Dear Evangelical Biden Voter

Dear Evangelical Biden Voter

Written By Ken Alexander

The vast majority of Evangelical voters voted once again for President Trump to lead our country forward for another four years. The numbers voting for Trump in 2020 were a shocking 10 million more voters supporting him than in 2016, yet more shocking is how Biden came out ahead by 7 a.m. after what appears to be a long delay in counting votes in the key states. Some Evangelicals voted for Biden and we are struggling to understand why?

We are also curious to know how many Evangelical women used their vote to disrespect their husband’s wisdom and leadership by voting against him. Sure, God’s will be done, but it should be recognized that God’s will often comes to pass by the disobedience of His children as was regularly seen with Israel. Now in the end times, the lukewarm Church is leaving their first love of the Word of God and siding with the world’s immorality, feminism, and allowing public schools to rip our children out of God’s Kingdom.

What compels a Christian to see anything in Joe Biden and his left-wing socialist VP of redeeming Christian value over the proven record of the defense of Christianity that President Trump has consistently shown us for four years? Were you so disappointed with Trump’s personality and behaviors that you wanted to throw him out and replace him with a sewer of anti-Christian immorality?

You must have forgotten that Democrats tried to shut down pastors from teaching some parts of God’s Word, and forcing abortions and same sex employees into 501c Christian organizations until President Trump signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Democrats are the side that loves supporting the millions abortions in the US, even up to late term, or just after birth to murder babies.

Democrats are the ones who want to stop supporting Israel and claimed that peace in Israel could not be advanced. Trump is getting peace accords signed.

Democrats are the ones rioting in the streets and increasing crime by 33 percent in liberal cities while calling for defunding the police.

Democrats are opening the door to the evils of socialism in the USA: Free stuff for all! Yeah, right… ask the Cubans, Venezuelans, and Russians how that worked.

Democrats will “cancel” you if you use your right to free speech to support conservative ideals… attack you, force you to resign your job, protest in front of your place of work, or home, so you will no longer support President Trump.

Democrats say “Black Lives Matter” then allow looting black businesses and do little to curb black on black crime. They encourage then slaughter of 290,000 precious black babies a year. To them, only some black lives matter, mainly those who are in trouble with the law. Are you blind to all that President Trump is trying to do for the black community and why so many people of all color love him and voted for him this year?

Democrats control the media, FB and Twitter and are censoring conservatives so that Biden could win. You are blind if you cannot see these dangerous truths that are swallowing up your freedoms.

Trump handed the Dems their greatest defeat in putting three justices on the Supreme court who believe in God, Justice, and the Constitution. Just this alone was enough for every Christian to vote for Trump in terms of accomplishments, but he delivered so much more!

It makes us angry that there were a few like John Piper who helped you lose your mind at the thought of Trump’s ego outweighing all he is doing for America without recognizing that wisdom demands we choose the greater good over choosing the proven evils that Biden’s party represents. And did you forget that you also voted against a godly VP in Mike Pence for a most radical socialist? Why were you so blinded?!

You willfully handed the reigns of America to a party who will advance the greatest of America’s sins: Do you really want your daughters competing in sports with boys then forced to shower with them?  There are great evils that will come full force from the Democrats of which you seem so blind. Please recognize that it is the Democrats who have spent decades running cities like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and San Francisco into the ground. Every horribly run city where the poor are so terribly mistreated is run by Democrats and now you want them running our country?

I know, you want me and other Christians to “make peace” with you and our fellow Democrat Americans once the election is over. We always try to live in harmony with our Democrat friends but we can not abide by regular rioting and the curtailing and deprivation of our constitutional rights. And if this is the beginning of the end where we are to be persecuted for our faith and stand for America, then so be it. We will stand strong in opposition while maintaining our Christian values to try and win as many souls as we can before it is too late.

So what was it that caused you to vote for Biden or to abstain from voting?

