Mothers Forgetting Their Nursing Babies

Mothers Forgetting Their Nursing Babies

“Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee” (Isaiah 49:15). Many women forget their nursing babies. They get up each morning and hustle to get out the door for work. They drop their babies off at daycare where a daycare worker feeds the baby a bottle. After spending all day at work, they pick up their babies from daycare and come home exhausted. They aren’t the ones home rocking, cuddling, nursing, and caring for their own babies all day long. No, they have been made to believe that their value comes from making money rather than raising children. Feminism has taught women how to forget their babies – leave them all day long and work for a paycheck.

Women who do this don’t think they are forgetting their babies. They usually feel guilt for leaving their babies with others but it’s all they know or they’ve decided that they are worth more than being stuck at home all day with a baby. The babies feel forgotten by their mothers since they rarely see them during the work week. They crave being with their mothers but their mothers have more important things to do. Mothers need to begin having compassion on their babies and children and come home full time. Their children need them.

Most young girls are being trained to be career women while few are being trained to be wives and mothers. Feminism teaches that women have a greater impact having careers while God tell us that we have a greater impact being wives and mothers. Most young women were never trained to be homemakers and work hard at home, either. Most of their life is spent being trained to be a career woman and that their value is in their paycheck instead of the children they raise.

Part of what makes women feminine is their ability to bear children, nurse, and raise children. Feminism fights against everything that makes women feminine. It fights for birth control, abortion, careers, and daycare. Our culture doesn’t need more women in the workforce. It needs more married women bearing children and being home full time with their own children; raising them in the ways of the Lord!

God commands young women to be keepers at home. Many continually give me examples of “career” women in the Bible. There were no women in the Bible who left their homes all day long, their children in the care of others, and worked for a boss. Yes, some made money from home and that’s great but it’s not something mothers need to feel that they have to do in order to have value. Our culture puts this burden upon mothers. God doesn’t. He wants mothers home raising their own children.

If you are a single mother or a wife who must work in order to help pay the bills, I encourage you to read The Tightwad Gazette and seek the Lord for wisdom. What He commands, He provides. Ask Him to make a way for you to make some money from home. There are many ways to do this and the greatest way is to learn to live simply and frugally; for a penny saved is a penny earned. Even the poor in this country are richer than most people who have ever lived on this planet. Nothing besides food and clothing is more important for children than their mothers being home full time with them.

He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the LORD.
Psalm 113:9

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  1. Just sad all around… The daycare and latch key generation 🙁 Both my parents worked, but they actually SACRIFICED to be on opposite schedules so a parent was always around!

  2. I often think of the line from the movie Oceans 11 (I think, I haven’t ever seen it but it is a famous quote), “You had ONE job!” Apparently someone was given only one little job in a very complex heist and they messed it up. I think of that when I think of eternity. I imagine that if I did all these other earthly things but my own kids were lost due to me doing things that got in the way of my one job. I can just imagine hearing, You had ONE job!” So I’m going to do everything in my power to do my “one job” well. I’m not interested in adding on other jobs that God doesn’t give me. I don’t care to try to finagle the scriptures to “allow” me to have a modern career. It’s just not that important.

  3. Love this!! At our apt. complex there is a daycare center and I often walk by there with my 3 young kids. I usually take the opportunity to explain why all the kids are there, watching us from the windows, and how it’s not good.

  4. Down the street from us is a daycare center. I have seen parents come long past sunset to pick their children up. I hear babies crying. It’s the saddest thing to witness. Parents dropping their children off all day long with strangers so they can have a career.

  5. That’s a great point, M! God has spelled out clearly what our job is and it’s not to make money. No, it’s to raise our children in the nurture and the admonition of the Lord and be home full time with them. It takes a lot of time and sacrifice to raise godly human beings but it is so worth it!

  6. It’s what they have heard their entire lives. It’s what young girls are trained to do – go out into the world and make money instead of learning to love being home, raising children, and being help meets to our husbands.

  7. Would you agree, though, that some working mums are the ones who are doctors, nurses, ambulance officers , teachers and police? My daughter had to be taken to hospital recently. Two female ambulance officers came. They took her to a local hospital, where there were female nurses caring for her. A few hours later, she had to go to our major city hospital. Once again, female nurses cared for her.

  8. Spot on, Lori. Thanks for talking about this unpopular subject. It’s so, so sad. I recently saw that a woman I know put her six-week-old baby in daycare. She was distraught, but was surrounded by friends saying, “It’s okay, everything will be just fine!” No, it won’t. I was a daycare baby myself, I can say with certainty that there are lifelong effects from being separated basically at birth from one’s mother. Mamas out there, please make the sacrifice to stay home with your little ones.

  9. When my daughter was 4 months old I took a job in a daycare center, because I could keep her with me. The first day the ladies that owned the place took my baby from me put in a crib and rolled her in a closet and said let her cry while you change all the b other babies diapers. It’s hard to find a job that let’s you care for your child. By the way I lasted 3 days at the daycare.

