Inventors of Evil Things – A Contraceptive Mentality

Inventors of Evil Things – A Contraceptive Mentality

Most of us have been raised with a contraceptive mentality, even those of us who have been raised in the church and in Christian homes. Right before marriage, we are asked what contraceptive we’re going to use as if getting pregnant on the honeymoon would be a terrible thing. Then after we’ve have two children, we’re expected to begin preventing any more children since this contraceptive mentality causes us to think of children as an inconvenience and disruption to our lives.

The Apostle Paul, in Romans 1, explains to us that everyone knows there’s a God. “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse” (Romans 1:20) yet many “hold the truth in unrighteousness” (they know the right thing to do but refuse to do it), thus God turns them over to “a reprobate mind” (Romans 1:28). Reprobate means “devoid of all true knowledge and judgment.” They no longer can discern between good and evil.

Then in verses 29 through 32, the Apostle gives us a list of what activities those with reprobate minds participate in: “Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”

Do you notice that they are “inventors of evil things”? What are some of those inventions of evil? I believe birth control is a big one. With birth control has come promiscuity like we have never seen before. Even the majority of Christian young people are having sex before marriage and thinking that there’s nothing wrong with it. Being able to prevent pregnancy, the bearing of children has become a “choice.” Therefore, the evil thoughts have come that couples should only have children who are “wanted” and that fertility is a bad thing. From this thinking has come millions upon millions of babies who have been slaughtered in their mothers’ wombs.

Just a few generations ago, the typical family size was six to eight children. This was before birth control was widely being used in America. No one thought anything about having a large family. They knew children were blessings and gifts from God. Now, if a couple is pregnant with their fourth or so child, even Christians will ask them if this is their last, as if having children is a bad thing. The entire thought process of having children has been degraded to the point that children are inconveniences and troublesome instead of as blessings as God tells us.

 I encourage you to measure everything to the Word of God instead of this wicked culture. Just because everyone else is doing something doesn’t mean that it is good. God loves children. He tells us to be fruitful and multiply. He desires godly offspring from us and children who walk in truth. Live lives of faith instead of fear. Trust God to be your provider and please, young women, never take your fertility for granted.

As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.
Psalm 127:4, 5

***If you have a chance, I encourage you to watch Abby Johnson speak about contraception and what Planned Parenthood’s goal is for your children. “For so long, women have been told by doctors that the only way to ‘cure’ their fertility is to break it…Everyone in our society sees fertility as a disease.” Abby is happily pregnant with her eighth child!

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  1. I think that our society is deeply flawed in seeing children as inconveniences and parenting now consists of “how many corners can I cut with feeling the least amount of guilt?”… Disgusting too how LIVING babies born alive are now eligible to be killed in the name of “choice”…

  2. Excellent post, Lori!

    I read Mary Pride’s “The Way Home” earlier this year. She said family planning is the mother of abortion, and that abortion is first a heart issue. All true. Another author (whose book I’ve not had the chance to read) says marriage should be postponed until a couple is truly open to life (no family planning of any kind, no man-made contraceptive, no abortion).

    It’s not just oral contraceptives and injections that should be avoided, but also anything that prevents the baby implanting in the womb (e.g., IUD).

    The Reformers (Martin Luther and John Calvin) were against contracepting and the “fewer children are better thinking” (Genesis 38). It wasn’t until 1931 that Protestants accepted contracepting.

  3. Abby Johnson and her work is AMAZING! Hope everyone who can supports her new movie Unplanned coming to theaters this weekend! Thanks Lori for highlighting such an incredible woman!

  4. “With birth control has come promiscuity like we have never seen before. Even the majority of Christian young people are having sex before marriage and thinking that there’s nothing wrong with it. Being able to prevent pregnancy, the bearing of children has become a “choice.” Therefore, the evil thoughts have come that couples should only have children who are “wanted” and that fertility is a bad thing. From this thinking has come millions upon millions of babies who have been slaughtered in their mothers’ wombs.”

    I could not have put it better myself – birth control is a sin, it is a rejection of God and of the purpose of both sex and marriage.

  5. Abby talks about the harm that all of those birth control methods are doing to women and yes, I have recently seen a great quote by Martin Luther on the great value of children. I read Mary Pride’s book years ago and loved it!

  6. You’re welcome, Emily, and she’s very fun to listen to as well! I pray the movie changes many hearts on the harm of birth control and the agenda behind Planned Parenthood.

  7. “Marriage should be postponed until a couple is truly open to life (no family planning of any kind, no man-made contraceptive, no abortion).”

