Carefully Consider Your Choices, Young Women

Carefully Consider Your Choices, Young Women

My goal in writing is for women to think about their choices. I believe women have been lied to in most areas. They are taught their entire childhoods to pursue higher education and careers. They are told to use birth control and that babies/children are inconveniences. They are taught that their worth and value comes from a paycheck and how many *likes* they receive on Facebook or Instagram.

These are all lies, women. God has better plans for you! I never fell for any of these lies except the birth control one. My mom was home with me full time. She loved caring for us and making a warm and comfortable home. I loved being home with my mom and if homeschooling was popular back then, I would have absolutely wanted to be homeschooled. I hated the bullying and waste of time in public schools.

“A woman must go to college” is the first lie women are taught. I went to college because I wanted to find a husband. That’s it! If it were up to me, I would have married right out of high school since having a career held zero appeal to me. I finally met my husband during the last semester of college. I was so thankful. We met in February and married in December. However, we were taught we must wait to have children so we did. It’s one of the biggest regrets of my life.

The second lie women are taught is that they must use birth control since babies are an inconvenience. Thankfully, we didn’t wait too long and I had my first baby when I was 24 years old but I had to work the first two years of her life. This is the biggest regret of my life. There was no way I could be a good wife, mother, and have a career. I was always exhausted. All I wanted was to be home with my baby.

The third lie is that women must keep their career even after they have children. We were never created to do or have it all. I finally came home full time after I had my second baby. If you’ve read any of my thousands of posts, you probably know that we struggled in our marriage because I was always arguing with my husband (since I always thought I was right and needed to win) so this didn’t make for a peaceful home. But I did love being home full time and caring for my four children.

The fourth lie is that true love is fireworks and romance as Hollywood portrays so when we lose those feelings, we think our marriage has gone south and we must divorce. I didn’t know how to be a wife. I was never modeled it nor taught it growing up.

Thankfully, I read “Created to Be His Help Meet” by Debi Pearl when I was about 45 years old and that began the healing process to having a good marriage. I finally learned what my role was as a godly, submissive wife. It’s not always easy, but it’s good. Most of God’s commands aren’t easy but by His grace, they can be obeyed. There is much fruit in obedience to God.

Another lie women are believing is that love doesn’t last a lifetime anymore. We’ve been married going on 40 years now. We raised four children who are all married and we have eleven grandchildren. I can tell you from experience, women, that there is NO greater joy than to have children who are walking in Truth, and I am so thankful that I spent my life ministering to my family instead of having a career that can’t love me back in my older age. There’s nothing I love more than fixing a good, hearty meal for my family and having all of us around my kitchen table enjoying each other. God’s ways are absolutely perfect! Think carefully about your choices, women.

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
Romans 12:1,2

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  1. This is perfect! Feminists clearly aren’t smart enough to think of new material as those lies were still being fed to me when I graduated high school in 2016. Young women are brainwashed into thinking working for a paycheck is liberation while becoming a mother and raising the next generation has no reward and with morals deteriorating with every generation it becomes easier for women to believe those lies. I’m also at university to find a husband but had it been an option to marry right after high school and start having a family I would’ve happily accepted it. A big difference I’ve noticed between my male and female friends is that university is much more stressful for the woman. They find it too much work, their grades aren’t as good as the men, yet they keep doing it. They keep demanding space and taking away opportunities from men. Their biology is telling them that they are meant for housework and that women can’t handle higher education but the lies of feminism are so burned into their brain that they can’t take the hint.

  2. Wise words. I still don’t embrace your opinions on education, if it can be pursued without excessive debt, though I certainly respect it. I think many women are giving up a great life experience by exchanging something great for a cheap alternative. Would I like the extra income my wife could make? Certainly. But she brings great value to our family by being the one home when our kids were young, and still does as we are close to having the last one head to college. Income is not the standard that God calls us to uphold, but to leave a legacy of faith. We have been married 29 years, and there have been some very lean years, but it has been worth it all, not only knowing that God would provide, but seeing His provision first hand. God’s ways are certainly far better than anything we could hope for or imagine.

