Christianity Gives Women Moral and Cultural Guidance

Christianity Gives Women Moral and Cultural Guidance

“All men prefer debt-free virgins with no tattoos and no weird piercings. It is not just men who actively practice Christianity. There are obvious biological reasons for this. But Christianity is needed to give women moral and cultural guidance. Without such guidance and without being led by good men, they easily give in to their most base desires and whims and end up being unmarriageable.” (Recent comment on my debt-free virgin post)

There’s a good reason that God commands that the older women teach young women biblical womanhood. There’s a reason that God commands that believers marry believers, explains that the husbands are the head of their wives, and commands wives to submit to their husbands in everything. Every command from God is good! Look how far women, even those who claim to be Christians, have fallen. Feminism has not been taught by godly, older women or by husbands who love the Lord. No, it was taught by women who hated God and His ways.

Many women fight vehemently against what I teach. Check out my social media sites if you don’t believe me. Daily, I am taken to task by women, called names, slandered by them, and they even go after others who comment on my Facebook page. They falsely believe that what I teach is “dangerous.” They believe that submission is abusive, that being keepers at home is bondage, and that wanting to be married is simply plain wrong. They don’t hate me. They hate God and His ways.

Then there are many female leaders/preachers who claim to be Christians who never teach the concepts of biblical womanhood. They have fallen into the social justice and/or feminist movement and think that fighting for the “rights” of some is what they have been called to do. They use their large platforms to spread the gangrene of false teachings and lead women farther down the path of error away from biblical womanhood.

Young women desperately need guidance from older, wiser women. The churches are mostly failing in this area. The older women are failing. They aren’t obeying the clear commands of God.

What about “being led by good men” as the author of the comment wrote. I am sure this repulses most women but there are good reasons that God has given men the authority positions even in the marriages. Authority means to lead. This is why it’s so important to marry a good, godly man, not the bad boy as many women have done.

The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.
Titus 2:3-5

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  1. My wife once tried to counsel a young woman in our church on the type of man she should look for. I think they were working the church nursery together. The girl was involved with a guy who had been jail. She told my wife she didn’t attract to the type of man My wife was recommending. She actually said she wanted a “bad boy.” ? She ended up with a baby by him!

  2. We don’t hate God or his ways. We just think you and your followers are low-intelligence morons for still needing to rely on an ancient book, written thousands of years ago by old men, to tell you how to live and what to believe. If you were smart enough, you would be able to live independently without anyone telling you how to live and what to do every day.

  3. Amen God’s commands are always good. I hear some people say a man can’t teach biblical womanhood, yes an older woman should be teaching younger women but where do you think she learned from? God chose men to preach and the older women can then pass on the word and her experience as well.

  4. You have proven my point. You aren’t a believer in Jesus Christ. You either serve Him or Satan. You are being deceived by the great deceiver. Repent and believe in Jesus Christ!

  5. Is authority means lead, isnt contradictory that the mother has authority over their children since she is not the leader?

  6. Authority in the home:

    Yes the husband is the leader of the home but both are in authority over the offspring.

  7. River,
    by default you do. You either serve God if the god of this world (JN 8:44) who has boundaries ordained by God the Most High Himself . The god of this world is the author of this world system . That means that all of the goals, views the ideals by the majority of the people exist because of the influence of the devil. He’s not a cartoonish guy running around in a red suit and pitchfork. But rather a being of light.

    The Bible says unbelievers are caught in the snare of the devil 2nd Tim 2:26 and that they follow the agenda of the devil 2nd Corinthians 4:4. He encouraged pride and a me first agenda that he sets and every unbeliever follows Compared to Christianity which is about putting it here’s needs ahead of your own and acts of service to help fellow human beings. Those are opposite.

    One example of the devils philosophy is that good works alone are sufficient to please God. This is the core basis of all man made religions

    . Salvation comes by way of grace and not works Ephesians 2:8,9. It’s faith alone in Christ alone and good works are a byproduct.

