Having Children is the Most Destructive Thing a Person Can Do???

Having Children is the Most Destructive Thing a Person Can Do???

“Having children is the most destructive thing a person can to do to the environment, according to a new study. Researchers from Lund University in Sweden found having one fewer child per family can save ‘an average of 58.6 tonnes of CO2-equivalent emissions per year.’ Eating meat, driving a car and travelling by airplane made up the list of the most polluting things people can do to the planet. But having children was top, according to the new study, published in the journal Environmental Research Letters.” (Source)

Now we understand why Bill Gates is doing what he is doing, and why the radical Left loves this entire virus and lockdowns! The virus has accomplished the goals of not driving cars and traveling by airplanes. Bill Gates is buying up all of the American farmland and wants us to eat plastic meat (whatever that is). Children are taught in the public schools to worship the creation rather than the Creator through environmentalism. They grow up caring more for the environment than they do for human beings who are made in the image of God. They fail to realize that this world will all one day be burned up by God Almighty and only what we do for Him will last.

This is why the radical Left loves abortion, Planned Parenthood, women not wanting to have babies, women leaving their homes and families for the workforce, and birth control. Children are the ones ignored, discarded, and left behind in the Left’s agenda. They believe that caring for the environment trumps all else, including the lives of unborn babies who have been slaughtered in their wombs.

Guess what, women? It’s all a lie! It’s deception from the great deceiver whose goal is to kill, steal, and destroy. It’s the complete opposite of what God’s will is for us. He wants us marrying, bearing children, and guiding the home. He tells us that children are a blessing, and happy is the man who has a quiver full!

I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.
1 Timothy 5:14

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  1. Yup, this is how I was raised. Took a very long time to get over it – the brainwashing in public schools is powerful.

  2. Taking care of the Earth isn’t wrong. Being made in God’s image doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care how our actions impact His creations. We shouldn’t beat animals or poison the land because it will burn at some point anyway. Conventional child rearing does lead to more pollution and harm to God’s creation. Not having children isn’t the answer but changing the consumerism they are raised with is. More mothers at home living the way God intended (home cooked food, minimal mass produced goods, growing food, using natural cleaners, and minimal fossil fuel use) honors God and His creation that was given to us to manage. We need to take care of the resources we have until He returns. (On a side note thank you for writing your blog. It found it just a few weeks ago and it has already improved my marriage, home, kids, and made me curious enough about God to ask a friend question and she has invited me to her church for Sunday. I really appreciate you for starting me down this road.)

  3. I can get on board with not using cars so much. Walking when you can is cheaper and healthier anyway. But the rest of it?. Hogwash and what a sad, sad way of viewing children. And no, it doesn’t make women like me who were never blessed with children of our own feel better. It makes me want to be the best honoury aunt I can and help as much as I can supporting my friends and family as they raise christian children. The radical left is poison.

  4. You’re welcome, Mrs. Davis! I use all non-toxic cleaners and eat organic foods. I don’t buy much other either. But I will continue to drive a car and travel on airplanes. I will also encourage young women to have children since God’s blessings are the best. We do what we can but leave the rest with the Lord. We live in a wicked world with sinful people so life on this planet will always be far from perfect. Thankfully, it’s not our eternal home.

  5. I am a NFP instructor for our parish, and far too often I see young women fall into the mindset of contraception. It is a horrible slippery slope that trains women to think of pregnancy as something bad. I can hardly bear even to teach them because sometimes I even find myself slipping into the same mindset. Sometimes it breaks my heart when a healthy young wife emails me her chart or a picture of her mucus and asks whether she and her husband should make love and I know what she means is that they want to make love without making a baby. I have decided from now on if in doubt I should just say yes. Saying no so many times just hurts so much.