  3. Amen a hundred times!

    We too fell for the birth control message early in our marriage. Thankfully we found our way out of that mindset, by God’s grace. Children are a blessing, not a curse, and God is sensible enough to know when to send them and when not to send them – we don’t have to control it for Him! Thank you for speaking on this topic!

    Have a wonderful week, Lori!

  4. Thank you, Lori. This post really resonated with my own experience as a transformed wife in many ways . I think I could have written it. Thank you for sharing and exposing the lies young women are being deceived by.

  5. The majority of colleges and universities teach Marxist feminism and this is why we are seeing what we are seeing in our country. The ugly fruit that those institutions teach is being manifested (violence and tyranny). I’m not sure why any Christians would want to support them. It’s playing Russian roulette with their children’s souls since studies prove that the large majority of children who were raised in Christian homes walk away from their faith after attending them. It’s just not worth it IMO.

  6. That’s true, Marie, and when they are challenged with the truth, they vehemently protest against it. The same happens in the workforce. Women weren’t physically created for the demands of most professions.

  7. May God have mercy on us for letting our daughters be misguided by the ways of the world. I too was instructed to go to college, start my career, and don’t you DARE think about boys!

    I’ve had 3 boys but I’m now pregnant with my first daughter, and I’ve had to reexamine myself and how im going to need to model feminity and how God wants women in particular to follow his truth.
    How am i to teach my children basically the entire world is against you, and against what God wants? It’s daunting.

    I keep going back to Galatians 6:9 And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.

    We can’t give up…thank you for the encouragement ❤️

  8. I agree. And where your children, whether girls or boys, go to college is very important. I have made it a standard to go to a Christian college, not only in name but in action, and will not help with a secular college unless they can provide a very convincing reason why a Christian college cannot provide the same education. None of them have even tried to do so and the they have only been strengthened in their walk with Christ.

  9. You teach your children that greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world and if God be for them, who can stand against them! Hide God’s Word deeply in their hearts. Teach them to walk by faith and not by fear. Make sure they know who they are in Christ and that they can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens them.

  10. Thank you so much for your ministry Lori. I must have read just about every post you’ve written on both your blogs. I come here for peace of mind and guidance. Something I miss from your past blog was your posts about your family. Your children and in laws all sound wonderful and I so enjoyed your posts about them and for example their weddings. I would very much enjoy an update on how they are all doing. They’re a testament to you and Ken.

    Also you probably don’t remember but I wrote early this year to thank you for saving my marriage. My husband wanted to leave me and our two young children but changed his mind when I started applying your teachings and taking his feedback on board. I am so happy to tell you our marriage is stable and happy now. Our youngest is 8 month and crawling, a real blessing.

    Thank you again ❤️

  11. My only concern was having a home to raise our children in when we were married. God provided quickly, with grace, knowing that it was my struggle and not His. He met me where I was and while it was not easy, as I didn’t make much at the time, He provided us with a modest home to give security to our family in less than a year of marriage, quickly making my wife a mother. God is the provider, even when we have doubts.

  12. Another point that I think must be made … if you did things contrary to God’s will when you are younger, don’t dwell on it. Know that He is a God of grace and mercy, giving undeserved favor and withholding deserved justice. He can restore what has been lost.

  13. Young women at universities are truly deceived. They, like Eve, honestly think the fruit looks good but it is leading to all of our destruction. I have a front row seat to the nonsense and if Christian parents saw what I did from a top university they would not send their girls there and they would be particular about where their boys went too.

    We are in this current mess with the riots etc. specially because Christians bought into the lies. We limited the amount of children we had (we could turn this ship around in one generation if we’d stop perpetuating the birth control lie). We send said children off to the government to be indoctrinated. Finally we prolong their singlehood with unnecessary prerequisites. Then we appear dumbfounded when their virginity flies away. Which for women is terrible in many levels. They get attached to whomever they sleep with and when that relationship is broken, they are too. So they start hating men and start becoming radicalized. It doesn’t matter if it is one or ten, it changes their psyche.

  14. You’re welcome, Alexandra! God’s ways are perfect as His Word tell us. I am so happy to hear of your saved marriages. Your children will be blessed!

