Women’s Independence is a Silent Victim of the Pandemic?

Women’s Independence is a Silent Victim of the Pandemic?

For feminists, the only thing that matters to them are their rights and their independence. It’s all about them and nobody else. It’s a movement built solely on selfishness which has led to the destruction of marriages, families, children, and cultures. It’s completely the opposite of God’s will for women.

There’s an article in The Atlantic called The Coronavirus is a Disaster for Feminism. “A pandemic magnifies all existing inequalities (even as politicians insist this is not the time to talk about anything other than the immediate crisis)…But one of the most striking effects of the coronavirus will be to send many couples back to the 1950s. Across the world, women’s independence will be a silent victim of the pandemic.”

This is a tragedy for feminism! Women have to go back home and be with their own children. They even have to homeschool their children. They can’t depend upon strangers mothering and teaching their children right now. This is taking away everything women have fought for. This mindset is sick, women!

A friend of mine has a coworker who was separated from her husband and living on her own. As soon as the lock down took place, she ran back to her husband. She knew she would be safer with him. “It is only in an extremely safe and prosperous society that women can keep up the pretense that they don’t need a man. As soon as trouble strikes – whether economic, natural disaster, war, famine, or whatever – they go running to men to protect them. It is better to simply accept the fact that women need men and to build one’s life around a profitable and enjoyable division of labor that benefits everyone concerned – namely, marriage as God designed it.” (Lindsay Harold)

Women, God didn’t design us to be independent. The first woman He created was because man was not to live alone so God created a help meet for him. We are to live dependent upon God but in order to enjoy the life that we live, we have to live dependent upon men since they are the ones who build cultures. They build jets, freeways, homes, and everything else. God designed marriage to be a man and a woman. He ordained the husband as the head of the wife and the wife to live in submission to her husband. Men are to be the providers for their families so yes, in God’s design, women live dependent upon men. This is all God’s perfect will for us and exactly what feminism has rebelled against.

I am thinking there are a lot of mothers deciding that they want to be home full time with their children because of this pandemic. They can see how much healthier it is for their children to be with them. I am praying that homeschooling will take off too, although I know this worries many since they want the children being taught in the government run schools. “Elizabeth Bartholet, Wasserstein public interest professor of law and faculty director of the Law School’s Child Advocacy Program, sees risks for children—and society—in homeschooling, and recommends a presumptive ban on the practice. Homeschooling, she says, not only violates children’s right to a ‘meaningful education’ and their right to be protected from potential child abuse, but may keep them from contributing positively to a democratic society.” This is a spiritual battle, women. Pray.

Maybe, just maybe, and prayerfully, women will begin to see how destructive feminism has been and the lies that they have believed and decide to change course.

Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.
Jeremiah 6:16

19 thoughts on “Women’s Independence is a Silent Victim of the Pandemic?

  1. Amen, I pray more moms stay home as well because of this or at least work less to attend to the home. Independence is not attractive, ever since the creation of Eve a woman was designed to be under headship. Just look at the difference between a woman under headship/covering and one that isn’t.

  2. This is one of the many things I hate about feminists, they see themselves as the victims of everything. It’s a movement that claims to empower women but teaches them that all their problems stem from society instead of their own choices, how does that make sense?

  3. I used to think, “how can I possibly teach my children when I don’t even have a degree in teaching?” I only have a bachelor’s of science in nursing and was a practicing RN for almost 10 years before resigning to be home with my 3 young children full time. However, what I’ve come to realize (in this pandemic especially) is that you absolutely need a degree when you are managing a classroom of about 30 children/families all with different personalities, learning styles, backgrounds, disabilities, behavioral issues, abuse history etc. But when it’s your own children it’s SO different. You need a desire to teach them, wisdom that comes from the Lord alone, and a unified & solid plan with your husband while bathing everything in prayer.

    You truly cannot beat one on one instruction and you can work at your child’s pace without constantly being interrupted by “Sally and Samuel” who are being so disruptive that the teacher can’t even complete a lesson. You can also spend as much time as you want on subjects that your child enjoys as a reward after completing something they may have struggled to grasp. Many classroom teachers regularly say that the students who excel the most are the ones whose parents work with them at home. Why not cut out a huge chunk of the day that is wasted in a large classroom setting and teach them yourself? There are so many great Christian curriculums to choose from, not to mention free resources online. I want my children to be children for as long as possible. They grow up too fast when they are exposed to things that they shouldn’t be. I also want them to be children after God’s heart.

    How can I help cultivate that if they are away from the home for the majority of their waking day and lives? Of course it’s not me that has the power to do that work, but the Holy Spirit that draws them. I want God’s Word and His truth to be weaved into everything that they are learning. You can potentially get that in private school but it comes along with a very hefty price tag where we live. At the end of the day nobody is more invested in our children than my husband and I. I have casted my fair share of negative judgments on homeschooling in the past (shame on me), but I get it now. I was brainwashed (for a lack of a better term) with a feminist mindset all throughout public school and university and I didn’t even realize it. I get it now. My husband and I have experienced the benefits for ourselves and see how our children (oldest is kindergarten) are all thriving and blossoming at home. I am so thankful that we have a handful of other homeschooling families in our church body that I’m already connected with and I hope there will be even more starting next school year. Thank you so much Lori for your blog. It has been a huge source of encouragement for me.