  8. Quote – She actually said she wanted a “bad boy.”

    Sadly I have heard and seen this many times.
    Both “Christian” and secular women can’t get their clothes off fast enough so they can have sex with a “bad boy”
    Even a lot of married women will have sex with any “bad boy” that gives her attention, without a second thought about betraying her husband.
    Most women have a single focus – sex with as many “bad boys” as she can…….

    They used her, abused her, then dumped her.

    IF I had…
    a prison record
    had no job
    tattoos all over my body
    body piercings
    used drugs
    drank a lot of alcohol
    had a harem of multiple women
    and slapped women around

    IF I behaved like a “bad boy” I would have multiple women BEGGING to be one of my women.

    so I am single.

  9. “All men prefer debt-free virgins with no tattoos and no weird piercings. It is not just men who actively practice Christianity.” This is true. I watched several YouTube videos from secular men regarding this issue. One even had a response video to a woman YouTuber who was highly offended by the viral article you wrote. The non-Christian men just made fun of her the whole time. The vast majority of secular men do indeed prefer debt-free virgins with no tattoos. So much so that they even made a tattoo scale rating the type and placement of tattoos on women so that other men can easily read what level of involvement (not marriage) they would be willing to be in with these women. They have tied the number and placement of tattoos with previous sexual partners and therefore the woman’s level of crazy.

    These same men routinely make fun of women with multiple partners and are especially gleeful when one of those promiscuous women has “hit the wall” (30+) are unmarried or unpartnered and have no idea why. This isn’t just a handful of men either. These men have tens of thousands of subscribers and followers from around the world. They even expose the few men who stand up for tattooed women with multiple partners for “Beta” men who are just hoping to get a piece of the pie. If this is how even secular men feel, why would a Godly man want even less? Should Christian women not provide our brothers with well-trained virtuous potential wives?

    Any woman who teaches that men don’t prefer debt-free virgins with no tattoo, hates other women. Yes, hates. She loves herself more than every other woman and is too busy either justifying her past behavior or wanting to be popular amongst the wrong crowd. I don’t care if you are hundreds of thousands in debt, with multiple partners and covered in tattoos, don’t lie to yourself and other women by minimizing the repulsion men feel to marrying the majority of women in your situation. If you are one of the very few lucky ones, covered with tattoos, laden with debt and past promiscuity and you did find a Godly husband, realize that you are an extreme rarity and don’t entice other women to go your route, they will not end up where you are. They will end up aged with permanent blue smudges marring their skin, struggling to stay above the poverty line, with one or more STDs, living with cats and an unnatural hair color.

  10. @Mamma to 8
    I aspire to be a mother to many children one day and I try every opportunity I get to learn from moms with big families, though if you don’t want to answer my questions I totally respect that.
    Do you have an individual relationship with all of your children? Do they get along well? Do you struggle with favoring one child more than the rest? Are you still able to find free time to spend with your husband? Did you have a hard time losing the baby weight? Did your children cause tension in your marriage?

    I really do apologise, I know I sound super nosy, but any answer I will appreciate. Thank you☺️

  11. Well River if I’m a moron then Hallelujah for the Word of God because I’m a blessed moron!?

  12. On my Facebook page where I posted this blog post, by far the majority of the men agreed with it and many women did not. Hmm, do men know what they prefer or do women know what men prefer. Who should we listen to? It’s absolutely crazy.

  13. There are lots of married people I’d never trust either I really think you have to look at the individuals themselves and if they are truly walking with the Lord. I never dated divorced men because I didn’t trust them but I never found myself angry at them at all. We are to focus on the joy and good and our purpose in life serving Christ and not allow our emotions to rule over us. ?

  14. I feel very similar to you. A phrase I’ve been hearing lately is, “The number one cause of divorce is marriage”. Which is just beyond stupid, yet people actually perpetuate this. What if I told you the number one cause of death is living? People would find me obnoxious and rightfully so, because my advice doesn’t actually help to prevent the problem.

