Separate and Holy From the World

Separate and Holy From the World

As I have grown older, my convictions have grown stronger. When I was younger, I still had some strong convictions. I didn’t want my children to celebrate Halloween. I never trusted yoga as being something I could be involved with. I didn’t allow my children to read Harry Potter. I was careful which TV shows and movies they watched. I have always taken the command from God to be separate and holy seriously but my convictions have grown with age and wisdom.

I asked the women in the chat room things that they don’t participate in that the world freely participates in, even many Christians. Here is a list of the things they gave. Carefully ponder them and search out God’s Word to see if maybe you should not participate in them either.

Drinking and dancing. Enneagram. Santa. Easter bunny. Women’s ministries and conferences which usually study female preachers’ material. Birth control. Tooth fairy. Romance novels. Self-help nonsense. Crystals. Women preaching. Vaccinations. Public schools. Wife working. Gentle parenting. Pop culture. Children’s church. Sleepovers. Youth group. Video games. Smart phones for children. Gambling. Cussing.

Some of these things are clearly sin and others may not be but simply their convictions. We are to live our lives not as our culture lives but as Christ commands. Yes, we are allowed to drink alcohol but must always remain sober. King David danced but it should never be in a sexual way. The enneagram uses horoscope and some other things that are far from the heart of God and His ways. Santa and the Easter bunny are ways to get people away from Christ’s birth and resurrection. I encourage you to always be truthful with your children about everything.

Women’s ministries and conferences rarely center around the doctrines of biblical womanhood – what God wants older women to specifically teach the younger women. Study the roots of birth control and search God’s Word to see what He has to say about children. Romance novels can be filled with sexually promiscuous material. Self-help nonsense most often leaves Christ out completely. Research the inserts in vaccinations. Search out the ingredients and the side effects, then prayerfully consider injecting them into your children.

Parents are the ones called to raise their children in the nurture and the admonition of the Lord, NOT a godless, government run institution. Mothers are commanded to be keepers at home and raise their own children. They are to discipline them and make sure they obey them. This is part of loving them. Protect your children from pop culture and the friends they hang out with. This means carefully considering sleepovers (which I believe are bad ideas), children’s church, and youth groups.

Be careful what your children put in front of their eyes and what they dwell upon, including TV show and movies. I wouldn’t have given my children smart phones until they graduated from high school and could pay for them themselves. They must be old and wise enough to know how to flee evil. Of course, make sure you’re not gambling and cussing if you don’t want your children to do likewise.

Yes, many in our culture will mock and ridicule us for our “ancient ways” but we worship the Ancient of Days. We know what He has done for us and how it all ends. We know His ways are perfect so we love living for Him and doing everything we can to live lives that are separate and holy.

Until the Ancient of days came, and judgment was given to the saints of the most High; and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom.
Daniel 7:22

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  1. Yoga? I suffer from chronic back pain and yoga has been very helpful. Yes it comes from another culture but I can’t see how it is harmful for me as a Christian?

    1. Please, read this article by John Piper.

      “In the first case, your typical question is “Well, what is wrong with it?” It would apply to movies and music, and kids often ask their parents, “What is wrong with it?” The other approach is not mainly to ask, “What is wrong with it?” but, “Will it make me more Christlike? Will it make me more devoted to Jesus? Will I be more powerful and full of the Holy Spirit? Will I be more effective in prayer because of it? Will it make me bolder in witness, or weaken me? Will it help me be spiritually discerning of the ways of Satan in the world, and will it help me lay up treasures in heaven? Will it help me find joy in God and all that he is for me in Jesus?”

      1. Lori, I think it would depend on how one approached it. It’s essentially stretching, at least the way I’ve always seen it done. No “ohming” or chanting or anything but stretching and relaxing. When I feel a panic come on, I close my eyes, take in deep breaths and say to myself, “Be Still and know that I am God” and it helps me calm down. That could be called meditation, I guess, but I’m acknowledging that God is in charge and that I need to depend on Him. The deep breaths help settle my heartrate and breathing. He does the rest!

