She Regrets Not Having a Career

She Regrets Not Having a Career

All she wanted to be was a homemaker so after she married, she stayed home full time even before having children but now regrets it. She wishes she would have finished college, so she could have in a steady income, paid down debt, and saved more money. She wished she had a career to fall back on. She allowed “faulty theologies and ideologies rule over reality and reason.”

First of all, she wished she would have finished college, but then she would have had a lot more debt to have to pay down. Plus, the majority of people who attend college don’t use their degree for a job. Only 27 percent of college graduates have a career related to their major. Unless one wants to be a lawyer, doctor, teacher, or have some other degree that requires a college degree, the time and money wasted on a college degree simply isn’t worth it and puts young people in situations that make life much harder, i.e. mountains of debt.

What about the idea of having a career to fall back on? This is commonly touted these days as to why women need a college education and career. Our nation idolizes a college education these days. Colleges are filled with false teachings which we are commanded to avoid over and over again in the New Testament, and they are filled with debauchery. Both of these reasons should be enough for the majority of Christians to avoid giving any money to these institutions. There are other ways to make money besides going to college.

She allowed “faulty theologies and ideologies rule over reality and reason.” Is it wrong for young women to not want to pursue college and a career before they’re married? Where in God’s Word does it say that women are to do this or that they must plan for the what ifs? Are the faulty theologies she wrote about in God’s Word that women are to be keepers at home? Thus, this is what she always wanted to be but now regrets it? Since they struggled financially, does this mean that she should have sought out a college education and a career? Does God tell us that making money will solve all of our problems?

No, it’s not wrong for young women to not pursue college and a career before marriage. There isn’t one place in God’s Word that He commands women to make money and provide a living. Beside, women are taking over men’s places in colleges and in jobs. Men are the ones who NEED careers/jobs in order to support their families. God created them to be the ones to work hard to provide. Their make up was created to do this.

He never commands that we prepare for the what ifs? How are we supposed to prepare for the what ifs? We trust in Almighty God! The struggles a couple may go through because the wife is a keeper at home aren’t bad! In fact, we are promised hard times and suffering. Women working in the workforce are hard for most women. This life is never promised to be easy. Learning to live simply and frugally and even suffering due to inconveniences are for our good. They make us become more like Christ as we trust in His provision!

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.
John 16:33

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  1. Please pray for me. I had no interest in college even though I won’t pay it or go to debt but the environment of feminism etc is not something wise to be plus I know I can spent my dad’s money and my time better.

  2. Lori, I’m not sure how to reach you except on here. I don’t have Facebook or Instagram.. But I’m wondering what you think of health insurance, or any kind of insurance. Should we pay monthly health insurance bills, and expect help in return, or save our own money and get a loan if we have a bigger bill than we can pay, and trust God to provide for our health needs?.. Do you know of any Bible verses that speak to that subject? Thanks

  3. That 24% statistic is for both men and women. If you look at women alone it’s significantly lower because women go to college for more frivolous reasons generally.

  4. This saddens me.
    My family has its own set of generational sins, but the stuff that leads to divorce isn’t among them. In over 100 years we had one divorce (that was my grandfather before he met my grandmother, and was over 100 years ago).
    Twenty years ago my niece went to college “just in case.” Her mother had feared losing her husband to death and not being able to provide financially, and so wanted her to go. (Ironically, all that fear in place, the mother herself died in her early fifties, long before her husband.)
    My late husband and I looked at each other and said she had just signed her daughter’s divorce certificate. Sure enough, 11 years after her marriage, she became the second divorce in the family.
    As an aside, if you are a young woman reading this and are tempted to go to college for the same reason, please know, in the worst case scenario God is not taken by surprise, is still on His throne, and will make a way. As a non- college educated homemaker I did lose my husband suddenly, at the age of 44, while I had 5 children ages 5-14. God has been faithful and provides without me going to work outside the home. I started a small, web-based all natural soap and body product site, which provides a small income, along with a couple other small sources of income we have always had food, clothes and shelter, and are content. It hasn’t been easy, but I have seen God come through for us in ways most people will never see. Even in my situation I am very thankful for having been “only” a homemaker.

    Here’s one more reason some who intend to be homemakers go to college: to be able to homeschool their own children. Again, please think carefully before you go that route. Because I was homeschooled back in the day where there wasn’t good curriculum, I basically have an eighth grade education. My first son graduated, homeschooled all the way through, and got a 29.5 on the first time through on the ACT. ( Highest possible is 36, average is 21) He is the only one who has taken it, the others are still in school.?

  5. The only time I have ever seen my wife have a sense of regret for not having a career is when she is around others who don’t realize how valuable she is as a mother and a wife. Sadly, this happens with folks at church more often than elsewhere and always by other women. This isn’t to criticize them, it is just a symptom of our current culture. When a wife is working, they can easily assign a monetary value to their lives. It is far more subjective when a wife is committed to staying home and taking care of the homestead. I have often told my wife that her willingness to take care of the home has allowed me more opportunity for success in my career. The kids are all adults now, so she can relax and enjoy the results of her early efforts, when the house took a lot more effort than it does today.

  6. I’m 43 and have never even had a job, much less a career and didn’t graduate high school and I don’t regret any of it one bit!! I got to start my homemaking and baby making early!

  7. In an ideal world, parents should encourage the girls to take subjects such as cooking and sewing and anything else that they could use as a home maker. They still have degrees in these subjects, such as hospitality. Although they don’t need a degree to have a career in these subjects. They are more likely to be happy, to be a wife and mother, if they can see that they can continue to use their skills in the home.

  8. Avril…It is a wonderful blessing to be a wife and mother and to fulfill the role that God has for married women. You are wise to recognize the unbiblical ideas espoused by feminism. Few women are following the Bible’s blueprint for marriage, family, and home life. Young women are pressured by our society to go to college, amass debt, and to prepare for a full-time career. There are so many worthwhile ways to spend your time post graduation other than a 4-year degree: cooking, baking, decorating, handcrafts, gardening, volunteering, etc. Developing these skills will serve you, your future famiky, and others for life! I encourage you to make this a matter of prayer.

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