Did you cave in to the pressure of your college indoctrinated children to try and keep the peace in your family?  Did you focus on a man instead of his policies and accomplishments towards your own values? It’s not to late to repent.  Soon God will take the Church out of this world leaving it for the anti-Christ to rule until God says: “ENOUGH!” Then when His wrath is full, He will send Christ again as the Conqueror riding in on His white horse with a sword in His mouth to smite His enemies.

And who are His enemies? Not Democrats or Republicans, but those who choose evil in this world and those who hold the truth in unrighteousness by not being willing to stand with God against evil. Show us where the Democrats champion righteousness or God’s ways. What are we missing?

Know you not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you: but you are washed, but you are sanctified, but you are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.
1 Corinthians 6:9-11

59 thoughts on “Dear Evangelical Biden Voter

  1. I don’t think there were a lot of evangelical voters for Biden. The one decrease in population of Trump voters were college educated white men. Even the white suburban women who the media said he offended kept their vote percentages for him. Trump won and in the wee hours of the night it was time to get “some sleep” and in Georgia a water pipe broke and 120,000+ votes show up 100% for Biden (not one for Trump) and he wins? The media thinks we are stupid to sell us that.

    But I was shocked when my husband told me that John Piper (who I never heard speak anyway) told me that he was against Trump because of personality issues. I told my son it was like the proverbial crabs in a pot. They are all gonna die but one is escaping. There is nothing they can do to save themselves but because of pure jealousy they claw at the escaping one to keep him from getting out.

    Biden/Harris have kept quiet about a recount. If evangelicals can’t see after the election by how they are acting that they are dishonorable (not that it wasn’t obvious before with Biden’s horrible voting history, plagiarism, racism and dirty foreign deals) than they are willfully ignorant.

  2. I am rapidly coming around to the idea that, despite overwhelming evidence of voter fraud on the part of the Democratic Party, the courts will ignore this (why wouldn’t they, since they’re as corrupt, lawless, and immoral as the rest of the country’s institutions?) and allow the stolen election results to stand. A Joe Biden presidency, with all of the grotesque and destructive horrors that will result from such, is what any honest person knows now that America deserves. We are under God’s judgment and His wrath for having so long turned our backs on Him, for mocking Him with our false, world-worshiping churches; for not only condoning but encouraging evil, and for gleefully submitting ourselves to the rule of women (take a look at the makeup of the new GOP majority in the House of Representatives).

    Yes, God will of course stand with the minuscule remnant that has been faithful to Him as these end times (at least for the USSA and perhaps also Western Civilization) unfold, but it will not be without extreme hardships and suffering. We are about to be taught an incredibly painful lesson in what we have had taken away from us in terms of a real leader, however imperfect he is. Just as God uses the ungodly for our good, he uses them to punish us as well (the ancient Israelites were very familiar with this).

    I sincerely hope I am wrong in my prediction, but if I am, it will be a sign of God’s mercy upon us (most undeserved) that cannot be ignored or taken for granted.

    Now is the time for genuine repentance. It remains to be seen whether or not we are wise enough to do so.

  3. This is a really serious issue.

    Your thorough analysis over this immoral Left is quite excellent Sir.

    For me specifically, there are those two Leftist issue which agitate me: pre-marital sex and abortions.
    You know why!?

    Because developing nations like mine (I am an Indian btw) follow the examples of developed nations like U.S.A. for justifying their degenerate ways.

    They think it is “cool” because even Americans do it but the main culprits are Leftists in America who have the nerve to even celebrate Abortion.
    I hate it.

    Now, girls and young women are being brainwashed by Feminism here each passing day and normalizing pre-marital sex is one of their main agendas.

    Even first generation American-Indians whose cousins live here are quite upfront in showing off how much “freedom” they have in America and how “oppressed” women are in India.

    Abortion is not on their list as of now but elite feminist families and rich young women will be pushing for it too.

