Staying Joyful in These Turbulent Times

Staying Joyful in These Turbulent Times

This world is going through some turbulent times. First, it was the virus from China that literally shut down the world and now it is violence due to rioting in the streets. It’s scary times so I asked the women in the chat room how they keep their joy in the midst of this. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“I bought some forest schooling books and I’ve been taking the kids out and spending a lot of time alone with them there, unplugged. Also intentionally looking for the people who are doing the right thing, like the communities picking up after the riots. Spending more time with family and other police wives” (Kaitlynn).

“Music, digging in my garden, and playing with my grandchildren. Their giggles are the best!” (Christine)

“I stay far away from the news! If something important happens, I rely on my husband to let me know. We’ve also been doing mini ‘family trips’ each week where we go to a new town we’ve never been to before and explore the area. This has been relaxing and fun!” (Kristen)

“I stay joyful by reading scripture, spending time outside with the kids, and reading lighthearted Christian books. And also, reminding myself that this has always happened in history. It’s not new, even though it feels like it” (Larissa).

“We visited with some Christian friends yesterday and spent some time in their wonderful garden. (We aren’t allowed in others people’s houses yet in the UK at the moment.)  I foraged Elderflowers from their hedgerows and have made some cordial this morning. ? It’s the little things that are keeping me going at the moment!” (Alena)

“I remind myself that God is on the throne, and none of this is a surprise to Him. He has a plan and will bring all to good for His people. I’m not blind to the bad, but I don’t fixate on it. I check in with my husband once a day for the main news events. I pray. I’m very busy with my Bible. I’m still working from home and spending extra time working on the house, cooking, and finding ways to help people. I make loose plans for the future. I talk to friends and family. I venture outside to walk or meet up safely with a handful of ladies from church groups. I go to our drive-through prayer services for fellowship, prayer, and an exchange of smiles. I remind myself that God’s got this, and I’ve already made it through a lot in 40 years, and if it’s going to be over down here for me, I know where I’m headed! I look for opportunities to share that message of hope and trust in the Lord whenever possible!” (Amanda)

“Serving my husband and family, and teaching my girls that God made us all and loves each and every one of us the same. I love digging in my garden.” (Kristin)

“I agree. It is so hard to be joyful when we are watching all of this hardship. I just remember that God is Sovereign, and that He is in control. Also, I try to stay in a thankful place. There is still so much to be thankful for. One thing I am thankful for today is this group. It helps me to have this group to learn from mature believers and to help me in my discernment. Your group and writings have helped me so much over the years! Thank you.” (Kerin)

Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
Philippians 4:6-8

19 thoughts on “Staying Joyful in These Turbulent Times

  1. The truth is, these riots don’t affect us.

    All the areas hit are liberal areas.

    All the stores robbed & looted are the same stores super busy on Instagram and Facebook virtue signalling.

    I, on the other hand, have had a lovely week.

    That being said, you do have to keep an eye on everything for future decisions like ‘Where not to buy property or open a business.’

    The Greatest Revenge is To Live Well

  2. I don’t watch the news (local or national news), it’s to emotionally draining. My husband watches it on and off throughout the day, he informs me of matters. Nothing is more relaxing to me (and get lost in my thoughts) than mowing the lawn! I love to cut our lawn with our push lawn mower (great exercise for a 50+ year old also!). God has a plan for everything, I’m not worried.

  3. Hello, my friend and I both posed a question to you on your Facebook page that was removed and we were blocked.

    Here is her question… I understand your belief is that woman should be in the home, raising the children, being seen and not heard, not working and not educated…

    My second question is, as you’ve always stated you believe that women should be subservient to men…

  4. Over and over I hear ladies talking about turning off the media hype coming into the home. I echo their message… unplug yourself from all that! Because I am a keeper at home, life for me has not been too terribly different. My husband, however, has challenges in his work place, so I am thankful to be here making things pleasant for him when he arrives home. I am doing a lot of cooking, cleaning, and gardening right now. I am also intentional about resting a bit each day with some hot tea. Let us not be weary in well- doing, but always seek to recharge our souls with time in the Word and prayer.

