Being Involved With a Jezebel

Being Involved With a Jezebel

Written By Lili Rose

“Musk described their relationship as “brutal” and “mind-bogglingly painful.”

Despite this, Heard revealed that she still loves Musk “very much,” adding, “Elon loves fire, and sometimes it burns him.”

No, Amber Heard has never loved Elon Musk or Johnny Depp or anyone else. She doesn’t understand the meaning of love. She’s a personality-disordered woman with a Jezebel spirit.

The Jezebel spirit is a controlling and manipulative spirit characterized by seduction, manipulation, and dominance. It uses beauty, sexuality, glamor, charm, flattery, and deception to gain control over men and achieve its goals.

Be very vigilant, men! Women under its influence are everywhere; even in the church and Christian circles. These women aren’t genuine Christians; they’re false converts. They may profess that Jesus is Lord, but their Jesus isn’t the real Jesus.

The Jezebel spirit is extremely predatory and exploitative! She seeks to dominate men and use them to improve her lifestyle. She’ll resort to abuse, false claims of abuse, coercion, blackmail, revenge, or other intimidation tactics.

Women influenced by the Jezebel spirit often exhibit a lack of empathy for others and prioritize their own desires and ambitions above others. To avoid the dangers associated with such a woman, a man needs discernment; to not let his eyes rule his actions and to establish healthy boundaries in interactions and relationships. Only by being vigilant and grounded in truth can a man recognize and resist the influence of the Jezebel spirit!

In Christian circles, many women do indeed operate under this spirit and present themselves as being more righteous than they actually are. Men, these women love to use sexual manipulation to achieve their goals and gain influence over you. A woman under this spirit frequently uses her appearance as a tool for manipulation and control. She may choose to wear revealing or provocative clothing that accentuates her physical attributes, or she’ll wear very elegant and expensive attire.

Her impeccable presentation may be another sign of this spirit. She often prioritizes her physical appearance above other aspects of her character and has meticulous grooming habits to maintain an alluring image. A woman with a Jezebel spirit will engage in flirtatious or suggestive behavior as a means of exerting influence over men. This is intended to create sexual tension and manipulate the man’s emotions.

Emotional manipulation of some kind is always present! The Jezebel spirit is all about leveraging emotional connections to achieve desired outcomes. This could include feigning affection for a man or intimacy to elicit a specific response such as gaining favors or exerting control over relationships, and “love-bombing” and hot and cold games.

A woman under the influence of this spirit can be very exploitative in relationships by using sex as a bargaining chip, for future blackmail attempts, or to obtain sexual favors in order to maintain her power over the man. She may make false promises of sexual gratification or intimacy to lead men to believe that engaging with her will result in sexual gratification, love, affection, or status, only to later betray those expectations.

There are some typical ways a woman with the Jezebel spirit conducts herself on social media. She often uses social media as a platform to seek attention.
This often involves posting glamorous and provocative photos of herself, sharing personal details about her life in a false or dramatic manner, and constantly seeking validation through likes and comments.

She may engage with many men openly or behind the scenes, using comments, direct messages, or emojis to convey a sense of intimacy or allure. These  interactions could be subtle or overt, depending on her intentions and the perceived receptivity of the man. It could involve subtly influencing the man’s opinions or behaviors through persuasive messaging, guilt-tripping, or other tactics.

She may carefully curate her social media presence to elicit admiration, envy, or desire from others. This could involve showcasing material possessions, glamorous experiences, seductive poses, or idealized aspects of her life while concealing less favorable realities. She may use social media as a means of strategic networking or even for escorting, cultivating connections with wealthy men as far away as Dubai, or anyone who can further her own interests or agenda.

A woman with a Jezebel spirit might thrive on drama and conflict. She often enjoys stirring up controversy, gossip, or discord to maintain attention and control. This could involve instigating arguments, spreading rumors, resorting to physical violence, or engaging in public disputes with others. She often has a proud and haughty air.

If you look into her eyes you may see a flash of something dark and sinister in there. Demonic spirits manifest themselves through a person’s eyes.

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