Did My College Education Make Me a Better Wife or Mother?

Did My College Education Make Me a Better Wife or Mother?

After graduating from high school, I went to college for five and a half years to get my teaching credential. After receiving my teaching credential, I taught three and a half years before I came home full time to be with my children. Looking back, can I think of any way that my college education helped me be a better wife or mother; my most important roles in life? No.

It didn’t teach me how to be a more submissive and obedient wife. It didn’t teach me to be my husband’s help meet. It didn’t teach me how to raise my children. It didn’t teach me how to love my husband and children. It didn’t teach me to be modest, discreet, sober, or good. It didn’t teach me to be a good homemaker or fix nourishing food. It didn’t teach me any of these.

“First of all, as you look at this list (Titus 3:4, 5), the first thing that strikes me is that it is very counter-cultural. It is not a politically correct list. If you think about it in light of our culture, this is really a radical curriculum. It’s God’s way. In fact, you will not see these subjects as part of the curriculum of the women’s studies program of almost any university in this country. You have a lot of women’s studies programs, but these are not the things being taught in those programs. This is a biblical program, but it really runs counter to the whole direction and drift of the culture.

We’ve seen what the world’s curriculum does in the lives of women and how it leaves them disordered and dysfunctional and distressed and in depression. I think it’s time we try God’s way. We see what can happen when we begin to educate and train women in the ways of God.” (Revive Our Hearts)

To tell you the truth, I can’t remember anything that I learned in college. I didn’t like any of my classes. I can’t remember any of my professors. I do remember a chapel service where Elisabeth Elliot spoke at and I loved listening to her. I love the friends I made at college and am still friends with today even though we all live far from each other. I met Ken my senior year but few of my friends met their spouses at college.

Am I a smarter mother because I went to college? I don’t think so. I have studied the Word on my own for many years and learned from godly preachers and teachers. I have read many books on marriage, homemaking, and child raising. I scour the Internet for good things to read. I am self-motivated to always be learning but what I learned in college didn’t interest me at all.

The difference between attending college now verses back then is dramatic. My college was a Christian college and it costs $3600 per year which included room, board, and tuition. No college costs this little now and student debt loans are a heavy burden on our country and the students who have graduated and have to pay them back. The majority of them never use their degree for their jobs and have no ability to pay back their student loans.

In order to be good wives and mother, you don’t need a college education. If you want one, make sure you can do it without a lot of debt. Even then, most colleges and universities teach so many things that are contrary to the Word of God that I wouldn’t recommend many of them. The good ones are very expensive. Our culture idolizes education. God doesn’t so I don’t; for the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. There are a lot better ways to use your single years between graduating high school and marriage besides going to college, if you choose to do so like getting a job and saving money for your future family or ministering in local pregnancy crisis centers or in your church. (I made a YouTube yesterday for unmarried women who want to be wives and mothers.)

Pray about it and seek the Lord for wisdom. Just because everyone else is doing something doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for you.

See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.
Colossians 2:8

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12 thoughts on “Did My College Education Make Me a Better Wife or Mother?

  1. Hi Lori

    Great post but I’m wondering about college for boys. Wouldn’t everything you say in the post apply to them too?

  2. No, because they are the providers for their families. If they want to be a doctor or some other profession that will make enough money to pay back the loans, then college is a good option for them, preferably Christian ones at least for their BA. There should be trade schools for all of the rest or hands-on experience since the majority of students who graduate from the universities don’t use their degree. Also, the universities are anti-God and teach secular humanist philosophies which are destroying our culture. I don’t believe Christians should be supporting these, if at all possible.

  3. People need to think outside the traditional box of the 4 year degree.There are viable educational and career opportunities for young men and women that do not require the traditional 4 year degree. Community colleges and tech schools have one and 2 year programs at a fraction of the cost of a regular college. Currently in Wisconsin a student can get a 2 year degree for about $12K for 2 years.
    Often programs such as 2 year RN, dental hygiene, line man, etc. pay a lot more than a 4 year degree with no big debt to pay off. A real boon to those who want a good career or job for little money.

  4. Well, yes, men are to be providers. However, what if the husband loses his job and can’t find another one or if he wants his wife to work? It’s always nice to have a plan B and college doesn’t have to be expensive. I graduated about 3 years ago and between my scholarships and working part-time, my monthly payment is about $300 for the next 7 years.

    I got my degree in computer science, meaning I can bring a pretty nice income even working from home.

  5. I also think that instead of encouraging young people to forego college because it’s too expensive, we should advocate for affordable education.

    For many, college is the only way out of poverty but since they can’t afford it, the poverty cycle continues.

  6. I laugh when I think of all the things that I was told when I decided to drop out of college. I too was a education major looking at a 5 1/2 yr. program. My first child was born my freshman year. I could not go back to class. I cried every time I left her. So I quit. I was told I would regret it for the rest of my life. I haven’t regretted it one bit.

    Then when we decided to homeschool our children I was met with, “If you want to play school so bad you should just finish your degree and get paid to do it” comments.

    I have been a full time homemaker for 23 years and have never felt I made a mistake giving up college.

  7. There have been millions upon millions of mothers who have raised great children before there was even such a thing as college, Anna Mary. Almost everyone has drank from feminism instead of the Word of God. It has caused so much confusion in our culture. Your family is blessed!

  8. I agree, Annette. With universities’ exorbitant costs, people need to begin thinking outside to the box since debt is bondage, according to the Word.

  9. If a husband loses his job and can’t find another one, he continues to look for one since this is what God has called him to do. If he wants his wife to work, he is disobeying the Lord but the wife should obey her husband then pray that the Lord will convict him and change his mind so she can come home where she belongs.

    We don’t need a plan B with the Lord. He is our ultimate Provider and we can trust Him for we walk by faith, not sight.

    Most colleges and universities do everything possible to make women unfeminine, unsubmissive, and completely contrary to what God has called them to be. This is why it is a dangerous place to send young women.

  10. We can advocate for cheaper college all we want but it doesn’t mean it will happen, Andrea. Plus, the majority are filled with leftist teachings which are completely contrary to the Word.

    Many people ave gotten out of poverty without college. All it takes is self-control and the discipline to work hard.

  11. I couldn’t agree more! I started college right after High School and promised my mom I would do two years before I decided whether or not I would finish college or if I would focus on saving money before I married. I can tell you for sure that college is not a good place for me to be. It is incredibly ungodly AND expensive, and rarely do colleges give scholarships which just raises the amount of debt I will have. I am getting ready to start my second year within the next week or so, and I can honestly say that I cannot wait for it to be over.

    Just like you, I cannot remember a single thing that I learned even in the last year, and I do not enjoy my classes. I am very excited to work some and save back some money (as well as pay of my debt so it is not a burden to my future husband!!!!) I have seen first hand the things that these professors teach. There is so much that is very much against the word of God and I just want to get up and run!

    I am looking forward to being the wife and mother that God has called me to be and learning from the wonderful, Godly women in my life who will help me to grow in the ways of the Lord!

  12. I went to college you study nutrition and food science. I met my husband there, and we married our senior year (3 years ago), I’ve never worked outside the hone, but value what I learned because it will help me raising our children (2 so far, we plan to fill a quiver).

    BTW: I learned about you from Susanne, who,l “met” at Heqvenly Hearth, Jessica Roldan’s blog

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