    Absolutely right – in marriage we are called to be open to God and welcome the children he blesses us with.

  8. Absolutely, 100%. This is something that modern Protestants don’t get, as the issue has been labelled as “that Catholic thing.” But contraception is inherently evil – it is the rejecting of children in the name of my personal preference and convenience. But contraception is the mother of abortion, as well as other evils like pornography, divorce, homosexuality, and women leaving the home for the workforce. I wholeheartedly recommend watching the film “Birth Control: Is It Up to Us?”:

    Thanks for tackling this issue, Lori.

  9. Thank you for speaking the truth. I felt lied to when I learned later in life what the truth was concerning birth control. No one intentionally lied to me of course but I had been given misinformation from older Christian women. Even at a major Christian conference I recently went to there was a women’s seminar on this topic. The lies were perpetrated again to the next generation. “BIrth control is fine! Just make sure you avoid abortifacients.” This talk was given by a grandmother who has walked with Christ for a long time. I am only a mother of small children. Do you think I should consider asking to be a speaker at this conference to share the truth or do you think I ought to wait until I’m an older woman?

  10. Here’s my mom’s story of 7 children. She and my dad wanted children right away. My dad had been drafted into the service the year they were married and stationed in Texas. They were there for 2 years and then returned to NY. She was distraught that she hadn’t conceived yet. She went to her doctor to see if there was something wrong with her. There wasn’t, and within a few months, she became pregnant with her first! I’ve heard her story again and again, and as I’ve gotten older and hopefully wiser, I can see God’s hand in this 3 1/2 year wait. They were in an unknown situation of waiting in Texas… will my husband get deployed and go overseas? God allowed them to return home and get settled in before they started their family. They were then blessed with 7 children in a span of 9 1/2 years. God truly does know what’s best for each of us.

  11. I served through my mid/late 20s. I hit 30 and finished schooling (ref: 1 Tim 5:8), knowing exactly the standards for the next phase of life.

    I will meet women in a group setting, but I will not begin courtship until knowing her walk with her Creator, her relationship with her parents, and where she stands with children.

    The relationship does not even start until I know the woman in question desires a minimum of 4 children. 6 children? Accelerated courtship. 8 children? Immediate car ride to local jewelers, we’ll call her dad en route.

    There is no limit that is set on the size of family (ref: Gen 1:28). Conversely, our examples are of large families, with limits on size being natural causes only (eg. Gen 35:18). A woman (or man) seeking to dictate family size is clearly with disobedient heart. It is a statement of independence and rebellion to tell God when ‘we’re done’. Instead, our example is to seek His blessing on children (ref: 1 Sam 1:27), and to raise the children He gives us in the ways of their Father in Heaven (ref: 1 Sam 1:11, Prov 22:6).

  12. Lori, I was so blessed to read this article today. Thank you for letting your light shine before men and WOMEN, lol, THEY NEED IT! It was because of you that my old-feminist heart rejoiced at what God wants for me as a woman. I am 18 years old, and I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to learn the blessings of babies before getting married. As a young girl, I always was attracted to large families. Cheaper by the Dozen and Yours, Mine and Ours, which are ungodly and I don’t recommend, were two of my favorite movies because of how big their families were! It was because of how unmanageable and neglectful the media portrayed big families that I stopped feeling that way. But I always loved babies! Funny now that I look back, I was actually one of those Christian girls who were offended by your “Men Prefer Debt-Free Virgins” blog. Lol, how fast God has changed my heart! And He used you to do it! Thank you sooo much! May God bless you for all that you’ve done to encourage women in their high calling as wives, mothers, and keepers at home. ?

  13. I just had a woman ask me yesterday if I can get rid of the “share” button on my Facebook page so those who mock and ridicule me can’t share my writings with others. I told her that God uses it for good! On all of my posts are Bible verses and we are told that His Word never comes back void so what they intend for evil, God uses for good! Therefore, I am keeping my “share” button in hopes of planting seeds in the hearts of young women like yours, Mara! May God richly bless you as you seek to do His will.

  14. Great post, Lori!!

    So very needful right now, as American women are falling behind. The average woman is having 1.7 kids and the average Muslim woman is having 3.1. We are literally destroying our own destiny and future.

    Islam is spreading, not through conversion, but rather, by having a lot of children. California has 40 million residents and 1 million Muslims, and the Muslims are spreading and networking. It will be tragic if the most powerful and wealthy nation in world history destroyed itself due to birth control. Most powerful military in the world, but the unwillingness to have children destroyed us. A terrible epitaph.