        I look at it the same way food. The stretching/breathing is a healthy thing, as is food. We need to keep our bodies flexible and calm to do what we need to. It’s where our hearts are that count. When I was doing the River Run at the Y, I used to thank God for the beautiful morning, the sun, & the ability to exercise and stay cool.

        I do think that Yoga can be a non Christian thing, but in the ways I’ve seen it, it’s become essentially a stretching and balance class. We used to call that “warming up”.

        Just my opinion.

        1. You can’t mix satanic things with Christian things. “Yoga” translates to lucifer. Look it up. Sorry. You can’t mix it with Christianity.

        2. I was just reading an old book that asked why do they promote Yoga as a healthy thing to do in the West, whereas in the East, mainly old men do it? The roots of Yoga show that it is done in India to stop the reincarnation process (which they consider to be hellish)…Yoga teaches men how to DIE. They teach you to control your breath…to stop breathing. They teach how to still your mind…to stop thinking. The goal of Yoga is Death, not Life.

          It is not done for exercise in the East. Each Yoga pose is a stance of worship to a pagan god. The Bible condemns this in many verses.

          Yoga is completely incompatible with Christianity. Can you be a Christian Hindu? How about a Christian Buddhist?

          Would you accept the new “Christian” Tarot cards for Christmas? How about the New Age “Christian” Ouiji board? The devil has a counterfeit for everything, and Yoga is not just stretching.

          Also, why do you stop in the middle of the verse in Psalm 46:10 when you panic? My guess is you didn’t realize it is an incomplete thought. This half verse is a favorite of New Agers to lure people into thinking they base their ideas on Christianity. Then they change the emphasis of whatever they teach to Self, instead of God. If your Yoga class says Namaste, that is people bowing to the “god” within another…and they are not talking about Jesus. They teach that YOU are God. Just something to look into. Look up Yoga and the Christian and do your own research.

          1. You guess wrong. If you keep reading, you’ll see I don’t do yoga. It was just my opinion based on observations and I certainly don’t believe myself to be God. I know the verse, too. I can and do read.

          2. Debby, you weren’t clear that you didn’t do yoga. I’m glad you don’t. I wasn’t trying to offend you. It’s difficult to come across..I don’t think you would have taken offense in person. I was actually trying to give you the benefit of the doubt by saying you may not know it is half a verse. Most people don’t know that, and most people never read their Bibles. So please forgive me for offending you!

        3. I completely agree, warming up is essential to any exercise regiment, it’s also is good for mental health. Several times throughout the day, I close my eyes and try to picture myself in a “happy place”. I’m not meditating, I’m zoning/relaxing myself.

      2. I would like to know how doing yoga poses is any different than eating food sacrificed to idols. Also, there really is barely a stretch one could do that is not also a yoga pose! So if one is stretching and finds themselves accidentally in a yoga pose, is that also sin? If not, how is it any different than using yoga poses to stretch or strengthen ones body without the chants or meditation?

        1. Will you please give some insight on children’s church being something we shouldn’t participate in. My husband and I teach children, from the bible, and have found it to be a blessing.
          I really value what you have to say Lori. Just a bit confused on this.

      1. Joseph Pilates was inspired by Yoga and other Eastern Arts, along with Dance and Gymnastics. Although the focus is not spiritual, there definitely is an encouragement to connect the mind and body in the same way yoga does.

      2. I’m a swimmer/water aerobics/ river runner. I’d fall on my butt if I tried anything even remotely close. I tore my ACL when I was a teenager and my knee has never been normal. Thus, I’m part 🐟 lol. I have no desire to go into a closed room with sweaty people! No offense intended. 😉

        It was just my observations when I stopped to watch.

    2. I do bar and center (dance routines) exercises (ballet). They are very helpful in increasing muscle strength and flexibility. I also find they feel really good if you need to stretch. There are lots of beginner videos online. Yoga was designed as a form of worship to Hindu gods. It should be avoided.

