Men Taking Their Wives’ Last Names

Men Taking Their Wives’ Last Names

“The joy and ‘uncomfortable conversations’ behind the decision of a growing number of men to throw off the shackles of an ‘archaic’ marital tradition.” This from an article called Meet the Australian men taking their wife’s surname. So instead of taking her husband’s last name, he is taking his wife’s father’s last name. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Not at all.

When a couple marries, they become one flesh and the husband is the head of his wife. Therefore, the wife is to take on her husband’s last name. This shows they have become one flesh, and he is head over her. When a couple takes on the wife’s last name, it takes away from God’s will for a couple which admittedly, most couples don’t care about.

All of this taking on the wife’s father’s last name is rebellion against marital tradition as the article states. Women don’t want to live in submission to their husbands. They want control as we are told in Genesis 3:16. Women want to rule their husbands. They hate God’s commands to them. They want their husbands to take their last names. They want to be in charge. This will NEVER make a good marriage.

A wife who willingly and joyfully takes her husband’s last name as they become one is obeying God. She is becoming one flesh with her husband in every way. She understands that God has made him the leader and protector of the home. She submits to and obeys his leadership. She wants her husband’s last name! She doesn’t want her father’s last name anymore. She is under her husband’s protection once married, not her father’s.

God’s ways are so beautiful yet so many women, even Christian women, fight against them. Yes, taking a last name or not can seem like a minor detail, but it’s not at all. It shows her lack of desire to come under her husband when she doesn’t take his last name. She actually wants him to come under her! She’s not submitting to him. He’s submitting to her. It’s all so backwards and ungodly. Then we wonder why up to 80 percent of divorces are initiated by women.

From the article: “Jessy, 32, the founder of events and PR agency Hive HQ, says although it’s a personal decision — and she respects that it mightn’t be right for everyone — she thinks if more men took their wife’s surname, as her husband did, it might lead to greater gender equality.” This is all feminism’s guise to get rid of God ordained roles for men and women. That’s all what the gender equality fight is about. This is why we are seeing such gender confusion and devastation among the young.

God ordained men and women for different and vital roles. Stick to His roles. Take your husband’s last name. Love the roles that the Lord has given to you. Appreciate the roles He has given to your husband. God is good, and His plan for us is good. Trust Him!

But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife; and they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh.
Mark 10:6-8

15 thoughts on “Men Taking Their Wives’ Last Names

  1. Wow that is insane. A huge point of marriage is the wife coming under her husband’s authority and taking his last name is only natural. Stay steadfast guys, crazy world we live in.

  2. “So instead of taking her husband’s last name, he is taking his wife’s father’s last name.“

    Exactly. It gets more absurd with hyphenated last names, especially when the kids take those on. What if the child marries someone else with a hyphenated last name? Does the couple end up with 4 words in their last name?

    Such is the logical conclusion of petty rebellion.

  3. As a man, I can say these men doing that are pathetic excuses of a man.

    As a 60 year old widower, I can sadly say that even women in my age age of 50-60 are deeply into this feminist mindset, including many so called Christian women.

    The Remnant is indeed EXTREMELY small.

    Lori is teaching God’s word to women but very, very few are listening and fewer yet are doing. But the Book of Revelation tells us of this great falling away from God. We could get bogged down in sorrow but God tells us when we see it, to look up to him.

  4. Meet the Australian men taking their wife’s surname. So instead of taking her husband’s last name, he is taking his wife’s father’s last name. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

    Yes, for Australia it certainly does. After all, this is the country whose “men” surrendered their firearms to the state without question or resistance, depriving themselves of the ability to protect their loved ones from crime – both “private sector” and state-sanctioned (witness the current roundups of the unvaccinated and their herding into concentration camps, something very unlikely to be happening in a country with an armed citizenry). Within that context, why wouldn’t these “men” surrender one of the key pillars of their God-given authority over their wives?

  5. It was hard for me to change my name. I have been married nearly 20 years and my last name still doesn’t feel right to me. Part of it is because my husband is of a different ethnicity so I dont look like my name. Also, my maiden last name is dying out. I never met another person with that last name, yet now I have a common hispanic surname. Anyways, I will say I am glad to have one family name.

  6. Marriage is ordained by God to be a picture of Christ and the church; thus, when we submit ourselves to Him as Lord and Saviour and become part of His bride, we take His name and become a Christian.

    Satan HATES the image of God and he hates Christ and the Church, so ANYTHING he can do to obscure that picture he will do, including having men take their wives last names.

  7. So, they are taking the wife’s surname which is only her surname because her mother took her father’s surname when they married?. Is that right?. Really haven’t thought this through have they?.?

  8. It seems like this trend is based on some silly feminist motions, or for business reasons. The woman has built up a business and identity using her (father’s) name and feels her own business is more important than being a wife, to the point that her husband has to put her business first too. One feminist quoted in the article thinks changing the name was based on “owning” a woman, which is ridiculous. It’s not a “last name” but a family name (originally based on the man’s occupation or his father’s name). The importance of the family name traditionally had to do with inheritance and social connections.

    In Japan, it wasn’t unheard of for a man to take his wife’s family name if her family had no sons. Again, it was about inheritance and continuing the family name. Obviously only a second son would be allowed to take a different family name, the first born son would inherit responsibility for his own family. I don’t know if it’s still done today, the traditions regarding inheritance might not be as strict, but I heard about a relative in the 1920s who was a second son that took his wife’s family name.

  9. Wow, guess I need to get out more. I didn’t realize how much of this is going on. I was engaged at 18 and got married three days after my 19th birthday and I simply could not wait to take my husband’s last name. The husband is head over the wife and my husband is certainly head over me, and has been for 25 years. I think this “trend” is certainly not what God intended for women as they live a life of biblical woman hood.

  10. Both disgusting and evil. If a woman wants to keep her father’s name or have a hyphenated surname kick her to the curb immediately. Only an incredibly weak man with no self respect would even entertain such rebellion before even getting married.

  11. Confusing, but I’ll see if I can explain.

    My mom was married and then abandoned/divorced.

    I’ll say her married name was Van Gogh. She became pregnant out of wedlock and baby daddy vanished. So, my brother automatically rec’d the last name of Van Gogh despite him not having any type of relationship to the Van Gogh family. He always hated his last name because it meant nothing to him. He had no interest in taking his absent father’s name. When he went to marry, he considered taking his wife’s name because he felt it was more honest in that his kids would be born under an authentic family name. I supported him completely because I understood. They ended up keeping MY father’s family name, which I really don’t like. It’s not true. We’ve talked about it since and were both sorry we didn’t think of the obvious solution back then.. .For him to change his name to my mom’s maiden name, which was “Lopez.”. That’s the family he belonged to, loved, and was raised by. So was I, for that matter, but at least my maiden name was real, if you will. I was thrilled to take my husband’s!!

    I can see unusual cases like this in taking a wife’s last name, but otherwise I mostly agree. If my husband had had an odd last name like Gigantorbutt, I admit that I probably would still be Van Gogh! Hey, I’m honest even if it sounds petty.

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