Commencement Speech Urging Young Women to Be Wives, Mothers, and Homemakers!

Commencement Speech Urging Young Women to Be Wives, Mothers, and Homemakers!

This Catholic man, Harrison Butker, gave the commencement speech at a Catholic College. He encouraged the graduating women to be wives, mothers, and homemakers. He received a loud, thunderous applause to this! Why can’t all Christian colleges encourage the young women in this way? Why can’t all Christian pastors preach this? Why aren’t all godly, older women teaching this to the younger women? Why???

“For the ladies present today, congratulations on an amazing accomplishment. You should be proud of all that you have achieved to this point in your life. I want want to speak directly to you briefly because I think it is you, the women, who have had the most diabolical lies told to you.

“How many of you are sitting here now about to cross this stage and are thinking about all the promotions and titles you are going to get in your career. Some of you may go on to lead successful careers in the world, but I would venture to guess that the majority of you are most excited about your marriage and the children you will bring into this world.

“I can tell you that my beautiful wife, Isabelle, would be the first to say that her life truly started when she began living her vocation as a wife and as a mother.

“I’m on this stage today and able to be the man I am because I have a wife who leans into her vocation. I’m beyond blessed with the many talents God has given me, but it cannot be overstated that all of my success is made possible because a girl I met in band class back in middle school would convert to the faith, become my wife, and embrace one of the most important titles of all – Homemaker. (Loud, thunderous applause! )

“She’s a primary educator to our children. She’s the one who ensures I never let football or my business become a distraction from that of a husband and father. She is the person that knows me best at my court, and it is through our marriage that, Lord willing, we will both attain salvation. (***If you believe in Jesus Christ, you will attain salvation! We are saved by faith, not by works but our works do prove our faith.)

“I say all of this to you because I have seen it firsthand. How much happier someone can be when they disregard the outside noise and move closer and closer to God’s will in their life. Isabelle’s dream of having a career might not have come true but if you ask her today if she has any regrets on her decision, she would laugh out loud without hesitation and say, ‘Heck no!’”

Begin listening to the video at 11:55.

2 thoughts on “Commencement Speech Urging Young Women to Be Wives, Mothers, and Homemakers!

  1. With due respect, Jesus Christ is not the problem. The Roman Catholic Church which Butker belongs to is the problem because it has deviated from Scripture in certain ways. How? For starters: How is it that Catholic church leaders are unmarried? Is that not contrary to 1 Timothy 3:2? I think Peter and Paul and all the other apostles would be shocked to learn what a pope, a monk, and a nun is. The RCC seems to put a lot of emphasis on Mary as the so-called Queen of Heaven. The apostles would never think of ordaining monks and even nuns. Imperfect Martin Luther was, he was appalled at the corruption of the RCC. There are plenty of other unbiblical and extra-biblical things you can find in the RCC. Let’s pray for Butker and his family to repent of the RCC and leave it to join a sound Biblical church.

  2. This was a beautiful speech of truth! All glory to God for this speech! God bless you today and always Lori!

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