    3. Cheri, first of all, I am very sorry to hear that you suffer from chronic back pain. I have several family members that also have back issues and I know that it can be debilitating and affect your entire life. If you’re experiencing physical benefit from performing some kind of movement/exercise that helps your ability to function, I would suggest completing some research to find core/strength/stretching exercises from a Christian world view, and I suspect someone with some experience will point you in the right direction.
      Good luck in your treatment and I hope you weren’t too discouraged today.

      1. Yes, of course, please don’t feel discouraged, Cheri. We are all learning more and more about God’s ways. That is why we are here. There is no shame in honest learning. As for your back, I pray that God heals you and gives you wisdom so you will know if there are any lifestyle changes that can help you. We serve a mighty God Who is more than able to heal. I meant to say something to that effect in my previous comment, but I forgot. Blessings.

    4. Read The Shattering by Jessica Smith. She was heavily steeped in Yoga, Reiki, etc. it is her story of how God saved her and how she came out of that lifestyle. Very eye opening.

    5. Christians should never do yoga or the like. Doreen virtue on YouTube has videos on it,exposing it for what it is. She was pretty high up in the new age movement for over 2 decades and became saved and has made it her mission to warn others and to spread her testimony and share the gospel of Christ. There are other ways to stretch. But flee from yoga. Christian Yoga is a massive deception in the church along with many other new age deceptions cloaked in christianeze to bait biblically illiterate Christians.

    6. Hi Cheri, I’m sorry that you struggle with back pain. I myself struggle with that as well. I used to do Yoga as well for the pain, but one day I stumbled upon a YouTube channel called AskDoctorJo and it has helped me far more than Yoga. Dr Jo is a Physical Therapist who has videos on exercises and stretches for various ailments. Then for the exercise element I use the walk videos on YouTube by Leslie Sansone.

    7. If you can find Steven Bancarz testimony on youtube it is excellent! He was saved out the New Age movement and has many personal testimonies and insights and truth exposing Yoga and other eastern meditation practices for what they are. I encourage you to research and hear from those who’ve been saved out of it and search scripture for the principles that are violated when practicing yoga.

  2. Years ago, I told some of my former colleagues that I would not be allowing my daughter to attend sleepovers. Their response was “You have to. That’s just what girls do.” I remain firm in my conviction that I will protect my child from molestation and I never “have” to allow anything just to fit in. Thankfully, we decided to homeschool, so sleepovers, etc. have not been an issue and I have been able to protect my child much better than if she had attended public or private school.

      1. I attended many sleep overs growing up UNTIL I woke up one night to my friend’s older brother touching me. I never stayed again. I was young and didn’t tell anyone, not even my mother. But I always wondered if he could do that to me, did he do it (or worse) to his sister. One can never be to cautious.

      2. Lori,
        As a young girl in elementary school I attended a lot of sleepovers. At one I remember the girls calling up a “white witch” in a mirror, practicing hypnosis among other things! I never participated ( I was too scared) but I was around it! Not good now when I look back!

        1. What on earth is sinful about hypnosis?
          My half-brother is a hypnotherapist and it helps my Tourettes immensely. I get him to hypnotise me a few times a year and it really helps with my tics.

          1. I would suggest you do some research on hypnosis as its is connected with New Age and you will see what the problem is. Rebecca Brown wrote three books about satanic practices and is an excellent read for general education, but also people who don’t see the harm in things like this. I think the first one is called He Came to Set the Captives Free.

    1. We did the same thing. Our child can stay until 10:00 or so then we pick up. No need to spend the night. Nothing good ever happens after midnight.

  3. Looks like you’ve listed things that could fall into different categories:

    Sin or potential sin, according to one’s discernment:
    Gambling. Cussing. Enneagram. Santa. Easter bunny. Birth control. Tooth fairy. Romance novels. Self-help nonsense. Crystals. Women preaching.

