“Preach the Word”…Wait, Women are Called to Preach?

“Preach the Word”…Wait, Women are Called to Preach?

There’s a video out by John Bevere, Lisa Bevere’s husband, where he is defending women preachers (his wife is a preacher) and he uses this verse: “Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine” (2 Timothy 4:2). What do the commentaries of old have to say about preaching the Word back in the days when everyone knew that women weren’t called to preach? Is this a command for women, too? I believe women preachers have watered down what preaching actually means and have confused people. Women have accused me of being a preacher when I am not and never will be.

“Preach the word.—The language of the original here is abrupt and emphatic, written evidently under strong emotion and with intense earnestness. St. Paul charged his friend and successor [Timothy, a man] with awful solemnity, as we have seen, ‘preach,’ or proclaim. loudly and publicly, as a herald would announce the accession of his king. The exact opposite to what St. Paul would urge on Timothy is described by Isa. (Isaiah 56:10), when he speaks of God’s watchmen as ‘dumb dogs, who cannot bark, sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.’” (Ellicot’s Commentary)

“Preach the word – The Word of God; the gospel. This was to be the main business of the life of Timothy [and all preachers (men) of the Word], and Paul solemnly charges him in view of the certain coming of the Redeemer to judgment, to be faithful in the performance of it.” (Barnes’ Note)

“Preach—literally, ‘proclaim as a herald.’ The term for the discourses in the synagogue was daraschoth; the corresponding Greek term is applied in Acts to discourses in the Christian Church. Justin Martyr describes the order of public worship, ‘On Sunday all meet and the writings of the apostles and prophets are read; then the president delivers a discourse; after this all stand up and pray; then there is offered bread and wine and water; the president likewise prays and gives thanks, and the people solemnly assent, saying, Amen.’ The bishops and presbyters had the right and duty to preach, but they sometimes called on deacons, and even laymen, to preach. Eusebius; in this the Church imitated the synagogue (Luke 4:17-22; Acts 13:15, 16).” (Jamieson-Fausset Brown Commentary)

Preach; proclaim like a herald, cry like a common crier in the hearing of a multitude. Thus God to Isaiah, Isaiah 58:1: Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet. The word; the word of truth, Isaiah 2:15, or the gospel, called the word by way of emphasis: see Matthew 4:23 24:14 Mark 1:14 13:10 16:15. The word of God, not old wives’ fables, endless genealogies, perverse disputings, unedifying questions. This precept reflects upon unpreaching ministers, and impertinent, vain preachers.” (Matthew Pooles’)

These commentaries clearly show that the ministry of preaching the Gospel has been given to men and explains what it is. Since women are to learn in all subjection, be silent in the churches, and even told that it’s shameful for them to speak in the churches (1 Corinthians 14:34, 35), preaching the Word of God has not been given to us as many want to proclaim. Yes, we can share the Gospel with whomever God puts into our path and always be prepared to give a defense for our faith, but preaching has been given to men. Period.

The Apostle Paul tells us that he was appointed a preacher. “Whereunto I am ordained a preacher, and an apostle, (I speak the truth in Christ, and lie not;) a teacher of the Gentiles in faith and verity” (1 Timothy 2:7). We are told of no woman preacher or any woman who was ordained to preach in the Word of God. (Women prophesying is different from preaching, and it’s forbidden for women to prophesy in the churches since they are not to speak.)

Jesus could have easily chosen one female disciple to preach but he didn’t. He chose 12 men as His disciples and they were the ones He ordained to preach. “And he ordained twelve, that they should be with him, and that he might send them forth to preach” (Mark 3:14). And the elders of the churches (the preachers) are to be the “husband of one wife” (1 Timothy 3:2).

Older women are to TEACH the young women biblical womanhood. Women are to learn the Word of God from men who have solid biblical doctrine, and learn biblical womanhood from women. It is shameful for women to get behind pulpits in front of congregations and preach the Word. This ministry has not been given to them.

The Apostle Paul who wrote the letters of 1 and 2 Timothy and gave the instruction to Timothy to preach, also gave these instruction to women:

 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.
1 Timothy 2:11-14

***Here’s a video I made explaining why NO woman has ever been called to preach.

30 thoughts on ““Preach the Word”…Wait, Women are Called to Preach?

