The Inability Young People Have to Connect with Others

The Inability Young People Have to Connect with Others

An article called There’s No Sex Recession – only a Connection Recession explores why young people are having less sex than their parents’ generation. “The modern generation was specifically taught to give up on love and to focus on themselves and their careers instead…The real concern, in other words, isn’t that young people are having less sex but that they’re unable to form attachments. An actual relationship with the opposite sex eludes them. Young people are afraid of commitment, and they’re afraid of intimacy.”

The author of this article and the one she refers to in her article don’t give the solutions to this problem. Yes, porn is one of the reasons for the problems and women focusing on themselves and their careers is another but what are the solutions? The biggest reason why young people can’t connect with other people is because they, most likely, didn’t bond with their mothers as babies. Most of their mothers had careers and left them in the care of others. (Read The Way Home by Mary Price.) Another reason is divorce and the devastation these young people have suffered through because of their parents’ divorce.

It was a sad part of President Trump’s speech when he heralded the fact that more women than ever before are in the Congress and in the workforce. Who is home watching the children? Who is training them in the way they should go? Who is teaching them about morals and values that make families and nations great? Who is raising the next generation to be people of integrity and kindness? Yet, those women in white coats are fighting for all of the things that are against God’s plan for women. They are fighting for what God hates – the shedding of innocent blood (Proverbs 6:17). They cheer wildly for all of the things women have accomplished for themselves yet sit in stone silence when saving the lives of unborn babies is mentioned. They will reap what they are sowing. This is an eternal principle that they will be unable to escape unless they repent.

Feminism is self-seeking and selfish. Being a wife and mother full time is self-sacrificing and loving others more than oneself. There’s a wide gap between the two. Many tell me that women can do it all. No, they can’t. That’s a lie. Someone suffers and it is usually the children. The greatest security a mother can give to her children is to be there for them in her home full time. They will know she is always available for them. This will grow emotionally stable and secure children who will grow up to be able to connect easily with others. They will be secure and well-loved. They also need to be raised in a household where their mother and father stay married for life. This is God’s plan for strong families and strong nations.

Feminism has made women much less attractive to men. It has made women think they don’t need a man in their lives. They are independent, loud, and “free” in their minds. They no longer act feminine, dress feminine, and want no part of being feminine. Men like feminine. Femininity is what attracts men to women. Feminism does not. And we wonder why so many men are involved in porn these days. Yes, men will be held accountable for their own actions and no, they should NOT look at porn because it is so destructive to them and it’s on a deadly pathway to hell but women must ponder the part that they had to play in this addiction. If foolish women can tear their homes down with their own hands, they can tear down nations with their own hands.

Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.
Isaiah 49:15

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  1. A lot of young people are embittered and resent their elders, thinking they know everything, and especially the Left teaches the old are the bad guys! Of course, a resentful bitter “nasty woman” for a mother would breed generations of resentful youth!

  2. I had the same thought about how sad it was that the POTUS lauded more women in Congress as a good thing, and I was grieved by the applause it garnered. These women are missing their babies growing up because they insist on occupying public office. Their children will suffer for this. I know at least one of the women shown applauding is divorced and raising her son alone; another is living in sin with her boyfriend.

    Women so desperately need godly guidance and correction from fathers in their youth and husbands when they are of age. The women making up the 116th Congress is the result when those things are absent from women’s lives.

    1. So very true. It was a tragic irony, that on the day following Trump’s speech, watching the women in white parade around, I attended a school board meeting where the students in the schools of Vallejo has dropped from 20,000 to 12,000 in about 20 years. Women no longer have children, and now they are encouraged to get an education and have a job. Well, this ideology has literally destroyed my city before my very eyes, and it will do it to America soon, if it isn’t speedily rectified. If the women in congress wanted to wear a color that reflected the sorrow and destruction their choices bring to them and their nation, black would have been more fitting.