    Prudential matters:
    Drinking and dancing. (There just isn’t any Biblical text indicating that alcohol and dancing are wrong.) Public schools. Wife working. Gentle parenting. Pop culture. Children’s church. Sleepovers. Youth group. Video games. Smart phones for children. Women’s ministries and conferences which usually study female preachers’ material.

    Lifestyle choices:

  4. Hello Lori its me barbra again! Thank you for answering my question the last time I left a comment. I have a friend who is 15 years old and she believes that the bible isn’t 100% accurate. She believes that the bible isn’t a book but instead a ton of manuscripts that have been edited by many different kinds people who live in different countries and speak different languages. She says these people put these manuscripts into a book forming the bible. She believes scribes have taken things out and added things in these manuscripts. She believes christians need to study the bible’s authors, history, and original language to understand it accurately. She says many christians lack wisdom and understanding of this book. What would you tell her? Is she right? You are so wise and I want to give her your advise much live from barbra 🙂

    1. I would give her this verse, Barbra. Nothing is more powerful than Truth.

      “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12

    2. That is pretty much how the Bible was written – by men inspired by God. It was put together by men inspired by God. It says exactly what He wants it to say. Believing the Bible is simply a matter of faith.

      Once we believe that God is, and that He is all-powerful, why would we hesitate for even a second in believing fully in His word that He left for us to follow?

      If we believe that God is all-powerful, why would we question whether or not He is powerful enough to ensure that His word is complete and everything that He wanted in the Bible, is actually in the Bible?

      If we believe He is all-powerful, why would we let ourselves think that He let men interfere with His word? The Bible warns us what will happen to those who add to or take things from the Bible. God wants us to be able to access His word. He wants us to believe. Why then, would He allow His word to be changed?

      Jesus died for all of us. If we believe that, why would we limit the accessibility of the Bible to only those with the education and ability to source and study the original manuscripts?

      Without faith it is impossible to serve Him.

  5. I enjoyed today’s post. It is just nice to be reminded that I am not alone in my convictions about such subjects. It’s nice to know that there are other people her closely monitor what their children watch and read and who they are friends with. I’ve take more than a few snide comments from sadly my own family.
    Never heard about Yoga like that before, but I appreciate the warning.

  6. I think your friend has plenty of things right: The Bible IS a collection of books written over several centuries in multiple tongues, and the more we know about it the better we can understand it. There’s a reason seminary courses require training in koine Greek and Hebrew! The process of canonical recognition was a long one and is well worth the attention of any Christian, who will thereby understand why Protestants recognize 66 books, Roman Catholics more, and Eastern Orthodox still more. I believe that deeper study of the diversity of the Scriptures points to their essential unity and divine authorship.

    That said: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and it is the work of the Holy Spirit to enable people to understand and believe the Bible. There are, alas, many PhDs highly knowledgeable about the Bible who nonetheless do not accept the truths it teaches, truths which are simple enough for a child to grasp. In witnessing to your friend, try to be a model of Christ to her; pray for her; and commit her to God, who alone can change hearts.

  7. I might add I don’t think Christians should drink alcohol..period! There is nothing good about it and it is associated with “have a good time”. I know there isn’t anything in the Bible saying it’s a sin, only drunkenness but this is just my belief. I know few people who can “only have one drink”.

    1. Agreed, Pam!

      The overwhelming majority of scriptures oppose alcohol, and we see some very dangerous consequences of a lack of control with alcohol.

      This website is so great because women generally will go along with prevailing opinions. Unfortunately, Christian men in America were weak and allowed wicked men to spread their wicked doctrines, which has led to the massive corruption of women.

      Am reading the fascinating “Libido Dominandi” by the brilliant E Michael Jones, and he details how lecherous libertines corrupted our society.

    2. I know plenty that can enjoy one drink once a year to celebrate a special occasion. You missed the tone of the entire message of convictions, pam. If everybody that read this post felt the need to comment on their personal non-Biblically mandated conviction(s), there would be 100’s of comments. You added nothing to the discussion but your biased opinion..period!