  4. Lots of applauding and AMENS! Thank you for your boldness for Christ! God is faithful to His Saints; even through persecution! Praise to the Lord! He is good to the ends of the earth! Love to you all in CA from VA! Lori (my VT2- you are faithfully in my prayers precious Saint). God be with you till we meet one sweet day! Ephesians 3:14-19

  5. So well thought out and stated ! You expressed everything my husband and I have thought . Unfortunately we have had no success in trying to graciously persuade those who claim Christ and seem to have such a deep seated hatred of Trump they are blinded to the glaring evils of the opposite party. May God have mercy on us!

  6. Wasn’t God’s judgement and wrath satisfied by Jesus on the cross? Or is there a difference between personal and corporate (national)?

    Either way, I would caution those reading: the Republican party – which Trump joined only shortly before his first campaign – isn’t much better. There is a swamp, a cesspool of power-hungry warmongers populated by both parties.

    Look at all the RINOs effectively supporting Biden since the election. They don’t give a crap about you or me; they just want the Disruptor out so Business as Usual™ can resume.

  7. “A Joe Biden presidency, with all of the grotesque and destructive horrors that will result from such, is what any honest person knows now that America deserves. ”

    This is so true. And so sad. But it is not without precedent. I lived for almost my entire life in New York. New York overwhelmingly elected Cuomo and DeBlasio.

    It was easy to say “the people will get what they deserve”, but heartbreaking to see the state and city I had known since birth fall apart so rapidly.

    I was able to escape that hell by moving 700 miles south. How will I escape the hell of my country following that same twisted path????

  8. I don’t know too much about American politics. But we just had elections here in NZ too, along with two referendums.
    That our young, liberal, forward-thinking female Prime Minister won the most votes ever, does not surprise me. She is very popular.
    But what *does* surprise me is that NZers overwhelming voted for euthanasia! And although the gap was smaller, they also voted against legalising marijuana. I am struggling to get my head around the hypocrisy of wanting to bring in a law to end lives, while keeping a drug that is safer than alcohol and eases a great deal of suffering, illegal. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m not advocating drug use at all – quite the opposite – I’m just astounded that we won’t let sick people smoke a plant, but we’ll help them kill themselves. Lives don’t matter anymore.

    Actually, I wonder if that’s what happened with the US election? The American Evangelists spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their “say nope to dope” campaign here. We’re they so busy worrying about another country that they forgot to try to fix their own?

  9. To be fair though, India needs feminism. When a woman is blamed for being gang-raped because she was “out alone” there is something seriously, seriously wrong with a country.

  10. Many are like children, tossed to and fro by the latest trendy doctrine. They are not “Christians”, whose faith is based upon Christ and obedience. They are post-Christians wearing the skinsuit of Christianity, proclaiming “tolerance” and “kindness” as the highest laws, even as they are unkind and intolerant to those that disagree with them. They refuse to obey God’s law and submit to His Will. They will get their rewards.

    If the Democrats are successful is stealing the election, then it is a sign that we are doomed and ripe for divine punishment. So be it. I will then look forward to the Second Coming and pray to be strengthened enough to be faithful through the trials that will come.

    May God bless the us all and help all us endure to the end.

  11. Amen!!!
    Well said, thank you.
    My sister-in-law who is not a Christian yet. Still witnessing to her. Voted for President Trump. She could see the evils of the democrats.
    Thank you again!

  12. Thanks for your article and I wonder how and if Joe Biden won the election. I am now trying to reconcile myself to a Biden presidency. As Christians we must remain strong and continue standing up for our faith. This past week I’ve been easing my mind over this election by reading the scriptures in the Old Testament (Jeremiah and Isaiah) concerning God’s judgement on unbelieving nations. I’m wondering if our country has reached such a level of disobedience that God is ready to bring us down? It may seem strange that this thought eases my mind, but it elevates my thinking above the anger, confusion and hate I see happening within our nation. I pray for our country and thank the LORD that He is in control. I don’t mean that we just throw up our hands and give up. We follow God and remain steadfast in our faith looking forward to the day of His return. Do you believe that God’s judgement on the unbelieving nations in the Old Testament apply today? Can he use unbelievers (like he did with Cyrus) to accomplish His will?

