Receiving Many Uplifting, Inspiring Comments!

Receiving Many Uplifting, Inspiring Comments!

Many of you see the many cruel comments that I receive daily, but I want you all to know that I receive MANY wonderful and inspiring comments on a daily basis, too, like this one!

“Hi there, I am not comfortable posting publicly, but I want you know in the midst of all the criticism, you have been a steady guide back to Jesus for me. Long story short, there are lots of older Christian women in my life, but none that love Jesus with their whole lives, read God’s word, or follow the Titus two lifestyle.

“You are it for me. God has graciously filled all of the gaps, but it has been a humbling process. I lost my marriage and I didn’t see my kids several days a week. I was raised in a sinful, broken, ‘Christian’ home, but I didn’t surrender to God’s will until after my divorce. I spent months and months spending every single second in the Bible and praying for my husband’s heart.

“I now have my husband and children back. We also have a new baby. I homeschool, cook all three meals, and most importantly, my kids are learning our faith. I still have a lot of refining ahead of me, but the work that God has done in my family is miraculous.

“The girls and women who you are positively impacting probably aren’t as loud as the critics, but Jesus, Paul, Peter, etc. have a lot to say about that! God sees your goodness and your reward is surely waiting for you! Please take heart and be encouraged! Thank you!”

I asked her for permission to post this since I want to continually encourage women towards biblical womanhood and hear about the transforming power of the Lord in other women’s lives. I am mocked and slandered continually about my “antiquated” ideas and trying to take women back to the ‘50s, but these antiquated ideas (biblical ideas) are what change people for their good.

There was an atheist recently that commented on one of my posts and wrote that there’s such a void in our culture and that what I write makes a whole lot of sense. Of course, it does, even for atheists, since God is their Creator, too, even though they don’t acknowledge it. God wrote our instruction manual and His ways are perfect!

I am receiving many good reviews about my new book Biblical Womanhood: A Study Guide. It’s my desire for women to get into the Word of God themselves, learn how God wants them to live, and begin living for Him because it not only benefits them, but their families and all who watch their example of godliness. Godly women are bright lights in the growing darkness. It’s exactly what this world needs most.

Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.
Colossians 4:6

20 thoughts on “Receiving Many Uplifting, Inspiring Comments!

  1. I also truly appreciate you. I’ve always had an okay marriage but it is truly a wonderful one thanks to your continued exhortations. I’ve been reading your blog daily for about six years. It is transformative. I am planning on having my daughter also read through it when she is a bit older as part of her curriculum.

    I don’t sit under the teachings of many people. I’m quite particular with who I listen to in regards to God’s ways because I don’t want to be deceived. I am thankful though that we have you. There are so very few women who teach Biblical womanhood today. Thank you!

  2. I am also one that reads it daily but seldom comments. It is a continual blessing/exhortation for me as I seek to be a Godly wife and mother.

  3. I read your blog daily and I totally agree, you have led me back to the Bible where God was trying to get my attention! My family and marriage are much better for it! I don’t have any godly women in my life and both my grandmothers have passed, I’m starting from scratch but I will teach my 2 girls how they should live and my 2 boys the kind of woman worth waiting for! Keep up the amazing brave work! God bless!!

  4. Lori, you are a God send. I’ve said so in the past and I will say again, your work is an encouragement to me. I pray that God will continue to uphold you with His righteousness right hand. I look forward to your posts every day and even when I am not able to comment, I am still edified. And as for the naysayers “Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for their fathers used to treat the false prophets in the same way.” Luke 6:26

  5. Lori, I’m so glad you are submitting to God’s Will by fulfilling the role of that older godly woman in the lives of us younger women. I know there probably are some older women who are learning from you as well.

    I plan to go watch all of your YouTube videos starting way back at the beginning and working my way up to your recent ones. It’s better to watch those than being constantly entertained with all the junk on T.V.

    I plan to also go through your old blog (and this one) to read the posts you’ve written. I’m in tears thinking about how what you share helps me feel so validated as a wife and mom living out my God-given calling of being a submissive wife and keeper of the home.

    May you continually be blessed to be a blessing to us ladies. Those who have an ear to hear are listening Lori. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I’m learning so much. ((HUGS))

  6. My husband and I got married September 2018 and our first baby is due in August! Shortly after we married he was reading one of the blogs he follows and it mentioned you, your blog and how your views are that of a Godly, Biblical woman. We looked you up and we both have been following you since. Being a new wife and soon to be mother has me ecstatic but I know without a doubt God put you in our path as we grow in our journey in the Lord and together. You are a beautiful example of Godly, biblical womanhood and I’m so thankful you write your blog and share your heart with us. I am now going through your Study Guide of Biblical Womanhood and it’s phenomenal! Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you even when it’s not easy! Be encouraged! The Ericksen’s are praying for you, your family and your ministry! Blessings!

    1. Crista Ericksen – what a wonderful testament to all the hard work Lori puts in and her resilience against the feminist onslaught. Warmest congratulations on your baby.

  7. Hi Lori! I like your posts. Do you have one on beliefs such as the age of the earth? I don’t think that I have seen any. Could you please do one? I am still learning lots!

  8. I love reading your posts. I am a new Christian. My big problem is a TBI. Because of this, I can’t homeschool. My husband is my carer. I do things such as what you call scolding . I forget things. So I ask him to do stuff for me. He helps me with chores. Do you think it is wrong for him to do housework? People shouldn’t be nasty to you . It’s wrong. My children go to school. I love my husband for how he helps me.

  9. I’m definitely encouraged by this blog. I try to read it daily. I notice the difference in my spirit when I read it, because I live in a very feminist culture and my husband doesn’t walk with God so I purposely need to seek out the Lord daily and consistently make choices that honour Him and my husband. Comments from other ladies on here are a continual source of encouragement for me.

  10. Add me to the list of women who have been changed for the better. My husband controls all of our finances. He pays all the bills, and I honestly don’t even really know what anything costs. As a person who enjoys managing money, I hated that. I hated that we were not equals in this area and that for some reason he just wanted to control the whole thing. One day I asked myself… are all the bills paid on time? Are we saving money? Are we saving for the future? Yes to all of it. Do I trust him? Yes. So I let it go. I decided to enjoy that I don’t have to worry about money. I don’t have to know what our electric bill is. I just swipe the debit and buy whatever groceries or gas we need and money is always there. I decided to look at it as his gift to me, rather than evidence that we are not equal partners in our marriage. I don’t fight with him on this anymore.

  11. Hi Lori,
    You have many folks in your corner always cheering you on! Finding your blog was such a reinforcement and a blessing to me! I am questioned and looked down on (and talked about I’m sure) by some folks because I’ve never worked and obey my husband in everything. I am completely dependent on him to take care of me and wouldn’t have it any other way as it’s God’s plan for me and our family. I simply can’t imagine how you feel taking all the criticism that you deal with on a grand stage every day. Hang in there!

  12. Hi Lori,
    I also wanted to say how grateful I am for your guidance and teachings.
    Before coming to the Lord I always knew I wanted to be a wife and a mother when I grew up, however, none of my extended family (especially grandmothers) approved of this. I never expressed to them that I didn’t really want to go to university or have a career, but it was clear that being a wife and mother is simply inadequate.
    Praise the Lord that since coming to the Lord, my parents have been not only accepting of this biblical lifestyle, but encourage nothing else because they now see how incredibly important and lovely it is.
    Following the bible has deterred everyone I knew away from me, my parents and my siblings. It has been a huge blessing and encouragement for us to come across your blog! Thank you very much!

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