  5. Hi Sarah,

    As you can see, I have deleted most of your comment. Once you throw lies at me about what I supposedly teach, it shows me that you have no idea what I teach and only want to slander me.

    I have never said that women are to be seen and not heard. If you have read my posts, you would know that. I have never said they shouldn’t be educated either. You would know that too if you cared to actually read what I write instead of believing the slander told about me.

    I have never written that women should be “subservient” to men. Actually, I have written against this since the Bible never uses this word.

    My suggestion to you is to actually begin reading my posts and find out truth for yourself. Then, when you can ask me questions about what I really write, then we can have a discussion.

    Good day.

  6. Now, it is more important than ever to trust that God has a plan and that there’s something good coming out of this whole situation. People have been through worse situations than this. Life is always going to be full of joy and full of sorrows, all you can do is to decide where you put your focus.

  7. Thank you I needed this today. The last few days have been emotionally draining/depressing and I dont tend to be emotional. This morning I prayed that the Lord would give me the strength to resist the temptation to continually check my phone for new news throughout the day. I have been a distracted mother for the past few days looking for the internet to give me answers instead if the Word of God. I woke early and had some time (albeit short time)reading my Bible and praying before the baby woke this morning and that has settled my spirit. He is always faithful and he has definitely answered my prayers today!

    The children and I have read together, played outside together, I’ve cleaned and cooked with them, practiced penmenship and we had some time to practice sitting still this morning too. I feel much more productive today and have had better memory retention today as well! Praise be to His holy name! Thank you for this very relevant post, Lori! You are truly a blessing to me and have been for many years! I know that the Lord has many rewards for you in heaven?

  8. I observed some very disturbing video this week of innocent people that are now victims of looting and violence. Seeing and hearing an elderly handicapped African American woman that now has no local market to purchase food (or means of transportation) due to fire was disturbing. Please remember there are many citizens in these “liberal” areas that didn’t ask for destruction to come to their cities or even support the protests.

    For anyone that had a great week, praise the Lord for His provision and protection.
    As believers, we should empathize with the many Americans who fell prey to the needless violent acts, both physically and economically.

    More than Target was harmed. It’s fine if readers want to be protected from the news, but there are trusted sources that are reporting it from a conservative viewpoint.

    I’d carefully check your “revenge” theory if you’re a Christian, Christine. Give the glory to God for His gift of Salvation and pray for opportunities to share the Gospel. All people on either side of this issue were created in God’s image and we ALL deserve nothing except for His wrath and judgment. If we’ve responded to the Holy Spirit and believe in Jesus as Savior, our words and actions should reflect as such. I only remember Jesus speaking truth to sinners in love. His anger was geared towards the Pharisees. I do not remember Him being cavalier regarding anyone’s fate, nor should we.

  9. Life hasn’t changed much for me, honestly. My husband has a well paying essential job so he’s not our of work, and I’m a sahm. I have a reselling business that I run but sales haven’t been affected at all by this “plandemic”. The only way it’s affected me is that I haven’t seen friends/family as often. . . Not due to my choice but because they want to follow the government guidelines, so I have felt more isolated than normal. I find joy in taking care of my home, raising my kids, improving my business, and spending time with my husband when he’s home. I always say the Lord has blessed me more than I deserve.

  10. It’s tragic what has happened to MANY in these communities that have been burned and looted. Most did not ask for this nor want it. They want to live in a peaceful community. It’s heartbreaking.