  6. Patsy, you’re hardly the only NFP instructor who feels that way. I do exactly the same thing whenever I have the chance. I just can’t help it sometimes especially when one of parish newlyweds tells me she’s not sure about her chart, and I know that it’s perfect timing in her cycle to make their first baby. I just have to tell her yes. It’s not too hard to convince a wife who doesn’t really want to abstain from intimacy with her husband anyway that her chart looks perfect for making love even it should be obvious she’s about to ovulate.

  7. I’m going to assume you’re Catholic because of the key words “parish, NFP” because I am too. I can’t speak for other protestant Faiths but it is not sinful to use NFP in the Catholic faith to avoid a pregnancy so long as the couple is prayerfully assessing their decisions to abstain from sex and deciding to is a necessity. The Church recognizes that each couple has individual needs and reasons for avoiding and not everyone will be the same so they leave that up to the couple and God. It is not sinful to abstain from sex. No couple is required to have sex at a certain time. I am also an NFP instructor and I can tell you it is NOT up to you to tell a couple when and when not to have sex, that is a responsibility to never signed up for. You simply help decipher if the wife is fertile or not. And that is all your answer needs to be. You only inform and educate, the decision to have sex is up to the couple. If they are abstaining for sinful reasons that is between them and God. Some could be abstaining because the wife may be taking a medication that could be lethal to a developing baby. Others could definitely be doing it for selfish reasons. That is for the Lord to deal with. Be at peace that you are not to deal with that further. NFP is just knowledge about the body and what people decide to do with that knowledge is between a husband, wife, and God. Just tell them the truth because as an instructor, that is all you can do. If you they ask whether they “should” have sex, simply say your assessment of the symptoms and let them know that is for them to decide. Anything else would be deceitful and unethical in my opinion and experience as an NFP instructor.

  8. It is so ironic that some of the same women who talk about saving the environment turn around and poison the environment and their own bodies with hormonal birth control. Birth control hormones are so strong that the wastewater in city sewers is literally contaminated with levels of hormones that are unsafe for fish and frogs. All from the pee of women on birth control. I find it disgusting that my daughter in law inserts into her lady parts a plastic ring that releases poison into her body. This is the same girl who won’t wear leather and claims to be 100% organic. Well,I guess if she is really that committed to being all-natural and 100% organic, then I think it’s time for her to experience 100% organic marital intimacy, too. (Thanks for wonderful instructions, Kim!) Once those hormones are out of her system and she really is finally 100% organic just like she’s always bragging , then its just a matter of time before she learns that all-natural lovemaking means all-natural babymaking, too.

  9. I ignorantly was using the diaphragm when I first got married until I read the caution on the box of the gel I was to put into it: “can cause cancer.” NO, thank you!

  10. Sincere advice here, with no judgement:

    I believe you should honestly say that NFP is justified in the eyes of God in serious situations. Without becoming legalistic (the couple needs to pray about their situation), some examples are: the mother needing to wait at least 2-2,5 years after a C-section, the father loosing his job and waiting to pass his probation month on new job, short-term mental illness which is being treated by medications, or is for other health reasons taking some other medication. Using it for convenience sake only is an abomination of the natural law and a sin.

    And end the e-mail with that, with no referral to the chart. There is indeed no commandment which says “Do not lie”, but is still disordered and you might face God’s judgment in that regard, especially when the truth mentioned above transforms a marriage in a mature and positive way.

    God bless and please continue teaching women NFP!

  11. Patsy, in our parish all of the women who teach NFP have large families. The way we teach NFP is that it is for spacing pregnancies, not preventing them. The women who really don’t buy into being open to life are on hormonal contraception anyway. Let’s be honest. For the ones who are actually learning and applying NFP, I try to focus more on their mindset and less on their chart. When I see what I refer to (only the other teachers, not with the students) as a “maybe a baby” chart, I use phrases like “possible but not probable” and “some risk but low risk.” I think openness to life means being intimate at least sometimes on a “maybe a baby” day. My goal is to get all my students to the point where they accept the risk of conceiving during “maybe” days. That is the right mindset for NFP.

