No Smartphones, TVs, or Sleepovers For Their Family

No Smartphones, TVs, or Sleepovers For Their Family

There’s a family, Katie and Elisha, who have twelve things they have decided to not do as a family. They both come from godly families whose parents were intentional about raising their children in the ways of the Lord. They are very admirable and will probably challenge many of you in the way you raise your children. Some of these things your husband will disagree with. That’s okay. Submit to your husband’s desires.

Both parents don’t have smartphones. They are so addictive. They decided they wanted to be present for each other and their children. We didn’t have smartphones when raising our children and did just fine without them. I am thankful we didn’t since it’s hard to stay off of them. They’re just another thing to distract us from real life.

The don’t allow their children to go to friends’ homes or sleepovers. This is a great one! We didn’t allow sleepovers either. We wanted our children under our roof at night when they slept. I asked women on my Instagram when they were first exposed to porn. Many of them said it was at someone else’s home. Even many of those who call themselves Christians don’t faithfully guard what comes into their homes. I also agree with them about not allowing their children to go to friends’ homes. We let our children go to some of their friend’s homes who we knew were Christians. Pornography wasn’t so pervasive back then and there were no smartphones. It’s completely different now.

They only use one car. They want to be home but they do live in walking distances to parks and coffee shops. I am a homebody. I am perfectly happy at home. Children love familiarity and routines. This doesn’t happen if you’re always running here and there. This probably isn’t practical for some of you but for those of you who can live with only one car, it’s a great idea especially for those of you who are looking to come home and save money. You will save a lot of money by having only one car!

They don’t have battery operated toys. They’re too loud and stimulating. We have had a few, and I am always thankful when the battery stops working and there is peace. We didn’t give our children a lot of toys. Children don’t need many. I don’t have many at my home even now. When my grandchildren come here, we spend most of our time outside. They scooter, dig around, pick flowers, play with balls, run around, and simply enjoy the outside. Inside, they do puzzles, color, play creatively, or I read to them. We do have some blocks and a few other toys.

The have no TVs, iPads, or tablets. They do have laptops for the parents but only use them for an hour at night. So their children are never sitting in front of screens. This is far heathier for them. There isn’t much worth watching anyways. We weren’t created to stare at screens all day long. Children develop creativity and imagination by playing. My children would often put on plays for us. Don’t stifle their imaginations by sitting them in front of screens. Let them move, play, and even work as God created them to do.

Their children aren’t allowed to wear graphic sparkly T-shirts or clothing. I forgot exactly why they do this. (The video is linked above if you want to watch to it.) Most of them advertise Disney movies which I am not a fan of. We are also called to be modest and shamefaced, not draw attention to ourselves. This is a good way to teach your children from a young age.

Their children don’t go to children’s church. They want their family to worship together from the time they are young. Our church has a nursery for those who are two or under but they too want families worshiping together. You should see the little children and how quiet they are for an hour and a half service! This is good discipline to learn and even though they may not completely understand everything, they are learning great theology at our church from a young age.

They have no Internet use on Saturdays. This is a great idea! Stay away from all of the news and everything else for an entire day so you can simply be present with your family.

They have no individualized sports. They interfere with dinners and church. They have family sports instead. They play volleyball and go skiing. These team sports do cost a lot and take children away from their homes and even churches often. Our sons were in team sports and loved them. Thankfully, few games were ever played on Sundays but they did take a lot of time. This would be a blessing of a big family. You have your own sport’s teams!

The children have no kid foods or prepackaged snacks. They only eat fruits and vegetables for snacks. It’s far better for your health, weight, and gut to learn not to snack at all but for children, only eating fruits and vegetables is a great idea because they will then enjoy their meals and eat heartily. Training them to have good eating habits from a young age is a gift that you give them.

There is no eating after dinner. Eating after dinner sabotages one’s health and sleep. This is so true! We don’t need to eat nearly as often or as much as most of us do. Disciplining our bodies is a good thing to practice. Overeating is harmful to our health. Food doesn’t digest well when we are sleeping so eating dinner a few hours before bedtime is a great idea, then no snacking.

They have minimal evening commitments. They want family dinners. They want to be able to communicate around the table. Evening commitments take away from this precious family time. Family dinners are a wonderful thing. They definitely bond families together.

The young mother in the video, Katie, has a mother who raised many children in the same way. None of her children feel like they missed out on anything. They are all walking in truth. She’s a great one to learn from! She’s joyful and makes her home a happy place. Children feel secure when their parents have convictions that they know are for their good and protection.

I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air: But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.
1 Corinthians 9:26, 27

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