Freezing Eggs to Have Children Later

Freezing Eggs to Have Children Later

Women are actually freezing their eggs so they don’t have to worry about not being able to have children later in life. They can put off childbearing while they pursue their careers because, after all, careers are far superior to being home while being a wife and mother. This is at least what women have been told all throughout their childhood through Hollywood, schools, parents, and sadly, even churches. With modern technology, women don’t have to worry about the ticking clock of their fertility. Freeze their eggs and get pregnant when they feel like it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go as planned. The fertility window in a woman’s life span is not that long. By thirty years old, she has lost 90 percent of her eggs. Yet, this is the peak time for women to pursue careers, pay off their mountains of debt, and travel around the world. However, things didn’t go as planned for Brigitte Adams. She was on the cover of Bloomberg Business Week with the caption “Freeze Your Eggs, Free Your Career.” In her late 30s, she froze her eggs.

Years later, she still had not met Mr. Right so she decided to try to get pregnant with her frozen eggs. Two died during the thawing process. Three failed to fertilize. Five were abnormal. The last one was planted in her uterus. This one failed too. “She remembers screaming like a wild animal, throwing books, papers, her laptop, and collapsing to the ground. ‘It was the worse day of my life. There were so many emotions. I was sad. I was angry. I was ashamed. I asked, Why me?'”

Feminism lied to her and many other women. They find out too late that it was all lies. They grow old without a husband or any children. It was their choice. I know some of you younger women would love more than anything to marry, bear children, and guide the home, but you haven’t been asked to get married. This isn’t the same. There’s no regrets when you live your life open to the will of God. But there are regrets if you’ve purposely lived your life for yourself and opposed to God’s will, then later look back and see the harm with the choices you made.

My advice to you, younger women, is to don’t do anything to prevent getting married, having children, and being home with them. If you decide to go to college, do it with little to no debt. Choose wisely and just know that you will be taught many things that are opposed to God. The professors will do everything they can to convince you that there is not God, and that you should not live for Him. Many are not strong enough to handle these false teachings day in and day out and walk away from the faith they grew up with. Be armed for a spiritual battle.

There are many other things to do with your life besides going to college. Seek the Lord in prayer asking Him for wisdom. Develop your talents such as sewing, gardening, cooking, writing, and other things you may enjoy. Wait upon the Lord. He is good, and His plan for you is good (Romans 8:28). Women are most fertile in their twenties, so we wonder why the feminist movement tried so hard to keep young women far away from being married and bearing children in their twenties. It certainly wasn’t God’s plan for them.

I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.
1 Timothy 5:14

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  1. In the Garden of Eden, Satan lied to Eve and told her that she would be as gods once she partook of the forbidden fruit, and we all know how that turned out for mankind.

    Nowadays Satan is still lying to ( insert your name here ) about being empowered when you live your life in disobedience to God’s word of what He has commanded you to do. Satan is laughing gleefully at you as he destroys you.

    I know of many older women of 50+ years of age that are still knowingly walking in disobedience to God and their lives are miserable. No husband, no children, no houses, slaving most of the week at jobs they hate and deep in debt. But they refuse to quit believing the lies of Satan. Sadly many of these women are firmly entrenched in the church.

    It is not too late for you to change and turn your life back to God and His son Jesus Christ. Today would be a good day to do that. Repent and confess your sin of rebellion to God.

  2. About 15 years ago, my (late) husband’s cousin went through it, something like 30k. They had to take out a home equity loan.

  3. I read an article a few months ago now, that during covid, the number of women in Victoria, Australia alone having their eggs frozen exploded to something like 70% increase. As they were worried because of lockdowns, the chances of finding a partner were slim. The number of births, at its peak in the month of September exploded as well. ?
    Finding a mate is particularly hard after 30. And gets harder as women age. Why its so important to marry young.

  4. After ten years of marriage and infertility . We finally dipped into the ivf pool. It was expensive and very difficult emotionally as it was our last hope of having kids. I was 29 at the time and after spending my 20s watching women around me either dread their children or refuse to have them, I was not in great shape , I did not understand why god was punishing me when all I wanted was a family to raise. I may never fully understand god’s timing , but am beyond greatful for ivf working for us. I still however have to face everyday a society of women who are in supportive of living only for god their husbands and kids at home. So often someone will ask my husband “ well does your wife want to be home with the kids?!” As tho it’s completely unimaginable to people that a women could birth kids and then actually desire to do nothing but raise them. This is so hurtful but so common and automatic amount men and women today it’s sad. I have a lot of difficulty with women who hold off on having kids I feel bad for them. But am greatful that ivf is available for people that are beyond in need of hope that they will have two link lines on the stick. Lol. Yes it’s weird how common it is for women to freeze their eggs for the future now kinda creepy lol. Where’s the hod and faith in any of that short of planning. Who needs god these women are running the whole show yet they wonder why they are alone.

  5. I would never suggest Christian women have IVF. The main reason is how they get sperm. It is strictly forbidden in the Bible doing the act required.

  6. While I wholeheartedly advocate for marriage as soon as one finds a reliable and Godly man, it is also true that such a drastic loss of fertility up to 30s not mainly due to age and is not natural, but long exposure to destructive influences. Radiation (I used to live in a country bombed by uranium bombs), many kinds of “shots” with heavy metals, pollution, GMO food, side-effects of telecommunication technologies have a tremendous influence.

    Viruses (Herpes zoster, Epstein-Bar, citomegalovirus), fungi (candida albicans) and multiple kinds of bacteria that are passed through generations… are the main reasons for depression, anxiety, cancer, infertility, miscarriages, still born children and death of pregnant women nowadays. They are not passed sexually, but are accumulated in other ways over the years and are passed from mother to child in a never ending cycle.

    We can advocate for early marriage, but that is not the solution to the health crisis. Young women should first invest a couple of years on doing the above analysis (most common heavy metals, above mentioned viruses and fungi) and go through a rigorous natural treatment (not using “traditional medicine”). Quit corporate and healthcare jobs, find much less stressful ones ones and focus on health and homemaking for ones-self. If applicable, move back with parents and be there for one another.

    And then be open to marriage and children. Women first need to strengthen their bodies and minds before marriage. Men should also go through tests and heal, before reproductive sex, but that is another target audience.

    God bless, take care and be wise!

  7. Laurie, this will be an interesting question… but what is your take on fairy tales (in general and for what age of children?) And I’m talking traditional ones like Cinderella, Snow White, etc. where the women are not “empowered” yet by the feminists of today and the men are not feeble-minded as they (feminists) want them to be? Thanks!

  8. Women must not be doing their research, or they’re being lied to, if they think freezing eggs for a later date is a “simple” solution. It’s not just a matter of thawing them and implanting- there are so many medications you take to prep, during, and after implanting the egg. You don’t know the egg quality. IVF is very much trial and error because every woman’s body chemistry is different. There is no “one size fits all” for the process. Add in the fact that most insurances don’t cover it, and that’s a VERY expensive risk to take.
    My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant since we were 27 (6 years now) and have been diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility. We’re both perfectly healthy. Every single procedure, blood work, scan, etc has come back 100% perfect and normal. We’ve seen many doctors, and no one can find anything wrong. (Yes, we’ve tried relaxing, not thinking about it, it’ll happen when it’s time, etc). If these women wait until they’re in their 30s to start to try, then find out there’s a problem, there will be no chance for them!

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