    I don’t write about my children anymore since they want their privacy. I had a very small amount of women who read my blog back then compared with today. My children are all grown with their own families, so I respect their need for privacy, especially since I have so many trolls (women who hate Truth and love slandering others).

  15. Unfortunately, many just can’t afford Christian colleges, especially women who want to be home full time with their children. The amount of debt they would accumulate from a Christian college would prevent them from doing this. When I went to college, it was a Christian college and it only cost $3600 a year for everything! It was very affordable and most could pay for it with side and summer jobs.

  16. You’re right, M. Universities teach the complete opposite of biblical womanhood. The only reason women go to college these days is for a career which enslaves them to debt. Funny, feminists fought for women to NOT be enslaved at home with their children and husbands but have enslaved them to their careers and debt. Being home with children and husbands seems a much better way to be “enslaved” to me!

  17. I sort of bought these lies myself. I am currently in law school and the only thing preventing me from marrying my fiancee tomorrow is the fact that I have so little until I’m finished, and it seems like I had just thrown my time away if I don’t get my degree. Thankfully, I had a full scholarship, so I don’t need to work after school to pay off any debts.

    I said I sort of fell in this “trap” because, well… I don’t regret my education. Sure, law schools are pretty leftist (or at least mine is) but still, I learned a lot, and I do have a sense of accomplishment for getting this far. And I grew a lot in college, I probably would not be the same person without it. And most importantly, I met my fiancee there, and I just feel so blessed to have him. I mean, had I met him before, I would have married him straight out of high school and start my family, and I’d be very happy with that, too. But not everyone meets the right person at 16 or 17, and if it lasts a bit longer, well, you just gotta keep yourself busy somehow, haha. It doesn’t need to be education but it was for me, and I don’t think it was an entirely wrong decision.

  18. Funny, I actually noticed all throughout my education that girls seem to adapt to the school system better and perform better academically. I just think it’s hard for boys to sit still and pay attention for as long as regular school requires them. They are more action driven. This does probably mean that, despite lower grade average, they’ll do much better once They actually start working.

  19. It’s great you met your fiance in college, Ana, like I did. It is a blessing but most of my college girlfriends didn’t meet their husbands in college. Now, with the high cost of college, it doesn’t make much sense to go to college if a woman only wants to be a wife and mother at home.

    One thing I want to point out in your comment is that you feel a “sense of accomplishment” for almost completing law school. This is a lie that women are told to believe. Nowhere in God’s Word are we told to seek degrees and a career. This is feminism speaking. They make women believe that their value and worth rests in their diploma and paycheck.

    Our greatest sense of accomplishments should be living for the Lord and glorifying Him. Doing things for Him. Our good works, NOT things we do for our own self. We were ordained for good works. Loving God and loving others by serving them and doing acts of kindness for them. Also, speaking truth in love since God’s Word is the only thing that convicts and changes people.

  20. Well, after reading your take, Lori, I definately cannot deny my “sense of accomplishment” is probably something that is very much a product of years of being subjected to some very feminist, or at least very academic-driven thinking. Just the need I feel to finish what I started has probably something to do with the people surrounding me telling me that is what I SHOULD do, considering I won’t be pursuing a career. But, I mean, in general, I try to keep a positive attitude towards my decision from 6 years ago to go to college, because, hey, it’s not like I can turn back time and change things, I might as well make the most of what I have now. And it took a lot of hard work and endurance to come this far, that is what I am most proud of, not necessarily the diploma.

    Also, I wouldn’t be too surprised if I come across this post a few years from now when (hopefully) I’ll be a wife and a mother, and it will seem totally ridiculous where I found my sense of accomplishment in my early 20s, haha. I imagine my school work up until now will seem very insignificant once I experience motherhood. Also, maybe I should feel a greater sense of accomplishment than I do for staying Christian when surrounded by many non-Christians in a fairly leftist college, haha? 😉

    And I totally agree, had I not had the scholarship, I would have not chosen this path for myself, either, with the costs of higher education nowadays. There are plenty of other things young women can do if they decide not to get married straight out of high school.