      1. She’s right though, and the church rarely teaches this.

        Her opinion isn’t biased it’s true. Paul said he wouldn’t do anything that might cause his brother to stumble, and by that logic, no Christian should ever drink alcohol.

        1. I disagree. I know many in my social circle that socially drink so rarely they probably can’t remember the last time they even had one. There is nothing in the Bible forbidding alcohol, only drunkenness. Of course, an authentic Christ-follower will be sensitive to their company. If a brother or sister struggles(d) in the area of alcohol consumption, common sense should prevail, and all should refrain.

          The weaker brother argument works with many indulgences. My recommendation would be for every Christian to examine their viewing/listening/spending/speaking/eating choices around their fellow believers or privately, not just drinking. For example, any innocent church pot luck or fellowship meal can cause a multitude of stumbles for those struggling with healthy living. Somehow, responsible alcohol consumption got wrapped up in the language of Christian-“ese”. The ONLY time I hear of Romans 14 is in regards to drinking. For the record, our pastor agrees with you, and shared with our congregation his stance on social drinking during a message, citing Paul’s statement. A yearly wine tasting or champagne New Year’s toast in appropriate company is not sinful for responsible adults. Let’s not become legalistic about our convictions.

          1. Doing the research on alcohol, like Billy Sunday and many others did, shows no Christians shoos be drinking alcohol, though we have many lukewarm Christians who will have royal temper tantrums over their alcohol, but, their churches are biblically illiterate. Shows where their priorities are.

            It’s not legalistic to shun alcohol completely as a church. I was raised in a church that did that, and no one has any regrets. No alcohol related accidents, illnesses, or deaths.

  8. Yoga does not “translate to Lucifer”.
    You can do yoga and use that time to mediate on the Word of God. I know at least one person who got sober through the help of church and yoga.
    I am very pro-vaccinations, the Easter bunny and Santa are fun (of course you should always teach your kids the TRUE meaning of holidays), Halloween is fun.
    Following Christ does not mean everything is evil and life is not to be enjoyed.

    1. Agreed entirely. There’s a lot of wisdom on this blog in re: women and modern culture. But, there’s also a small measure of preening provincialism; albeit well-intended.

      Which is fine. Navigating a fallen world is fraught with peril and woe. I understand where Lori is coming from.

    2. Agreed, Alese. Thank you for sharing.
      I agree with everything you shared and practice the same traditions, with the exception of the Easter bunny. Our parenting and church teachings are so Gospel-centered that Easter is focused on Christ’s resurrection and celebrating His victory at the cross. However, we enjoy a couple egg hunts with our children and the little ones in our extended family in addition to gifting our children with baskets. At Christmas, Santa fills their stockings, but gifts come from Mom, Dad, & other family. Trick-or-Treating in non-scary costumes is a community tradition that now takes place as an outreach in our church parking lot with a trunks intentionally decorated to share the Gospel message. I have a friend that shared with me that she was terrified of Halloween because her Christian mother shut off all the lights in their home and made them stay put inside while the neighborhood enjoyed a harmless tradition. Common sense, keeping the Gospel the main thing, and the avoidance of extremes should be consulted whenever the subject of convictions comes up.

    3. Vaccinations aren’t for our best interests.

      Only a foolish person thinks they are a great idea.

      Yoga certainly isn’t of Christ. I know some people who may he physically unfit, but they are spiritual Titans. The Bible is clear, “Bodily exercise profits little”. Never met anyone who does Yoga who knows their Bible well.

      The Easter Bunny and Santa are based on pagan holidays. Halloween has Satanic origins, and following Christ means proving our beliefs and not conforming to the world.