    LOL, Brian, @ ‘ Accelerated courtship. 8 children? Immediate car ride to local jewelers, we’ll call her dad en route.’

    Totally with you, my friend. If the woman wants any limits whatsoever on children, a relationship isn’t even in the picture. Too risky. Not going to be negotiating while married about children. Then, she will feel resentful of them. How horrid that would be. To choose to have a child with a woman who doesn’t want it!!?? Monstrous abomination!!

    Yet, most women don’t want children at all. They value fun and money.

  15. America has become a culture of death and contraception is part of that culture. It denies the sovereignty of The Creator to create life as HE choses. Mankind is the loser in all of this. Who knows what wonderful people He may have created?

  16. I believe this is a huge blind spot for the church, that most evangelical leaders see no problems with it. But after thinking about how idolatry was such a snare for the Israelites (and oftentimes led to sexual immorality) and the Apostle John’s exhortation to keep ourselves from idols, I believe that the church’s acceptance of birth control is idolatry of pleasure and money. I think this is an issue that is hardly discussed in most churches but desperately needs to because it uncovers the idols of our heart. The church for two millennium rejected the birth control mentality but only since the last century did the Protestant Church swallow the birth control pill so unquestioningly, following hard after the world. I have even heard many Christians and renowned pastors say that it is ok to limit the number of children you want for the sake of God’s kingdom.

  17. I am so thankful to see an “older” (hah!) man speak of his desire to wait on God’s plan for his life. So many young men and women living a Christian life marry in their early 20s, leaving many of those, especially ladies, in their late 20s to early 30s wondering if the Lord has marriage and children in His plan for them at all. Your post gives me hope that the ladies who have waited patiently on the Lord for the right courtship may one day know that their desire and the Lord’s desire are one and the same.

  18. Diana – sadly it is not just Protestants. In fact many conservative Protestants are leading the charge against the sin of birth control. But the mainstream Catholic Church is lamentably weak in its condemnation of birth control and even artificial contraception. It tolerates unrepentant users of contraception at Mass and actively promotes so called Natural Family Planning as a lifestyle choice.

  19. A lovely story. Truly God simply wants us to live in accordance with his plan and as men and women honouring his design.

    For us as women that does mean modesty and purity before marriage and modesty, chastity and submission within a marriage which is open to all the children he blesses us with.

  20. Dear Lori,
    I’m not an English native speaker. Could you please clarify for me what you mean by contraceptives? Is this only the pill, and methods that work similarly (with hormones, or such that don’t allow the fertilized egg to to nest in the uterus)? I’d totally agree here. But what about condoms? Are you against any kind of birth control?

    Personally I have a hard time to imagine to do nothing about it. We always wanted five children and so far have four, between 6 years and 12 months. My experience is this: I fall pregnant at every single opportunity (which I see as a blessing) and I get my period like 3 months after birth (though fully nursing for at least 7 months)… Plus I have varices that hurt really bad and get worse during every pregnancy. Thus I cannot imagine having like 15 children in 15 years. So we just use condoms (still got pregnant, without any “accident”) or don’t make love during my fertile days, as long as we don’t feel ready for another child.

    Thank you for any answer and your outstanding blog in general!

  21. Fundamentally, men build societies, women sustain them. Men are the labor resource, women are the procreation resource. EveryTHING that surrounds you was built by a man, and everyONE that surrounds you was birthed of a woman. I have yet to witness all-female construction or sanitation teams, and so far as I know there have been 0 persons birthed of a man. Team Eve is flawless in that record.

    1 Tim 2:15: it is really this simple. A woman in Christ, who has a teachable spirit, a servant’s heart, who has studied *the Bible* and has resulting sound theology (vs ‘Women’s Bible studies’ that study books loosely based on the Bible from apostates like Beth Moore) will understand her worth, what she ‘brings to the table’ so to speak, in a relationship is the rearing of children. The man can, and will, do everything else. She has merely to assist with freeing up as much bandwidth as she can for her mate through her own skillsets/gifts, and bear children for the family. In this manner, the Godly couple can fulfill Gen 1:28.

    Societies are a number’s game: it’s math, not magic. Team Eve, despite their flawless record, is neglecting its duty. You have demonstrated in this post with birthrate numbers this basic arithmetic reality. Elias, in the post previous to this one, wrote 2 successive responses that hit a grand slam as to the why of Team Eve’s current failing trend.

