When Women are in Power

When Women are in Power

Women weren’t created to lead or be in authority in the home, church, or nation. Men were. This is protection for women, homes, churches, and nations. It’s not for harm. Patriarchy was set up by God to protect women and children, not harm them.

Matt Walsh wrote a series of tweets on this topic: “Women increasingly do run our institutions and western civilization has declined as women have assumed more and more power.”

One woman responded: “Medicine and medical research, archeology, conservation, public safety standards, astronomy, the treatment of the disabled, wireless communications, computer programming, space flight, the arts.”

Matt responded: “These are utterly delusional attempts to list institutions that have been improved by increased female leadership. I mean they’re literally giving all of the examples that prove my point. Space flight? Computer programming? Men have done almost everything of note in these fields.”

Another woman wrote: “Marie Curie is one of only four people to win TWO Nobel Prizes, one in chemistry and one in physics. Do you think the Nobel committee was super woke in 1903 and 1911? This is a terrible argument you’re making.”

Matt responded: “I didn’t say that there haven’t been any impressive women in history. I said that no institution has been measurably improved by intentional efforts to increase female leadership. There is no dispute that women have much more power in academia, politics, the justice system, the military, etc, than they’ve ever had in this country. There’s also no dispute that all of those institutions are more impotent and confused than they’ve ever been. Oh and if we’re listing institutions that have been harmed by the rise of female leadership, we can’t forget the two biggest examples: the family and the church.”

Eric Conn responds: “Men are made by God to rule—in home, church, and society. When this order is inverted, moral chaos ensues. Feminism got its way and society has rapidly self destructed.”

I am thankful for men like Matt Walsh and Eric Conn who are willing to speak out against what feminism has done to destroy this nation.

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.
Isaiah 3:12

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