  13. Actually, you’re right. I guess I think of feminism
    as standing up for better treatment of women, but Christianity does a much better job of standing up against injustice.
    Christian men do not rape women, and then blame the woman. Only evil men do that.

  14. I fear for my family’s future now that the democrats have gotten away with massive fraud and stolen the election. I am certain there will never another president like Trump who supports the people and stands up for Christians. I cannot picture my family continuing to live in Biden’s Marxist USA. But where else could we go to escape this? Are there any free, God fearing countries left in the world?

  15. I remain in prayer daily that truth and righteousness will prevail and that President Trump will be vindicated! I pray others are fervently praying with me.

  16. I fear for my family’s future now that the democrats have gotten away with massive fraud and stolen the election.

    No, they haven’t stolen the election yet. That’s what the lying, propagandizing Deep State media want you to believe. President Trump is not about to concede this election and would disgrace himself if he did, given that the fraud and theft are so blatant.

    This is literally WAR, and President Trump, like many (most?) of us, knows this and is fighting it this way. Surrender to these demons is NOT an option!

    As for the media, I hope that after his inauguration the first thing President Trump does , AT A MINIMUM, is revoke the White House press credentials of ALL of the MSM outlets. They are a satanic, criminal disgrace that no one with any sense or integrity should pay any attention to! In fact, I hope the White House legal eagles find grounds to bring federal criminal charges against the heads of the major media outlets!

  17. True… bot parties have their issues, but stack up the Republican leaders against the Democrats and there just is no comparison when it comes to American values… Is there anyone on the right who can match up with Pelosi – Schumer – AOC ?

    It would be the LA Lakers against a 7th grade team if you took each one person by person… Pence vs. Harris? One side is a creek and the other is quicksand.

  18. Yet like in CA … NY has great conservative spots to live and until 2 years ago the NY Senate was Republican!!! Crazy how fast the Dems can dominate when people vote their pocketbook.

  19. I am so sorry that America’s sins are being exported around the world … mainly by Hollywood and movies. It is truly awful.

  20. No KKK …. you are confusing feminism with justice. The Bible has no feminism in it but rapists were stoned… period. And should be even today, especially gang rapes.

  21. That is the hardest part. These christians listen to CNN and MSNBC and drank their cool aid for 3 years and even after so many of their lies are disproven, the person’s hatred of Trump continues. We see this all the time in marriages where a spouse gets some lie into their mind and cannot get it out, unwilling to see the truth.

  22. I doubt it was American evangelicals trying to stop the use of Marijuana in NZ. Most of us are a bit ambivalent to it now in that we think it is an awful idea to legalize it because it damages people, but we have given up on trying to stop its regulation.

    What happened in our election is that the billionaire helped Democrats outspend Republicans almost 2 to 1. Twitter, FB and Youtube stopped conservative news but helped liberal news. State leaders went against the law to change election rules to allow much more mail in voting without proper signature verifications. The list goes on… but we are convinced now that many votes were turned in for people who were dead or never voted. Hopefully Trump can get to the bottom of this soon, but it needs to be changed for the next election or we no longer have a democracy.

  23. I am with you and your sentiments. This may well be the beginning of the end, but that may be coming soon anyway no matter which side won.

  24. Yay! Keep working on her for a vote for Christ is so much more important than one for Trump. But it does show her wisdom :).

  25. Well said Linda! We don’t need the OT to see God’s judgment on the nations, but it will most likely be all nations at once this time. I do not see America as any continuation of Israel, but rather the whole earth will be judged in the Tribulation, and nation by nation will come and bow at the feet of Jesus in Jerusalem.

    God wins … and he is about fed up with this world… and other nations are not much better, although America has degraded into immorality so fast!

