Hard Times Produce Realist. Good Times Produce Feminists.

Hard Times Produce Realist. Good Times Produce Feminists.

Written By Christiana at Make Women Biblical Again

Feminism would largely vanish if technology suddenly disappeared, and we were back to breaking our backs and working by the sweat of our brow for every bite we ate.

There’s a reason that the feminist movement didn’t really take off until well after the Industrial Revolution. Before that, no woman would have been so daft as to truly believe that “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.”

Only in a post-Industrial Revolution world can women afford to be so arrogant and independent as to naively think that they don’t actually need men.

It’s like when a child gets to be too big for his britches. In his delusional mind, life would be better if he were left to his own devices and didn’t have oppressive Mom and Dad around all the time. But he’s never actually lived life on his own in the real world and doesn’t seem to grasp that even the basics such as his bed, clothing, transportation, three square meals, and the roof over his head are not “givens.” He doesn’t appreciate his parents, because he’s never been in a situation where he realized that he desperately needed them. He’s taken them completely for granted.

I think our touchscreen, press-of-a-button, rather artificial and fictitious modern life is just one of the reasons that women have lost touch with reality and lost appreciation for men in the process. Technology is fragile and it’s a façade. It largely shelters us from just how brutal work is and from realities like predator and prey. Women who have lived off of the land in the wild, harsh, and unforgiving middle-of-nowhere tend to know better.

Of course, the implications of this are astonishing, too. How utterly selfish that womankind would treat men like trash and fail to value them for who they are only until realizing that men were a helpful commodity to themselves. And we say it’s women who are objectified and devalued? Kingdom women ought never to approach this embarrassment.

But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.
1 Peter 3:4

16 thoughts on “Hard Times Produce Realist. Good Times Produce Feminists.

  1. Wohoho!!!???
    What a surprise!!
    This post is one of the best posts I have ever read.
    This one is like a feast for Conservatives like me.Everything written here is 100% truth.
    Thank You Christy for sharing your wisdom.
    Thank You Mrs.Lori Alexander for promoting Conservative truths as always and using this platform for the greater good of humanity.
    Have A Great Day ahead!!

  2. Amen to this…. we just finished building a house together. Correction, my husband just finished building a house and I handed him tools, nails, water etc!

    Thankful for my place in life-being the little “drudge” in the kitchen wasn’t so bad when he was carrying heavy lumber etc. I did what I could to help, staining wood and all but I would be foolish to think that I could have done this without him. Women…wake up. Sadly, even Christian women send their daughters down the same paths.

  3. We are not even going to have to descend to the level of technology vanishing for the brutality of real life to make itself evident again. The total economic implosion that we are now on the precipice of is going to jolt everyone, of both sexes, back into hard reality very soon. I don’t expect feminist women to give up their delusions (these are entrenched psychoses). We will see them fighting until the bitter end against the real world they are unprepared for as it destroys them.

  4. Excellent!

    Even at this moment it’s men underground building the water, gas, power, communications systems. They’re building the foundations and the roads, bridges, houses, buildings. The overall contribution to this by women is so small as to be inconsequential. Men invent, design, build and maintain and defend the entire man-made world that so many women obliviously seem to use to survive without a second thought of how it got there.

    Modern women seem to love to proclaim “men are simple creatures!” It’s a spin. In reality what women offer men is simple. The complexity of the modern woman and her fickle mood and temperament is in most cases nothing more than a failure to fully emotionally mature. Such pampering isn’t tolerated of men in this life.

    Men manipulate the natural world into the man-made world. Women, given the opportunity, can only manipulate men. Abusing the very hands that feed and protect is about as foolish as it gets. It’s men who give women power and men that take it away. Only time will show us what the reset will look like this time. I hope I don’t live long enough to see it.

  5. This is all common sense and plain for anyone to see. How so many can be so blind, under such powers delusion is stunning.

  6. Having had to survive 10 years ago with my 3 young children and without my husband when we were snowed in for 10 days with no electricity or running water, I tend to agree that it would be very difficult to survive without men. We survived – because I had no choice but to do what was required. It would be a struggle having to do it for any length of time, though.
    I *like* knowing my husband is here for protection and to do the hard manly work. I don’t enjoy doing it, but he does.

    I liked the analogy of the child. Our oldest son is learning that. He couldn’t wait to be out and on his own, doing his own thing, not following our rules etc. He moved out at the beginning of April – lockdown here in NZ. After doing his own thing, getting in trouble with Police, getting ripped off by mates and in purchasing decisions, learning how hard it is to do everything by himself, he’s now returning to us. He still lives in his own house, but he comes home most days to eat with us, he oftens stays the night here, he asks for our advice, and generally treats us with a lot more respect instead of insisting he knows it all. He seems to enjoy his siblings more, too, having known loneliness. Not that he was ever truly alone – we kept in contact with him via phone every day – but over lockdown he simply wasn’t allowed to travel home to us, he had to remain on the farm where he worked. We didn’t even get to see him on his 17th birthday 🙁

  7. Most women including the women in my family have the i dont need a man for noffing attitude and they openly state it occasionally. Any time they ask for physical assistance i remind them to rely on their strength and independence. Yes i am serious the funny thing is they respect me for putting my foot down.

