Biblical Womanhood is Sound Doctrine!

Biblical Womanhood is Sound Doctrine!

Many are continually angry with me when I teach women to be keepers at home and be obedient to their husbands, dress modestly and be virgins until marriage but guess what, this is all sound doctrine! “But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine…The aged women …teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed” (Titus 2:1,3-5).

If you have a problem with any of these things, I encourage you to examine yourself to see if you are in the faith (2 Corinthians 13:5). If you are in the faith and love the Lord your God, you will want to obey what He commands because you know that His ways are perfect. This means that you will never drink alcohol if it causes you to not be sober. You will love your husband and children as yourself. You will be discreet and not do anything to draw undue attention to yourself. You will be chaste in your actions by fleeing fornication and all hints of it. You will be a keeper at home and raise your own children. You will learn what God requires of you and by His grace, you will obey Him. You will be obedient to your husband as you are unto God. You will do all of this because you would never want to do anything that blasphemes the word of God.

All of this is the doctrine that God has commanded that I teach young women so they don’t blaspheme the word of God. Yet, many women have trouble with this. They give me all of their exceptions and “What ifs…?” They want me to change God’s doctrine into my own doctrine. I don’t want to do this. I want as many women as possible who love the Lord Jesus Christ to obey God’s commands since I know they are best.

Does He want ALL women to be keepers at home? I think so. He doesn’t make exceptions in His Word so I won’t either. He knows this is the best place for them. He knows they are safest at home. He knows it’s best for their children and marriages to be at home. Who are we to argue with Almighty God?

Does He want ALL women to be obedient to their husbands? Yes, even those whose husbands are disobedient to the Word. His instructions to them are in 1 Peter 3:1-6. Of course, His commands are above any husband’s commands so a wife must obey God rather than her husband IF he asks her to do something wicked like abort her baby. But women need to be much more focused on being submissive to their husbands in everything rather than trying to figure out ways they can disobey this command from God.

In closing, I will continue to teach what God commands that I teach without watering it down to make exceptions. All of you are going to have to make the decision to obey God or not. You are going to have to prayerfully consider if you are a rare exception. Just remind yourself that God didn’t give these commands to make you miserable, but because He’s your Creator and knows what is best for you.

But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine.
Titus 2:1

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22 thoughts on “Biblical Womanhood is Sound Doctrine!

  1. Amen God’s ways are always for our good. If you have an issue with the word take it up with God but His word is clear.

  2. Amen Lori. I just wanted to tell you that I’ve Found your blogs some time ago and been reading them, 1 or 2 every day now.. I like to go back and read the older ones too. It’s so encouraging that someone is taking it seriously, the command of older women to teach the younger!

    I’m a young wife, and home is my favorite place to be.. Although I work away once or twice a week, I do a lot of work at home, house keeping, gardening, canning, etc.. When I become a mother I plan to be home full time. I was blessed to have a mother who exemplified this for me, and I always knew that’s what I wanted.

  3. I became more joyful once I truly agreed with God that women are to obey their husbands, keep the home, and train up children. Once my questions were answered, I saw no more reason to fight it, and the surrender left me the opportunity to truly love what God has for women without shame. There’s peace in agreeing with God.

  4. Amen, I’m so happy your blog and twitter account makes women face the truth. The problem is feminism tells women they should ignore their biology and you can’t escape from feminism in society these days. I’m in university (I didn’t want to but my father wants me to go and my family doesn’t go to church so university is the next best place to find a husband) and women’s “liberation” comes up in classes you’d never expect it to and women talk about motherhood with such hatred. What a shame, university brings them no happiness and in a couple decades these women will regret their choices but they don’t realize it now because feminism tells women they don’t have to take responsibility for themselves.

  5. I think if more women would give God’s ways a chance, they would be amazed at how much more peaceful and happy their lives are. I was in the “no man will tell me what to do” camp until I realized a couple of years into my marriage that something would have to change. I decided to follow God’s commands for wives and while I have struggled mightily (and still do at times) my marriage has improved 110 percent. My husband isn’t following Christ, but since changing my own behavior I feel more loved and protected by my husband than I ever dreamed. Turns out he’s a really good leader, I never gave him the chance to show me that before. And I know I’m not actively destroying my witness before my husband by being a contentious and angry wife, it’s a beautiful thing!

  6. G. L.

    Your comments made me smile. I would not be surprised if your faithfulness to being a Godly wife is boosting the confidence of your husband. Mine is when my wife accepts my leadership and protection in our home. Such a wonderful testimony, and I pray that your husband will become a follower of Christ through the leading of the Holy Spirit and your example.

  7. I am grateful that wives have a place to hear the truth of the Scriptures, especially young women who are blasted with so many contradictory messages that encourage them to run from God’s wisdom. I also appreciate that you emphasized that wives should never do anything contradictory to God’s word. Too many use this as an excuse not to submit to their husband’s leadership. I would not want my wife to follow my instructions if it violated God’s word.