    I’ve have babysat children whose mother’s lived the cohabitation life and it’s not pretty. One mother had her son go on a summer vacation and when she picked him up at the airport to bring him home he said, “You’re still with Joe” (fake name of course for privacy)? Everyone laughed, and I just sat there shocked. Marriage, divorce, and cohabitation that isn’t long term RUIN children.

    Contraception has convinced women that they can lower their standards all the way down pass the basement, for a “good time”, and walk away unscathed. Women who don’t fear getting pregnant, will sleep with a man who treats her like trash, so long as he’s hot. Then wants to call him a deadbeat once the test comes back positive and he’s nowhere to be seen.

    And, of course, abortion is the inevitable in some cases; oh but don’t worry, it’s facility is hot pink so that means they DON’T kill babies! ? Christine, I feel you, girl.

  15. My son’s ex-girlfriend’s mother is absolutely covered in tattoos and is exactly the kind of woman you have described. She’s a solo mum of 4 kids, has had multiple men but long-term relationships with none. She’s lived a very hard life. She smokes, drinks, and I don’t know what else. She’s desperately unhappy.

    I know a number of women with tattoos and they are all as you describe. The more tattoos they have, the more unhappy they are. If they only have one or two in a discreet place they seem to be much happier than women covered in them and are more likely to be married.

    I’m so glad my son is not with that girl anymore!

  16. I feel like a married women, is more capable of obeying her husband better , then a women who goes to work. However; there are those women who are not married, who have to work. There, are, also wives who have asked her husbands permission to work; or he commanded her to work, so she obeyed him.

  17. First of all, marriage is not a contract. It is a covenant.
    Second, if a spouse is determined to leave and they end the marriage, then biblically the spouse left behind is allowed to remarry.
    It sounds like to me you need some counseling to deal with these emotions you experience when hearing about those who experience divorce. I hate divorce also. However I still feel I can converse with them. I just don’t take any marital advice from them. Their divorce had nothing to do with me. And I’m not the one having to deal with the mess surrounding divorce. But when you say things like you feel such anger towards them that you won’t associate with them. (Or at least keep it to a bare minimum) tells me you have an attitude problem possibly rooted in something you experienced earlier in life that was never resolved. Divorce is always upsetting. That’s for sure. But you’re reaction is unusual and can be downright hurtful to a person who is already going through a truckload of pain. These people need prayer and understanding. You don’t have to agree with what happened. Not at all. But your bad attitude won’t help anyone or anything.

  18. Being angry at divorced people is probably just as sinful as divorcing. We know God hates divorce (although Moses allowed it) but none of us know what goes on behind closed doors.
    What right do you have to judge someone else and be angry at them for decisions that have nothing to do with you, and where you don’t even have all the information?

  19. Yes sadly there are men out there that command their wives to work. Yes a wife needs to obey of course but a godly man would know the wife’s place is in the home. Even if she does work her home is still her priority.

  20. The most profound thing to me in this verse is the part stating “That The Word Of YAH EL be not blasphemed.”

    Is so profound because it’s saying two things:

    1. Young women failing to do what’s outlined is blasphemy

    2. Older women failing to teach younger women these duties is blasphemous as well

    We have to raise up our villages again. No more islands.

