Her Life at Home Pays For Itself

Her Life at Home Pays For Itself

This comment is from Kelly Anne Mabee in response to something I wrote on Facebook. Many women seem to want me to STOP teaching women to be keepers at home since either they don’t want to be home or they can’t. Many wrote that families simply can’t make it on one income. I tried to reason with them and gave all of the reasons why I won’t stop. This comment stood out as amazing to me. I hope it blesses you too!

Please keep teaching us WOMEN. You have been an amazing resource in my life personally, and I pray that for many, many others as well. As far as staying  home as a help meet, keeping home, and being with my babies, raising them instead of dropping them off at daycare, family, or friends, I have come to realize WE DO NOT “NEED” TWO INCOMES. God has blessed us and taken care of us after “we” made the decision that I would stay home so we fully put our trust in Him.

Staying home means we don’t pay for:

Rushed mornings waking up super early to get myself and the kids ready, and the daily stressors involved with all of that.

Fuel to get to daycare provider, family, or friends.

Fuel to then get to work.

Spending all day away from my children.

Fuel to get from work back to the daycare provider.

Fuel to get home.

The actual cost of daycare.

The actual cost of the stress of rushing and constantly being on the go.

When I get off work late, there’s a lot of traffic or I am too tired to make dinner then there is a cost of fuel to go to a place to buy dinner and the actual cost of the dinner itself. Not made with love, not healthy. Not affordable.

The cost of not being able to plan meals.

Not planning shopping around the best sales, comparing prices, and spending OUR money wisely.

The actual stress of not being with my children and keeping the home for them or my husband: laundry piling up, counters messy, couches messy, and kids’ rooms messy.

The cost of my relationship with my husband because God’s Word is not followed.

The cost of my relationship with my kids because they are gone, I am gone, and I am simply too tired and need “me time” away from them.

Not having the time to teach the importance of God’s word and how to obey Him or us.

The taxes they would take out of my paycheck.

I could go on and on and on about all the things we no longer financially pay for, and the things we no longer emotionally pay for.

All of that, not having to pay for all of those things, has made MY JOB AT HOME PAY FOR ITSELF.

And above all of that, I’m honoring God and what He has commanded of me as a woman. So that pays.

I hope other women come to reverence God as well. TRUST IN GOD. When you obey His Word, He will provide a way.

Thank you 💜 Please keep sharing.

Please keep encouraging.

Please keep teaching WOMEN.

We need it.

But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.
Matthew 19:26

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