  11. Hello Sarah, if you read Lori’s site for long, you will find that the majority of the women commenting are born again Christians. This means that we have trusted that Jesus came to earth as the Son of God, was crucified and then rose again, so we could be forgiven of our sins. This also means that we are willing to follow God and His word, no matter what that means or where that leads us. I was 17 when I came to the Lord, (I raised in a house hold that did not know the Lord. I had all the earmarks of an unsaved life, unresolved guilt, bad choices, bad relationships etc.) As I began to read the Word of God it was life transforming. I traded old attitudes that brought death for life giving ones. Old habits that brought continual pain into my life for following the Holy Spirit, which brought healing. Following the world where I was always striving, was replaced by peace, contentment and joy. This all has been a process, and after 42 years, I am so glad I made that choice. It was several years ago that the Lord brought to my attention scriptures that had to do with His wonderful plan for women. I prayed that I would be able to follow this path, and the Lord provided. You may not know the Lord, but can. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you, He is faithful. If you are a Christian please read Titus 2, the whole thing is wonderful context for Christian living.

  12. Find JOY in the little simple things… a baby’s smile, a young child bringing you a handful of dandelions, cooking and serving a meal you know your husband will like, a line full of laundry flapping in the breeze, planting and enjoying pretty colourful flowers…

    Why not see how many Bible verses you can find with the word “joy” or “joyful” in it?

    Circumstances can take away our happiness, but they need not take away our JOY in Jesus!

  13. This is a perfect example between Protestant and Catholic….

    Protestants have this whole Collective Guilt thing where they bow down en masse and cry together and hug it all out. If someone says to a Protestant “You should empathize and feel GUILTY for not being affected” A Protestant runs and cries and then joins the whole Salem Witch Hunt against whomever is currently on trial for whatever crime happens to be the Big Deal of the Moment.

    Guilt for a Catholic is a Personal Thing. It’s between me, the priest in the confessional, and God.

    No one is going to FORCE me to feel guilt.

    Especially when I haven’t done anything wrong.

    This whole collective hang-wringing just ain’t Me.

    The media wants me to spend my whole life bowing down and feeling bad about all this stuff That Doesn’t Remotely Have Anything To Do with Me. They want me to spend my entire life Worrying and Apologizing for God Knows What.

    Ain’t going to happen. And with that, I continue to eat my ice cream and steam clean my linen shirt…because I, unlike the protestors, have spent the entire week Cleaning My House and Taking Care of My Family.

  14. How funny! My husband and I are the exact opposite of y’all! He hates watching the news because he gets frustrated and worried easily at all the commotion. I personally love to stay informed on all current events, especially during election years. Otherwise I feel like I can’t contribute to a decent conversation.

  15. I live in New Zealand so the riots aren’t affecting me personally (although it’s all over our news) and we have just gone 16 days with no new cases of corona virus, and life is starting to go back to a “new normal” here for us. But still, it’s a scary time.
    Several times this week the verse from Psalms 46:10 has come to mind: “Be still and know that I am God.”
    That’s what it comes down to, isn’t it? Taking the time to be still so God can fill us with his peace and comfort, and remind us that He is in control and we do not need to fear.

  16. Yes, there are seemingly many differences between our world views, Christine.

    You bring up an excellent point, though, of not becoming overwhelmed in guilt of sin as a Christ-follower. That paradigm would surely affect our testimony and error on the side of “earning” our Salvation.

    As a Christian, I’m painfully aware that from the moment of conception, I was separated from our Holy God due to my sin nature. Only through the acceptance of His Son’s sacrifice on my behalf am I forgiven. Once a believer responds to the Holy Spirit and seeks Salvation, spiritual fruit should be present over time as we surrender our lives here on earth and deepen our relationship with Christ through the study of His Word. An important part of my reliance on Christ is to prayerfully ask the Lord to open my eyes to personal sin. Only through the work of the Holy Spirit can I overcome sin in my life, and it has and will continue to be a life long process.
    I can assure you the media has nothing to do with the process of sanctification.

    I did not respond or read anything in Lori’s comment suggesting that anyone should protest or experience guilt regarding the rationale of the demonstrations themselves. However, I am saddened by the effect the rioting and looting has had on many innocent people that have become victims of physical and economic criminal activity.

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