  21. I completely agree with you. I have observed many Christians onto a second marriage with insufficient grounds for it. And their so called Christian families support them. It’s so distasteful. Christ addressed very few issues himself but one that he did address was divorce and remarriage. As far as I am concerned you are not a Christian if you divorced over some trivial reason and are now remarried and pretending to be a churchgoer. I have no business judging but I find it embarrassing that we allow these families founded on illegitimacy to be part of and representative of our Churches. I once dated a Christian man with a divorcee sister. She was divorced because her husband had simply talked to a woman at work, not slept just talked. So then she proceeded to convert a man younger than her, remarry and produce children in rapid succession to ensure this new husband didn’t leave. Her mother repeatedly spoke about the fruitful life her daughter had achieved to anyone who would listen. She encouraged the divorce and especially pushed for the remarriage and advised her to have children quickly. I found it shameless. Her daughters covenant was and is to her first husband. Unfortunately the Church has limited regard for divorce and remarriage once upon a time such shameless families would never return to Church. Now these families are at the heart of the Church and even leading it!

  22. As a child of a mother who remained faithful all her life to a man who deserted her, this comment is heartbreaking. A woman who finds herself abandoned has to deal with the emotional pain of being left by the man she loved, the financial stress of trying to support herself and her children and keep a roof over their heads, and the psychological stress of all of these combined situations along with begging God daily for the spiritual strength to honor her marriage vows even though her husband didn’t — and trust me, the temptations are HUGE. When former friends abandon you also, the desolation is total. Complete. You are without any support system at all. Mom experienced this. She experienced people who suddenly treated her like a leper. It was horrible for her. She never quite recovered from it. Can you imagine what it is like to search desperately for a kind word or a kind hand to hold and find nothing?????

    It is similar for the wife of an addict. Part of it is due to the embarrassment of being honest about the addiction tearing your family apart, and part of it is the desolation of struggling alone. If you’re widowed, everybody is supportive and sympathetic; likewise if your spouse suddenly falls gravely ill with a “respectable” illness like cancer. But an addiction — it’s like a divorce in the stigma.

    These people are so desperately lonely already, and passing this type of judgment on them is like a nail right to their hearts.

    For those who are struggling with an addiction in their marriages, especially pornography, I found a wonderful book entitled “An Affair of the Mind” by Laurie Hall from Focus on the Family. The best one I’ve ever read, and provides anchored, Godly support without sugarcoating the issue. You come away from it realizing you have all the graces for the asking, and you can survive this.

  23. My husband and I knew a man, very intelligent,hardworking,great sense of humour, caring etc and his wife divorced him. Why? Because she wanted to run back to her girlfriend whom she was involved with before she met and married her husband. So y’all are saying you’d be angry with him because he is divorced? He didn’t choose the divorce, she did. He’s been a faithful church goer for longer than I’ve been alive. (39 years)

    My husband’s aunt is also divorced. Her ex husband committed adultery, and shacked up with his woman. My husband’s aunt clung to the Lord and sought to become a better wife. He dismissed it. And divorced her. Suddenly his lover (if that’s what you call her) was diagnosed with a terminal disease and so my husband’s aunt nursed her and made a quilted blanket for her in her last days and didn’t complain. She was kind to the woman who had stolen her husband away. This woman died soon after. After a while, an old school friend got back in contact with my husband’s aunt and it wasn’t long before they became a couple. He eventually proposed, but before she answered, she gave her wayward husband a chance to reconcile. He refused. And so now she is married to this guy and her husband is alone. Are you angry at her as well?

    While some air their dirty laundry when it comes to divorce, not everyone does and not all divorces are wanted by both parties. I feel comments talking about being angry at people who divorce made as generalised comments are very insensitive and judgemental. If a couple are divorcing and they are acting like spoiled children throwing accusations and who knows what else back and forth publicly, sure. Say nothing and keep your distance and earnestly pray for them. But in the two instances I mentioned above. I would come along side them and encourage them on top of praying for them and their wayward spouse. To lump all divorcees in the same basket is unfair and judgemental. And for Christian women who desire to be Godly. I find such attitudes to be anything but Godly. Use discernment and treat such situations with care, before making sweeping judgements before you hear the whole matter.

  24. @Mara

    I only have 6 children, but I think I can answer your questions.

    Yes, I have an individual relationship with all my children. I don’t struggle with favoring one more, each child has qualities that are wonderful and some that are not so wonderful.