  21. The sad part, Ana, is that everyone is applauding you, including Christians, for the path that you have taken and the degree you will earn but they are not applauding the young women who got married out of high school and are raising godly offspring for the Lord while they care for their homes and family.

  22. Great post.

    This is a message every woman in the world should be taught. It would save them so much misery, pain, sorrow, and anguish.

    The lies of the world are so alluring short term, and so destructive long term.

    “All this the world well knows, yet none knows well,
    To shun the heaven that leads men (and women) to this hell”

    The antidote that God provided for men’s lust was marriage and a family, with this remedy often denied because of the media, schools, and tech companies misleading women into the education/career myths, men are often led into lust.

    These men enslaved by lust are the easiest ones for the media to manipulate with envy, jealousy, and hatred.

    “The best revolutionaries are a youth devoid of morals”
    Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    This is nothing new. Before Communists waged bloody purges in Russia and China, they first attacked the family. Once the family and church were dysfunctional wrecks, they then unleashed the terror that murdered 100 million in a century.

    The Devil is in the details. Remember, the same group responsible for Communism, controls America’s media, schools, and tech companies, so we have all been lied to since birth, as this control started over a century ago.

    It’s very sad that 19 unarmed white men are killed by the police a year, and 9 unarmed black men, yet, the snakes in the media are so skillful, they hide this from the public, along with the fact that double the number of whites are killed by the police every year than blacks, and then they ruthlessly sensationalize the deaths of men like George Floyd, who was a career criminal, high on meth and fentanyl, and who had coronavirus.

    When children are introduced into drugs and sex when they are young, they are far easier to emotionally manipulate when they are older.

    Be not deceived. The first murder in the world was when Cain killed Abel, because Abel obeyed God, and Cain did not. The same disobedient Cain’s are hard at work today, terrorizing the righteous, and defying God.

    All this considered, our greatest foe is our own sin.

    “If God be for us, who can be against us”?
    Romans 8:31

    “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me”
    Philippians 4:13

  23. Amen, I very much agree with what you just wrote. The belittling attitude people have towards marriage and motherhood nowadays is something I deal with in my circles on a daily basis and it saddens me very much.

    Higher education is something I chose because I had nothing better to do at the time. Motherhood would be something much better to do.

  24. I am going to take issue with a very small part of this message: the things you say about George Floyd. I know it’s a really small part of everything you say but considering current events, I think it’s important to say.

    First of all, he was not a career criminal. I actually looked up his arrest history: his last arrest was in 2009, he spent time in jail, was parolled in 2013, and has not been arrested since. After his release, he became involved with Resurrection Houston and became a Christian mentor to youths – he was probably a reformed Christian!

    Second of all, why do you mention the fact he had coronavirus like that is a bad characteristic of his? It is something he probably had very little influence over, and an independent coroner said it had nothing to do with his death. And thirdly, yes, he had drugs in his system, however, again, an independent coroner said it had nothing to do with his death.

    Was he a saint? Obviously not. Did he deserve to die, especially of a violent death? I don’t think so. While I do not condone the looting and rioting at all, I do think his death was not just, that’s why it is understandable people are angry. Fighting against looting and rioting with lies (and yes, the statement that he was a career criminal is a straight up lie) that damage a reputation of a murdered man and hurt his family will do no good. You lose the moral high ground you had on those rioters and looters, no matter how good your arguments are otherwise.

  25. Great post. Having 3 young daughters myself this is something I think about often. Something I’ve been told by many who know someone who has been in this situation say, “what about young women who become widows and have children to care for but are unable to provide for their children because they can’t find a good job since they don’t have a degree?” They say that’s why it’s important for women to have degrees so they have something to fall back on. What would you say to those people?

    Also, what skills would you recommend daughters to have if they are not pursuing a higher education? I’d like to prepare my daughters in the best way that I can.

  26. Lori is speaking the truth

    Women and men are agreeing it is the truth

    Then both men and women say

    Yeah, but…………

    As soon as that “but” is said, they reveal that they do not really believe the truth of God’s word.

