What I Love About Being Home Full Time

What I Love About Being Home Full Time

Ever since I had my second son thirty two years ago, I have been home full time except for a few teacher substituting jobs one year. I love being home full time and it’s all I’ve ever wanted.

I love never having to wake up to an alarm. If I’ve had a rough night of sleep or can’t sleep, I don’t worry about it because I know I don’t have to go to a job in the morning.

I love Mondays just as much as I love Fridays and Saturdays!

I love not having to fight traffic in the morning but instead get to write, read, and study my Bible, then have devotions with Ken and cuddle every morning.

I love not having to submit to a boss who doesn’t care much about me but instead I get to submit to my husband who loves me, provides for me, and has committed his life to me.

I loved being able to be home for my children and getting up each morning to fix them breakfast and read them the Bible as they ate. I loved being home when they were sick to care for them and when they got home from school to hear about their day. I loved being able to homeschool them for a few years and have the freedom to take them to the beach or do other fun things. I loved being the one to train, discipline and teach them.

I love being home when my children, who now live far away, come to visit and I can be here with them full time to make their time as pleasant as can be by watching their children, fixing them food, and keeping the home clean and tidy.

I love being available to watch my three grandchildren, who live close by, for three days like I did last week while their parents got away for the first time alone since they were married.

I love being able to go visit my old parents, take my mom out to lunch, and bring her homemade soup. Tonight, we’re all going out to celebrate their 65 years of marriage!

I love being able to have a wonderful salad every day whenever I want for lunch. I get to sit in the beauty of my own home or in my backyard and eat it at my leisure.

I loved being able to garden when I was younger and healthier and now have the time to lay out in the sun for the vitamin D.

I love being able to go out to lunch with friends and/or sisters on the spur of the moment and have my best friend call to ask if she can come visit for a week and being able to say, “Yes!”

I love knowing I’m right where the Lord wants me to be and I’m so happy about it!

I love being free to mentor women when needed, write for my blog, write a book, run a chat room, and have plenty of time for this ministry to women.

I love being able to take long walks with Ken every day since I have the energy because I didn’t have to work outside at a job all day long.

I love having a husband who has worked very hard our entire marriage in order for me to be home.

I love being able to be home full time!

He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the LORD.
Psalm 113:9

***The picture at the top is my almost finished remodeled kitchen! Our old sink was completely rusted out so it leaked and our stove top didn’t work well, plus our counter-tops (Corian) had cracks in it so we changed to granite, an amazing sink (Blanco which is 80% granite), and a new stainless steel stove-top. We then had our cabinets painted an off-white (replacing them is way too expensive!) and had a great tile guy create our back-splash with natural stone and glass tiles. We will paint the walls a warm beige in the fall (yes, the sunflowers will go). One thing I do notice is that products made by God (wood floors, granite counter-tops and sinks, and stone tiles) are far more beautiful and stronger than anything man can make!

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  1. It is encouraging to see a wife who is happy and content in living out her role and who is grateful to both God and her husband for the gifts she has been given.

  2. I love it too! I have so many favorite things about it. I love how my children wake up in the morning and come to my bed for some long snuggle/cuddle time and not having to rush everybody off for the day. I also really love being able to be out and about during the day and not feeling imprisoned inside an office. I love being able to go for long walks during pretty days. It is just such a blessing!

  3. Lori, I loved this post! What a privilege to be home full time! Your kitchen looks wonderful. Thanks for showing us. And a big thank you for all of your teaching/mentoring. I have learned a great deal from you. I can honestly say God has changed my heart because of your teaching. Thank you!

    1. You’re so welcome, Beth! We are very happy with the way it turned out even though we both thought we’d never have white cupboards. But to replace the cupboards, we found out, cost a ton more, plus we wouldn’t have our kitchen for weeks which is unacceptable for me since I use my kitchen all the time.

  4. I love you being home too! And glad we did it God’s ways. A bit hit or miss here and there, but He carried us through…. and hopefully to 35 more years that kitchen has to last now.