    My husband and myself set aside one hour each day when we are not to be interrupted unless it is an emergency. We talk, watch Star Trek together or play chess or Scrabble. And the nights are our own. This was more difficult when the children were very little (I had my first four in four years), but they also went to bed earlier, so we had evenings to ourselves.

    Losing the baby weight was easy at 28, not so much at 42. But not really all that hard.

    The children do not cause tension in our marriage, but they do cause us to worry. Since my husband has always led the family and I am joyfully submissive to him, there was no tension. But worrying about your children is just part of parenthood.

    I hope this helps and I apologize if I spoke out of turn.

  25. “We don’t hate God or his ways. We just think you and your followers are low-intelligence morons for still needing to rely on an ancient book, written thousands of years ago by old men, to tell you how to live and what to believe.”

    I think that’s rather a textbook definition of hating something.

  26. Seems strange to me that we have pretty much general agreement that boys grow up to be better men if they are taught by older men and fathers.

    And yet, people are offended that older women should teach girls how to grow up to be better women.

  27. In my experience, girls will grow up to be women very much like their mothers. I wish I had looked more closely, but alas, I was blinded by the fleeting beauty and the naive attitude of “Don’t worry, it will all work out. God is in control.”

    But the fact is, if you men do not marry someone who is a committed and dedicated believer, who is submitted to and being led by the Holy Spirit, then most likely you are going to end up being married to that girl’s mother. So take a good close look at HER.

    That is why being a godly mother is so important.

  28. May I please insert here that this man would have been invited and accepted at the Church you speak. Many Evangelical Chutches go to jails to convert men. We cannot call them to repentance and call them ‘bad boys’ and then proceed to withhold our daughters from them. At the right hand of Christ sits a thief who repented on the cross. I have attended a potters house church full of reformed Christian’s. Were they prone to backsliding? Absolutely but they were saved. So be weary of your judgement and your wife’s advise. Because it is not Christian it is actually secular. Teaching women to be gold diggers and sign up to a man with a good pay check and from a well to do family is a feminists dream. It should not be the Christian dream. Christian wives should be prepared for struggle and hardworking in their marriages. God never promised an easy life. That is not the nature of the Christian faith.

  29. I once heard a story of a woman who had a large family. She was asked if she had favourite children. She said she does! It is the child who is away from home and the child who is ill. I suppose all Moms of more than one child can relate somewhat to this?

  30. Big sisterly advice to my little brother: Look for a girl who is cheerful, submissive, and hardworking.
    My standards in finding a husband were that he is a Christian, won’t let me push him around, and that he will be a good Daddy to my children. I have him! Score!?

  31. Once name calling starts, that’s the end of the “respect but disagree” meme; it’s outright intolerance. “And if anyone will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet when you leave that house or town.”

    Once again, The Transformed Wife and her followers preach the truth!

  32. Great observation Robert! The most powerful women I’ve met in life did NOT have a contentious Spirit. A peaceful, calm, Spirit (Galatians 5:22-24) gives a Believing woman tremendous influence in Western Civilization. If you can cause/create MORE dissension and contentiousness among women, hey…you can wreck the greatest Civilization in human history in a couple generations! THAT’s whats going on imo !

  33. I don’t know how telling girls to stay away from “bad boys” is secular and gold-digging behavior. Having an out-of-wedlock baby by said “bad boy” and still not married proves that Boot’s wife gave sound advice that wasn’t heeded. Very few older women take the time to teach younger women “good things” I’m glad Boot’s wife was willing to stick her neck out for this young girl.

    I don’t know who my children will end up marrying but I definitely want my daughter to look for a strong Christian who is able to provide for her and their children. I see that as wisdom. Struggles will come, that is the nature of our fallen world. I pray that she will bear up under them and be strong and faithful until the end. But purposefully setting out to live a life of struggles sounds masochistic.