      While men are the leaders, and the problem of pornography, as Lori mentioned, is a grievous evil in the land, yet every instance of sex outside of marriage is equally bad, and sex in marriage using abortion and contraception to take care of ‘accidents’, and ‘unwanted burdens’, is just as bad. 30% of the top ten websites in the world are porn websites. The sad and shameful thing is the very control that men seek, has driven them to fairytale lands, that offer only desolation, destruction, misery, and anguish. It is kind of like Gollum in Lord of the Rings. He always wanted his Precioussss, not realizing what a wretch it turned him into. Neither sex can blame the other for it’s own sinful behavior.

    1. All of society’s ills aren’t women’s fault, Doxie, but I only teach women so I point out their fault in society. Men definitely have their faults, too, but as the Scriptures tells us, wise women build their homes up and foolish ones tear theirs down. Women are also divorcing their husbands in much higher numbers than men are divorcing their wives. Feminism (sin) has had a terrible influence upon women, thus culture at large. Women need to be taught the beauty of God’s ways. For we are told that women have the ability to even win their disobedient husbands by their godly behavior.

      1. Long time reader, first time commenter.

        Most things can be blamed on both women and men. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. We’re Christians, so we know none of us is without sin.

        Let me share an example from my own life. I had been a bit neglectful of my husband. I had been at the gym working out with my sister. When we got home, my husband was there and he saw my sister in her workout clothes and lusted after her.

        I didn’t get upset with him. I apologized for neglecting him and then I took care of him.

        Now most Christians would simply condemn my husband for lusting after my sister and regard it as an indignity for me to provide him with relief that lust. Most secular feminists who supposedly don’t believe in the concept of sin would say the same.

        However, my husband ‘s sin was the least. I had sinned by neglecting him ( a choice) and my sister sinned by dressing immodestly in front of him (a choice). My husband sinned because he was frustrated and overwhelmed (not a choice.)

        When David lusted after Bathsheba, where was his wife? Although Scripture is silent on this point, I find it hard to believe that a man as godly as David would have sinned so grievously if his wife had been doing her duty.

  3. I, too, listened to the President’s speech. I had the same sad feeling when women applauded their accomplishments in the workforce but sat in silence when he spoke about the horrors of abortion!!! A righteous anger was swelling up inside of me along with tears and grief over such a dark culture with hardened hearts.😢

  4. I too watched the President’s speech. Along with you ladies, was disturbed to hear how many women are in Congress! I was saddened by his praise and encouragement for these women.
    What’s even worse is how many “Christian” women are working outside of the home these days! It seems to me that these young women see absolutely nothing wrong in ignoring GOD’s instructions for our femine conduct. Instead, they are doing what they want to do. This is something we should very concerned about!

  5. Proverbs 6:16-19, That’s a big check in all seven boxes for these demon-rats.

    Democrats commend Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” as their playbook. He praises Lucifer as the first rebel to use deception in winning a kingdom by challenging God’s order. This should tell you everything you need to know about these people. I am not a Republican, they are the lesser evil, but politics are a con-game giving people the illusion of choice, and third party politics will never happen. Yes, we have to stay aware as this world gets more dangerous, and dare to be a Daniel, but on the national level the abortion battle is over.

    Stop trying to attack the leaves, go stab at the root of the tree. People need a new heart and they will not get it without you evangelizing!
    Lori’s whole blog could be boiled down to this: Serve God, and be faithful with the instructions we have for serving our spouses. 90% of society’s problems would vanish if we returned to traditional patriarchal Christianity: The husband is to lead and sacrifice for his family; the wife is to submit and obey her husband.

    Satan’s tactic has been the same since the Garden of Eden. Seduce women into rebellion against God to destroy His structure. Satan beguiles women into rebellion against God’s order. If women won’t submit, men can’t lead, the children are neglected, and all come under Satan’s influence. God’s family structure of Man over women, and women over their children is the only defense we have, that’s why God ordered it so!

    Modern Complementarianism is compromise with feminism, it’s a scholarly deceit to corrupt conservatives who trust their pastor’s interpretation over reading the plain truth of the verses themselves. The man is not commanded to submit to his wife, he is to (gently) lead her. He can ask her advice, and sometimes it is wise to act on it (other time’s it is not), but he is to make the decisions as the leader while the wife is to submit. Christianity is patriarchal in order, embrace truth, don’t tear it down!