  4. I live in Southern U.S. and unfortunately many women in my area are still working because their jobs are deemed essential. Daycares in my area are deemed essential and are filled to capacity so moms can continue to work their essential jobs. Also,with all do respect, more families are not homeschooling now. They are giving home instruction, which is totally different from homeschool. These kids are still being taught government mandated material that is sent home by teachers or led online by teachers. The parents are just supervising that the work is being done by the children. Not trying to be rude by any means. As a homeschooling parent(I have homeschooled my fifteen and ten year old from the beginning of their school careers) I want people to know there is a huge difference between homeschool and home instruction. Definitely not the same freedom in home instruction as homeschool. Yes it’s great that kids are home more with mom but she is not in control of her public school kids or private school kids education, she is still at the mercy and bondage of the public or private school teachers. Just felt led to clarify the difference between the two.

  5. The children are still doing school at home, however, Tamara. This is a HUGE difference than being away from home most of the day with others. The mothers are seeing exactly what their children are learning and are able to monitor it. Plus, the children aren’t having to put up with the wasted time and bullying that goes on in the schools. What takes all day in the schools only takes a few hours at home so the children have plenty of time to play and be creative at home.

  6. You’re welcome, Krystal, and I pray more and more families come to the same conclusion. God gave parents the mandate to raise their children in the nurture and the admonition of the Lord, NOT strangers.

  7. I have also been praying that God would use this time to draw the hearts of mothers back home. But I fear that most women are indoctrinated by feminism and already too far gone. Many parents don’t even like their children. And understandably, when they’ve been raised by strangers and left un-nurtured and ill -disciplined.

    In an age of video streaming and food delivery, many children are simply being babysat by Netflix and having their meals prepared by DoorDash. My sister is a high school science teacher and has been preparing online lessons and assignments. Last week, she only had 4 students out of 80 participate because parents just don’t care.

    This is truly a battle of unseen spiritual forces, and we need to pray for a move of the Holy Spirit.

  8. You’re right about that. Most parents didn’t train their children to obey them when they were young so they don’t enjoy their children. This “gentle parenting” movement has been disastrous! Our culture is one of indulgence and neglect of what is important. It’s absolutely a spiritual battle.

  9. Yes, they are still at home which is great. Just wanted to clarify the difference between homeschool and home instruction. I have been hearing the two spoken of as though they are the same and just wanted to make sure for those who don’t know there is a difference. So many parents are saying we are “homeschooling” now when they are only overseeing home instruction . Again it’s great kids are home more with mom regardless. However there are many, many children that are not home with mom right now. Because mom is still working her essential worldly job. The kids are now dealing with bullying at the local YMCA or other childcare facility.(Childcare facilities are making it very easy for moms that have “essential jobs to leave their children by offering free childcare so they can continue to work.) I do pray this opens eyes but I see many of the same selfish behaviors from working moms believing their jobs are more essential than caring for their children.

  10. My prayer has been that many parents see the value in having mothers at home and teaching their own children as well. I’m sure several families I know will be seriously pondering the idea. At the same time, I’m praying that the pendulum doesn’t swing too far! For those of us that already homeschool our children, the last thing we want is the government stepping in and dictating what we are allowed/not allowed to teach our children. We have a lot of freedoms as homeschoolers because we aren’t tax exempt or allowed to make deductions. As nice as that would be…it would all come at a very steep price.

  11. I have enjoyed this time at home. Busy with three adult men in the house. I have been able to draw my sons closer, open my husband’s eyes to the hard work and love I put into our family and home, and try to create a warm peaceful environment for our family. We are not perfect people and we have good days and bad days, but so far the good has outweighed the bad and we are strengthened as a family. We are going forward into the unknown, but he are blessed to be doing this together.

  12. Same here, the moms are still working the essential jobs, they are working side by side with me physical labor jobs. lot of kids don’t have anyone with them now, at least in school they weren’t alone.
    Sadly people like my SIL, she is single, is out of work and her dads dead
    Schools are same here, teachers have to upload assignments and the kids do them and turn them in, our baby’s too young for school right now, so that’s no affect on us.

  13. How much the government steps in and tries to infringe on your homeschooling depends a lot upon what state you live in. It’s already pretty bad in some places.

  14. Yes, I totally agree with you Tamara. They are not the same thing and it is good to have someone explain that because many don’t know there is a difference between the two. I learned this a few years into our homeschool journey when I was part of several online homeschool networks.

  15. I am not independent and never will be. I rely on Christ every day of my life. Even if something happens to me, I know that I will be with him.

    I might remain single for the rest of my life, but that is OK, since I already have what I need. I wish that every woman feels the same at some point in her life.

  16. Women who embrace feminism, this must be some kind of miracle!! ?

    It’s sad to see what the feminist s are pushing for, they’ve already taken over the family law system just look what happens to men of divorce even if they love their children the children are taken away from them and the men are placed on child support through the state making them basically a slave to the state. I think it’s only going to get worse in the article that was written about the parallels between Rome and America was spot on really good article they also called this the cycle of democracy where the country started out in 1776 with the love of God and to do what’s right and has slowly gone into decline over the years You can think about the United States as a small seed that was planted to the grace of God and grew into a beautiful bloomed tree but now is slowly dying. Don’t want to sound depressing or anything but it’s just what it is but it’s good to see that there’s women keeping their faith and very proud of all y’all God bless you and know that there are men many many men who believe in the family and God.

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