  12. I’m sorry I wasn’t clear in my post. I would never actually lie and say I’m 100% sure it’s a “safe” time when I know it’s not. Instead I say things like, “there’s a chance” or “if you really want to be super careful.” Or, “it’s probably okay tonight, but for sure I would make this your last night to have fun before your fertile window.” That’s not lying in my view. I have six kids for goodness sake, they should consider the source!

  13. This link is really the best discussion I have found on how NFP can help ease women into being open to life and having what we call not trying not avoiding or maybe a baby sex. My view is that a good NFP instructor wants her students to have exactly this state of mind and that a good NFP teacher gently encourages her student to keep taking bigger and bigger risks.

  14. I find that bigger families are usually the MOST resourceful and conscience of environment. They seem to be far less wasteful then working mothers always eating on the fly, creating huge amounts of trash, plus driving to and fro from work to daycare to school to work to events etc.

  15. Dear Lori and Friends, one of the reasons my husband and i went for NFP was, the birth control pill isn’t healthy – it does mess with a woman’s mood (perhaps a subconscious realization of being controlled.).

  16. I agree Gretchen that I would never straight out tell a NFP student that it’s a safe time when I know it’s not. That would bother me too much. But I do think part of my job is to help ease a new wife into getting relaxed enough with NFP that the activity on her chart starts to look a lot more like she’s trying to conceive. I share with all couples this statistic — most couples who are TRYING to conceive will have planned “let’s make a baby” sex 78 times before it actually happens. I then give them a speech about how nobody does this perfectly and to just relax. I do the same with the wife separately. It usually works really well.

  17. As as Catholic I have real issues with the way the Church actively promotes NFP.

    Let me say that I do not blame the very well meaning NFP teachers such as those who have commented here and who share my concerns.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with women being given help to track and understand their menstrual cycle. Knowledge which can be used to aid in fertility.

    The Church originally sanctioned the use of NFP to allow couples to remain sexually active, whilst reducing the chance of pregnancy. In “grave” or “serious” circumstances where in prayer they had good and unselfish reasons to avoid pregnancy and where the alternative of abstinence would lead to worse sin (divorce, adultery, masturbation). The reasons it had in mind were things like serious medical issues, war, starvation etc.

    However given our sinful nature and the pressure to keep Churches full and offer an ‘alternative’ to artificial contraception. These moral limitations have been cast aside and it has in effect become “Catholic contraception”. It has become increasingly scientific. It’s reliability is endlessly emphasised and newly wed couples are often encouraged to use it to “enjoy time with each other” or plan their family. Our sin has created a dominant “contraceptive mentality”. Pregnancy is regarded as a ‘failure’.

    It is wrong, it is sinful and it goes against Church teaching. I absolutely love it to hear that Godly women who teach knowledge are actively encouraging their pupils to be open to God’s gift of life in the womb.

  18. I had to look up what a vaginal ring was an included in the description it says “ thins the lining of the womb so a fertilised egg is less likely to implant itself.”

    So what it can actually do is procure abortion.

    Whilst I completely agree with your sentiment, I was struggling a little with your not being honest with your sister. Not any more !

  19. Anne, that is my approach, too. Some other “go to” phrases that I have found really do the trick with even the most cautious women are “yes, that is what the textbook says, if you really want to go 100% strictly by the book,” or “I think you and your husband are being too tough on yourselves, and it’s not healthy,” or “I can’t tell you there’s zero risk, but if you really want zero risk let’s add another week of abstaining.” My students have the babies to prove how well these lines work!

  20. I love that statistic, Sammy! I am definitely going to borrow it for my next class!!

  21. Anne, in my experience, once they’re regularly DTD on “maybe” days, most women are easily persuaded that “it’s probably okay if you want to risk it just this once” on days that definitely are not “maybe” days and that’s usually enough. Either they catch that month or they don’t, but their willpower to abstain is gone and it’s just a matter of time before they’re putting away their chart for nine months.