    Reach as many people as you can through evangelism. The world is playing into the hand of the Devil in preparation of the time of Tribulation, these events have to happen. Political warfare is a distraction. Keep the main thing, the main thing: Evangelizing, and helping spiritually young Christians through discipleship. If your church is full of lazy pew-sitters that won’t evangelize and build people to be functional disciples; do it yourself and pray for God to send you faithful siblings to help in the harvest.

  6. Great post Lori.

    While I won’t attempt to defend pornography, I will stick up for the, almost totality of, men, including Christians, who have seen it to some degree or another. Christians who have viewed pornography are likely over 90% of men, and the rate of pornography use is even higher amongst “Christian” leaders, than their congregants. Pornography is not adultery.
    Matthew 5:28 But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
    The “adultery” or the root of it, was already in his heart. Just like the root of murder is already in the heart of the person who hates, or thievery is in the heart of the person who covets. Just as much as adultery is already in the heart of every married woman who dresses in hopes that some hawt man might find them sexy(sexually enticing). If men are enticed, they have sin in their heart, but if you enjoy the thought of a hawt man being enticed by you, you are doing a devil’s job, tempting men. In a generation that thinks leggings are pants, women in general have no room to be upset at men, over pornography. Women watch romances(“divorce-porn”), lazily sitting there, wishing their husband was that guy, or like that guy, and it is no difference from a man watching an enthusiastic woman in a porn video wishing that was how his wife would treat him. In both cases men and women often feel defrauded and then feel entitled to what they feel they should be getting. But I have to side with the men on this one. Every husband deserves his wife’s enthusiastic love, while women’s romantic desires to be brought “fried ice” by their constant love slave is unrealistic(more unrealistic than porn, LOL) and not in keeping with honoring their husbands, or helping their husbands accomplish their purpose in life. People who are sexually immoral, by refusing their mate the sex they both vowed(to have and to hold) and are commanded(in 1 Corinthians 7:2-5) to provide, have zero room to hypocritically complain if their partner turns to porn as a result of their sexually immoral defrauding.

    Yes, pornography is degrading our nation, and nobody is doing a thing about it. It was highly degrading to me to turn to it as a second rate option for sexual release while married, because it was morally less polluting than accepting those offering real adultery.
    Don’t degrade your husband by denying them. You know there are sluts, prostitutes and all sorts of other options immediately available to them. If you deny your husband, and he only chooses porn, consider yourself and your children lucky.
    Don’t be so selfish that your husband has to go bond with some other woman or his hand. Most likely he wouldn’t have married you, if he didn’t really want to be having sex with you, regardless of what he told you. If you deprive him of that, you are just selfish.

    I know there are exceptions, but that is a general statement from my perspective.

  7. Mary Pride’s book (you had a typo there :)) is an amazing book. Her book ‘All the Way Home’ is more a “how to” book. Love, love, love her teaching. She was one of the first women I read that talked about this crazy idea of having a lot of kids! 27 years later we have 13, and I’m so grateful to her and others like her.

  8. I think it has more on their upbringing. Be responsible. Be respectful. Say sorry. Have manners. Open the door – for anyone! Really simple.

  9. So, I asked my 21 yr old son about this, and he said, “Not having sex? Of course they’re having sex. Hooking up has been their world since they were 10 years old. How many virgins are left after high school? Not many. This is the electronic age, so false personal relationships are conducted over facebook and twitter, over our phones and in texts. There’s no one on one connections. In college, girls connect very easily in friendships. Guys…not so much. But that’s just the difference between girls and guys. I even talk to a girl, and she mistakes my friendliness for coming on to her. Mom, look at what you’re spending time doing, reading those blogs. You’re no different than us. We follow sports blogs. You follow that lady’s blog. These aren’t personal connections. You can be whoever you want to be online. And then there’s porn. Evil stuff. So, am I waiting for the right girl to come along to make a good marriage? Yep, but I’ve gotta be able to support her and a family, and I’ve got alot of school to get thru to be able to do that.”

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