  26. There are few places one can run to keep a family safe from immorality and indoctrination… except perhaps a family farm. Certainly homeschooling can help a lot. Every nation I can think of is either immoral or staunchly anti-god. But remember, there is a remnant … and a conservative side at 49% … so a few generations of godly Christian families and conservatives can win again.

  27. Agreed! It is not over yet! We pray the corruption is uncovered! I am so proud of the fight Donald Trump put up and his 10 million more voters… and he is not giving up yet !

  28. It absolutely was American Evangelists funding the “say nope to dope” campaign. Here in New Zealand, all political adverts have to be transparent about their funding in the fine print at the end of the ad.

    To be clear, I voted AGAINST the referendum. The wording of the referendum wasn’t to decriminalize it, but to make it available for sale at the local chemist! I’m married to a man who has battled drug addiction for 30 years, so absolutely no way do I want it more accessible!!
    I just thought it ironic that the USA is falling apart, but American evangelists are funding NZ political campaigns…. and hypocritical that NZers voted “no” to legalising a drug, but “yes” to euthanasia.

    Also, although you may believe it bad that Biden might be your next President – you still have states where abortion is illegal etc. Here, it’s legal, free, and accessible up until birth.
    America will be okay. NZ hasn’t fallen apart yet, and some of our laws are very anti-Christian.

  29. They were approached by NZ Christian organisations, though. As far as I’m aware, NZs marijuana referendum was not something American evangelists actively sought out to influence.

  30. Ken – I wish I could “love” (like a FB reaction) your comment!
    I’m KAK though – the KKK are not very nice people 😉

  31. When you take into account what may come to pass with a Biden presidency, the exaggeration of coronavirus and use of it as an excuse for tyranny, and the coming “Great Reset”, the future looks bleak. God give us grace to endure until He returns.

    I’ve been thinking lately about other countries that have undergone what we might soon undergo: the French Revolution with its excesses; the soviet revolution in Russia with its tens of millions dead; the cultural revolution in China; the disaster of Venezuela.

    I also think about the people that fled persecution and found a better life – the early American religious refugees; my nordic ancestors who fled the oppression of the state Lutheran church. But where are we supposed to go? Then there are East and West Germany; North and South Korea; regular and West Virginia. There’s a lot of red in the middle of the nation. What if everyone in a blue state moves red? Can we fall back and hold the line from there?

  32. “God wins”

    I absolutely love that & remind others constantly that not only is God in control….He wins!! We know this because scripture tells us so. It’s imperative that people spend less time on the news & on the TV, and delve more into His word.

    None of what is going on is a surprise to God. Nothing. All of this was prophesied thousands of years ago. Jesus himself clearly warned us that there would be trials & tribulations….but He also stated that He would overcome the world. We need to remain faithful & obedient to Him. And share the gospel with others so that they too can make the life-changing beautiful choice to follow Him & receive the peace that only He can give. <3

  33. I noticed that it’s most black Christians voting for Biden because they said that his personality sucks and that he’s racist when it’s far from the truth. Unfortunately, the majority of black people vote Democrat and have been voting Democrat for almost 60 years, and ever since then, the black community hasn’t been the same since, fatherless homes, bad schools, welfare, abortions, bad neighborhoods, etc. They pay attention towards Trump’s personality so much that they ignore the fact that he did more for minorities than Obama. You can’t be a child of God and vote Democrat. You can’t serve two masters (Matthew 6:24).

  34. My husband and I cast the same ballot choices this year, as did our adult sons. I am blessed to have a good relationship with family members who were able to discuss the election and their choices without rancor and focused on helping our country survive the current Pandemic and economic problems. We pray for President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and pray for President Elect Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris. We pray for the future of our country, the economy, and our sons’ future. We are also using our resources to support friends and family who have been devastated economically by job loss during the pandemic. We will know the full results of the election in the coming weeks. We are fine with the recounts, court challenges, and other efforts by the current administration. Truth will out and the evangelicals who prayed for the current administration should continue to pray for our country and the next administration as well. All is in God’s hands, not our hands.

