Living According to Your Nature Brings Happiness

Living According to Your Nature Brings Happiness

Suzanne Venker wrote a great article entitled “Four Feminist Lies That are Making Women Miserable.” On her Facebook yesterday, she shared some of the comments she had received from this article. Here is one that struck me the most. There was no name listed so it will go as anonymous.

“Living in accordance with your nature is what will bring happiness. Women have no idea how to live like a man, so instead, they ape men and thereby come off as perverse and ridiculous. It is a false masculinity that brings unhappiness. Feminism caused all this dysfunction, which has made everyone unhappy. Feminism has been the single most destructive force unleashed on the West since the end of the Bronze Age, and it will be the death of our civilization. Left and Right both have completely internalized the feminist framework, which includes disdain for tradition, resentment of men, the compulsion to ape masculinity, sexual neuroticism, a victimization fetish, entitlement, the prioritization of the self over any other consideration, including husbands, children, and family, and the destruction of masculine institutions, the churches, public and private education, and Western culture.”

She sure nailed it. Feminism has caused women to go far from God’s will for them and caused destruction in its path. No, I don’t rejoice when I see women coming back from the military to surprise their children. I grieve for the children these women left behind to do something that God hasn’t called them to do. I don’t rejoice when I see yet another mother going to medical school to become a doctor. I weep for the children who will receive very little of her time. God has created men to be the providers so women can be home with their children.

I tweeted this yesterday: “It’s a silly thing for women to say that they don’t need a man. Societies are built by men. The home/apartment they live in was built by men. The building they work in and the car they drive was built by men. Almost everything they use on a daily basis was created and made by men.” Of course, women tell me all these things that women invented (which aren’t many) in order to put down men’s accomplishments, yet it’s still men who build the factories and make these few things that women invented.

I would love to see the war between the sexes in Christian marriages and in the churches end. Let’s go back to the old paths that God created for us where men and women work in harmony together. It’s Satan’s plan to cause division and hatred between the sexes. It’s destructive when famous female “preachers” tweet about the misogyny and sexism in the churches. This only furthers the division! Instead of teaching God’s role for men and women, they promote the opposite.

Wives and husbands are to work in harmony in the home together. The man being the protector and provider while the woman bears the children, cares for her husband, children, and her home. In the churches, the elders are the leaders in the churches while the women learn in all subjection as Scripture commands. In society, it should be the men leading. Women are making a mess out of everything as they are trying to lead. God never ordained them to do this. God is a God of order. Their place is in their homes with their families and creating strong families and communities.

Live according to your God-given nature, women. Love being feminine and be thankful for the masculinity of your husbands. Love being a woman. Love your husband. Love your children. Be a keeper at home. Love learning from the male elders in your churches and from your husband. Love the old paths that are good and bring happiness. In this, you shall find rest for your souls because you aren’t fighting against God’s perfect will for you. Sure, you will still go through times of suffering and trials. We all will but there will be a lot more joy and happiness in your life when you obey God and travel along His path that He has set for you.

Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.
Jeremiah 6:16

13 thoughts on “Living According to Your Nature Brings Happiness

  1. Love this, especially the quote of Jeremiah 6:16 and men and women working together in harmony. I’m ready to see the battle of the sexes end, also. The comment about feminism’s destructiveness is spot on, too.

  2. Hi Lori,
    I like your teaching on roles in marriage but I have to say that I stuggle with the idea that if a woman feels exremely interested in a certain field (say, math, science, medicine, teaching) that she should sacrfice that potential. I agree that family is important and children need their parents, but what if you’re talented and really want to pursue that talent ? Didn’t it come from God? I come from a very academically-oriented family, my sister works in biotech research and that is such a big part of her life and is her purpose as much as raising her children. What if you find a balance that works and your husband supports you?

  3. Hi Leslie,

    I love math! I even majored in it in college until I got to advanced Calculus. I used it to help my children learn math when they were homeschooled. God commands that women be keepers at home. This is His place for them. I teach what He wants me to teach. I don’t make this up. Children needs their mothers full time. We are called to sacrifice for those we love, especially our own children.

  4. I think with a little creativity and at the right time a woman can do math or science oriented activities. There are many opportunities to tutor from home or on-line. This can be done after the children are in bed or before they wake up. My own daughter would like to be a “baby doctor”. We will be looking for wholistic medicine courses she can take from home with the hope that she can provide support or advice to young mothers about health or nutrition for their young children. I think it is important that women stop looking for worldly masters to direct their time and energy and instead look into their own families needs.

  5. Great post, and Suzanne Venker had a fabulous article!!

    We have moved away from a monogamous society, and it’s destroying us. In a monogamous society, the sexes are forced to act as they were designed by circumstances.

    25% of women, at least, are on psychotropic drugs, so feminism is obviously very toxic for women.

  6. Thank you! I’ve said this before but my favourite posts are when you praise and encourage femininity. In my opinion the more a woman tries to act like a man the more cartoonish she looks. It’s funny that they don’t see the irony when they tell me that I’m old fashioned and that I’m not being realistic for a women in 2019 because they are trying so hard to pretend that they can be a man it looks like a costume sometimes.