  22. Margaret, thank you for your kind words.

    However, I would refrain from endorsing the usage of the word ‘wait’ for anything relating to God’s planning. There is always purpose. Perhaps it is language nuance, but there is an undertone of passivity to which I take exception.

    A man should be spending his time acquiring various skillsets in order to better provide. Physically, can he fend off aggressors? Financially, can he navigate feast and famine? Has he secured a network of other men of differing skillsets they can use for mutual gain? Is he scanning the horizon for threats of all kinds, with planning and ability to react to a drunk at a restaurant, a layoff at work, a relocation to another town?

    A woman should be spending her time preparing for the physical demands of child-rearing, and guarding her heart against emotional attachments to any current man that is not her future husband. Is she wasting her youth on staying up late drinking alcohol with friends, or is she getting rest and staying physically fit during the days when does not have screaming children? Can she balance a checkbook, live within her means, coupon-clip, or is she developing unsustainable spending habits?

    Marriage is the Lord’s plan as the general rule. We are built in God’s image, and thus require relationship. It is celibacy that is the exception. The question is how the time between childhood and marriage is being spent. And if that time is not being spent wisely, immediately *STOP* spending the time unwisely, and start spending it wisely.

    It is perhaps perspective bias at play for the both of us. You mention ‘especially ladies’ of which you share the demographic. Elias does a phenomenal job demonstrating in the previous post with 2 long responses the fallacy of this paradigm. I would highly suggest reading his inputs on Lori’s blog, if you are not already.

    *Purity requires preservation*
    *Provision requires preparation*
    Both concepts require work against the march of time.

  23. Montesquieu,

    You are so right about the Islam/Christianity thing. I don’t want to make this a political thread, but I have lived in Australia five years now (I’m a patriotic American:)) and down here it is frightening…you see as you probably know, the population size of Auatralia is so small compared to America, BUT the influx of immigrants and the multi cultural push is causing a huge imbalance. There are massive parts of Sydney that are known “no go” zones. Fully practicing Muslims are all everywhere we have lived here save one small country town we were in for under a year. Who are having the children? 1) Muslims 2) small numbers of Catholics such as myself. Yes, as you say, ironically our first world countries will be taken over at this rate, not by weapons firstly but by sheer numbers of infidels vs. true believers…..the Muslims want to implement Sharia Law. And with what we see happening in London, Paris and Dearborn, Michigan, I can’t help but have a shiver down my spine. I homeschool my six children and my next door neighbor, a Muslim, homeschool HER children. Neither one of us wants the government telling our children what to think, but she and I have very different goals!

    New Zealand is Australia’s “cousin” and after the shooting (which was indeed horrid and I am so sorry for those people and families) well now, one is scared in these two countries to critique Islam at all! A tradesman just lost his job this week in NZ for daring to mention (on a break) to his work mates that Islam is a problem in the European Immigration issues. Fired the next day.
    Anyway, I’m probably digressing; sorry Lori. But I really want to point out that aside from spiritual – souls for heaven- let’s remember that children brought up loving and serving the one true

    God will hopefully help be the renewal this world needs!

    Blessings from Down Under!

  24. Just correcting your slight misinformation about the anti-Muslim tradie who lost his job. I live in New Zealand, and the information we have access to via the media is clearly a bit more detailed than what you get in Aussie. The tradie did substantially more than make an off-hand comment on his break. If that was all he did, he would be able to sue his employer for unjustified dismissal. We have pretty good employment laws here. No, he had a lot of white-supremacy stuff on his Facebook page and held a lot of anti-Muslim views, which he shared loudly and widely.

    Remember, it was an Australian who committed this atrocity. An Australian who believed that Muslims must be wiped out, along with every other non-white race (whites/Europeans are superior, according to him), who has more children than white people. Because Muslims have more children than white people, they are to be feared (according to him). I read his manifesto. He is one very, very disturbed individual.

    Here in New Zealand, people have always been racist. Immigrants of every nationality have always been targeted, here. Finally, with this atrocity, people are getting the courage to call out the hate and try to end it. And about time, too!

  25. Are there ever any exceptions for using bc? I was asked this. A woman asked me if God specifically stated bc is sinful! Can you help me answer her, Lori?

  26. Susanne – Yes, unfortunately I’ve heard about that! I heard – about 10 years ago – that Catholic commitment to the no-birth-control mandate was very low, something like 10%. However, you can at least find the teaching against contraception in orthodox Catholic teachings – it’s very rare to find any official condemnation of contraception within conservative Protestantism, except – as you mention – within the extremely far right. I think that it’s the far-right of both that is spearheading the return to the biblical condemnation of contraception, and I appreciate those willing to take a stand. It’s not a popular path to choose right now, either within or outside of the church.