  35. What happened in this election, is fraud on a scale not ever seen in this country before including (what I am now convinced has happened in past elections also), election fraud built into the voting tabulation machines/software themselves.

    You will not hear a peep out of the corrupt leftist MSM but you can get the truth from a few independent news outlets like The Gateway Pundit Scroll back over the past 2 weeks of articles and read the ones that peak your interest. If you are not already aware of what is going on, your mind will be blown as your eyes are opened to the truth that you will not hear anywhere else.

    There is a tremendous amount of work (gathering evidence) and lawsuits being filed right now by the presidents legal team that will no doubt end up in the SCOTUS and if there is ANY rule of law left in this country Trump WILL be president for 4 more years and he will be shown to have won this election by the largest landslide in US history (over 80 million popular votes and 400 Electoral votes) but if the truth is successfully suppressed and evil wins then the coup has succeeded and we have lost our country to the communists.

    If that happens, I predict a civil war will ensue that will turn into a third world war and will usher in the end times.

    None of what I wrote above is exaggerated in the least. The globalist Marxist elitist left has made it’s play for the USA and if she falls so does the rest of the free world.

    May Gods Will be Done.

  36. We agree with you, Trey. If the Left is willing to support and even celebrate the slaughtering of millions of unborn babies in the womb, they will do anything it takes to beat the President. They are liars, cheaters, and wicked.

  37. What makes the present day USA different from virtually any other nation that has fallen is our Constitution and Bill of Rights including the 2nd Amendment, which was designed to give this nation “of the people, by the people and for the people” a way to protect the rest of the Amendments… specifically from an overreaching government.

    We will not go down without a fight. If we DO go down it will no doubt be God’s will and part of His plan for the world to usher in the end times. I pray that is not the case.

    When you look into end times Bible prophesy, you do not see the USA as being a player. At the moment, she is still the most powerful and feared nation on the planet. For her to get taken down, she has to be taken out somehow and this is the most logical way for it to happen, from within.

    The left aided by the corrupt MSM and big tech has done an amazing job of dividing us by race, class, religion and everything else they can conjure up.

    But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand. (Matthew 12:25)

  38. and pray for President Elect Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris.

    Why do you refer to them as “President-elect Biden” and “Vice President-elect Harris?” They are no such thing. The official vote count is not over, nor has the Electoral College yet met in accordance with The process outlined in the Constitution.

    By all means pray for Biden and Harris (prayers for their repentance would be especially helpful), but please do not dignify them or the chicanery they represent by giving them titles that they have not (yet) legally earned.

  39. Biden is not the president elect. Do not believe the media lies.

    Continue to pray for our leaders, but Trump will remain our President for at least another 4 years.

  40. I can’t understand how a Christian can vote for Trump. There is nothing remotely Christian about him.

  41. I noticed that it’s most black Christians voting for Biden because they said that his personality sucks and that he’s racist when it’s far from the truth. Unfortunately, the majority of black people vote Democrat and have been voting Democrat for almost 60 years, and ever since then, the black community hasn’t been the same since, fatherless homes, bad schools, welfare, abortions, bad neighborhoods, etc. They pay attention towards Trump’s personality so much that they ignore the fact that he did more for minorities than Obama. You can’t be a child of God and vote Democrat. You can’t serve two masters (Matthew 6:24).

  42. Trey I’m finding your comments about this really interesting. The stability of the USA affects the entire world.

    One of our preachers here in NZ, years ago, said that America WILL fall – as all great nations have done (Rome, etc.) and when it does, that will be the beginning of the end.

  43. @Feeriker, the term “president-elect” is an unofficial term. It does not require the electors to meet. It has nothing to do with the Constitution. It is not an official designation. The media made the term up and they have used it for years. Biden is not being “dignified” by having the term applied to him by the media or anyone else.

  44. As Christians we should be defenders of the truth and choose our words carefully. The truth is that Trump won the election and the Marxist left is attempting to steal it through massive fraud. If we call Biden the “president-elect” then we are showing tacit acceptance of the leftist agenda. Words matter.