  22. I agree with you, Susanne, since this is an abortifacient, I think this was entirely justified.

  23. Thinning the uterine wall to cause an abortion after conception is part of how the birth control pill works, too. If you are wondering whether Kim’s method for neutralizing contraceptive hormones works with the pill, I can’t be sure, but I am pretty sure that’s how two of my grandchildren were conceived. Just be careful that (1) you are sure no one is going to come home early and catch you in the act, (2) you take a photo with your phone before moving her pills so you know exactly how to put them back, (3) never microwave — it’s too easy to mess up the foil or blister, and (4) watch out for nanny cams. And be patient if it doesn’t work the first month. I had to keep at it several months with the first. The second was easier because she was on the mini pill so she could pump her breast milk after she went back to work.
    Here’s a good article on the pill and heat

  24. I was a stay at home mom till my son went to school. I then decided to attend college and start my career. After 25 years in the OR, late nights and taking call I finally called it quits. I am now a stay at home grandmother . I loved my career but my family more. God blessed me . I left one job for another. I am the caregiver to my granddaughter . My husband works from home also. I get up every morning and I cook , clean and whatever else is needed. I love what I do, I would not trade it for anything else. It is not demeaning to be the caregiver and supporter to my husband. And by the way ladies I also own 10 acres. I cut grass, use a weed eater and I have a tractor(yes, I use it )..!! I help my husband weekdays and weekends. I am not ashamed of what I believe in. I believe in what God planned for me, not in what I decided. As much as I loved my career I don’t miss it. It did not make me a better person. It took me away from who I was created to be. I guess you realize these things in your old age.

  25. Ophie, I agree the discussion that Lori prompted here is super helpful. I know many of us have other NFP instructors we joke around with about, but this discussion has been both thoughtful and practical. I have been reflecting on my role as a NFP instructor to do battle against the contraceptive mentality, and here’s what I came up with for dealing with a woman burdened by a contraceptive mindset.

    1. Know your student. If she’s sharing her cervical mucus, she will share other parts of her life too.

    2. Know your student’s intentions. You MUST talk to her about why she’s TTA. If there is a serious medical issue you have to respect that.

    3. Find the source of her contraceptive impulse. You can’t do battle against an enemy you don’t know.

    4. Engage her in discussions about her marriage. Her contraceptive mindset is causing problems in her marriage. Find out what they are.

    5. Win her trust by offering helpful advice about her whole marriage, not just NFP. You will need that trust to guide her not just to pregnancy but to a new life as a (sorry Lori) transformed wife.

    6. NFP done right is about rescuing women from all of the evils of a contraceptive mindset. The essence of that change is surrender, giving up the urge to control and instead submitting.

    7. Every student is different. How you get her to the point of true surrender where she opens herself to the fullest fertile potential of the womb and the husband God has given her, will be different for each woman.

    8. Part of every faithful woman just wants to be given permission that’s it’s okay to forget about being “responsible” and just make babies. Surrender means freeing that part of your student. Gain her trust so you can help her accept this gift.

    9. The end goal is not just babies. It is a woman who is finally truly happy to be intimate with her husband because every time she is open to the possibility that they will be blessed with a child and who stops worrying about whether or when it or how they will have their next child.

  26. I love this statement —
    I believe in what God planned for me, not in what I decided.
    I know we hear that all the time said many different ways, but you seem to have just exactly the right words.

  27. Hormonal birth control also does terrible things to your sex drive, not to mention the risk of cancer and stroke and all sorts of reproductive disorders. It is truly poison.

  28. You are a blessing to your granddaughter. How lucky she is to have your example of Godly womanhood.

  29. Patsy – wonderful ! I completely agree that the essence of this is submission. Of the wife to her husband and of the couple and especially the wife to God.