  10. If there is one topic that strikes me the most, it’s this one! Mothers are meant to be at home with their children! This is something that would seem so instinctively obvious, even to non Christians. I was not a Christian when I was raising my sons, yet somehow I just “knew” that stuffing my kids off in an institution for strangers to “care” for, was an abomination! Before they were school aged, I only worked on Saturday and Sunday.

    On these days they were with Grandma or home with their Dad.

    When they were both in school all day, I worked 9 to 3 so as to always be home when they were.

    But even so, I’m an older woman now, and in hindsight, I would not work out side the home at all if I had children at home. I realize now that nothing is more precious or more important than taking care of the home, husband and children. As an older woman who has “been there, done that”, my advice to younger women is to find a way.

    Do you really need that new car?

    The new wears off long before the payment does. How many pairs of shoes do we really need? And trips to the nail salon?

    Maybe the desire to be a career woman has more to do with pride and ego, than “things”.

    I know it sure did for me. But as Christians, we are to “die to self” every single day! Every day! One day at a time!

    I have called myself the recovering career woman because I practiced the addiction of feminism for decades. I got high off of it. It was my identity!
    As all those in recovery, I still have temptation to go back out there and be important! Business people from my past contact me and offer me some new juicy work project! My heart races! I’m giddy at the prospect! I feel noticed and important! My goodness, the wiles of the enemy!

    But…I am born again, NEW; the old feminist I used to be is no more. I quickly decline these so called opportunities. And I look at all that I’ve been blessed with since becoming an obedient daughter of God.

    Ladies, stay home with your children. And those of you who already do, I admire you so so much.

    Blessings on you all!

  11. I understand it can be difficult not to generalize at times but if I may share my experance I would be grateful.
    I interned in my schools daycare for a year and I remember a mother who would come in around lunch almost everyday to nurse her newborn. It wasn’t uncommon for mothers to nurse their babies for a few minutes, as they where coming in to pick them up. The staff would allow this and give them their space.

    Schedules varied some where scheduled for only a few days out of the week others where on the roster for the whole week. Some where all day students others where routinely picked up or dropped off in middle of the day, as part time students.

    The teachers I worked with cared very much for their charges and would even babysit for parents outside of work.

  12. There is a day care near our home also.

    The other day there was a high speed police chase, across town. It ended when the bad guy crashed into a pole in front of the day care. There was a shoot out, and the suspect was killed. Swarms of police, emergency vehicles, helicopters…it was terrifying chaos. And the parents trying to get to their children in the day care

    What a horror.

    Kids need to be at home under the protection of their mama.

  13. Finn

    My career was in the field of medicine and healthcare. The secular world would point out how important my work was to so, so many people.

    But my priority as a mother is to my children first. The children ARE the priority.

    To attempt to do both is just another lie. Somebody gets neglected, and it’s the kids. How does that make any sense at all?

  14. No one takes the place of a mother. Why would these mothers only want to see their children for a few minutes during the day rather than be with them full time? It makes no sense to me.

  15. When I was working some of the mothers also did this. But when the babies got older, they would cry when the mothers left. So the mothers stopped going to the on site day care because they said it upset their children too much, and the day care workers didn’t like it because they had to deal with a distressed child the rest of the day.
    How can anyone not see this is abuse?
    Our poor babies.

  16. Amen and amen.Absolutely true.Thank you Lori for speaking truth,it is so needed today.I pray this post brings many to the desire and obedience that God has spelled out to us in the Scriptures.There is so much joy and peace to be found in obeying our Lord’s commands.Blessings,Dawn E. Brown

  17. For mothers to routinely leave their infant children in the care of others should be regarded as wholly unacceptable and if it is for any reason other than dire necessary a matter to be ashamed of.

  18. What about the Moms whose children are already teenagers and are in school most of the day? Is it wise to go back to work at this point since they don’t really need me as much anymore anyways?

  19. They need you even in their teenage years! Many teens get into trouble and do things they regret since they didn’t have a mother at home watching out for them. They need their mothers home until they are adults!

  20. I agree completely and would also add that the mother being at home sets the right example for girls and the right expectation for boys.

  21. I did the work and daycare thing for too long. All the while feeling God tugging at me. One of the last straws was after my last baby(#7) was born. My 16 weeks were up, time to go back to work. The sitter agency I hired sent me a very young, pierced up girl I didn’t know, that would not abide by a simple request I had. She left, and I skipped work that day.

    One of the ugliest feelings I can recall in my life is that sick, stomach turning, heart pounding feeling you get when you’re just not at ease with the one watching over your children, or just the overall situation. I remember calling and texting the sitters on my breaks just to make sure all was well.