    Keep speaking and writing truth. The world is in desperate need of it.

  8. I’m an older woman but married less than 15 years so I consider myself a learner. I’m in the UK, a lot of churches here set bad examples such as giving leadership positions in church, over men as well as women, to single women who have a degree and a career. They are supported by the women who are in joint leadership positions, with their husbands, over both men and women. When the leadership in a church is not following the bible then the congregation will do the same. The good news is, there are churches who are doing it right. You don’t need to water down what you teach from the bible. I’m sure they get angry with you because they know you are right, they can read the bible verses.

  9. Mr. Sexton,

    Women do have a “voice in life” a significant, God ordained voice in the lives of their children and in their homes with their husbands. When a woman grocery shops and cooks, her decisions impact the health of her family. When she chooses how to educate, maybe even homeschool she is the funnel through which her children learn. She is to be trustworthy in all matters of home and children so the husband doesn’t worry about these things because he chose a helpmeet that is equally yoked with him. When she decorates her home, she is setting the tone for the warmth her family experiences. Women can build up or tear down a home with their words. A woman’s choices bear greatly in the future of her marriage and children. I’m not sure how you can support your statement that God hasn’t given women a voice.

  10. Your comment is precisely the problem. ‘So many young woman are now taught that they have equality with men and as such deserve respect and dignity, which is not what God teaches.’

    God refers to women as the ‘weaker vessel’ not the ‘lesser vessel.’ He invites men to cover the weakness with protection. As far as I am aware the word never suggests a lack of equality because the apostle Paul clearly states ‘in Christ … there is neither male nor female.’ So I am not sure why a young woman IN CHRIST should not feel she deserves respect and dignity. EVERY interaction Christ had with women in the gospels treated women with the utmost respect and dignity whether they ‘deserved’ it or not (think to the woman at the well who had been wed 5 times and was living in sin).

    Your comment is unbiblical and derogatory. You will win no souls this way.

  11. I have never been more satisfied than I have since I have learned my roles as a submissive wife, a keeper at home, and a mother who enjoys raising her own children. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I have had these desires since I was a little girl, but I got lost along the way because of the influences of the world. Thank God I found my way back and thank you for confirming what I already knew long ago.

  12. Danny what are you talking about?. Husband’s are instructed to honour wives as the weaker vessel. Children are told to honour mothers and listen to her. There are plenty of examples in the Bible of Godly women being praised and honoured. Nowhere does it state that women are not to have a voice, nor does it say that women have to submit to all men. I don’t know what Bible you are reading but it’s not one I am familiar with.

  13. I agree with the author. Is not always easy to follow God’s instructions but truth still the truth. Feminist can argue with God, not other women who try to teach from God’s words. I am from Indonesia and I learned being a good wife (good moral not godly wife) from my mother. In my country having a family (husband and children) is important for women, specially if you can bear sons who will carry the family name. Women don’t take lightly their job being a “housewife.” Being a good wife who stay at home is an honor for most women in my country. Divorce is a shame for women in my country because is a symbol of failure. I hope American women can value how important their job being a housewife.

  14. I think for me I’ve had trouble with my own faith because I’ve made mistakes, I lost my virginity when I was an unmarried teen and I did have an abortion. Later I asked God to forgive me for those things and I’ve been celibate ever since but sometimes I feel like God can’t forgive me (even though he does) so I almost think it’s easier to just not have faith in Him. Even just thinking about my lost baby now (years later) makes me want to cry because of my sin and the fact that I can’t undo it sadly. However now I am trying to live more according to His word and plans for my life.

  15. Once you believe in Jesus Christ, Camille, every single sin you have and will commit has been completely forgiven. You’ve been washed by the blood of the Lamb. Now, believe it to be so! Yes, you will still mourn over past sin but you can know that you are forgiven and loved by Almighty God.

  16. I looked up the Titus verse for the first time in my home bible which is NIV and it reads to be “busy at home” instead of “keepers at home”. I have a 5 week old baby and I would love to be home with him, I’m supposed to go back to work the end of May. We were discussing selling the home and moving into his moms house because he wouldn’t be able to cover everything on his salary. I really don’t want to put the baby in daycare, especially with the coronavirus, if the daycare is even open. Praying and asking god what we should do.

    Just wanted to share the difference in translation. I like NIV because it’s easier for me to understand.

  17. yes, i agree, being a housewife is sound doctrine. i’ve been married for 30 years. my husband still works, i “keep the house” i did work part time so i can be home to raise our son, but i have a sore hip now so i love being a housewife. our world is a mess because people don’t want God in their life and they want to live in the flesh, do what they want.

  18. Hi Lori,

    I believe my place is within the home raising my own children, but my husband thinks that both of us working is in our family’s best interest since our ‘daycare’ is a combination of his sister and his mother watching them. Do I still submit to my husband and miss out on so much with my children?

  19. Pray daily that the Lord will convict him and change him mind, Jess. It’s sad how many men these days don’t see the value of a wife and mother in the home but feminism has infected them too. Money is more important.

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