Doctors Aren’t God. Do Your Research.

Doctors Aren’t God. Do Your Research.

They wanted to give my husband a pacemaker when he had Lyme Carditis and his heart beat was at 22. He researched that it took seven days on antibiotics to clear the infection. So he stayed awake seven days and nights in the ICU with paddles strapped to his bed (if he fell asleep, his heart would stop) and on the seventh day, his heart rate went up!

My close relative had to get a vaccine for work and was up all night very ill. His wife took him to the ER early in the morning. Ken raced down there with his laptop. The doctor said he had appendicitis and needed his appendix out immediately. Ken researched that in Europe, they always give antibiotics, and it clears up in a week. The doctor fought them, and my relative had to sign a release. He was better the next day! (A side effect of the vaccine is appendicitis.)

When I went into the ER at 45 dying from death level sodium, they took me for a CT scan and was just going to scan my abdomen since I was vomiting constantly. I begged them to take it of my head too. They finally agreed and found the brain tumor.

My mom was diagnosed with colitis when I was five. Doctors said there was no cure. She tried the medical route and became sicker. After five years of trial and error of what she could and couldn’t eat, she was completely healed! She proved it to the doctors with a colonoscopy.

The neurosurgeon who did my first brain surgery wanted to get to the tumor by going through my upper lip. Ken had researched that doctors were going through the nose and asked him to do it that way. The doctor had done over 1200 of these surgeries! He said “no” but the night before surgery, he came and looked up my nose and said he would go up my nose! It was an easier recovery (still rough), but I wouldn’t have had any feeling in my top teeth if he did it through my lip!

Do your research. It’s okay to question doctors. They aren’t God. Sometimes, you have to be your own doctor.

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.
Matthew 10:16

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