Stop Believing False Studies on Spankings

Stop Believing False Studies on Spankings

Since I wrote about the devastating effects of Dr. Spock’s child raising book, I thought I would share what others think about spanking children. It seems we are constantly being told how the “studies” prove that spankings are bad for children and just plain wrong. In fact, a 50-year study proved that spanking children is just as bad as physical abuse.  “We as a society think of spanking and physical abuse as distinct behaviors. Yet our research shows that spanking is linked with the same negative child outcomes as abuse, just to a slightly lesser degree.”

I know this isn’t true since parents have been spanking their children for centuries. I decided to look at the comments on the Facebook that shared this study (which isn’t a Christian site) to see what others had to say about this article and I was pleasantly surprised!

“And for 50 years society has demanded that there be no spanking and look what has happened to our kids. No respect of adults or other people’s property or lives. I for one am glad I was not listening!” (Inger)

“Watch nature. A mother bear will cuff her cub to keep it in line! All animals control their young with physical means, and GOD did tell us if you spare the rod, you spoil the child. A spanking is not meant to be a beating, just enough to get their attention.” (Joan)

“Funny how back in the day when a parent could discipline their children and not have the law or society call them out for ‘beating’ their child, we never had school shootings, or all of these disrespectful little thugs running around….” (Chrissie)

“There is a difference between abuse and spanking as one form of discipline. My parents varied our punishments to fit the ‘crime.’ Actually I much preferred a spanking (moderate) to not allowing me to ride my horse for a week. Discipline’s purpose is to help the child remember, keep them safe, and learn self-control.” (Ginny)

“Nah… I’m still gonna spank my kid. Worked for me, works for her as well. Whip her a** now, or get her out of jail later for being an entitled brat…” (Jon)

“Spanking properly with love is discipline in which in our society less children are receiving! Children are left to themselves to self indulge, and the lack of self control belongs to the child. There are adults who abuse, but calling every adult that properly disciplines one who lack self control is b**. A child properly disciplined and spanked if unruly, you’ll find a well behaved child that’s a joy to be around! A no brainer!” (Jennifer)

“I started spanking my son before he started walking. No, I didn’t beat him. I said what I meant and meant what I said. I didn’t count to three (hate that). By the time he was in grade school, the spankings stopped for the most part, I trained him early. Kids aren’t stupid. Talk to your kids, don’t yell.” (Peggy)

“It’s not violent. A smack on the butt and then explain to the child. The Bible says spare the rod, spoil the child. Look at the mess our kids are in today: out of control, drugs, because they had no consequence. No one should beat a child. That’s wrong.” (Carolyn)

“I’m not convinced. How is it that children who were raised getting a spanking they earned grew up with manners and respect? We are not talking about child abuse but, rather a swat on the butt. They didn’t go around shooting up their schools even though in many places they had access to guns, whether at school or at home.” (Elizabeth)

“There is a huge difference between spanking (discipline) and beating (anger). Spanking needs to be done more often. Beating needs to stop.” (Christy)

I am thankful there are some wise people still left on this planet who are raising well disciplined children.

Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.
Proverbs 22:15

6 thoughts on “Stop Believing False Studies on Spankings

  1. YES!!! My children are teens now and so we are past that stage of training them up…but they know how to be respectful and kind.

    I was *just* watching a youtube video of a retired male teacher who taught public school in D.C. I think….he said how kids would skip 30+ days of classes, curse and throw things at the teachers. They would fornicate in stairwells and have *no* respect for authority! It is a crisis, truly! I watched another one where a lady was resigning due to the chaos in their school. Kids were still *passing* the classes though so the school looked good. 🙁 What is *that* teaching them!?

    Children *need* proper, loving discipline and that includes spanking. Our society is reflecting this “me, me, me” mentality as well. It is truly a saddening thing. 🙁

  2. In Australia, people try and convince you you are not allowed to spank. I’ve even spoken to child protection workers that demanded I stop spanking my children. And were full convinced it was illegal. Thankfully, I did my own research and I told them they were wrong. Not only is it legal to spank, the law does not condemn use of an implement. There are certain guidelines (spank here, don’t spank there, must not leave a mark, punishment must fit the crime etc etc) but the law allows for spanking. It is in fact up to law enforcement to make their own conclusions if it was right or not. And one policeman might say it’s OK, but the one next to them says no. Do your research on spanking laws for your country or state. ?

  3. As a mom who stays at home it is my job to spank if needed my children aged 12, 9, 7 ,5, will go over my knee for a bare bottom spanking when needed. I feel it is as much my duty to spank for serious deeds as it was my duty to nurse them with my milk when they were babies. All my 4 children are remarkably kind and have exceptional manners. I love them so much. That is part of knowing when a child needs a spanking.

  4. In Denmark, Europe is is illegal to spank your children. It is violence just as if you spank your wife or husband. I have 3 children and I have never spanked them. We talk about it if they do something wrong. They all have good manners and they are kind and loving.
    We don’t have school shootings or anything like that.

  5. People have spanked their children consistently up until about 40 or so years ago in the US. The school shootings have been since then. God commands we spank our children, so we did. When I was in elementary school, principals paddled children and there was rarely any misbehavior.

  6. I rarely miss an opportunity to advocate the sound spanking of a naughty child’s bare bottom across the lap of adult authority. So much of my firm commitment to child spanking comes from the developmental wrong that was done me by my never having been spanked growing up.

    Rather than warm my upturned bare backside for stealing, lying, being rude and playing with matches, my mother and my oldest sister (my childhood disciplinarians) punished me by withdrawing their affection. Nursing a deservedly well-spanked bum would’ve been so much more helpful in my needing to learn the critical lesson of Actions & Consequences.

    Both physically and emotionally, I don’t believe I could’ve possibly been any better suited to pants-down, over-the-knee correction. I was a shy, sensitive boy, respectful of authority and built to fit comfortably over either my mum’s or my sister’s lap. Also, with the full, round bottom I’d been given, Mother Nature had surely meant for me to be spanked.

    In her later years, my mum admitted that she would indeed spank me if she had it to do over again. I expect she’d seen something of the problems that never being spanked had caused me.

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