      1. Montesquieu,
        My father is a doctor, so was my grandfather. We are a pro-vax family because the men have medical degrees and have treated serious illnesses in children that could have been prevented with a vaccine.
        Yoga is Satanic if you make it that way. You can do stretches and listen to sermons, sing Christian hymns.
        Usually when someone attacks another’s views, it’s because they’re insecure in their own views so I encourage you to do proper research. Modern medicine is a gift from God.

        1. Hello Alese, your first sentence contains two logical fallacies. Appeal to expert and appeal to anecdote.

          Personal experience and the opinion of experts, even if they are related to us, are not guarantees of truth.

          Today’s vaccines are a far cry from vaccines of forty years ago, and there are millions of children harmed by them.

          Yoga, in its nature, is anti-Christian, as it elevates a focus on the Created above the Creator. It’s roots are from pagan heathens too.

          Also, I encourage you to read “Crimes of the educators”.

          There is a great book on vaccinations called “Cry of the heart”, that is far more comprehensive than the opinions of your relatives.

      2. Also Montesquieu,
        Same with holidays-it’s how you make them. Holidays can be a very wholesome, joyful experience for adults and kids. I always enjoy handing candy out to kids on Halloween and as someone mentioned before, many churches host Halloween activities. It’s satanic if you make it that way.
        Sure Christmas and Easter Bunny are rooted in pagan traditions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t modify them. I’m sorry but there’s nothing wrong (many churches host these kinds of events) with kids hunting for Easter eggs or waking up to a living room full of presents under the tree. They’ll be exposed to enough evil eventually; nothing wrong with these innocent traditions.

        1. In 1776, Alese, back when Americans knew their Bibles and history, and didn’t waste a minute on the three evils of the modern age, television, porn, and drugs, they weren’t celebrating Easter and Christmas. That’s because they were guided by reason and logic, and not by emotions and affections, the latter two which have a tendency to deceive women more than men.

  9. This was a really interesting thread, Lori. Maybe some of the stuff could be explored deeper?
    I must’ve been a lucky kid with sleepovers. No bad experiences. We stayed up late- for some reason, Gidget with Sandra Dee was often on KTTV late at night and that was a favorite. We ate too much junk, but things were clean. And the only sleepover perv I encountered was with my parents. We stayed at a family member’s home for an out of town funeral. The non related uncle was in need of a jail cell. I never told anyone and never saw them again.
    This discussion sure opened my eyes about that! But like yoga, not an issue for me because I have no children.

    1. My sister and I both had plenty of sleepovers as kids too, and had no issues.
      My own children have sleepovers and have had no issues.
      It does require careful screening of the other family, and plenty of educating your children, though. I go with my instincts, and if something feels “off” they don’t go. Even if I can’t put my finger on what it is that I don’t like.

      1. Parents don’t often know there were “no issues” until the children are older and confess to their parents, or maybe they decide to never confess. Children left to their own devices often find trouble.

        1. Absolutely, Lori!
          But there’s where the screening comes in. Our kids don’t stay with families who don’t share our values. If they’re allowed on the internet unsupervised, or there are teenage boys or other males in the house who could potentially pose a risk, or if the family are drinkers or whatever, then they don’t go. If we’re not confident that the care and supervision there is equal to what they would get at home, they don’t go. If we don’t know the parents well enough to trust them, the kids don’t go.
          But, to a certain extent, we also trust our children. We trust that they know their friends, and that they will ring us immediately if they are uncomfortable in any way. We trust our parenting. But they’re certainly not allowed to have sleepovers willy-nilly. That’s just asking for trouble.

          It’s usually evident by children’s behaviour if something has happened to them. Parents may now know what it was that happened, but they know that *something* did. So far, I’m confident that there have been no issues on sleepovers with my own children, because their behaviour has not changed in the slightest.

  10. I agree with Alese.

    I love the Holidays and my husband and I do everything to make sure they’re fun for our kids. While they know the true meaning of Easter and Christmas, we still go all out. My husband dresses up like Santa, we watch Christmas movies, leave cookies and milk “out for Santa”.