  1. Big thing is the teaching women part. Yes Titus 2 is important but not sure it mean’t teaching other women behind a pulpit in church. And like I mentioned before just have to have elders (men) look over the stuff being taught to the other women. I see nothing wrong with an elder even sitting in during the biblical womanhood teachings.

  2. This preacher needs a lesson in logic here. Valid logic always moves from general to specific. Deduction. Not specific to general. Induction.

    Take the situation with 2 Timothy 4 where there is a command to preach. ( To Timothy actually) This is a general command. Where as 1 Timothy 2:11 is specific. This is valid inference.

    If we go the other way, we have an inductive argument, that can never be proven valid.

    This same invalid reasoning is used in 1 Corinthians 11 when people think women can pray and prophecy in church meetings. They don’t use the more specific case of 1 Corinthians 14 which forbids them.

    Logic is from God, it holds our universe together. Watch all the worldly churches abuse it for lurid gain.

    Satan used bad logic with Eve remember, “did God really say you would die”.

    We need people to get a basic understanding of proper biblical interpretation.

  3. Well stated. I encourage people to read 1 Corinthians 14 carefully. In this chapter, we are given the order of a church service and what is to happen in it. At the end of this chapter are the verses that many women want to ignore, say they’re not cultural, or that they’re irrelevant. “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; buty they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.” It’s very clear for those who have ears to hear.

  4. Hi there Lori, I find this one strange to understand I personally grew up when only men preached and teached then came the great awakening from the USA to my homeland and all of a sudden women started preaching and teaching and I watch people being saved left right and centre, people where also healed (Antony was one of them – big healing) so my question is why would God bless and work through a woman if it was wrong? I honestly can’t wait till Jesus returns and sorts it all out because I genuinely want to know why God would do something that we believe is not in line with His Word by healing people saving people through the ministry of women!

    Lori I ask this so you or someone else maybe able to shed some light on this topic of the Bible! Why was Priscilla allowed to minister to God’s people and why did Paul promote her in that ministry? God’s Word tell us a divided city can’t stand.

    I have so many questions on this topic!?

    Love Jilly.

  5. I honestly don’t even know WHY anyone would want to be a preacher. Being tempted by careers worth while such as STEM careers, or politics I can understand why, but why on Earth would women want to preach?…

  6. ALL women preachers are in rebellion to God’s Word, Jilly. God is clear about this in His Word. We don’t need to wait until He returns. It’s stated clearly in His Word!

    How do you mean bless? Financially? Large audiences? Because a few are may be healed? These just may not be blessings…

    All women can minister to God’s people as Priscilla did and we should, but she was not a preacher/teacher in a church gathering. There is not one mention of her preaching. Read all of my posts on “Women Preachers” then study 1 Corinthians 14 and 1 Timothy 2. It’s all very clear for in these chapters.

    Churches used to function with just only men in authority up until a few generations ago. You must ask yourself, “What changed?” Did God’s Word? NO. Did culture? Yes.

  7. Jolly,
    That is an excellent question and I believe God is not troubled by our sincere questions. So, this is how I understand the Scriptures regarding such events as you discribed. God uses both the just and the unjust to accomplish His will. He used Babylon to turn the Israelite back to him. He used Joseph’s brothers despite their evil deeds. We must be careful to examine events through the lens of scripture, do that we do not disregard clear teaching. On a slightly different note, I believe we often put preachers on a pedestal. The reality is that my wife is in a highly honorable position because she is following God’s direction and being obedient to His word. She has a tremendous impact on those around her. Her ability to be a living testimony is every bit as important as a pastor’s role in leading the church. Jesus treated women with honor, even when giving correction, so I know that God greatly values each of you.

  8. The most common argument I’ve heard that contradicts this passage is something to the effect of, “Paul was addressing a specific cultural phenomenon for that area/era.”

    The issue I have with that argument is that Paul specifically called out LOTS of people in his letters! Man has his father’s woman. Alexander the metalworker. The man in 2 Cor 2 (which may be the same offender as in 1 Cor?).

    Why was Paul inconsistent in this way? And why did he write (1 Cor 14:37) that “… [this] is the Lord’s command.”???