    Or that they are still going to rebel against God and do opposite of what God says.

    A lot of people seem to think that when they stand before the LORD to give an accounting of their words and deeds, that they are going to be the rare exception of God being pleased that they were doing contrary to God’s word.

    Yes, God’s word steps on our sinful toes.

    God’s word is a staff and a rod unto us.
    A staff to gently guide us when we stray off His path.
    A rod to correct us when we refuse to be gently guided back to His path.

    Women, I beg of you to let God guide you with His staff.
    God created you.
    God knows what is best for you.

  27. This is so true!
    I would add: enjoy every second of raising your babies because those years are gone in a flash.
    My oldest is 17 and has left home, has a full-time job doing what he has always wanted to do, and renting his own house. I always thought I would have him home for a few more years yet but no. It feels like yesterday he was born.
    I regret every second I have had to work and be away from my babies. I didn’t have a choice, but I still regret it.

  28. This is so awesome to hear! I absolutely love stories like this where marriages have been saved.

  29. I have written several or more posts about this, Amy, but when asked this question, I think of Jana Duggar who is 30 years old. She lives at home and gardens, sews, cooks, helps with the younger children, goes on mission trips, and many other things that keep her busy and glorifying God.

  30. I am so, so thankful to be learning these things at 21 instead of 41. I am probably one of the few women my age who was not really heavily influenced by feminism. I was taught the basics of biblical womanhood from the time I was a small child. I knew I wanted to be a wife and mother. There was a time that people were telling me at the end of high school I was so smart (a small exaggeration, I think) that I needed to have a big career. I decided I wanted to be a compound pharmacist because I am a science nerd. I knew I would have no debt, and I wanted to quit once I got married. Interestingly, even at that time, I was calculating how many years I could shave off the eight year norm by getting my bachelor’s quickly so I could get married! About two years ago, the Lord began bringing to my mind biblical womanhood again. I found some blogs from women whose teachings and books I had learned from as an adolescent. After avidly reading those blogs, the Lord helped me find Lori’s blog, which I again read eagerly along with her old blog, trying to learn. Even though I had learned the basic principles as a child, such as submission to one’s husband and staying home with your children, I did not really know how to apply them in my life as a single woman. Oh, the Lord has been teaching me so much since then! He has changed my life in so many ways! He has showed me that I do have a role in the church; that I do not have to wait for marriage before I can start serving Him. He has helped me to see that I can serve Him here, now, meeting the needs of others in my family, church, and community. I still want to marry very badly, and I do struggle with discontentment in this area. But I take comfort knowing that I do have a valuable role to play, even if it is not yet at my husband’s side. I can still be used by God. As for college, I do not regret going because I know that in doing so, I obeyed my father, and it is God’s will for a daughter to honor her parents. I only wish that I had been given a chance to explore all the options out there for learning real life skills besides college. If I have any regrets, I think it would be that. I am thankful I have nothing more to regret. I am no longer going to be a compound pharmacist, not only because of the waste of time, but also because I have learned a little more about the agenda of big pharma. I found I could not be involved in that. The Lord has since directed me towards teaching. I am studying to be a high school science teacher, hopefully at a Christian school instead of public (Lord willing). As for the wickedness of college, unfortunately none of the reports have been exaggerated. It is so full of wickedness. It breaks my heart. Growing up as sheltered as I did, I had no idea it was possible to flaunt sin so openly before college. My campus in particular is horribly anti-Christian. Street preachers who come are ridiculed, sworn at, to the point that security has to come and tell the students to back off. Marxist feminism is definitely prevalent, and there are college classes taken for college credit that teach you how to practice occultic techniques such as Eastern meditation. I have seen them in the course catalogs. And don’t get me started on the “women’s and sexuality studies” programs! It’s not education; it’s indoctrination.

  31. Perhaps you did not see the video clip of him in a porno movie? Reformed Christian? It would appear that your college education has yet again clouded your ability to see how this whole ordeal is little more than media manipulation for Marxist usurpation of our culture. Please stop with the white guilt nonsense and see the actual facts young lady.