    On Easter, we dye Easter Eggs and my husband dresses up as the Easter Bunny! (he is such a trooper). We love Halloween! Last year my daughter went as Cinderella and my son as Batman. We had so much fun trick or treating! We don’t let them watch scary movies, but Halloweentown is a fun one! As are some other Disney films. My kids are also vaccinated, and I am staunchly pro-vax.

    The point is, not everything is evil. Kids should be able to be kids and enjoy things like that.

  11. I will never let my daughter attend sleepovers at others homes. I will let her host them at our house, but she’s not sleeping over at someone else’s home. I was molested by a cousin at a very young age and it was directly due to my parents being more than willing to drop us off to whomever would take us, as long as they could go out and party and didn’t have to stay home and parent.

    I am not a mom yet, but I am almost afraid that I will be way too overprotective, just to go the complete opposite way my mother did. My mother was extremely neglectful, selfish and you could tell she absolutely hated being a mom…my worst fear is being a mom like her. And that’s part of the reason why I haven’t became a mom yet. Maybe you could pray for me, Lori

  12. 2 Corinthians 6:17 KJV
    Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,

    We ALL seem to not want to come out of the world and its sin.

    If sin was setting on a bench, we ALL seem to want to see how close we can get to sin without actually touching the sin.

    But on the other hand, if there were a bunch of Copperheads, Rattlers, and Cobras setting on that bench, we don’t want anywhere near the snakes.

    As an old preacher said:
    Sin, it fascinates and then assassinates.
    Sin, it thrills and then it kills.

  13. I love that a few pro-vax ladies have spoken up. My husband is a doctor and he told me recently that had I been anti-vax he would not have married me. He has also treated numerous children (a few who have died, sadly) whose illnesses could have been prevented with a vaccine.
    He gets extremely angry when anti-vax celebrities spread their ignorance based on stuff they read on the internet (non-medical sources) instead of listening to doctors when it comes to vaccines. I absolutely agree-modern medicine is a gift from God.
    As far as holiday things: I just don’t see the big deal in Halloween. My husband and I adore taking our kids out trick or treating! We decorate our house for all holidays, including Halloween. It does not “have satanic origins”; it represents the changing of the seasons. We love Christmas and Easter! Of course they know the real meaning of both but they open presents and go Easter egg hunting!
    Let kids be kids!

    1. I am not in favour of vaccinations personally, because I have a vaccine injury and paediatricians recommended my children not be vaccinated because of that. But it’s certainly not a sin issue. I am absolutely confident that whether or not we vaccinated or children is not going to matter on the judgement day.
      I am incredibly grateful for modern medicine though. It is literally keeping my father alive, and it’s currently preventing my son from having seizures.
      But again, it’s nothing to do with salvation. A comment above also said that. It’s a personal choice issue, not a salvation one.

  14. I would suggest everyone, provax or anti-vax, watch The truth about vaccines by ty Bollinger. You have to pay for it and it’s a bit expensive, but there is so much information in there it’s amazing!

  15. For anybody who proclaims to be Christian yet practices yoga or participates in Halloween please look up
    Truth about yoga and watch videos by Doreen virtue. You have no idea what you are messing with. It is not harmless fun. Some try and defend yoga saying it’s helpful. But Satan isn’t interested in your physical body. He’s interested in your soul. So of course it seems helpful. So it is used as a tool to draw you in. Most people who participate in such practices are slowly but subtily drawn away from the truth of scripture and start to permit things here and there. Until they are completely turned away from God.
    Celebrate Halloween? Watch Doreen virtues interview with Brother Matthew on his testimony and another video with him on whether Christians should celebrate Halloween? Coming from a former warlock and shaman/satanist for 16 years (he is a pastors kids, ironically) and now believer in Jesus, baptist pastor and evangelist his answer is a resounding no!

    1. Another good one on YouTube about the dangers of yoga was done by Lea from Philia ministries. . . Lori has mentioned her here in the blog before. She used to be deeply steeped in many new age practices, including yoga.

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