    There was one time my 6 year old daughter told me that one of the sitters left my 6 month old unattended on the bed and that she fell off. Lo and behold, she had a bump on her forehead. The sitter never mentioned this to me.
    I’m now home, praise God!

  22. I believe this is one of the main reasons God wants mothers to be keepers at home – to protect their children. He tells us that mothers who aren’t are blaspheming the Word of God in Titus 2:3-5. We can’t expect to disobey Him and have good results. Praise the Lord you are home!!!

  23. Marilyn, I feel my teens need/needed me just as much now as they did when smaller! Whether it is dropping off a forgotten lunch at school, feeling ill or anxious about something and being able to run over there to comfort one of them or bring them home, just being there with lights on and sometimes something freshly baked (House smelling good) when they open the door after school — it all matters!

    Where I live, many many (the majority I would guess) households are both-parents-working-outside-the-home. My area is a horribly expensive part of the country to live in, our taxes are high, our food prices are high, etc. One day, my husband and I hope to return to the midwest but our children wish to finish high school where they are and my husband still works, praise God, and his company has been good to him. However, I don’t work here! We have to pick and choose what home repairs to do each year, I don’t get my nails done, I wear older, well-kept dresses to church or to weddings, I have an old phone, etc. It is called making sacrifices. My kids will never forget my being here for them each day when they came home from school. By being home, I can help keep everyone organized, I can make healthy food for my family, my house is clean and organized and my children I hope will desire their own homes to run this way when they go off and get married. I have working friends who call me frazzled from time to time. I always have time to listen since I am not at an office somewhere. It is not just my family I can serve by staying home.

    It wasn’t always this way. I had a career when I married and I wasn’t even sure I wanted children — I was NOT a feminist, but I liked what I did, I was very good at it and I felt hugely appreciated. Then I had my children (easily, I might add, when other friends of mine struggled and struggled to become pregnant), and carted them off to neighbors and/or daycare so I could keep working at the job I liked. My daughter would cry and cry as I left her. It breaks my heart to even think about it all these years later.

    We later moved when my kids were 3 and under, and I intentionally left the workforce. It was scary going to one income and having to “rely” on my husband (I cringe when I even think about my thought processes back then). While some days were VERY hard and I missed feeling important and appreciated by my clients, as I wiped up spilled milk or sat with a feverish child, I can tell you in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS have I EVER regretted my decision. My husband and I were in agreement over it, we have tried to always be careful about what we spend and Yes, there have been sacrifices. But nobody in our home would ever wish it to be different. It matters when the family comes home to a warm loving home with lights on and food in the oven! My home is a haven for my family — that is my gift to them, God be praised.

    We are still dealing with the infectious culture though (that I did not fully understand soon enough) and I have work to do to gently convince my daughter that being home someday is more important than career. When my children begin dating, trust me I will be speaking softly into their ears what God’s design for marriage is, that women should be home with their children and that debt should be kept to an absolute minimum so that they are not slaves to the world.

    Every kid anymore is told again and again that they must go to college, Have a career, etc. I have told my daughter carefully that her only LASTING legacy will be the family she has someday, God willing…not what she did at work for some boss. Nobody will ever remember that. I pray for her and ALL college students daily that they will be drawn to truth such as Lori’s blog and begin to turn the tide back to God’s design for men, women, marriage and family. If each one could reach one (or more)!

  24. Hi Lori! Excellent post as always! I admire your strength and conviction to discuss these difficult subjects. As I have said many times in this blog, women need to stay home where they belong, take care of their children/family and obey their husband in everything. I know that sometimes women can’t do this. I have never worked, so I don’t know the difficulties that are there, but I truly believe we are obeying God’s instruction by being keepers of our homes. The men work and the women stay home, I find that fairly simple. With my three boys I know that it was just as valuable for me to be home when they were teenagers as it was when they were babies!

    As far as the breastfeeding issue goes, I have a few friends that work and have always said they “wished they could have done what I did.” I don’t judge them but I do feel that they made the choice to work and could have and should have stayed home. My first two kids were born less than a year apart and my third the following year. I always breastfed them two at a time. I breastfed all three quite a bit longer than most would feel necessary, but that would be another issue for another day! I fed all of them whenever they were hungry, day or night. Sometimes it would wear me out but I wouldn’t change a thing if i had it to do over, just wish I were able to have more kids back then.

    My husband’s plan was to keep me barefoot and pregnant for 10 years hoping for 7 or 8 children. He got me pregnant at 19 on our honeymoon and again about a month after we had our first child. we (including my parents) were very excited that I had become my husband’s “little babymaker” however after our third child I developed some health issues and was no longer able to get pregnant. I cried for about a month but then realized it was God’s plan and have loved every minute of being a housewife and will for the rest of my life.

    Ladies please don’t let feminism destroy those of us that have dedicated their lives to being faithful help meets to our husbands and keepers of our homes!!

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