  32. Thank you, Brian, well said. Yes, George Floyd appeared in vile smut films, in addition to being guilty of HOLDING A LOADED GUN TO THE STOMACH OF A PREGNANT WOMAN AND ROBBING HER WITH FIVE OTHER MEN. The level of callousness and inhumanity it takes to do something like that is incomprehensible. This is why Candace Owens said George Floyd is not her hero or martyr.

    She should have left out the profanity, and FrontPageMag is run by globalist bankers, but her message is true.

    Having Coronavirus and drugs in your system make breathing more difficult and increase the risks of heart attack. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the police officer, who was guilty of excessive force, is let off and found innocent. There is a very real chance George Floyd would be alive today if he did not have underlying heart issues, and had cooperated with law enforcement, though, like 99% of America, I agree the police were too severe. Also, consider, this happened in a Democrat state, and in a Democrat City. The rioting mostly happened in Democrat cities. The Democrat party has been controlled by bankers since 1912, along with the media, schools, and tech companies. America has a terrible time with letting the lying snakes in the media manipulate us, not realizing they control Hollyweird and are masters of sensationalizing lies and propaganda. These snakes manipulated America into World War 1 & 2, and to this day the average American still has no idea that the Lusitania incident and Pearl Harbor were staged. So, if they can fool America into fighting two world wars, they have no problem fooling us into idolizing George Floyd.

    “It is easier to fool a man than to convince him he’s been fooled”
    Mark Twain

    It is absolutely not understandable why people are looting and rioting. Just as the Watts Riots, and the Rodney King riots were staged, these were whipped up by Communists too.

    One of the highest ranking KGB defectors, Yuri Bezmenov, told of this in the 1980’s.

    All these victim organizations, the SPLC, the ACLU, the NAACP, the ADL, and BLM, are set up by the bankers, mostly Jewish, to cause chaos and to help them avoid the people rising up against their tyranny. While the people are busy fighting each other, the wicked bankers rule in peace.

    It is said that those who control the past, control the future. We were all lied to in school about history. If we all knew history, and especially that the bankers are stealing from us every single day, there would be a Revolution tomorrow morning, as Henry Ford said.

    The video “Europa, The Last Battle” is 12 hours, but it thoroughly details the history we were never taught. One can learn more from this 12 hour video, than we learned in 12 years of schooling, from K-12.

  33. Oh why didn’t I find you back when I was young? I have so many regrets in my behavior as a wife. Bossy, selfish, manipulative, pouty, etc. My husband is an amazing man to have stayed with me long enough to see the light. We are on year 36 this July. We have had a wonderful marriage the last decade or a little more but I could have had it for longer if I had been who I was suppose to be.

  34. I said probably a reformed Christian, I don’t know. I did not see a clip of him in a porn movie, nor do I intend to research whether that is true or not because it is not relevant to my point. Last time I checked, as immoral as it is to earn money with sex, pornography is not a crime in the U. S. (and yes, that is in fact something I learned in law school, thank you very much) and porn stars do not deserve to be chocked to death on the streets in my opinion.

    So, the fact remains: George Floyd, whatever you think of him, was not a career criminal. That was a lie. That was all I was pointing out. I did not mention race, nor did I say I think the media covers this issue well. The left media is very biased – but so is the right sometimes. Ask yourself who is being fooled here if you think the fact that he appeared in a pornographic clip (whether that is true or not) is at all valid.

  35. Also, Ana, he was in pornography, and, pornography is illegal, as the Supreme Court has no right to legalize it in 1969 with “Stanley vs Georgia”. Also, these globalist bankers, and no doubt the Rothschilds are worth well over $500 trillion, are behind the legalization of porn, homosexuality, contraception, and abortion. Those whom the Gods intend to destroy, they first make crazy, and the Rothschilds view themselves as Gods. They know these behaviors craze and weaken civilizations.

    Just like what they did in Weimar Germany and after World War 2, they spread filth and degeneracy. Just like they did when Israel invaded Ramallah in 2003. They shut off the televisions, put snipers on the rooves, and piped porn into homes, as E. Michael Jones details in “Libido Dominandi”.