  34. @Teann

    I always say my favorite child is the one I’m least worried about. All six rotate through “favorite child”!

  35. I agree with you CVD.
    I married a “bad boy”.
    Yes, my marriage would likely have been far easier had I married a more stable man who is able to hold down a job, but to be honest, I wouldn’t change my man for the world. Even with his addictions and issues.
    Yes he’s prone to backsliding (but don’t we all have our struggles?) but he has a good heart.

  36. Yes christians are not taught to hunt down known criminals and reproduce with them. Any woman who admits to only wanting a bad boy really wants the baddest of the baddest animals who are barely able to keep from incarciration. And we shouldnt encourage them anymore than you would encourage a man to find a stripper in church.

  37. I would never encourage a woman to marry a “bad boy” and I can’t believe you are writing that this is okay. Christians are commanded to marry believers in order to be models of Christ and His Church and raise godly offspring. These are almost impossible if women marry a bad boy.

  38. I agree with you Mrs. Lori! While I would never look down on bad boys I would certainly not want my dear daughter married to ex-felons. Its gaurteening a hard life! We are to love them, and surely if they are in Christ then love them as the same as any other brother in Christ. But no, I definitely would guide my daughter to have standard! It’s hard enough when two Christians try to make it work! What mom in her right mind would want a life filled with struggle after struggle? Yes, I would withhold my daughter from men like that because she would be saddled with the consequences of his previous ungodly living. I seen it time after time. And it’s sad but these women that refuse to listen to wiser women often turn around hurt, exhausted and tired of the issues that are related to being with bad boy types.

  39. Seeing all the responses from women defending women being with the “bad boys”……

    Sadly it proves my above reply about women wanting the “bad boys” over a “good” man.

    Does it require me becoming a “bad boy” in direct opposition to God’s word, for me to find a wife?????

  40. Oh I would never encourage any woman to marry a “bad boy”! I will be guiding my daughters to marry a good, Godly man who is steady, loving and kind. I will do my best to steer them from the thrill and danger of a “bad boy” and all the excitement that goes with that. I want my daughters to be happy, and a dependable man is more likely to bring them happiness.
    But at the same time, the bitterness (from men) towards “bad boys” on this blog infuriates me. Some of us *have* married “bad boys” and now have no choice but to make the best of it, and encouragement in that, and encouraging us to see the good side of our men would be helpful.

  41. This is not true. There are Christian ‘bad boys.’ The Church is littered with struggling men. Christ came for the sick not the healthy. If a Christian f the ther has welcomed a young man to church and yet turns the same man away when he asks for his daughter’s hand then where is the strength and unity of Christian’s? Aren’t Christians then proceeding to classify themselves? Asking young men ‘how saved there are?’ There is no measure of saved. You have said many times. Unbelief is the only unforgivable sin. These struggling men are believers and they deserve believing wives. You wrote a post about women not thinking about what they deserve. A Christian woman by virtue of being Christian does not deserve a high income earning husband from a 2 parent family. The man working in menial labour, raised by a single mother who is ‘saved’ is just as deserving as the other man. Believers should be looking for believers, that’s what it comes down to. God never said it would be easy, it will be worth it on judgement day.

  42. The comment doesn’t say the child was born out of wedlock. Imparting wisdom to our daughters is the best inheritance we can give them. Casting judgement on others sons is unChristian. A bad boy in a stage of reformation is just as Christian as a son raised in a Christian home. To say otherwise undermines th entire concept of being saved. Who will marry these reforming men of Christian daughters are too good for them? There are many Christian women who are single and complaining of a lack of Christian men. Some of them comment here, some of their mothers comment here. These same women and families will be judging the new entrant to Church for having been to jail. They will shake his hand, invite him for dinner but he will still not be worthy of their daughter. The irony is our Chruch fathers almost all went to jail. I agree provision is a very important consideration before marriage. But young Christian women need to understand it will vary to different degrees. They may end up with a high income earner or even low income earner. As a Christian she is not anymore deserving of one over the other. Menial labour or minimum wage doesn’t disqualify Christian men! It is absolutely secular to measure a man by what he has and not by his faith.

