FLEE Beauty and the Beast

FLEE Beauty and the Beast

You’re probably sick of hearing about the movie coming out this weekend called Beauty and the Beast and the homosexual talk concerning it but I thought I would throw my thoughts out there for anyone who is interested. The director who MADE the movie had this to say about it: “It may have been a long time coming but this is a watershed moment for Disney. … By representing same-sex attraction in this short but explicitly gay scene, the studio is sending out a message that this is normal and natural – and this is a message that will be heard in every country of the world, even countries where it’s still socially unacceptable or even illegal to be gay.”

Due to this statement, there was outrage, of course, since this movie is marketed to children. In order to soften it Disney has told us there is no “in-your-face-gay-moment” and it has “all been overblown” and “To not make a big deal of it. Why is it a big deal?” Right here, mothers, is why you don’t want to take your children. Homosexuality is NOT normal and natural.

Satan is very subtle. He roars around like a lion looking whom he may devour. We should be doing everything we can to protect our children from debauchery and not being entertained by it, even if it is very subtle. The women in the chat room were talking about it and I will share a few of their comments:

“How are we impacting culture with the gospel if we continue to support Hollywood’s agenda of normalizing sin with our attendance and money?”

“I try to always error on the side of caution instead of the side of being entertained for I want to be a seeker of the Lord more than a seeker of pleasure.”

“No – you don’t win the world by doing everything the world does. We need to be above reproach (to the best of our ability). My two cents. I am tired of being told I’m overreacting or being a hypocrite. I am doing my best to filter out what I can.”

“Many things started very small like this, like women showing their ankles or their shoulders in the early 1900s. To us it seems like nothing but back then it was a subtle step towards women wearing practically nothing in public. Christians allowed this to happen, they accepted it and it slowly got worse and worse. TV and movies used to not allow more than a kiss, closed mouth, no unmarried sex, no adultery, but little things crept in that were looked over and now there are movies and TV shows glorifying sin. They bask in it.  We should be convicted of this. As we allow sin, and give place to it we give the devil an inch and he takes a mile. (This reminds me of the illustration of the frog in a pot slowly getting boiled but not realizing it because the heat goes up so slowly.)

Our God calls us to be separate in every aspect. Anything in our lives that doesn’t live up to God’s standards should be thrown out. It’s time for us to rise up as the bride of Christ, spotless and unblemished. We have to be the example and as we step closer to Jesus we won’t desire to partake in this kind of stuff.”

Homosexuality is a sin, women. It’s clear in the Bible. It’s progression is clearly stated in Romans 1 and this chapter explains where those who know the truth yet “hold it in unrighteousness” end up. They end up with reprobate minds and this chapter ends with “Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them” (Romans 1:32).  We are to be seekers of God and NOT seekers of pleasure.

Our culture is trying to normalize homosexuality. This is why they changed the word to “gay.” It’s not normal and it is a big deal to God so it should be to us too. We need to stop caring about being entertained and care a whole lot more about being godly and holy. If all Christians refused to see this movie, it will most likely lose money. We are called to prove all things; hold fast that which is good. Abstain from all appearance of evil (1 Thessalonians 5:21, 22) . Dwell on the good and the lovely. FLEE sexual immorality; it’s the one sin God commands we FLEE. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate (2 Corinthians 6:17). I am not sure how much clearer the Lord could have been with us in His will for us.

Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world; Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.
Titus 2:12, 13

20 thoughts on “FLEE Beauty and the Beast

  1. Well put! It saddens me that many Christians are making excuses for the movie and still planning on seeing it.

  2. I also agree! I heard it is the character LeFou. I think his French name translates to “the fool” in English?

  3. Thank you for the warning ! I appreciate how you take a stand for the truth and teach the truth about Gods word to women.

  4. Since French is my mother tongue, I can put my 2 cents ?. LeFou means The Crazy in French, and fool in more like “insensé’ . An “Insensé” doesn’t have common sense. We can say those two words almost have the same meaning in the daily life, although “fou” his also a nickname for homosexuals here in Quebec… That’s so bad they transform a princess story for kids in something disgusting!

  5. Yes, she was! And did you know that today, in Russia, that movie received an interdiction for the children who are less than 16 years old? For that same reason : sin and perversity. What a right Culture Minister they have!!

  6. Thank you Daniele! I haven’t practiced French since I was a teenager so it’s a bit rusty.

  7. Franklin Graham is to speak in Canada. There are ministers who don’t want him here, because Franklin preaches against homosexuality. No wonder the world is so confused today when ministers who claim to preach God’s Word, go against what the Bible teaches. We are far too much entertainment oriented by Hollywood. There are more profitable ways to spend our time and our children’s time.

  8. I am so glad to read and hear this I just hope my estranged daughter-in-law doesn’t take my granddaughter and grandson to see this! they live 400 miles from us and I have not a say in all of this. God help us to hang on to his word,and hold close in these end times!!

  9. Thank you for writing about this, Lori. I am alarmed by two female Christian bloggers I had been following, who have written favorably about this movie. I attempted to comment on the indoctrination aspect and was called a hypocrite. Here are the articles, if you decide you want to follow up:




  10. How do you all decide which parts of the Bible to follow and which parts are okay to ignore?

  11. We, as Christians, are no longer under the Old Testament Law. The Bible is clear that when we believe in Jesus as our Savior we are dead and freed from sin and the Law and are now under the New Covenant of grace and mercy. The instructions for the Church age under which we are presently living are in Romans through Revelation so we obey these commands.

  12. The last blog post doesn’t understand Jesus at all. Yes, He is loving and kind but He also hates sin and commands that we “sin no more.” She fails to understand Romans 1 and her perception of Christianity is simply to love and do good works but fails to teach the repentance and obedience part of it. I very much disagree with this statement: “And if you are one of my gay friends, and you read this and heard me hating you or disrespecting you or looking down on you, hear me now: I love you. I love you more than you think I do. I pray for you–not to not be gay. I pray you have a good day, that your kids are protected and grow up kind and strong. I pray you are happy and loved. I pray you’ll know Jesus in an intimate and amazing way. I pray you’ll know His love for you. And mine.”

    I have six gay men that I know personally and I love and pray for them frequently that they will come to repentance and obey the Lord Jesus. I care a lot more about their eternal souls than I do just “loving” them. We are commanded to speak the TRUTH in love. She has failed to speak truth.

  13. Excellent! Praise the Saviour Jesus Christ for your courage in not conforming to the world, and not being ashamed of HIM. Romans 12:2 & Romans 1:16 KJB.

    Thank you for your edifying message.

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