  7. One of the greatest freedoms of the Christian faith is to know for Whom you were created and where your identity comes from.

    When you realize that your intrinsic value comes from who you are in Christ alone, worldly strivings cease and you can find rest in God’s design.

    We are in the midst of an identity crisis. Feminism has made so many women believe that if they don’t have a career they are worthless non-entities.

  8. Hi Leslie,
    I am a biochemistry major. So, I really love science as well. But I believe that loving science/math and being a keeper at home are not as incompatible as many in the world would have us believe.

    Up until very recently in history, much scientific research and inventing was done from home. I can personally attest to this because my grandfather invented new airplane engines from his basement. Many of the greatest inventors did their work from home, such as Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. Not only research, but also business and education were also almost entirely home based until the Industrial Revolution tore the family apart. Men went to the factories, the children to the public schools, and the women were left alone in the home instead of working alongside her husband as his helpmeet. Suddenly, she was no longer involved in his calling or work. I think this is a problem because the Bible gave the Creation Mandate to both men and women (Gen 1:28). But, the Bible also specifically outlines women’s role in the Creation Mandate: she is his helpmeet (Gen 2:18). She is equal in humanity to the man, but works in submission with his vision that God has given for their family. That is her role. He leads and provides for the household; she assists him by keeping the home and aiding him in his calling.

    That being said, God created women to love science, math, etc. as well as men. There is nothing wrong with this. It is a good thing and should be cultivated and encouraged. The problem is that we are programmed in this society to think that nothing meaningful can happen from home. Note: Such people assume, wrongly, that a woman’s role as a keeper at home is not enough. Being at home all day with children is seen as a waste. It is not. Even if a woman did nothing else with her life, she has lived well, according to God’s Word. He wants women to marry and bear children.
    But, for those women who want to do science/math from home, the question for us is how to do this practically today, in our post-Industrial Revolution society. I am not familiar with your sister’s area of research, but I can give you examples from my area of expertise (biochemistry, bacterial genetics).

    1) Work from home jobs in STEM
    -Now that we have the Internet, it is easier now than ever to make good money from home. Some examples of this are in scientific writing/editing, and some project managers can work from home. This is easier if you have an advanced degree, but there are some jobs available to experienced candidates with a Bachelor’s degree.

    2) Tutoring
    -A quick Google search will suffice to show how many positions are open. You can tutor at any level, even college level.

    3) Write literature reviews
    -This is very difficult to do without a Ph.D., but it is possible. You technically don’t even need a Bachelor’s degree (though if you go this route without a degree, be prepared to work extremely hard through a lot of difficulties). Technically, the only requirement to be published in a scientific journal is to have original work. You would need to be really adept at scientific writing.

    4) Start your own lab
    -Depending on the area of research, this can be done practically. With chemistry, it would be very difficult because you would require expensive equipment and toxic chemicals. With anything related to math or computers, this would be much easier. In my field, we do use some toxic chemicals, but not too many. You also might not require a lot of equipment in my field, depending on what you are researching. In my work, I have only used a PCR machine, gel electrophoresis apparatus, and a centrifuge. I do not imagine these would be difficult to find, though they might not be cheap. This option, though, I would not suggest unless your husband was going to work in the lab as well. This would be very costly, either requiring a lot of your money or a patron’s. It is unlikely that the government would give funding money to a small lab from home, especially if you are just starting out.
    Before doing these options, though, there are a few things to remember. Her first responsibility is to her family and home. Are her husband’s needs being met to the best of her knowledge? Does he believe any of these above options are a good idea? Are her children being well trained, both in academics and spiritually? Is her home well looked after? And, does she have enough free time on her hands to be able to do any of these? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then perhaps she should postpone her dreams for a while.
    The above list is not exhaustive, of course. Different fields have different opportunities. She will need to pray and ask the Lord for His guidance in this area. The Lord is faithful and always guides His people according to His will. And His will never contradicts His Word.

    I hope you found this helpful. I also hope this long comment did not come off as if I were trying to preach to you or be offensive in any way. I was just trying to give some practical advice as someone who has been heavily involved in STEM and research. Blessings to you.

  9. Thank you for your courage to say the unpopular things – like that you don’t rejoice with the “mother’s homecoming” videos. I too won’t even watch them as I find them appalling and another way that we are being brainwashed to accept unbiblical roles for women.

  10. Recently the actress Demi Moore released a book about her life. I read that in the book she details all her struggles with addiction, men, sense of value and worth, fame and stardom. She states the only time she ever felt whole, and at peace, was when she left her job and the limelight for several years to stay home with her 3 young daughters. She said she loved being at home and being a mother.

    Her comments on this really struck me! So far as I know she is not a Christian. Yet she never felt more fulfilled, or sense of purpose than during her time at home with her family. This is no accident! God designed women for family life! We are naturally drawn to it, no matter how much we try to resist it (rebellion) to pursue other things.
    Speaking personally, I can say the same thing, and I have often.

    Even though at one time I was a misguided career woman, the most joyful time of my life was when my children were at home and I was a Mom.

    I miss it very much.

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