told to tell them.

    The Bible is very clear that women are not to teach nor to usurp authority over men. God gave men (deacons and elders who are the husband of one wife) the role of preaching/teaching the Word.

  17. Alistair Begg is a good one to listen to. I’m not a Calvinist like he is, but my husband and I still get a lot out of his expository preaching.

  18. I cannot confirm what I’ve heard about Joyce Meyer since I have not taken the time to listen to her, but from what I’ve heard she is part of the Word of Faith movement which holds beliefs about accessing faith through speech with the expectation God will obey the sinner. Also toes the line with promises of weath, health and prosperity. If that’s the case the gospel is missed completely. Do you know anything about this Lori?

  19. Out of curiosity, what’s the difference between “preaching” and “telling”? The dictionary, says preaching is to “publicly proclaim or teach” and to tell is to “communicate information, facts, or news to someone in spoken or written words.” If I’m telling someone outside my home, who isn’t part of my family, about God, am I preaching? While I understand that I am not to be making a sermon, I’m just a little confused as to where to draw the line. Will I know?… Thanks in advance

  20. Preaching is standing up in front of the church and teaching the Word of God to a congregation of believers with the authority given by God. Telling is simply talking to someone and sharing something. They are completely different things.

  21. Hi Lori,
    Peace to you, in Jesus name!
    I wanted to clarify your position – are you saying God does not call women to pastoral leadership positions and that women in such positions are Jezebels? Just need to clarify…
    Thank you!
    God bless you!

  22. I am not saying this. God’s Word plainly says this. Women are not to teach nor be in authority over men. “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.” ( 1 Timothy 2:12) And elder and deacons are to be the “husband of one wife.”

  23. Hi Lori, I thought you might be interested in this article I wrote last year on the use of ‘Jezebel’ among Christians to depict women in leadership (and other women). I’d be grateful for your thoughts on it.
    Thank you!
    God bless you!

  24. No one here should read ANY thing that this blasphemous woman has to say. She is a Jezebel that Lori is warning you about. She considers herself a church planter and a senior pastor. This one quote (from one of her articles talking about leadership in the church) should tell you everything you need to know about her.

    “Women should be recognized and accepted as called and qualified to lead to the same degree as men.”

  25. I agree, Trey. This is why I haven’t published her YouTube. It tries to argue that headship is not leadership. Today, for some reason, many are trying to convince me that women can preach, teach, and hear special revelations from God. It’s sickening how they twist the Truth of God’s Holy Word to push their deceptions onto others who will be easily led astray.

  26. I agree with both of you, Lori and Trey. When scripture is viewed as a whole from Genesis to Revelation, one begins to see the unique roles God has for women……and for men. If we as women do not obey what God commands and the principles He’s given, then we really do blaspheme His Word, and hinder the giving out, and the living of, the Gospel. For the women who truly do love the Lord, that thought alone should stop us dead in our tracks when we want to get around or go against God’s Word!!!!!

    It is interesting, and very tragic, that the church of Thyatira in Rev. was commended for many great things….. their works, their service, faith, and perseverance. But when this “Jezebel” was allowed IN THE CHURCH to practice disobedience, the result was disastrous to that body of believers. Other churches and believers “who have not known the depths of Satan” (wow!!!!) were warned about this church. (Rev. 2:24) Personally, I’m challenged with the thought that….. how I live my (womanly) life in the light of what God teaches in His Word, is a direct reflection of how holy I believe God is.

    Thanks, Lori, for your boldness to speak God’s truth …….unwavering-ly to me……. and to those who are in direct opposition to His Word. 🙂

  27. Very well stated, Redeemed. Thank you and there are many Jezebels today that have no problem preaching in the churches and calling themselves preachers. They are doing things they ought not to do and are going against the clear teachings of the Word.

    Many have attacked me because of this post and they are cruel and haughty with their name calling and pride. It’s so ugly and contrary to how God commands women to be.

  28. Hello and may the Lord of heaven and Earth bless you all, Jesus Christ our saviour.. i am so relieved ( and please pardon my english i am from puerto rico), to have found this page of women that stand up for what the Lord has written in the word, i daily seek how to convince myself that i was right when i would show my now ex wife what the scripture say about these things that you sisters write about here, unfortunately she dosent read english to well or understands it fully, not that it would matter because that evil spirit has had her so entagled for so long that i really doubt she would take heed, i really loved this womanand believed that we would one day share the balcony together drinking tea with our grand children, none the less, i am so gratefull for this insight and for also dicovering the name michael pearl he seems like a nice guy, i will listen to his study on romans after i m done here,,, do es anyone know someone who speaks spanish that would be willing to speak to my ex-wife she could really use this blessing perhaps she will listen, i am still hopeful for her, not that the marriage works that might be a little to far gone, but for her heart i think it would do her good. i am so very happy for you sisters who know the truth, jeez, if i were given the chance to choose genders for benefits sake i would have chosen to be a woman, because there are so many benefits for the ladies that God gives to them thru their husbands, why would anyone want to work, when you could stay at home and raise the kids, or go thru the headaches of having the spirit of god telling you that you are doing something wrong and not following his lead, i dont get it, so many more things i could say, but its not my forrum,,…. what a great page sister,,,i am so very greatful for having found it,,,.. all that i read is 100% aproved by the spirit in me that gives me testimony to be the truth. thanks again… Rafael

  29. Lori thanks you for your kind remarks Rafael. You are very kind, but really you and I know that what Lori is writing comes right out of the Bible where so many say they want to follow God’s Word, but really they just want to be comfortable in their sin. Sacrifice for the Lord Jesus is lost concept in our modern American culture, and perhaps you see more sacrifices where you live.

    The translations you can get online now are pretty good, and often Google Chrome will translate articles right in the Browser. It will not be perfect but good. I have seen that some people in other countries are translating Lori’s Blog posts and reposting them in their countries languages. I do not know if any are in Spanish.

    The concept of submission as found in God’s Word is not a new concept, not one that wives should fear. Most Christian husbands are not trying to be controlling or difficult, they just don’y want their wives controlling them.

    Michael Pearl is fantastic! If you want to grow in the faith greatly listen to all of his commentaries. He is so good.

    May the Lord bless you richly and I suggest that you translate a few of Lori’s posts with Google Translator and give them to your wife. May the Lord bless you richly and may you be restored in your marriage so that you can grow old together, as God intends for you.

  30. are women allowed to prophesy? i know women are not to lead men but is prophesy to other women ok? i know women’s ministry to other women is allowed as per the Bible, is that ministry allowed to include prophecy?

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