  27. S.M., this is the ‘silent invasion’ called ‘hijrah’ according to their twisted doctrines. Make no mistake, Islam is not a religion (there is only 1 religion, that of Christianity, all others are false), it is a political death-cult ideology masquerading as a religion.

    Christians would do well to learn the details of the war being waged by Islam in the world, so they can spot the lies. There is a fight at hand, and only the aggressor is aware of what is going on. The West is ignorant and asleep, bowing the knee to socialism (ref: 2 Thes 3:10), implementing high taxes (ref: 1 Cor 7:23), disarming citizens (ref: Lu 22:36), serving up their sons and daughters to the doctrine of satanic Feminism (ref: 1 Cor 3:19). These things combined soften up the West for Islamic takeover. To serve as only the briefest of introductions on the topic, I highly recommend consuming in full the following content:

    There is no such thing as a ‘good person’ (ref: Ma 7:21-23). A muslim neighbor who is a ‘good person’ is nothing more than a snake in the grass (ref: Ma 10:16). The folly of Christian nations is to project their Judeo-Christian values on the actions of Islam-believing individuals.

    For any Christian paying attention, we are already deep in a time of grave mourning. These are the days of Jeremiah, of lamentation. We, as a collective Western society, have forgotten Jehova’s commands, our Christian heritage, our trust and faith in Christ. The only way out of our death spiral is to take note of Nineveh’s actions (ref: Jon 3:5): an immediate return to the study of Scriptures, of writing our God’s laws on our hearts, of making Jesus king of our lives. Men need to vehemently lead their families and Society with boldness (ref: Ma 5:14). Women need to humble themselves before husbands and open those baby factories (ref: 1 Tim 2:15).


    “Providence has given our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as privilege and interest, of a Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.” ~ John Jay (President of the Continental Congress, 1st Supreme Court Justice)

    “If you walk in My statutes and keep My commandments so as to carry them out, then I shall give you rains in their season, so that the land will yield its produce and the trees of the field will bear their fruit. Indeed, your threshing will last for you until grape gathering, and grape gathering will last until sowing time. You will thus eat your food to the full and live securely in your land. I shall also grant peace in the land, so that you may lie down with no one making you tremble. I shall also eliminate harmful beasts from the land, and no sword will pass through your land.” ~ Lev 26:3-6

  28. Thank you, KAK, for clarifying. No, our Aussie news said nothing at all like that! It basically said it was for break time remarks that offended a fellow employee. Nothing at all about the Facebook page. I believe in treating everyone with Christ-like charity. But I also believe charity starts at home, and I have been very happy to see President Trump (back home for me) being stricter on immigration. As he says, the walls and fences, etc…are to protect those we love within. I think countries like NZ and Oz need to be careful about their immigration laws…it’s not about hate. Thank you for clarifying!

  29. Diana – you are right, the orthodox traditional teaching of the Catholic Church has always been that all acts of sexual intimacy between husband and wife must be ‘open to life’ that is (sorry to be graphic) that the husband must leave his seed in his wife’s vagina and that ANY act aimed at preventing conception was a Mortal Sin. That remains the Biblical view, the view of the traditionalist wing of the Church and God’s teaching (and was common to all Christians before 1930 or so). A couple can of course abstain from intimacy to avoid conception, but ONLY if both are agreed on the need to do so. Sadly the mainstream Church’s response to the decent into sin has been to tolerate contraception and promote NFP (as a lifestyle choice) with the aim of keeping the pews full. Thankfully God is working through an increasing number of devout Christians of all denominations to reverse this sinful trend. God and only God opens and closes the womb !

  30. S.M. – I absolutely agree with you about immigration! Many here in NZ want it stopped (or at least slowed down) and my voting choices reflected that. I don’t know much about American politics, and I’ve never been to America, but I’ve always wondered how America protects their borders if there isn’t a physical barrier there. At least NZ is surrounded by water, so illegal immigration is much more difficult.

    There is no place in New Zealand (or the world) for extremist anything. Fortunately, all of the Muslims here so far appear to be moderate, peaceful people, and I have been awed by their forgiveness of the attacker who destroyed their families, and the love they are showing. But I am also aware that 25% of Muslims are extremists (I got that stat off a video on Facebook so apologies if it isn’t correct) and that is a bit scary.

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