  43. CVD, if a man is a Christian than he isn’t a “bad boy”. So no “bad boy” is appropriate for any Christian woman. It is plain by the text that the young woman didn’t get married to the bad boy when she had the baby or Boot would have said that the girl ended up marrying the bad boy, not “she ended up having a baby by him”.

    Nonetheless, Christian women are allowed to have preferences even within the church and to say otherwise is like the many women who say men aren’t allowed preferences but have to be delighted with a woman with debt, tattoos and loss of virginity just as much as a debt free virgin with no tattoos. Just because a man is a Christian now doesn’t mean there are no lifelong consequences of his past behavior. Those lifelong consequences are ones I’d want my daughter to avoid (and recommend the same to any Christian young lady). Having a prison record makes it harder for men to provide for their families. Passing on STDs that many “bad boys” have because of past promiscuity is another thing I’d like my daughter to avoid. I’d also like the potential husband to have lived several years walking in the faith. As the leader of the home he would need to be able to lead my daughter and her having grown up in the church would know more about God and His ways for the first part of their marriage if he is a new convert. Even God had requirements for leaders in the church. They were not to be new converts and they were to have a good reputation with those outside the church.

    Even Christians struggle and backslide at times. There are certain struggles and backsliding that have worse consequences than others, consequences that can affect the whole family like drug addiction, pornography use, past homosexual behavior, past pedophilia. These are all red flags that I’d caution any young Christian woman to strongly consider before getting into a relationship with Christian men with these past sins. Years of sober living would be required before I’d be okay even prayerfully recommending a woman to even consider marriage to a man with these past struggles.

  44. It would be wonderful to know where these good men are that want tattoo free, debt free, virgins. My daughter fits the bill. She is 26, beautiful, kind, quite, and just had her heart broken by a “good” man that she prayed for daily. He didn’t see a future with her, were his words.

  45. Hello CR,

    My name is Jason Hancock, I live in Summerville, SC. I am currently attending college and I am also looking to have have a relationship, myself. Do you by any chance live around here?

    With Respect,

    Jason Hancock

  46. This is why there is so many umarried single moms and damaged women over the age of 30’s they rode the carousel in their 20’s and then want to settle with a desperate nice guy with low self esteem who doesn’t have any option and accept to pay full price for what all the bad boys got for free. There is a women on youtube who claim to be christian but she’s not because she is preaching a false gospel and she is a clear example of this type of women she openly admit that she dated all the bad boys in 20’s and now suddenly in her 30’s she is settling with a “christian man”.

  47. What’s differentiate good man and the bad boy is that a good man will lead women to godliness but the bad boy just want to lead women into the bedroom and then dumping her.

  48. I got saved at the age of 23 i was born catholic and now i’m a baptist. I didn’t know anything about women and what they want in man it was until i met a that pretty girl 2 years ago at the library i was 24 she was 21 and very beautiful but she was an evolutionist. She started flirting with me and i think that she thought that i was a bad boy but when she realized that i was a boring nice guy she lose interest and told me that she had a living boyfriend. I’ve shared the gospel to her but the problem is that i why too shy and too afraid to offend her by telling her the truth and she notice that and rejected me. I quickly found the red pill community after that experience and this is in this community that i realized how important it is to find a young debt-free virgin homemaker without tattoos and that this is what God command to marry because chaste virgins are the ideal. This is what every men inherently desire because we all knoe that no man believer or not wants to be with a whore we are all by nature repulsed by them because we know just by common sense that they are not likely to be faithful and loyal and also men are inherently jealous of what their own. The guy that you talked about is undead chronic he got some wisdom and he know how valuable virginity is even as a non christian, i think he’s a libertarian.

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