    (I know I’m preaching to the women’s choir here… Just food for thought, or for the next time someone uses that argument)

  9. Your response to Priscilla is so condescending and rude. How do you expect to bless and teach women when you respond to them that way? I am 63 years old and have been teaching women for fourty years. I do not preach; I teach – women only. And I would never respond to a woman the way you do. Shameful. No wonder only a handful of your readers respond more than once….you shame them and then chastise them for not reading all of your posts. They never return to the blog and why would they? So you can bite their head off again? That is not the way to teach. Take a good, long look in the mirror.

  10. And there’s nothing in the Bible that tells us that he was addressing a specific cultural phenomenon in the letters to the churches and how they are to run. It’s made up by the feminists to discount God’s Word.

  11. Thank you, Jan, for your rebuke. Jilly (not Priscilla) has been reading my blog for many years so I responded in frustration to the fact that she still didn’t understand how women cannot be preachers. I wrote it early this morning and didn’t look back at how I had responded until your comment. I changed how I responded to her. Once again, thank you.

  12. Melissa,
    I don’t disagree with you about women not being preachers (if that was your point), but I don’t follow the other thing you said, the part about science, tech, math, and engineering AND politics being worthwhile pursuits while sharing the gospel via preaching is not. As Christians, we are told to share the story of Christ with others. No, women are not to preach on Sundays but I sure hope godly men are.

  13. In the situation of Priscilla there are two things to understand. The Bible never says she taught, it says that she and her husband (explained) to Apollos. The other thing being she was not alone, but with her husband. We have no idea if she even spoke in this encounter. To say that she did anything is to commit the fallacy of division. That is when you say what is true of the group is true of the individual within the group. Priscilla didn’t teach any men at any time, in the assembly or out. Basic logic refutes this. If she had been teaching, it would be descriptive of it, and not prescriptive of this practice. The command is that women be silent when it comes to teaching men, and nothing else in the Bible says differently. Thank you

  14. Lori, I didn’t say I agreed with women being ordained as Pastors or Teaches in fact I don’t like women being a Pastor I saw a beautiful sweet church become a hard and very loveless church after a woman took over the Pastor’s position and quite frankly we left soon after! It was no longer the sweet church we had joined – sadly!

    So no need to get frustrated my dear!❤️

    However that said, I was asking for help on understanding why God still blessed these ministries and I am not talking about money, fame, the big home, flashy cars, maids…and the list could go on and sadly it does! I don’t see these things as a true blessing perhaps nice but not a true blessing! To me a blessing is knowing God and His Word, His love, the beautiful babies He blesses us with, health and just that He is mine and I am His!❤️❤️

    I was talking about God blessing these women with the joy of leading many people to Jesus and these same women seeing people healed under their ministries; how does this happen when as you have said they are rebelling by talking in church, it has bothered me for a long time, why would God bless when the person is not doing the right thing? I would love an answer; perhaps I won’t get one this side of eternity!

    Love and blessings Jilly.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. We don’t really know how many women they are leading to Christ, Jilly, or how many people they are healing. All we know is that what they are doing is sinful since God commands that they not do this. We need to measure everything to the perfect Word of God and judge those who call themselves believers by this. There is no other way but God’s perfect ways.

    Muslims get converts. Jehovah’s Witnesses get converts. Jim Jones got converts. Yahosheans and Isa Masiyas get converts. The KKK got converts. Buddhism gets converts. Getting converts does not equate truth or benefit or blessings.

    Love and blessings to you too!

  16. God can turn sin into blessings look at the women that get pregnant out of wedlock. The baby is awlways a blessing. Just because God is blessing some people there doesn’t mean its right. Just like the rewards in Heaven….many people will be saved but each will be rewarded on how we lived out our faith. These women preachers MIGHT go to heaven but do you think they will be rewarded as much for their blatant sin? No

  17. Thank you, Lori, this has helped, too!

    I grew up with only men preaching and I miss those days so very much! Things have changed a lot and sadly some men have dropped the teaching/preaching ball. I think sometimes women have thought they would step up to the pulpit. How much better it would have been if those women had fallen on their knees and prayed for revival in our men, so they would preach with power, conviction and the cross!

