The Seven Effects Feminism Has Had on the Family

The Seven Effects Feminism Has Had on the Family

In 1979, Tim LaHaye wrote a book titled “The Battle For the Family.” In this book, he gave seven effects that feminism has had on the family.

Creates Unnecessary Competition Between Husband and Wife

Blurs the Distinction Between the Sexes

Creates Unnecessary Dissatisfaction With Being a Housewife and Mother

Causes Insecurity in Women

Destroys Femininity

Causes Insecurity in Men

Makes Children Insecure

Can you now clearly see how opposed to God’s will feminism is? It’s made out to be such a wonderful thing for women, but all it has done is cause destruction in its wake. Feminism is the complete opposite of God’s will for women.

How does it create unnecessary competition between husbands and wives? There is now no clear distinction between the roles. God created husbands to be the providers and protectors, and women to be the mothers and keepers at home. There is harmony between husbands and wives when they each understand and know their God assigned roles.

Feminism has blurred the distinction between the sexes by getting rid of the roles for men and women. This has resulted in chaos! The fruit of feminism is now being seen in our culture. Little boys can become girls. Little girls can become boys. Girls can do what boys do. Boys can do what girls do. It’s all an imaginary freak show!

Feminism has caused a great dissatisfaction with being a housewife and mother. Many women are choosing not to marry and bear children. Many who do marry are choosing not to have children. They have been made to believe that it’s far better to submit to a boss and work 9:00 to 5:00 each day rather than submit to a husband and care for one’s own children at home. Women have believed lies. Instead of being content loving and serving their families, they are discontent while serving strangers.

How does feminism cause insecurity in women? Instead of living out God’s clearly defined role for them, they are lost and floundering as they pursue jobs away from the home. They’ve entered the man’s world of provider which was his curse from the Fall, and they try to be men. How can this not cause insecurity in women? They weren’t created for the workforce. They weren’t created to be away from their families and home all day long. They are out of their natural, God-given environment.

How does feminism destroy femininity? Feminism is the complete opposite of being feminine. It causes women to disregard their God-ordained roles and pursue men’s role instead. It has caused them to be loud, independent, and promiscuous. Instead of wanting to be home keepers, they are home wreakers. Up to 80 percent of divorces are initiated by women. They are no longer taught anything about being godly women who love their husbands, children, and homes.

How does feminism cause insecurity in men? Since women have left their God-ordained roles and have taken over men’s, men have lost their rightful place in society. And not only in society, but in the churches and at home. Female preachers are taking over the churches. They teach egalitarian in marriages, so wives are taking over the homes. Men were created for leadership positions. They were created to lead, but women have slowly but surely been taking this role away from men.

Lastly, how does feminism make children insecure? Feminism has caused a massive breakdown of the family. Divorce has skyrocketed. Mothers are in the workforce, so children are being raised by strangers. This is the perfect recipe for insecure and emotionally unstable children. Feminism has hurt children the most. Abortions are common. Mothers don’t even want their children. They don’t love children. Many women don’t even want children.

Feminism’s destruction is widespread, even filtering into the churches. Stand against feminism, women, by living out biblical womanhood in front of your family and those in your circle of influence. Live for Jesus. Live in the boundaries that God has given to you. They are good, and they are right. His ways are perfect.

Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.
Proverbs 14:1

5 thoughts on “The Seven Effects Feminism Has Had on the Family

  1. Lori, I am a 59 year old man, in a few days will be “celebrating” my 32 wedding anniversary, except my wife is suing for divorce. She is not happy and wants out. We have 5 children. My wife homeschooled them all the way through. She has not worked outside the home since we married. I have been faithful since the day we met. She goes to a Kay Arthur Bible study every week. She has Bible verses all over the house. By any visible standard she is a Christian. Yet she is suing me in the pagan courts, violating 1 Corinthians 6:1-8. She is violating many scriptures, and there is nothing that can be done. She refuses counselling and accountability.

    You cited that 80% of divorces are initiated by women. That is true, but if the woman has a college degree the number approaches 90%.

    My attorney (female) says that women mislead each other about what the will get by divorcing their husband, and encourage each other to divorce. Fortunately, the laws in my state are pretty fair, and men get a decent shake. Also in my state, fault has to be considered for alimony, and we are not a “No fault” state. So if the husband, for example, does not want a divorce, the suing spouse has to prove fault to get alimony. Mostly.

    I know, and have met many other men in my situation. It is really common. 20 and 30 year marriages are being disolved by the unhappy wife. It is worse than almost anyone knows.

    Thank you for standing by the Word, allowing God to tell the truth, and all men be liars.

    I discovered you a while back during the “Christian men want to marry debt-free virgins with no tattoes” controversy. Even the pagans on Youtube were defending you against the young female self-proclaimed teacher. The truth stung her pretty bad.

    May God bless you.

  2. I am sorry to hear this, Anonymous. It’s not uncommon, unfortunately. I will never understand these women who are even leaders in the Kay Arthur Bible studies and come home to treat their husbands terribly. I know a few women like this. One did divorce her husband. I believe this is the fault of women like Kay Arthur. Instead of teaching what God commands she teach to younger women, she teaches doctrines that God has not given to her. If all female teachers in the churches were teaching biblical womanhood, Christian marriages would look far different and there would be far fewer divorces in the churches.

  3. Satan’s net of feminism has been cast wide.

    It does not matter if the woman is 20 years old, 70 years old or somewhere in between.

    It does not have a monopoly on race. White, black, brown, red or yellow – all of them have eagerly embraced feminism.

    It does not matter if the woman is from a country like the US or from a 3rd world nation.

    It doesn’t matter if the woman is skinny, overweight or in the middle.

    It has no respect if the woman is rich, poor or middle class.

    It snares Christian women just as easy as non Christians. Super conservative Christian women are not immune to it. Those “conservative” prim and proper, butter won’t melt in their mouth, modest dresses to their ankles Christian women are just as deeply ensnared as other ones. Christian women into feminism saying the bible is outdated for today’s world.

    On a rainy day I watched a bunch of “chick flicks” by Hallmark, Lifetime, Encouraging TV and I was stupefied. A lot of women leaving their husbands, boyfriends to go pursue their careers and seek out sex with other men, then years later return to their man who gladly accepts them back. Or their man follows the woman all over the place as she goes after her career. Or the man is portrayed as a stupid guy and the woman has to save him. Or the man stays at home taking care of the cooking, cleaning and children while the woman earns the paycheck. If this is how women believe what life is about, may God have mercy on the Christian men.

    As a 60 year old widower, I have seen and heard a lot in the years since becoming a widower. Frankly it scares me on how bad women have become from listening to and following Satan’s lie of feminism.

  4. I just looked up Kay Arthur on Google.
    Why would anyone, man or woman, choose to learn from a “Bible teacher” who ignores the part about women having long hair?
    1 Corinthians 11:15 is pretty clear. Women’s long hair is a glory to God.
    If someone is ignoring that part of the Bible it’s pretty clear they’re going to be ignoring the rest of it.

  5. To Anonymous, I’m sorry you are going thru this. If you are at a strong Bible Believing church, the elders may consider church discipline for her. Plead with God and plead with them. If she is divorcing you for no good reason, then she is rebelling against God’s commands.

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