  30. I highly recommend having your teenage daughters work in early childcare. My daughter comes home with the scariest stories of how some of the children are neglected by working moms. It has really awakened in her the calling to have her own children and raise them right as a stay at home mom. Seeing what happens when it’s done wrong has really made a big impression on her.

  31. Hi Anne, I am an NFP instructor too. I don’t know if your church is Catholic or not but in my Catholic parish, purposely having sex on a “yellow” day (what is probably what you refer to as maybe a baby day) is not what is needed for NFP. There is no Church catechism or Bible verse that dictates this so this is not dogma we are held to but rather your own mindset of what “correct” NFP is. NFP is being “open to the transmission of life” and that simply means not using artificial methods to thwart the God given design of the conjugal act created by God (without being too graphic, this is simply the act of intercourse with the man finishing inside his wife). Using NFP does not thwart anything in any artificial way. It’s simply being informed about the wife’s cycle and the couple is open to life simply by not using artificial methods to avoid conception. They are simply utilizing God’s natural cycle (natural “birth control) that a woman has every month. God made it so that a woman cannot get pregnant every day of the month and by not using artificial contraceptives, a couple is acknowledging that a baby can be a possibility if God wills it. As for couples’ willingness to “accept more risks”, that is a different discussion than simple NFP yellow days because this involves the couple discerning their need to avoid a pregnancy. I teach that their “default” should be to automatically avoid but rather to prayerfully look for reason and possibly needs to avoid a pregnancy THIS MONTH. The Catholic church allows the use of NFP for short term or even indefinitely (some couples may have these needs) but a prudent teacher will always remind their students that every month the couple should evaluate if there is a serious need to avoid a pregnancy. I always encourage a praise couples who do use NFP. There is no lie that the majority (98% or so) of Catholic couples dismiss this teaching and use contraception so to find a couple even willing to learn about this teaching is a gem and I will always praise them for starting the journey. NFP is no easy path. It’s hard. It is definitely not the road of less resistance and the simple desire for your spouse is what makes couples reevaluate their reasons to avoid every month. Add to that watching almost every couple around you on contraceptives and seeing how easy that tempting choice appears. But we were never promised an easy life as Christians.

  32. Sorry I meant to say the “default” should NOT be to avoid automatically but rather to really discern if there’s a reason they need to avoid this month.

  33. Patsy, I respect your view and perspective of NFP and your experience. Forgive me if I’m misinterpreting what you are saying but it sounds like you just want people to stop NFP all together. While that is okay and if a couple has no reason to avoid that is the default, a woman is already opened to the “full potential of the womb” and “full surrender” even while TTA while using NFP. There are no barriers between her and her husband while they are sharing their most intimate moments as husband and wife. If you are Catholic (I think other churches may use NFP too), I’m going to go by what the Bible says and what Chruch Catechism says. Would you ge so kind as to point me to where in either of the two supports your interpretation of NFP?

  34. A big family with a working mom who is always on the run in more likely to have a negative environmental impact than a family of equal size with a mom home and focused on limiting their waste. That is the same with small families too though. Its less the size of the family and more how they are raised. A stay home mom with 6 kids is more likely to have a more ecofriendly house than a working mom of 1 kid because she can focus on it

  35. I tried to teach NFP for a while at our parish. I have 5 kiddos whom I love very much but as soon as a new young wife learned this or saw my brood bustling around me they would say “yeah, NFP definitely looks like it ‘works’ *wink*” and currently we have only 2 couples in the entire parish who I’m helping with NFP. They won’t even give it a chance. I try to remind myself that that my kids ARE the result of NFP. We’ve had to space, postpone and even consider stopping having children all together with life’s ups and downs. And if a baby happened, the lord saw fit to bless us and each one has been no less than a blessing. I don’t need to justify my family to anyone and honestly it’s their loss if they wish to poison their bodies with artificial hormones.

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