  45. @ Emily Joy:

    @Feeriker, the term “president-elect” is an unofficial term. It does not require the electors to meet. It has nothing to do with the Constitution. It is not an official designation.

    Wrong, but there’s no point in trying to argue with you. Still, even by your own flimsy criteria, Biden and Harris are not “President and Vice President-elect.” Not even close. Unless, that is, you accept the results of the obviously rigged votes from swing states as a legitimate outcome.

  46. Who were we supposed to vote for?

    Truth is, the vote for President of the United States is not a vote for a pastor or an elder of a church and whether or not Donald Trump is a “Christian” or not (which is highly debatable) is irrelevant. He is BY FAR the best choice that we had and frankly the best President of my (55+ year) lifetime.

    He is strongly Pro-Life. He Forced Planned Parenthood to Choose Between Abortion and Women’s Health.
    He has stood strong in Protecting Religious Freedom Rights of Employers.
    He has Appointed Conservative (133 District, 53 Circuit and 3 Supreme Court) Judges to the Federal Bench.
    He stood strong with Israel, moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital.

    I could go on for days listing the GREAT “Christian” accomplishments of this man who you claim their is nothing remotely Christian about.

    In fact, one pastor was so impressed with Trumps “Christian” Accomplishments that he wrote a 232 page book about them. I have not read the book but it has glowing reviews from those who have.

    Mat Staver, president of the legal advocacy organization Liberty Counsel, said “In the first two years of his administration, he’s achieved more than all of the presidents combined since Ronald Reagan,”. “He’s been the most pro-religious freedom and pro-life president in modern history.”

    Exactly how “Christian” would a candidate need to be for you to approve of us Christians voting for him?

  47. Not that I disagree with you but he makes Christian policies when it comes to issues of abortion, protection of faith, appointing judges, and fiscally conservative policies when it comes to the economy. Now, do I think he really cares about anything on a deeper level, other than pleasing his base? No. But at the end of the day, I like the results I’m seeing from his policies.

  48. There is nothing to argue about. I just presented you with a fact. The term “president elect” is meaningless. Let the recounts go forth and the truth be known. This is a nation of laws; not a nation of presidents.

  49. Since eighty percent of evangelicals support Trump, your question is directed to a small group indeed. One reason that I can think of can be found in the essence of this blog. Lori repeatedly teaches God’s clear will that a wife submit to her husband’s authority. She, and you, have counseled wives to not cancel our husband’s vote. Some evangelical women are married to Democrats.

  50. “NO murderer hath eternal life.” (1 John 3:15) There’s no such thing as a born again Christian who would vote for a democrat. By doing so one makes themself guilty as a vile baby murdering sinner. “Thou shalt not kill.” (Exodus 20:13)

  51. “A Joe Biden presidency, with all of the grotesque and destructive horrors that will result from such, is what any honest person knows now that America deserves.”

    And yet, look where we are now with this tyrant in charge. Not just on the domestic scale, but international as well (I.e. Afghanistan, Taiwan, Ukarine). Even dems (non-elitist) are disapproving of Biden (even corrupt CNN poll is shocking). Would love to see a new blog post from Ken about his thoughts on our current state we are in but also adding the hopeful great awakening of many Americans and those still fighting for our constitutional freedoms (I.e. truck envoy, marches in protests in many cities across the USA — I live in New England and there are huge marches in Boston and Hartford protesting mandates and standing for freedom. My sister in fact was a top nurse practitioner in a nation renowned hospital but they fired her and refused to except religious exemptions because of not getting the shot. The ultimatum they gave her was that she took ‘informational lectures’ on the subject (aka Indoctrinational propaganda CRT rhetoric) or else they fire her. Well, she stood up for her values and it has opened her mind to rely on Christ and his teachings, and because of this, she is able to see the evil atrocities that were blind to her before. Amazing what standing up for truth and the right thing can do to you.) Anyways, Thank you.

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