    I know I am sounding old now, but I really miss how it used to be; it always felt like home when a precious man called Pastor Leo Hart, who was our Pastor for many years (may his memory be blessed), was preaching! I miss Uncle Leo and his biblical teaching so much. It was like the good old days where Pastors still preached the precious blood of Jesus, the fact that heaven and hell are real places, and my all-time favorite – that King Jesus is coming soon. The Word of God calls that our blessed hope – no wonder the church on the whole has lost all hope!

    I said to someone the other day that the return of Jesus was nigh and that one day our sorrows would be over – they looked at me and said: What? How sad that only 60 years ago every Christian held onto that hope! I pray that God will sweep our nations with the old-fashioned teachings of Jesus and the salvation of the cross! I remember Uncle Leo would close with something like ‘keep your eyes looking upward!’ That was a day when men were supported by their loving wives in the ministry; not competing with them.

    With Love Jilly.???

  18. Lindsay Harold wrote a great response in the chat room to a question similar to the one you asked:

    God still draws people to the gospel, even when preached by people with wrong theology and imperfect obedience. Even a donkey can be used of God to speak truth, so I think a rebellious woman can be used of God in spite of her disobedience to the scripture. And it’s not just women pastors that this issue applies to. There are male pastors who don’t fit the Biblical criteria either, such as being divorced and remarried or with rebellious children or with a drinking or porn problem or something like that, and people still get saved under their ministry. God can use even very flawed people to bring others to Christ. Why, I’ve even heard cases of non-Christians bringing people to Christ. So we can’t decide that women should be pastors because people are getting saved when they preach. The word of God does not return void, even if the messenger should have been silent and let a man lead. We have to determine what we should do according to what the scripture teaches, not according to our experience.

  19. “What doth it profit thee to enter into deep discussion concerning the Holy Trinity, if thou lack humility, and be thus displeasing to the Trinity? For verily it is not deep words that make a man holy and upright; it is a good life which maketh a man dear to God. I had rather feel contrition than be skilful in the definition thereof. If thou knewest the whole Bible, and the sayings of all the philosophers, what should all this profit thee without the love and grace of God? Vanity of vanities, all is vanity, save to love God, and Him only to serve. That is the highest wisdom, to cast the world behind us, and to reach forward to the heavenly kingdom.”

    “Of a surety, at the Day of Judgment it will be demanded of us, not what we have read, but what we have done; not how well we have spoken, but how holily we have lived.”

    (Thomas à Kempis, The Imitation of Christ)

    I used to write a Christian blog, and I can say that it helped others but made me prideful and a bad wife. First I realized that I shouldn’t teach men, and later that I’m too young, inexperienced and prideful to teach Biblical womanhood. (And I haven’t enought time to do that with children at home.)

  20. Thank you, Lori. Sadly, it was a slow process (years tbh), but finally God convinced me through your blog posts and Debi Pearl’s books. I’ll be eternally grateful to you.

  21. I love this discussion and completely agree that preaching is the man’s role. Women have a valuable but specific role themselves (not preaching or having any authority over men). My question to you, Lori, is what do you think about head coverings in 1 Corinthians 11? Anyone else feel free to respond as well.

  22. It’s a very confusing chapter and this is why there is so much disagreement about it. It starts off with the man being head over his wife. Then a woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head. Then goes on to say that the woman is the glory of man and the woman was created for the man. Later, if a woman have long hair, it is for her glory: for her hair is given her for a covering. It ends with this verse: “But if any man seem to be contentious, we have no such custom, neither the churches of God.”

    I like what Michael Pearl has to say about it in this video:


  23. Thank you. Also, if women are to be silent in church, how can they teach children (obviously not silent then) in the church? This is not a challenge at all, just a sincere question about the proper way to navigate and obey these scriptures.

  24. Actually, it’s parents responsibility to train their children in the nurture and the admonition of the Lord when they walk along the way, when they sit, and all throughout the days. It’s not the church’s responsibility.

  25. If women are not to preach the Word, which I agree, I’m confused about your providing scriptural support for teaching biblical womanhood. Can you help me understand this? Thank you, and if I have missed this already discussed I apologize.

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