    Recommend reading Reisman’s “Sexual Sabotage” to learn how the Kinsey report was deliberately used to sabotage the family.

    Ask yourself why you let the media manipulate you so easily?

    When double the number of whites are killed by police every year, and you don’t see media sensationalizing that, nor do you see riots, then why is the media hyping black deaths at the hands of the police constantly? Because, the only lives the media cares about are black lives who die from whites or the police. This goes along with their narrative, “Whites are oppressors and need to feel guilt, blacks are victims and need to feel resentment and anger”, designed to whip up racial tension, to keep us divided and fighting, while the bankers rule over us.

    Real Eyes realize real lies.

  36. Excellent point (as usual, Montesquieu). May I add a small portion of my thoughts on this matter? As children we are ALL taught right from wrong, it’s drilled into us (well, most I guess) from our toddler years until we can make sound decisions on our own – peer pressure may affect those decisions, but in the end, they are our decisions and we must live with the consequences. Mr. Floyd made many, many bad decision (we all have at one point or another) but he had the opportunity to change and, if he did indeed pass the counterfeit money, that was his decision.

  37. Does any one have any suggestions for me as a 59yr old widower.

    I am too old to be waiting another 10-20-30 years for a woman to finally decide to follow God’s word for her.

    I do not want to spend the remaining years of my life fighting a “christian” feminist and having a miserable day to day life battling and putting up with her antics.

    I have been told to make sure she is a Christian.
    I have seen many “christian” women in churches.
    My late wife was a “christian” wife vouched for by 2 preachers who knew her for several years.

    She was at church every time the doors were open – rain, snow or sun; drove 1hr just to get to church, had a heart to serve the LORD, quote many bible verses and was of a meek and mild spirit.
    On the wedding night she let her true self show and a rabid feminist revealed herself. And then her adulteries started.

    So again, what is an older guy to do to find a real wife?

  38. Follow Paul’s example and stay single. Serve the Church. You will struggle to find a good Christian wife in this age bracket. Unless you will have a widow and her children. Which involves a lot more effort and investment on your part, that will be rewarding but once again a huge committment.

  39. Pray of course. 🙂 After that you could look to go to church conferences etc. with some of the groups of Christians that still believe in Biblical womanhood.

  40. CVD – A widow with children is acceptable to me. I have 3 teenagers myself since I married late. I have talked with women that have children. Once they find out that I have children, then they are no longer interested. I would have to deal with an ex from their past, having some influence in any marriage to her, but even with no living mom in the relationship for my children, they are definitely not interested in me having children for them to live with.
    Also I feel NO call to being single.

    M – My late wife and I came from a VERY CONSERVATIVE fundamental church background. Biblical womanhood, modest clothing, didn’t even kiss, hug or hold hands before marriage. Had a chaperone even with me being 40 and her 35 since we knew the temptations. And it was all lies……
    I pray several times every day for a real wife.

  41. My niece’s mother in law is in the same boat as you, she’s in her late 50’s, met a few potential men on dating sites and they all have one goal (take a wild guess) – she’s not into that. She said she’ll stay single if that’s what’s out there. Perhaps Lori (or someone) could start a dating web site – it seems that we all know someone who is looking for a fine christian spouse.

  42. Thanks for posting this Lori! No one told me in any of this when I was a teenager. My mom was always at work. And all of my teachers said “college or nothing.” Such a shame.

  43. I have been looking around for a godly woman and have been praying that godly women will stand out in teaching younger women to be godly as well. This is an interesting blog and also encouraging. It encourages me to know that someone on this earth is dedicated to helping young women know how to be godly. It is so hard to find a true godly woman:
    Some women claim to be godly who desire godly men and yet:
    -pursue worldly men.
    -tempt godly men.
    -feed their egos with endless lists of friend-zoned men.
    -judge a man’s “value” in worldly terms.
    -seek advice from ungodly promiscuous women.
    -hate children
    -use up the best of what they were given, their most fertile years, the years where they were most beautiful, and then and “settle” which destroys both her life and that man’s life. And they still see themselves as the prize as if she is doing him a favor.

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