    Its not even possible to not need men. I am self employed top few % in physical stature and i need men for all kinds of things. I call men for help almost daily. One guy helps me endlessly and every few months i do something for him for free and he makes some money off the deal. The problem with helping women is its not like helping men its a 1 way street. Ive got 6 guys who if they call me in the middle of dinner im grabbing my truck and heading to a job site to fix some problem. Women are not doing anything in return.

    My mom told me i get great deals because my friends do construction. Like thats why ive been drinking beer with these guys for decades and we talk every week?

  8. Dear Lori and Friends, ever wonder what sort of fathers feminists (were unfortunate to have) had? Were their moms stuck doing dad’s job as well as trying to be a mom to the kids? Just the usual – but sadly realistic – unpopular questions.

  9. An unpopular question: What sort of fathers do feminist have? I think the obvious answer is the sort of fathers their mothers picked for their children to have and very often picked for casual sex rather than marriage. Women picking fathers, accidentally, following their tingles. Why would we believe otherwise?

    I don’t totally excuse married fathers but let’s face it, in a legal sense they have no authority now. Thanks to the no-fault divorce machine and threatpoint it provided women. Men have no real authority in their kids lives. Wives are in control. As for men who casually impregnate single moms, they have no authority either. That is if she even knows who the father is for certain. Men, on average are pigs? Sure! Women, same thing.

    Married men can try, try to lead by example. They can push for righteousness but women are in control now. Feminist and typical women who operate in feminism have locked us all into a cycle of self destruction. Men never should have given women power. How will men fix this society? They won’t. They’ll have to tear it down first. There is no other way. MGTOW is the beginning of this.

    In biblical times it was God’s law that those caught in fornication, adultery were put to death. Women however, unlike men, had an indicator. A hymen. She had the womb and therefore the responsibility. A young woman wouldn’t get married without an intact hymen, the consequences would get her killed. Seem harsh? Not by comparison to what we have now and what the end of this world will look like. Not harsh at all. The Bible is clear, we are evil. Harsh is what it takes to drive out our rebellious that ultimately destroys us.

  10. I hope that you will understand my unpopular opinion, but I must say that women are strong in hard times.

    After my fathers death, my two sisters and I successfully continued our traditional family business (4 generations in the family) of stone carving. It is physically hard, but we love it and have been trained since childhood. We took over most of the work before his death, as he started having issues with his hands. We have one female employee, three male employees, two female and two male apprentices. I also teach in a nearby town, in a stone carving school.

    My oldest sister has two sons who started to learn from us and would love to inherit the work. One would like to in parallel study fine art, the other accounting or business when they get older. Her husband is a veterinarian, works around the clock and is also very capable and diligent.

    I think it is very important to keep both men and women away from corporations and build small businesses and support small villages and towns like ours, leave a legacy. And share work, so that we can all have time for fellowship and volunteering.

    God bless, take care!

  11. Agreed. When my father abandoned our family, my mother moved Heaven and Earth to protect and support her 4 children. Powerful testament of love and grace. We all love her and respect her and would do anything for her.

  12. Seems to me the opinion that “women are strong and independent” is very popular. So popular is the mantra that it’s being used as a smoke screen to hide what has become pitiful weaknesses of many women.

    Women can be strong and hard working? Of course! What’s new? It’s the whole of human history until late. In early America most young women married one man, had His children and remained faithful for life. These women lived in conditions we would consider 3rd world. No climate control or modern conveniences. Up early, tending to children all day. Working in the home, garden. Washing clothes by hand that she made.

    A woman could do all these things by noon and in the afternoon slaughter a hog. Tougher than hell and still tender. One such woman was my Grandmother. She raised 10 kids by her life long husband. She would laugh at this generation of young women.

    Now? Most women are slaves to their emotions and appetites. Obesity is rampant because they’re so weak they can’t control themselves. Some women, raised in church, will exceed a dozen sexual partners while single because they won’t say no. Buried in debt, frivolous borrowing and spending. Raising bratty children who rarely hear no either. Can’t look away from entertainment and social media, many women are nothing more than puppets of it. I could go on.

    Sure, there’s a few strong women around but they’re the exception. Most women have become very weak. Men see it, promise you.

  13. You bring up an interesting point. As I go back to traditional women’s skills, I have learned the hard way just how important self-discipline, particularly patience, is to doing quality women’s work. The greater self-discipline I have, the finer and more beautiful my weaving, knitting, or sewing project will be. Same goes for baking, painting, spinning, etc. I think that moving away from traditional women’s skills as a society has robbed women of a deep education in self-discipline that should begin as a very young girl. It’s definitely been an uphill climb learning to have the patience to do more and more fine work with these skills because they were not taught to me from a young age.

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