  5. This morning I had to take my car 45 miles away to get repaired, and had to leave the house at 8 am. Even though my children are older, I rarely leave them home alone because there isn’t really a need to. Once in awhile I’ll run an errand by myself or my husband and I will go out for an hour or so, but our kids love being with us so we usually do things as a family. So my son was sleeping when I left and I had given my daughter breakfast and set her up with a movie. I called them about 9 am to check in and there was no answer. I kept calling, then started to get a little worried. At 9:30 my son answered the phone and said that he slept a bit later than usual…I was so relieved. It just made me SO thankful that my children have me home full-time…especially in the summer when many kids are either left on their own at home all day, or at a daycare if they are young because their parents are working. Even when I returned home a couple hours later, they were saying that they missed me because it is just so strange to not have me at home.

    1. I remember greatly disliking coming home from school and not having my mom at home the few times that this happened. It just seemed empty and cold without her. A godly woman’s presence in her home is a beautiful thing for the family and all those who enter. Your family is blessed, Mrs. G.

  6. I agree at 100% with your list Lori! Another thing that’s great about being home full-time is that when my husband comes home after a stressful day at work, I am relaxed and our home is welcoming, since I was not busy in some office outside our home. So it’s perfect for the whole family! Thanks for sharing your pictures! Great job! And I wish you and your family a nice evening, congrats and blessings to your parents! It’s one of my dreams to grow old with my husband ?!

    1. Being a stay-at-home wife makes a husband’s life a lot easier in the long road as you mentioned, Daniele. They get to come home to a peaceful and clean home if they have a godly wife who cares about these important things.

      Thanks! We’re just about ready to head out.

  7. You never had to set an alarm? That must be nice, haha. I’m up and running when my husband gets up for work. Between a homestead and housework, a part time home job, continuing education for me, and homeschooling 2 kids plus everything else, there is no time to sleep in. Our days don’t end until we crawl into bed around here 🙂

      1. We are busy. But we love it. We definitely laugh about how much “overtime” we put into the job of educating our kids and running our home plus everything else, but theyl be out the door soon enough then things will calm down. 🙂

  8. Lori,

    We recently had new granite countertops installed (old ones were literally pulling away from the sides lol) and installed a new Blanco sink as well. I love it! We are slowly fixing various things in our home (I stay at home with our 4 children so we can’t do everything at once)but plan on painting our kitchen cabinets white as well : ). Such a uplifting post and I love the pictures of your kitchen!

    1. Thank you, Serena! We moved into this home 19 years ago so it’s in need of repair so this remodel of the kitchen is the first thing we’ve done to upgrade it. We may put in tile in our bathrooms and maybe we’d do one bathroom every other year because yes, it is expensive!

  9. Oh Lori I meant to ask in my last post but would you mind doing a blog post on what a typical day of homemaking looks for you? What you do, when you generally do it, etc? I know you don’t have a set schedule for housework but I would like to know how you move through your day. Maybe you could also write about how your day looked when your children were smaller? Thank you!

    1. This would be tough for me since I spent most of their growing up years very sick so each day was what I could get done, not always what I wanted to get done, Serena. But I always made sure they were well nourished and was continually teaching and training them since I knew these were very important. I will think about your suggestion. Thank you!

  10. I am very grateful for bring able to be a stay home wife and mother. I genuinely think that it is best for families and especially for children.

    Above all children need time and certainly the husband wife relationship also benefits hugely.

    I understand that in some families (far fewer than is claimed) wives / mothers are forced by finances to work but for 99% of families it is a matter of choice and home and family should always be a woman’s first priority. Churches should make that clear, children should be given that example and daughters not just taught that but educated with that expectation.

  11. Great article! I was blessed to be able to stay home full time as well. My children loved it but didn’t when I would occasionally work for a while and they would go to daycare. My husband always preferred for me to stay home. My daughter is about to have her first child. Unfortunately she doesn’t have the option financially of staying home, but I’m being given the blessing of keeping my grandson when she goes back to work so he won’t be raised in daycare. We’re all very happy this is possible.

  12. I was a SAH homeschooling mom for 11 yrs & have transitioned into a SAHW for the last 2 yrs. I’ve recently taken on a part time job at a local womens retail store in a near city. I’m feeling the pull back to home lately & I’m not sure what to do. I do have a 9 mo old granddaughter that I watch once a week, sometimes more. My biggest fear is my future. I constantly worry about what will happen to me if something ever happens to my husband! How will I provide for myself if I never hold down a job outside the home? It scares me to death! Any advice? Am I crazy for feeling this fear? Does anyone else struggle with this?

    1. God planned your whole life, so don’t worry about what will happen next. He is your heavenly father and will take better care of you than any human parent could.

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